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  1. Hi guys -- I'm working on a blog on the issue of slow play and I have a few poll questions. If you could spare a few moments and give some answers to the questions provided, it'd be a huge help. Also, please feel free to provide any additional thoughts for discussion. I know the world is going all JB Holmes over slow play at the moment, so I figure this is a good time to ask... Thanks! NOTE: You need to be in the desktop version to complete the poll. Thanks!
  2. Love how you guys set this up!!!! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing since graduating college in 1982 (was bored, needed something to do for fun). Gave it up from 1990 to 2007 due to kids, really starting playing seriously again then. Handicap is around 6, but I didn't post or play much last year due to work, so in reality the game is closer to a 10 or 11 right now. What do you love about golf? It's never the same adventure twice, and you get to meet some pretty cool people. Prefer walking with a pushcart than riding, and I travel a lot for work so I will bring clubs with me from time to time and play in different parts of the country. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Been here since 2011 or so - was looking for club reviews and wound up here, and eventually becoming a staff writer for the blog. Where are you from? What is your home course? Born/raised in Harvard, MA - lived in Leominster MA before moving to Minnesota for 22 years (I lost a bet). Moved back to New England last year, setting up shop in Exeter, NH. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Lots of good courses to choose from throughout New England, especially a bunch of courses I learned to play on years ago - it's good to be home. Winter, however, sucks - but I'm used to that from my Minnesota exile. What do you do for a living? Technical trainer for Taco Comfort Solutions in Cranston, Rhode Island. How’d you pick your user name? Company I used to work for set up email addresses using your last name and first two letters of your first name. It kinda stuck.
  3. Testers Chosen! Congratulations to the following members: @Sluggo42 @jacustomgolf @No3PuttLaLa @Headhammer The full announcement is found later in this thread. (4) TESTERS WANTED!! Galway Bay Rain Gear Looked kinda cold and wet out there at Pebble over the weekend, didn't it? I'd guess staying warm and dry as a spectator would be pretty important, wouldn't you? And never mind the players! I'd guess a lot of folks tripled up on pants at Pebble - some long johns, regular pants and them some pull-on rain pants. That's three pair of pants (if you count the long johns). Would just one pair of warm, waterproof pants be a better way to go? That's what Galway Bay thinks, and they say their pants are just the ticket. TESTERS WANTED! Galway Bay came out of nowhere to tie for top honors in MyGolfSpy's Best Rain Gear testing last year. Our testers loved the fact the rain pants were actual pants, with belt loops, pockets, a zipper - you know, pants - that were also waterproof. the rain jacket was a top performer as well, with plenty of ease of movement, lightweight and snazzy looking. That's what our testers thought, but we want to know what YOU think. That's why we're looking for FOUR of you to test, review and keep a set of Galway Bay rain gear - fitted, waterproof slacks and a rain jacket (valued at a over $470). This review opportunity is open to any avid golfer in the US or Canada who's not averse to playing in a little rain. HOW TO APPLY: As you know, we take our Forum Member testing VERY seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read this instructions VERY carefully and apply ONLY in this thread (applying in the Comments section of the blog, while a nice gesture, doesn't count). To apply, please tell us the following: 1. First name/home state or province 2. Current rain gear 3. Worst rain you've ever played in We'll be announcing our testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected. Good luck!
  4. Over the past 18 years, their record out of their division is actually slightly better than their record inside of their division. And that's with playing a First Place schedule virtually every year.... So there's that...
  5. If I had to guess I'd guess the sale will mean next to nothing to Wilson Staff, other than maybe reestablishing the brand in Asia. The whole of Amer sports goes wayyyyyy beyond golf, but the entire portfolio makes ANTA a pretty powerful juggernaut, particularly in outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking, mountaineering and skiing - areas where Amer excels. ANTA has factories in China, but none that I could find that made golf equipment, so I don't think there will be any changes there. Interesting things about ANTA - when it went public in 2007 one of the biggest investor was the then-owner of the Houston Rockets, and since then it has steadily become a presence in the NBA. And having Chip Wilson involved should be entertaining - he made a crap ton of money selling yoga pants as the founder of Lululemon. Google him sometime - you will laugh . But as for how all this affects Wilson Staff? My guess is it will matter neither a jot nor a tittle.
  6. This is a bummer - it's a really nice course. Except for 18. They can bulldoze 18 any time Seriously, sorry this is going down Foz - you have a special place with a good group of people there.
  7. I seriously want one of those duffels - they did a nice job on them.
  8. I know a few of you are fans of HIRZL gloves. They've been hard to find lately, but I stumbled across their booth at the PGA Show. It was in a part of the show Tony calls "Desperation Alley," but it was the same HIRZL gloves that you know and love.... Here's the website: https://www.zeit4golf.com
  9. We got to ride them at Lake Nona on Monday - they don’t go any faster than a golf cart, and I honestly can’t see them being a danger to the ground - not any more than a golf cart would be. They don’t have much speed or starting torque - you really can’t “peel out,” so to speak. A Harley, it ain’t But they are fun. They won’t turn a normal person into an idiot. And they won’t keep an idiot from being one. I remain firmly convinced, however, that the answer to pace of play issues is not vehicular in nature. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. I enjoyed hitting them -- as Foz said, VERY high launching. Shaft is the Tour 80, so they're very light as well. But forgiving as heck and easy to hit -- Wilson did a nice job on the looks - not all blinged out or anything, and the distance was more than adequate. I'd like to try them with a Tour-V or C-Taper Lite.
  11. The best business speaker I've ever known - the late, great Larry Steinmetz - put it very simply: How many of you would be willing to work three times as hard as you're working right now and make the exact same amount of money you're making right now? Go ahead, raise your hand...
  12. The dude misses one very important point about any business - margins. IF what he says about declining participation is accurate, and IF you know the market for drivers is declining (meaning fewer drivers overall are going to be sold year after year), and IF your goal is margin and not market share, your prices will be going up. If your goal is market share then sure, your can cut your prices, but how many more will you have to sell to get to the same profit in dollars than if you left the price alone? If you have a profit margin of 20 percent on your product when you sell it to a retailer, and you decide to cut your selling price 15% (ONLY!!!!), and guesses on how much your volume would have to increase in order to make the same profit dollars as you would have if you had just left well enough alone? Try 300%. You would have to sell THREE TIMES AS MANY DRIVERS just to get back to where you were before you made the market share grab. But even that number is a little shady, because everything you do is going to have to triple - you'll need more inventory, you'll need more warehouse space, more manufacturing capabilities, more order-entry, more sales people and more advertising to get people to reach for your product compared to someone else's - and we're talking only a15% percent price cut. If your retailer passes that price cut on to the consumer, a $399 driver would be selling it for $339. Is THAT kind of a price cut going to get you 3 time the sales? On the other hand, if you were working on a 20% margin and actually INCREASED pricing 15% - now selling that $399 driver for $459, you could LOSE 43% of your sales and still stay whole profit dollar-wise. And both scenarios assume your cost of goods sold doesn't change which, of course, it will. Hmmmmm..... Which would you do? This may seem like a slight oversimplification - and in some ways it is - but ultimately the math is the math is the math...
  13. For my money, Padraig is the real Most Interesting Man in Golf....
  14. There's two reasons you buy anything - either you need it or you want it. And either reason is valid. At that point, it's what price are you willing to pay. If someone wants to buy a $400 fairway wood, that's their business and they sure as hell don't have to justify their decision to me. Unless, of course, they come to me to borrow the money. I am learning, as I get older, that spending a bit more for something of better quality or for something I just like the look/feel/fit of, or even something that I enjoy owning and using, is worth it to me. The same stuff may not be worth it to someone else. IMO, golf equipment isn't any different -- I'm still trying to find the official Yards-per-Dollar Matrix, but I'm beginning to doubt it exists because if it did, that Tour Edge HL-3 driver we tested last year would have been by far the number one seller. It gave you more yards per dollar than anything else in Most Wanted.
  15. As GolfSpy T often points out, there is absolutely NO data to support the idea that equipment costs influence participation. None. It's a convenient, albeit flawed argument to make, but correlation isn't causation. And, as T correctly points out, the existence of a PXG doesn't mean a lower-priced alternative is wiped off the board. Jeff from Hireko Golf told me last year that loft-for-loft and shaft-for-shaft, a lower priced version of a Hireko model will perform so close to a "name brand" iron that most of us non-professionals (and non-plus handicaps) couldn't tell the difference. And seriously, I want to learn more about Sub 70, started by Diamond Golf's owners. Stuff looks pretty sweet at a nice looking price.
  16. I know it's been bandied about for the last week or so, but just got official word from Bridgestone that Brandt Snedeker is leaving the brand. Not sure if it's a matter of his contract running out and not being renewed, or if he decided on his own to look for greener pastures, but here's the official statement: “For more than a decade, Brandt Snedeker has served as a tremendous ambassador for the Bridgestone Golf brand, and we are proud to have been the equipment partner he trusted for all 9 of his PGA TOUR career victories, including his thrilling FedEx Cup points title in 2012. “Sneds” will forever hold a special place in the Bridgestone Golf heritage. We wish him nothing but continued success and happiness both on and off the course.” Folks at Bridgestone tell me Snedeker is one of the truly good guys, and he worked very hard with the golf ball group. And he always grabbed the check at dinner. Have heard rumblings about some TaylorMade stuff finding its way back int o Snedeker's bag...have you guys seen/heard anything?
  17. It's a 9-club deal that could grow to 10 or more if he adopts more Wilson clubs. He's been practicing with the Cortex, but Tim Clarke says he expects it won't go into the bag yet, as players do like to stay with something familiar off the tee this early in the season. He does fully expect Woodland, and maybe Steele, to put Cortex in the bag this season. They do think several of their European Tour players will have the Cortex in their bags this season - once we get someone to follow the European Tour for us we can verify Wilson will officially unveil the final versions of the new blades at the PGA Show, with retail availability in the early Spring.
  18. My, that view looks awfully familiar. Happy New Year Rev!
  19. This thread is one of the reasons I love this group of people - you guys really care about this forum and all on your own have formed a true community. @jaskanski - I appreciate your sentiments. This time of year almost always slows down, but it's important to remember back to about 4 years ago - that was a truly slow time for the Forum, but with the help of members who really cared, we got back on the right path. We're still true to our mission - to be the most open, honest and friendly place for real golfers to connect - an online 19th hole. Some other comments - yes, testing opportunities drive membership and yes, most of those people only come around when there's a testing opportunity. Trust me, the moderators know who the real players are and who are the ones just looking for free stuff - it's almost comical going through the applications and seeing names that you only see in applications. They may have 60 to 70 posts, but a little digging shows they're ALL applications. It's simple - be an active member of the community and you're likely to be chosen, basically because we know we can trust you. Also, this forum is almost always a "high road" type of group. We did have to ban a couple of troublemakers this year (my first bans - it was a rush!), but when alleged adults resort to the "Yeah, but what about what HE said" defense, it's time to act (seriously, I last had that discussion with my kids when they were about 8!). As adults, we all get that we're responsible for what we think, say and do and unacceptable behavior is always our own responsibility - again, that's why this community is different. We all have people here we gravitate towards, and there are people on the forum we just don't mesh with, but as long as we're respectful, we're good. One last thing - kudos to Stud, CG2, Stroker and MPR. You guys don't know how lucky you are to have these four guys running the show. They're doing a ton to help keep this forum on the path to continuous improvement, and you'll see the results of their work throughout 2019. These guys get it, and I'm confident they'll realize our goal of hitting 100,000 members. Happy New Year everyone, and here's to an awesome 2019 here at MyGolfSpy!
  20. It was a wonderful service Rev and we were thrilled to be there. I wish you could have seen the look on your face when you figured out it was me during the reception line! Great to see you and thank you for the wonderful Christmas memory!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. If they stick to a two-year cycle, I’d think so. But it depends - it’s still selling well. CBX Irons and wedges, plus metal woods - all on schedule for a 2-year update. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. Callaway’s stuff looks intriguing as always. You’ll see a full on barrage in early January. In fact, we’ll have a crap-ton of release stories next month - lots of cool stuff coming out. Later in the year you’ll likely see new gear from Cleveland, Wilson, Hogan and a few others. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. Rolex buyers don't buy a Rolex because they want to tell the time accurately. If that's what they want, a $20 Seiko is a better timepiece. Rolex buyers buy a Rolex because they want a Rolex. And maybe to feel a little like James Bond.
  24. I've heard of a similar story here - guy had a roadside farm stand and was selling tomatoes. He had two bins - one bin was marked 50 cents per tomato, the other marked $1 per tomato. These were the same tomatoes, they weren't separated by size, quality or anything. The $1 tomatoes sold out in no time. When the bin was empty, he took tomatoes out of the 50 cent bin and put them in the dollar bin, and sold out again. Price makes a statement...even when it comes to tomatoes.
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