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  1. The wife and I were discussing this very point yesterday. She, like most wives, is expert on just about any topic you can think of, and had some interesting takes on ball pricing and consumer buying decisions. Go check out the Titleist website for ProV1s. Forget the Buy 3 Get 1 Free thing for a moment - ball companies do that when balls are in their second year (or during pandemics) - and check out pricing for a customized ProV1. The standard ball lists for $52/dozen, and different levels of customization (2-digit player numbers, text, logos) run anywhere from $1 to $7/dozen. Shipping is
  2. Anyone else from our championship teams that Tampa might want??? Seriously, I hope TB and Gronk win a Super Bowl or two with the Bucs...it won't be against the Pats, I'm afraid, as Bill is going into reboot mode it would appear. I think they'll make the playoffs, but that's the ceiling this year and maybe next. But, as always, Trust in Bill - the man can build a team.
  3. Nope, they get Jenny's - and I got her number on the wall....
  4. My guess would be Taiwan - that's where all their other balls are made. There are two high-end ball factories in Taiwan, so the quality will be very good. I'll be interested to see how some of Wilson's claims bear out in the real world. I like Frank Simonutti very much, and he'll tell you what he thinks - which I respect. He says Wilson's own testing show the Staff Model to be the fastest urethane ball on the market, with short iron spin that's better than all the others except one (I'm guessing Bridgestone). Those kind of claims beg to be verified, so I can see that happening. I h
  5. I wear a 12 and they fit me just fine.
  6. Technically, Perry Ellis owns the Ben Hogan brand name. They licensed the name to the new Hogan Company when it came back in 2015. After the bankruptcy and reorganization Perry Ellis has a minority ownership stake in the new new Hogan Company, with a much less onerous license agreement.
  7. Don't think you'd go wrong with either. I have a pair of the ASICS in spikeless and spiked (with BOA)...I like them both very much. Like any good ASICS shoe, they're very comfy and both have plenty of stability for my needs. I guess the looks are a matter of taste, but I don't mind them at all. They're definitely in the shoe rotation for 2020, whenever it starts...
  8. What do you do when you prepare a special Limited Edition "Masters" product and then the Masters doesn't happen? If you're smart, you rebrand. That's what Golf Pride is doing today, as its releasing its special MCC Align Limited Edition "Spring" grips. Pretty much everyone has limited and/or special edition products for the Masters, as well as the other majors. Whether this was always going to be called "Spring" or if there was going to be a catchier name like "Augusta" or "First Major" or something like that, we don't know. What we do know is it's green and gold, either for t
  9. Happy Birthday Brian - hope you get to play some g....uhhh, never mind. Enjoy the day!
  10. One of my all time favorite tunes - and still timely. Safe home Mr. Withers...
  11. I'm a huge Big Max fan - they have several of their better models discounted to under $200 right now, including the Blade+, which I rolled for several years. I like how they're VERY simple to open and close, use simple components and don't have bicycle-type break systems - just move the lever with your foot to hold one rear wheel in place. Nothing to go wrong, nothing to wear out. They also fold silly-flat for easy storage. https://us.bigmaxgolf.com/golf-carts/
  12. This showed up on Twitter yesterday -- pretty cool move. Lynx Golf and Coronavirus - Leading the Way to a More Caring World MARCH 30, 2020 From Wednesday 1st of April, for three months, Lynx Golf is starting an initiative to thank the heroic workers of the NHS who have been selflessly risking their own health and lives to save those affected by coronavirus. Stephanie Zinser, Owner, says “From 1st April, we are giving 20% of the value of every online order over £50* to a fund for the support of NHS staff. We will gather the funds and source a worthy arm or sector
  13. I think you'll be seeing something along those lines in the next month or so from an OEM I can't name yet - you'll be able to customize your set with MB short irons, CB mid/long irons, utility long irons or hybrids.
  14. I'd agree -- my best wedge play has always been when I have the same shafts in my wedges and irons. Something to be said for consistency...
  15. all non-essential businesses in New Hampshire closed down Thursday might/Friday morning -- looks like through May 4th - that includes golf courses. Oh well....time to buy a putting mat and a portable net...
  16. Have that exact set - it keeps finding its way into my bag as my gamer set. The blades feel unbelievable, but you do know when you miss the sweet spot and off-center hits will lose distance for sure. The CB's are tremendous - you can find them on the 'Bay. Another option is the Wilson Progressive set from '93-'94. Found a set on eBay a few weeks ago - got them out on the course twice before the shutdowns here in NH. Also pretty sweet...
  17. Found this while browsing the world wide web - interesting article on an interesting man as he approached late middle age.... https://www.golfdigest.com/story/ben-hogan-today?mbid=social_facebook&fbclid=IwAR0wn2YARNLsH_O8JomZukCL2OdY5O0jnY8WSVGtanzgMUwbOg2J_Wt3c5E
  18. Club buying season is usually right now - March through May and into June. If it gets pushed to May and people resume relatively normal buying patterns, then I’d guess no. 2021 releases may get pushed back, depending on old inventory If economy struggles, that may all change. Bigger question - do you see any companies/retailers/whomever not making it? Big discounts often are a sign of a cash crunch, at least for retailers. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. You're fine, my friend. And thank you to all for staying on topic and keeping it real. This is why our members are the very best - you guys make this place what it is. And as my old pal Red Green would say, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together...
  20. Folks - this isn't a request. Politics has no place in this golf forum. These are trying, politically charged times for all of us. MyGolfSpy doesn't care about your politics, and we expect you to respect that and leave them at the door. Let's use this thread for its intended purpose - to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas as we all cope with something I'd say nearly all of us have never seen in our lifetime. I get that it's hard to keep your politics out of it, but we're making it easy. Don't do it. There. It's that simple. The little white ball doesn't give a flying f
  21. Hi Cam - Been a user since V1. If you're the type who doesn't like wearing a watch while playing, there's nothing about the V2 that will change your mind. It doesn't bother me any, but it might be a deal breaker for some. I've seen the new V3 - much sleeker and nicer looking than V2. Shot Scope says it's actually a wee bit smaller/lighter than an Apple Watch, if that puts it into some perspective for you. I'm a fan of the way it tracks your shots without you having to do much of anything - no tagging, no phone, just play golf. You may have to do a little post round editing every onc
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