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  1. Yes - Please First name -- Noel Guillaume Home state - Emu Plains NSW Australia Current handicap - 10 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex - Titliest 915 H Tit and Reg
  2. I just demo'd these at my local golf store - Wow. Everything you read is true - sorry didn't take any pics.They look great and feel the same.The 7 iron went at least 10 metres more than my current Cleveland Blacks. Would I want to win these - OMG - Yes please.
  3. Thanks silver and black.You are correct,I have been looking at this site in the past,but not as a member and the mizuno test only prompted to go ahead.
  4. Thanks - I believe so,I did try myself but not lucky enough to be picked.
  5. Now that is funny - I only read WA (being Western Australia,here) and whilst I saw Seattle and Portland,it didn't click until now.Yep,you are right,it is a long trip for me in NSW - that is a 5 hr flight each way,so can image the length of yours.
  6. Wow - I use a Miura and this one does look good
  7. The Links - Kennedy Bay The Cut Meadow Springs Royal Freo And finished up at Joondalup Resort Great time and courses.
  8. Cheers mate - really looking forward to this.
  9. Cheers Kenny - was over the west on a tour in Nov 2015 - where do you play ?
  10. Yes please First name and home town - Noel - Emu Plains NSW Aus Handicap - 10 Current irons/shafts - Cleveland Blacks - Miyazaki Custom Fit – yes or no - No Thanks
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