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  1. Terri Pines Golf Club, located in Northern (Cullman) Alabama, a mile West off I-65, offers an 18 hole challenge with tree lined fairways, hills, lakes, swimming pool, tennis courts, grill, practice green and driving range, and fun for the whole family. Formerly a Country Club, Terri Pines is now open to the public. Memberships are available for both in county and out of county residents, at very attractive rates.
  2. I have Ping irons, driver and fairway metals. My departure from Ping is my PXG putter. I like it too much to part with it.
  3. I would be offended if I was buying clubs from a shop and they tried to charge me for a fitting; offended enough that I would buy the clubs somewhere else!
  4. Ironically enough, I just got back from the driving range where I demoed a Calloway Big Bertha 24 degree (5) Hybird; I usually carry a 7 wood. I was hitting both clubs the same distance and about the same trajectory. My opinion is to keep what I have when it performs just the same as something else you have to buy.
  5. I had the 700’s at one time and thought the I59 looked real similar. I’m sure a lot can be blamed on the epidemic, but something is going on at Ping - Sure hope they get back to their previous high standard before those of us long loyal to Ping switch to another brand.
  6. I’ve tried Cobra, Callaway, Muzino, and Taylor Made clubs and a few others through the years, but always came back to Ping, both irons snd woods. I do have a PXG putter after using a Scotty for many years, but I honestly believe that the make of club isn’t that important; the important thing is getting the club that works for you!
  7. I was recently at a Ping Demo Day where the Ping Rep was a very patient young Aussie. I took my Ping G400 SFT and my Ping G410 Plus drivers to the Demo Day and explained that the 400 was performing much better than the newer 410 Plus. He explained the SFT was much better suited for my shallow swing. He also assembled a G425 SFT with an Orange Tensil shaft that performed even better than my G400.
  8. Farmlinks is unique and a throughly enjoyable golfing experience. It is a bit of a drive from Birmingham but lodging is available and their restaurant has delicious food. Various other activities are offered there as well - Check it their Website.
  9. Try finding shoes for a size 13 1/2 foot. ECCO is about it unless I find a small 14.
  10. I’m not far behind you in age and thought you might find a suggestion from another old duffer helpful. I have not hit a Sim2 driver, but I own Ping G400 and G410 drivers, with regular and soft regular (SR) flex shafts, respectively. I’m keeping up in distance with guys 10 years my junior with my Ping drivers and my control is respectable as well. Ping makes some outstanding drivers; I don’t believe you could go wrong with Ping.
  11. I totally agree with "Usmcgyrene" on getting fitted for your next driver. I was fitted with a Ping G400 driver a few years ago. When the Ping G410 was introduced I bought one off the rack thinking I would step up my swing speed and have more control, however, the G410 didn't perform as well as the G400. While I should have learned my lesson, I bit at a Ping G425, and that's when I realized that the G400 was fit to me, while the clubs off the rack are set up for the average golfer - I've since sold the G425 at about a $100 loss. The G400 is still keeping up with my friends with the "latest and greatest" newer clubs. Get fitted and you will see and feel the difference.
  12. Roger/Alabama 16 GHIN Ping G410 7 iron distance = 140 yards
  13. Hello Everyone, My name is Roy Roger Stewart, I reside in Cullman, Alabama a block from TP Country Club; according to my friends and family, I am a certified "Golf Nut." I'm currently 71 years of age and I started playing golf around age 50 at the urging of my Supervisor. He approached me one morning and informed me of an upcoming golf tournament I was expected to play in. I informed him that I had never played golf other than Putt Putt. The next morning I was presented with a loaner set of Bob Toski irons and woods, and told I better start practicing. A few lessons and a lot of time on the range, and I was hooked. I'm a mid handicapper, and although at my age and medical history I will never be on tour, I love it! MyGolfSpy and its contributors have been helpful as I have progressed through equipment over the years. The best things about golf are the people and the places. I've made life long friends across the country that I likely would never have known outside of golf. I've played golf across the US, in Canada, Ireland, and Scotland, places that I would never have dreamed of going, and building memories that often make me smile. There are also fond memories of professional tournaments I've attended, such as The Masters, PGA and Champions Tour events. I've learned to greatly appreciate the skill of PGA professionals, as well as that of various playing partners. I marvel at the beauty of golf courses in natural setting, as well as those displaying marvelous engineering, such as Top of The Rock, or Buffalo Ridge near Branson Missouri. Golf has opened a new world for me and I'm thankful that some "Nutty Scotsman" dreamed up a game I can play the rest of my life!
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