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  1. How are the rates for residents? I don't really have an issue with sticking it to out-of-towners if it subsidizes cheaper greensfees for locals.
  2. Lobbying to close down golf courses is very much en vogue for some these days. Hobbs, NM has a better idea. https://www.rockwindgolfcourse.com/ Henrico County, just north of Richmond, almost repurposed their Tillinghast-designed course into a sports complex, but a determined group of local golfers and neighborhood families banded together to keep that from happening. It can be done.
  3. Just bought this off eBay Worried that it's counterfeit. I mean, how am I to know if that's real hickory?
  4. Doesn't surprise me either, but is all the commercial real estate in densely populated areas of CA being used? Serious question... I don't know. In Richmond, VA, we have dead malls and empty big-box retail stores that, I would hope, could be retro-fitted or redeveloped into housing. Like @Shankster says, let's look at this before looking at golf courses. But maybe CA doesn't have these problems with distressed commercial real estate.
  5. I know, right? It was so crazy to spend so much on a golf ball, but the first time I played the same ball for 18 holes, I realized that it was worth the expense. I was used to getting into a second sleeve of balls in tournament rounds without losing any of them. In friendly rounds, those of us of modest means used to play old balls and putt a new one. The pro at the club where I worked used to play a ball for three holes or until he made a birdie (superstition of his), then he'd throw them into his bag. Not the ball pocket - he'd throw then in with the clubs. We may or may not have liberated some of those balls.
  6. Same here. It was sophomore year. That would have been 1987 for me. So premium balls for me were the Titleist Professional and the Maxfli HT. Balata. Lots of balls cut and knocked out of round. I've been playing solid core urethane balls since the Strata Tour Ace and haven't looked back. It's so nice to be able to play the same ball for an entire round. Right now it's the TP5x Pix - hat tip to @chisag for pointing out the deal on the Practice balls. I've gotten both of my daughters to stop using low compression ionomer balls and start playing urethane. Neither of them are Nelly Korda long, but they both enjoy hitting pitch shots that don't roll off the green anymore.
  7. For a course I'm not going to play on a regular basis, I'll take a good layout with poor conditions any day. I've played enough nicely manicured but boring courses in my day that I really don't need to go out of my way to play them. But if a course has elevation change, land movement, and a variety of holes, I can overlook quite a bit in the conditioning. Vista Links outside of Lexington, VA is a perfect example of this. The course is fascinating, tons of movement on just about every hole. It's in awful shape, but it's still a ton of fun to play. I wouldn't want to play there week after week, but once a year or so, it's a blast.
  8. Same here. Boys might get into them late in high school, and girls are skipping them completely.
  9. Looks like you're taking a solid approach to this! Good luck. Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  10. Swing speed would help us make some very basic shaft recommendations. My older daughter is only 5'4", but when she graduated from the TS series, we got her a set of Titleist AP1s with A-flex shafts. She's not growing, so I had her fitted and bought new. Also, she doesn't like longer irons (she plays hybrids above the 7 iron), so I didn't have to buy a very large set. Her driver swing speed is about 80 mph. If you have a big box retailer near you that sells used clubs and has a simulator, you may want to check them out to get an idea of what he'll like in the way of shafts and heads. Even if you need to pay a bit for the sim time, it's worth it to have some info to go on as you head to eBay / Second Swing / Global Golf.
  11. I did a thing yesterday... Hat tip to Jason Hiland for multiple phone calls and emails over the span of a week to help me out with this. Thanks @Sub70!
  12. Would love to give this a go, both in the garage and outside. Would be great for me and the girls.
  13. Congratulations fellas! Can't wait to see your reviews.
  14. Glad to hear that. It took a ton of work, but we're super-proud of it. Where are you in VA? We have spies in NoVA, here in Richmond, and at least one in Hampton Roads.
  15. Same here. My summer has just been nuts, though.
  16. The newly renovated Belmont Golf Course in Richmond, VA is outstanding. We are loving it.
  17. Way to go team! Can't wait to read what you have to say on this.
  18. I caddied for nine years (high school and college). I know all about uncontrolled egos. Good luck in your search.
  19. Interesting - I'd want to spend these three months in the British Isles. If you were to come to the US, I'd suggest the Pinehurst, NC area.
  20. Foz - So sorry to hear about this. It's tough to see this happen.
  21. Good luck, my guy! We're all pulling for you. After all, we need to have another Classic Club Challenge soon. Nothing worth it is easy, and nothing easy is worth it. Keep us posted, and we'll keep cheering you on.
  22. Thanks for the quick reply! I've been thinking about a Pixel 4a anyway. I've used an old iPhone and that works just fine, and an old Samsung I had worked great. But two straight Moto G's have been duds. I don't really have a problem with the phone in my pocket (no one wants to see my in tight shorts/pants), so I'd love to bring just one thing with me to the golf course that I'm not going to forget. I forget that old iPhone 50% of the time, and 50% of the time I remember it, it's dead.
  23. Our head swivels away from things as easily as it swivels toward them. If you're in the same room as my daughters and me, I expect you to keep yourself from leering at them. Is it really that hard to look a young woman in the eye and just be polite?
  24. No doubt, but still an interesting question. I have got to wonder what this does to your back. 9 years looping at a club has done me no favors (although I wouldn't have traded it for the world).
  25. Hey there Arccos users - Who are our Android users, and what phones are you using? It's about time to retire the Moto G7, and from an Arccos standpoint, good riddance. It's been awful. I'm a huge Arccos fan, but I've basically stopped using it because of my phone.
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