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  1. He’s 22. My guess is there was a girl involved....[emoji41][emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I was texting and watching when the last segment started and totally missed the pop up ad. Saw some comments on Twitter and had to check the DVR - mercy what a gaffe by Golf Channel! I read a comment somewhere - I think it was in the blog comments - along the lines of who would buy a driver designed by an amateur. Two things... 1. Evan is a professional industrial designer, meaning he does stuff like this for a living. Tim is an engineering student - so these guys have some chops. 2 - and more importantly, once the basic ideas were in, Wilson's R&D team did a lot of the guiding and heavy lifting. The biggest problem with the Magnus was the kid wouldn't listen to the experts when it came to advice, ideas, etc. The fact he made it to the final three is, in fact, kind of remarkable.
  3. And don’t forget - we have a MyGolfSpy Leaderboard on ShotScope. I think we’ll have some fun with it next year [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. And not for nothing, Kooch did have MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Hybrid in his bag this weekend, the Bridgestone Tour B XD-H. And the new JGR driver...
  5. Mercy, that's way the heck up there. If you can, try the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH. Great old time diner with homemade Twinkies and something called a Meat Pie. You'll love it.
  6. Kinda hard to say, since it was in the mid-50's yesterday and I hadn't swing a club in a couple of weeks. I'd say in the big picture it wasn't a whole lot different in terms of distance. The relatively soft core should be good for those who need lower spin off the driver. Interestingly, the mantle layer is the same surlyn material Titleist uses in the ProV1 - and, I'm sure, others - the hard mantle and thin cover help create spin on full and partial approach shots.
  7. Finally got out on the course with the Professional yesterday and learned two things. #1 - it's not a good idea to test new balls in New Hampshire in November, as leaves tend to hide some shots, and glare makes you walk past the ones the leave don't hide. #2 - this is a pretty darned good ball. As others have said, it's the replacement/update for the DUO Urethane - a little bit firmer at 60 compression, with more spin than the previous model. It still feels soft (not sure I could tell the difference between 55 and 60), and it has some nice spin on the green. Wilson says around 10% more green spin than the DUO U. Is that significant? Not sure, but I like the way it played. They dropped the price from the DUO U level of $39.99 down to $34.99 - to compete more directly with the TaylorMade Project (a) and a few others. Not quite a tour level ball, but then again most of us don't need a Tour level ball. Yeah, the Snell's are still a bit less expensive, but these come in COLORS! As for the FG Tour balls, you can expect some news on that front coming over the winter, probably early January.
  8. We're in the midst of a pretty good run here on the MyGolfSpy Forum. We've doubled in size in less than 4 years, and now stand at nearly 76,000 members as we march toward our goal of 100,000. Sure, the place has changed a bit since many of us old-timers joined up, but as we've grown up we've done our best to make sure the Forum lives up to its promise of being an open, welcoming and diverse collection of people who share the same passion for all things golf. Our founding traditions include respectful behavior, open welcomes to new members and lively, fun exchanges among real golfers - not the internet sensations who always hit it 320 down the middle. Do we slip up from time to time? Absolutely, but you guys are remarkable at self-policing. With that, I'd like to extend a personal thanks to GolfSpy Meyer, or as he will once again be known as - hckeymeyer. Brian has served as your forum director and moderator for the last year or so and, as happens in this position, will be transferring back to the role of valued Forum Member. Rob and Enrique will be assuming the roles of Forum Co-Directors and will eventually be looking to add another moderator to the staff roster. Forum Director is such a transitory position - I've done it, Brian, Bones, Mr. Theoo and others. We get to do it for a while and then we transition back into the real world of day jobs, family needs, etc. I know I speak for Brian when I say it's a fun ride, and you guys are the ones that make it that way. Anyway, cheers and thank you to Brian, and best wishes to Rob and Enrique as they take over the ship. Just remember Barbajo's first rule of management: I don't care what you do, just don't f**k it up....
  9. I fly a ton for work and have found that sticking with one airline does wonders for consistency of experience (and frequent flyer miles). I use Delta, since I was living in Minneapolis and it was a hub, there really wasn't much choice. I can still get most anywhere on Delta flying out of Manchester, NH - but there's almost always a connecting flight (Boston is another option - Park n Ride makes it doable). They've done me well. Since the merger with Northwest, I can count on fewer than 2 hands the bad experiences I've had, and on less than one hand the experiences that were specifically Delta's fault ( and when it was their fault, they made good on it). I realize much of that is just plain luck, but I'll take it. Only two occasions when my clubs were either delayed or not sent, but in both cases I got them back quickly and without incident (they gave me a voucher to cover the cost of a rental set). I've never really had an issue with desk agents either (Northwest was a completely different story), so again, no real complaints with Delta. I've heard horror stories about American and United, and tried flying Spirit once but they had issues with getting a crew to show up, and they never did level with us - keeping us waiting for about 3 hours before telling us the flight would be cancelled. Stuff I've found helpful = if you travel a fair amount, TSA Precheck is the best $85 you'll ever spend. And if you travel a lot (and your airport is equipped) CLEAR is even better money spent (getting through security at Orlando in under 3 minutes? Priceless!). Also - if you travel a lot for business, spending the $$$ for Airline Lounge access is worth it - quiet, space, food and drink and free wifi can wind up being worth the annual dues. Only complaint - Delta used to let you bring up to two guests in for free - now you have to pay $29 per person. My wife ate and drank a lot when we went to Europe last year to make it all worth it!!!
  10. Where did you play Stoker? Sorry we couldn't hook up this year - let's plan on doing some goffin' next season!
  11. What he said. There are plenty of political forums out there for folks to post in. I appreciate the passion and importance people have on all things political, but this is a forum for your golf passion. As always, be kind and respectful to each other. Thanks Rob for locking the thread.
  12. If the rumors are true I think there will be some to be had... ShotScope's Festive deal isn't bad, either -- $60 off, making it $189.
  13. that looks incredible. Played the New Course last summer while in Scotland - looks like each course in the complex is a gem. Hope to get back again next year, or maybe the year after...
  14. The D300 line is two years old, so an upgrade there may be in the works. The FG Tour V6 is also two years old....we'll see
  15. Redlands Mesa in Grand Junction, Colorado - par 3 17th taken from the tee box. It's DEFINITELY worth the trip.
  16. Heard rumblings that something was coming -- change is inevitable, especially as we approach 100,000 members. We're still a ways away from that, but it's the way of the web - evolve or die! And is sure looks a hell of a lot easier to attach a picture!!!
  17. Please join me in congratulating: chemclub - Indianapolis S GregB135 - Rossie Just Another Lefty - 7s Camcmart - 7s _____________________________________ (4) TESTERS WANTED!! Odyssey EXO Putters So how's your putting been this season? That good, huh? Well, here's a late season MGS Review Opportunity that might just give your putting a bit of a boost. TESTERS WANTED: Putting is eminently personal, yet high technical. We want to believe it's all about looks and feel, but there's plenty of data to suggest it's technology that helps you sink more putts. Odyssey's EXO line of putters features six models that Odyssey says will give you MOI levels like you've never seen, and a new White Hot Microhinge face insert for a better roll and a sound and feel to die for. But will it all help you sink more putts? For that, we need four of you to test, review and keep an Odyssey EXO. (Open to any avid golfer who calls the US or Canada home) HOW TO APPLY: As you know, we take our Forum Member Testing very seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read this instructions VERY carefully and apply ONLY in this thread (applying in the comments section of the blog, while a nice gesture, doesn't count). To apply, please tell us: First name/home state or province Current putter Your choice of EXO model (check Odyssey's website for options) We'll be announcing our testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected. Good luck!
  18. Some sweet new bags released today by Wilson Golf. Whaddya guys think? WILSON UNVEILS NEW EXO GOLF BAG FAMILY The new Wilson Staff eXo cart and carry line delivers a higher level of organization through its wide open top and geometric pocket designs. CHICAGO, September 24th , 2018 – Wilson has officially announced the 2019 line of eXo carry and eXo cart bags. Designed with optimal club space and ergonomic pockets, eXo offers a wide range of storage options for golfers who enjoy easy access to their equipment while walking or riding during their round. The five-way 10' x 7.5' top of the eXo carry bag incorporates five large dividers which allow for easy club organization and accessibility. With six functional storage pockets, the new carry bag provides golfers ample storage space and convenience access to the essentials during a round on the course. “The organization and design of each pocket on the eXo carry and cart line make things effortless for golfers,” said Jean-Pierre Degembe, Global Product Director. “We went to great lengths to meet the needs of the everyday golfer, who enjoys the game without the hassle of searching or misplacing items inside their bags.” The lightweight eXo carry bagweighs in at 5.1lb/2.3 kg, features a non-skid base which rests flat on the ground and has integrated stand legs completing the self-standing design for greater stability around the golf course. The bag also offers a 2-in- one self-balancing four-point double strap system for carrying comfort. Designed for the keen carrier, the eXo carry bag integrates 3D air flow padded straps and a 3D air flow hip/low back pad to keep golfers cool in warmer conditions. Additional features include an umbrella and glove holders, a towel ring and rain hood for inclement weather. The eXo cart bag features a new 14-way 11' x 9' top with 14 full-length dividers with an enlarged putter well to accommodate oversized grips. A new base which features a trolley anchor, which fits easily on a cart and securely on a trolley. Eight functional pockets provide smooth access to belongings, which includes two “Dry- tech” pockets, two full-size garment spaces and three front accessories pockets. The cart bag also showcases one large cooler pocket. The umbrella and glove holder, tee holders, towel ring, rain hood and 3D foam padded strap complete the list of additional bag features. Both eXo carry and eXo cart bags are available in four stylish colour schemes: Blue/Royal/Yellow, Black/Black/Orange, Navy/White/Red and Red/White/Red. The eXo family will be available starting Monday, Spetember 24. Price Details: eXo Carry: $159.99 eXo Cart: $179.99
  19. Where is this club Nifty? I see a road trip in my future...
  20. Hi guys -- As y'all know (that was for you, Stu), our forum is remarkably self-policing, and guys who are intent on starting trouble generally don't last very long. We try to stay on top of things, but occasionally we miss something - this isn't the bread-winning day job for any of us! That said, the Morals Codes Adam wrote out way back when are still the Golden Rule of the MGS Forum, as far as I'm concerned. I'd boil it all down to this: be respectful of each other, and "the other guy started it" is NOT an excuse. We're all responsible for what we say and do. I'm glad this post is out there - if someone has something for sale, either buy it or don't - no need for commentary - there are PLENTY of threads for that! Like you guys said, common courtesy. Threads like this is one is why I love our members - you guys seriously do rock!
  21. TESTERS ANNOUNCED TrueGolfFit's Online Driver Fitting AND Global Golf's U-Try Driver Demo Program Congratulations To: GOALIEWALES104 GB13 ESEAY32 808NATION Some things just go together, like Abbott and Costello or Chocolate and Peanut Butter. You can add TrueGolfFit's online driver fitting program and Global Golf's U-try driver demo program to the list! As an avid MGS'er, you know doubt have read about, or even tried, TrueGolfFit - Adam and Tony's personalized online golf fitting engine. You give TrueGolfFit what amounts to your swing DNA, and the engine's algorithms search and filter the mountain of data MyGolfSpy has collected over the years to deliver to you your best fit and first alternative driver. And the fit is guaranteed! Now, what if you combine that online fitting with Global Golf's U-try driver demo program? For $25 Global Golf will send you the driver of your choice, brand-new and unopened, to try on your home course for two weeks. If you like it, keep and and the $25 goes toward your purchase price. Don't like it? Send it back. The shipping is all taken care of. TESTERS WANTED: We're looking for FOUR avid golfers here in the US for a multi-part test and review. First, you'll go through the TrueGolfFit fitting program to select your best fit and first alternate driver. Next, Global Golf's U-try program will send you whichever of those two you choose to demo and see if it does what TrueGolfFit says it will. What will you be reviewing? The whole thing: the TrueGolfFit process, the U-try program, the driver itself and the accuracy of the TrueGolfFit fitting itself. And you get to keep the driver! How To Apply: In this thread (and this thread ONLY!!!), tell us: Your first name Your home state Your current driver/shaft Fit for driver - yes or no We'll be announcing our testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected. Good luck! goaliewales14 GB13 Eseay32 808Nation
  22. Today's blog post on the JGR lineup can be found here: https://mygolfspy.com/first-look-bridgestone-tour-b-jgr-irons-metal-woods/
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