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  1. True Temper Dynamic Gold R 105 into my AP2's; LZ 4.5 into my D3. Work on my wedges, some DGS 400 39.5's or 40's into some Titleist Wedges. A lot cheaper than buying new clubs that offer no significant improvements over 10 year old models.
  2. 2 sets I still have today, will never sell, both need re-shafting down to my current swing speed, R7TP & R9TP, I'm past my CC days, if I foray into a tourney that requires CC, I have post 2010 irons on hand, also need re-shafting.
  3. I still occasionally use 70's and 80's muscle back irons to play at home. The head pro asked why would I sacrifice 25% forgiveness. He doesn't work here anymore. 1978 Hogan Apex II's, 1982 Mac Gregor Jack Nicklaus Murifield, 1 iron is not stamped Murifield into the top back of the club. 1991 Titleist Tour Model. I also sport 1995 MP 29's, 2001 Nike Blade, 2009 Nike Vr Pro, Titleist 712 blades. I may need to copy/paste to the BST forum.
  4. ONE of my primary gamers is a Newport 2 with a pair of 10 grams, a pair of 20 grams, and a pair of 40 grams. I change to work with the conditions I find at the course that day. The weights and the wrench are in the same bag as my club wrench and club weights, so I am able to make any adjustments there also.
  5. 1 - Putter/7iron 2 - 54/56/58/60/62/64 3 - 58/60/62/64 4- 58/60/62/64 5 - 54 6 - 60/62/64 7 - 52/54 8 - 60/62/64 9 - 48/52/54/56 10 - 54/58/60/62/64 1 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, fairway lie 2 - Just off the green, shortsided, fairway lie 3 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, rough 4- Just off the green, shortsided, rough 5 - Short bunker shot, lots of green 6 - Short bunker shot, shortsided 7 - Long bunker shot, lots of green 8 - Long bunker shot, shortsided 9 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, fairway 10 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, rough 1 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, fairway lie 2 - Just off the green, shortsided, fairway lie 3 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, rough 4- Just off the green, shortsided, rough 5 - Short bunker shot, lots of green 6 - Short bunker shot, shortsided 7 - Long bunker shot, lots of green 8 - Long bunker shot, shortsided 9 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, fairway 10 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, rough putteror7iron 2 - Just off the green, shortsided, fairway lie 3 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, rough 4- Just off the green, shortsided, rough 5 - Short bunker shot, lots of green 6 - Short bunker shot, shortsided 7 - Long bunker shot, lots of green 8 - Long bunker shot, shortsided 9 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, fairway 10 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, rough
  6. All courses now prohibit metal spikes as abusive to greens (pick up your feet!) This has forced me into soft spikes since the 90's; one northern course allows metal spikes November to March if you have a doctors written note in regards to your orthopedic safety. Soft spikes have improved so much that they provide better traction in most conditions. In response to the denigration of golf carts to play golf, when I first joined my northern course, I walked the 8.5 miles the course measures to walk, up and down hills with elevation changes of 270 feet. USGA officials require cart transport between green to tees on 4 long, uphill distances green to tee. Mid 90's to mid 2000's I walked/carried. Then I switched to a bag carry remote controlled electric cart; now I ride a 1992 Club Car as after 8 surgeries on swing affected joints require I conserve energy to use in the actual golf swing. Golf Shafts have changed from X+ to soft R, I have a garage full of clubs that I can not use anymore. Having played the game for 53 years, I have seen so much change in equipment, ball, changes and lengthening of courses. Example of golf equipment forcing changing golf courses, a course I loved playing with my father in law, using steel driver head (early stages) Tour Prestige wound golf balls, with 1970's irons, shot a under par round in the presence of my father in law, I witnessed the end of a golf course. Plowed under to be redesigned by Tom Fazio, lengthened by 900 yards. Now considered to be the best maintained course's in Southern California, the course can be easy on the 340 yard downhill, downwind par4, to one of two 500 yard up hill into the wind par 4's, a 600 yard downhill cross wind par 5 with a peninsula green 20 yards across, 30 yards deep. Local fees with cart were $25 to begin with, but now are $110, even with the $1200 annual fee to subsidize the course that we had no say in when the new owner was negotiating water fess for unpaid bills from the bankrupt owners who ****** up a great course, $1400 for two rounds of golf per year. Screwed by the rich owners who forced us to pay for the mismanagement of the previous owners.
  7. One club or all clubs 7 iron to 60* wedge ,the key, stated here several times, is practice. If I chose one of the two short game greens, I'll take different clubs to try to stay sharp with the shot I'm trying to strike. I play courses that have elevation changes as well as hard, firm greens. One example is a 20 yard chip from a mound next to the green, I chose a low and slow 9 iron aimed 10 yards from the hole, got it to 5 feet and I was practically doing cartwheels I was so pleased with the outcome. Hit 'em close and make the putt!
  8. May to October, Bear Creek Country Club, Woodinville, WA. 13 miles East of Seattle, WA. November to April, Rams Hill Golf Course, Eastern most development in San Diego County. 59 miles. https://www.facebook.com/bearcreekcc https://www.ramshill.com/
  9. OK, same regrets to the 6 golfers I picked, sorry guys.
  10. I used to use 12.5 - 13 - 13.5* (2 woods) as my first fairway club (minus the very occasional Dr off the deck). BUT, after 2 shoulder surgeries, Knee replacement, a short bout with cancer, I have spent so much time being sedentary that I can not use any of my clubs I have spent decades refining (x100 - x100 soft stepped, S400s, X7's that never got installed, Rifles both current and discontinued models in frequencies from 6.5 to 8+ (balata days). I do not have the club head speed to load the shafts, combined with low spin at low loft impacts I don't stand a chance to use the current trend of 17/17 or 13/22 launch angles with backspin. I will be forced to loft up, a recommendation I have given in the past, combined with shafts closer to S300 soft stepped to Regular and light weight shafts to help me regain some spin. Point of this crying, if you have 116 -130 mph club head speed with your driver, you can game x's, if you only occasionally reach 112 - 115, the stiff variety are where most of us should use, now my current 98 - 100 puts me solidly in the regular arena. I will finish with my thanks for the continuing entertainment of people trying different components and discussing their opinions.
  11. SM4 and SM6 if there is a CC rule. Otherwise i use my pre 2010 wedges as they have the best sole/bounce combos, grooves don't bother me (yet) as the urethane of the ball keeps getting softer so I still can stop a wedge when I choose to. Impact and spin back to one hop and check or stop
  12. Back in December a club addict I know had a new set of PGX, recommended I get a set as they were 'only' $600 a set of irons. From research I had done in the past, I was not interested; maybe they have better designed clubs now, but I am happy rotating through my 712MB's, AP2's, T-MB's, 681's, 962B's, 990b's, 670's, 680's, and many others that have never met their promise of more distance, better accuracy. Would be interested in Titleists custom irons for pros, reduced offset, made to order sole grinds, profiles and more. Would be interested in a true fitting of all product from Titleist made USA and Japan forgings. Titleist email me here or my email on file with TT.
  13. Thank you all who offered details of your shaft experiences, I learned details about the various hazardous shafts that are pertinent to me. While I'm also inclined to low torque shafts, I have found the Hazardous Black 6.0 - 75 gram shaft works for me. I have, through the years of trial and error, found some X labeled shafts work for me, a TX model S is actually stiffer than the X non - TX. I now anticipate that my future shaft use will be culled from my massive collection of woods and hybrids uninstalled in cardboard tubes and installed in the clubs I currently possess. I've been golfing 52 years and hopefully another 20. But one thing is sure, it will all be outdated and worthless very soon. Please keep the equipment pursuit going, it is informative as well as entertaining, thank you very much!
  14. I am late to this topic, but here is my 0.02 (+0.02) GP Tour Velvet 58 with three wraps under the lower hand, 6 wraps down the rest of the grip. I have used this for maybe 20 years? Now GP has their MCC+4 that follows a similar ideology. I have tried the Tour Velvet Midsize and have them on 2 sets of irons, and all my wedges (not the PW). I find that I get 1-2 years worth of wear before they need replacing with my preferred schedule of 2 days on the range, 3 days in the short game area, 2-3 rounds a week, don't ask about putting drills/practice (6 days a week, 7 if the wife is out of town). I do have a complete set of clubs at the snow bird residence. I am a mid-classic collector of clubs from my past, Apex II, Mac Muirfield, All the DCI blades (cast! sacrilege!) 1997 Tour Model Titleist, Drivers from Pro Trajectory 8.5, 13, 17, J's Professional Weapon 9.5, 15 *. R7, TP510, Super Deep, to 905R, 910 D3, 913 D3, 915 D3 & D4. None of my persimmons survived winter play in the NW. I could go on, but you get the idea.
  15. I once posited to a club distributor about using the high toe short iron head shape out to the 7 and 6 iron back in the early 70's. His response was why would you want to do that? I thought it would make the muscle back irons more forgiving. Now manufacturers have made that the norm, but with slightly longer shafts. My next (and last) set of irons will be a blade like multi material head that will need to be reshafted into a more flexible shaft as I get older and die. I get strange looks from people (especially course pros) when I break out my 70s or 80s clubs with wound balata balls for a 9 hole game.
  16. Very old argument,will continue well past I am dead. I replace divots, even partial ones, drilled into me by the starters and senior golfers I played with as a junior. I learned to carry sand n seed bottles to fill the h(M)oles still left, have cultivated flat bottoms for the bottles to insure the sanded divot is level with the playing surface, my course is rather hilly (250+ elevation change) and someone whose ball is expired or about to expire at my divot will roll onto grass most of the time. We play at a country club who has a membership that has "sand parties" to fill divots, assigned a hole per week, in season, the junior golfers also are assigned a hole per week during their summer league. I also fill divots on the hole I live adjunct to if I am enjoying a non golf walk of my back yard from the 100 yard marker to the 150 yard markers as that is the span of my yard. If it is a habit, it is not a chore, minor effort over time yields major results. Hit em on the short grass and enjoy the cathedral that is the great outdoors.
  17. How can use of a drawing compass be different than most yardage books that have that as a integral feature reprinted? If he makes the drawing prior to the start of the tourney, it is no different than markers that are off the fairway in the "just in case" yardages in a yardage book. Please inform me of what the actual implications are as I have several homemade yardage books with years of information on courses I play or have played.
  18. With my most recent MB purchase I also bent the forgings 2 degrees weak; less offset, added bounce. I desire a proper gapping between clubs, max distance is not what I want, but knowing that a distance is covered by a club I swing well. One club fitter did not agree with my preferred club setup. I like to soft step a X100 steel iron shaft and swing weight at D6, better feel for the club head and the added weight flexes the shaft a hairline more. I have tried S400 with D2 - D3 swing weight but just do not feel the club as well.
  19. When I checked in at the La Quinta Resort Pro Shop, the lady made a point of telling me 4 times it is a top 100 course in America, and I had read good things about the course. What she did not tell me was the course was over watered, I had mud on my ball on all 8 fairways I hit this day, 4/14/21. The course is Bermuda with Bermuda greens, the greens are either small or have very small target areas on the green making it near impossible to stop a shot on the green or 50 feet away if you were unlucky enough to approach that green from a awkward direction. The greens were also very slow, the slowest I have played in 30 years, and had some kind of fertilizer on them. The course is a target style course that gets even tighter on the back nine when you head closer to the mountains, with homes on both side of many holes. It is very pretty to the eye and the 17th hole gives you a elevated view into that part of a valley. This was an experiment in driving to a Palm Springs course for a reduced green fee, that was partially successful, and I will try it again next year when I return again in April.
  20. I first came to Rams Hill in January of 1993, I remember this date as my father in-law made us walk on some desert trails to see ancient Indian food prep sites, but my wife was still recovering from a cesarean section for our second child. The original Ted Robinson layout was both fun and challenging when playing Titleist only Tour Balata balls that spun enough to hold desert greens. Then 2003 came about and I had switched to the Pro V1; now the course played short, irons into all 4 par 5's, scores in the low 70's. Played again 2006 not knowing what was to happen to the course. Fazio designed 18 holes all down the hill from the clubhouse, but then ran into issues of environmental damage to the desert. Redesigned the current front nine to complete the course. The replacement course was named Montessoro and it was a challenging desert course. I do not know what they charged for the Ted Robinson design course as my father in-law insisted on picking up the tab. There is a very good story about the course here https://bogeysacrossamerica.com/2015/01/14/the-resurrection-of-rams-hill-golf-club/ . When the current owner reopened the course the homeowners were charged a additional $100 month in Home Owners Dues to support the course as it added value to the homes in the gated community, and the first two years the home owners were charged $40 for cart and greens fees. Now its 25% off the rack rate of $145, a rate that was inflated by the only 18 hole public course shut down two years ago, this has made a trip up into La Quinta a affordable option as the Nicklaus and the Pete Dye Mountain courses charge $89 for twilight times. Now to the course played 4/13/21 for $108.75; there is a major problem with fungus on the golf course, that is not addressed until you read the daily pin sheet and course information, I would estimated 15-20 % of the course is infected and much of it is in the middle of the fairways killing the usual desert run out on drives, this made the course play about 7500 yards and major mud balls, which is more than I can handle this year. There is also fungus on the greens which some have been re-sodded with new bent. The greens were reported to be 12 on the Stimpmeter and they played exactly that way. Which meant that if you were even or past the hole cut, you had a very fast down hill putt or a 15 footer that had 10 feet or more break in it, on a chip shot on the 3rd hold I aimed 35 feet out and the chip rolled out to a 4 footer which I thought of as great success. Later on the back nine I had a down hill putt of 25 feet and now the wind was up from 5- 10 mph to 20 -30 mph, I tapped my putt about 18 inches and watched as the putt rolled for 36 seconds about 20 feet past, I learned about the time of roll by returning to the spot of the first putt that was marked with a ball marker and trying it again. The course had before advertised itself as the best conditioned course in California as voted on by course superintendents, and back then it was true, but now I would recommend you stay away as the experience is not worth the current rate charged. A friend of my wife has purchased a home here and they love it, her husband is some kind of landscape expert and he says that the course suffers from inadequate soil prep and drainage that is frequently a issue of Fazio designs, I had no idea of this before as everyone seems to think Fazio walks on water. Lastly a caveat, I co-own a property in the gated community on the 2nd hole, I have every reason to promote the course as it does add value to my real estate investment, hopefully my retirement home in the future, other than the lack of information about the fungus before I paid for fees, the entire staff is friendly, courteous, even helpful, and I suspect it will continue as this was a major factor in investing in a property here. Call ahead and ask about the course conditions before making the trip, it is 2 hours from San Diego, 1 1/2 hours from Palm Springs, and you would expect a quality experience when spending so much time in the car each way.
  21. Russell Woodinville WA 917 D4 9.8 102 still recovering from shoulder surgery, TSi 3
  22. Russell Woodinville WA 9.8 Titleist SM6 54 - 60 Lack of glare in the few times it occurs, increased friction coefficient from chromed wedges, most wedges in the past were sand blasted at the score lines.
  23. Currently have 5 90's Titleist Staff bags in garage holding old golf clubs, bought them as storage to keep my clubs organized. Leather, too big to use as a everyday bag, even on a cart. Grips rub on each other in a bag, you shake the bag lightly with each pull or replace, no hang up issues then.
  24. Russell S Redmond, WA Old school, pacing off from yardage markers on the course since 72'; scorecard if they have info. I appreciate the engineering that goes into club heads, golf balls, shafts. I tried to come up with a formula of shaft length and loft to get specific distances for each club, before the engineers came up with logarithms. I also tried my hand at golf club design. These were in the mid 70's; equipment still had a huge dispersion back then, you needed to learn what the potential of each new ball put into play. Now I get my woods/hybrids from the top club manufactures, 5 years after they are released, helps to figure out what actually worked, and pay a steeply depreciated cost. My last "new" driver is the D4 from Titleist, only because someone was selling the head and I could affix it to a previously owned shaft. I had one experience with lasers when a 1996 LPGA event was held nearby, signed up for caddie. In practice rounds, yardage books were remeasured with a laser co-owned by 4 tour caddies who made copious notes in the yardage books. They were expensive, and the courses I played were all paced off for my own benefit. It will likely be a bit of technology-culture shock to ignore the landmarks I have sought out at a course for so long, but I'll give it a go.
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