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  1. I have two shag bags. If I play a ball for 3 rounds and they do not have a lot of scuffs or damage on them I put then in reusable shag bag and if it has scuffs and marks from cart path or trees, I put it in shag bag B. Shag bag A golf balls make good winter balls that if I loose or bang them into something, I do not look for them, shag bag B balls go to Junior golf or second tee or somewhere kids get them free to hit into the lakes. If I play in a tournament I have a sleeve of new balls and change every 6 holes. Then I will use them to play later just in fun or regular rounds.
  2. I am playing titleist AVX. I hit about 50% of the greens when I play, so I need performance around the greens. I am still a single digit handicapper and dropped from 8.7 to 6.5 this year. So, when I buy a new ball to test. I buy 3 and take the first to the green and see how they putt. I do not want a new putter just a new ball so I start there. I progress to chipping from the fringe to about 20 yards off the green. Once that is done, I move to 50 to 70 yard shots and make sure the ball still fills good and then move to 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200. Then I move to the tee and see if they feel good as well as fly the way I want. I keep my stats so I know how many greens I hit, how many fairways I hit, where I miss then, sandies (up and down out of traps) and how many putts. I find out within a couple of rounds if the ball really fits me or not. It is a fun way to test and a great way to know your game. You will improve your game doing so because you will know what to work on and it will also help you choose your equipment as well. I have found in 50+ years of golf that it is not the look of the club or ball but the performance in your hands. The shaft has made the most difference to me rather than the club head or name on the club. I currently have more than one brand in the bag and I in the process of changing quite a bit of my equipment. When I finish, I will update my profile.
  3. I am 77 years old and short plus quite a bit plump. That description fits a lot of golfers my age that have disposable income to spend. We would rather hear from someone who still swings well but not at 110 mph. My swing is flexible and about 80MPH or slightly slower but I play golf 4 to 5 days a week and work as a starter at a golf course on Saturday and another golf course on Sunday. I know about club heads, shafts and balls and understand why people of my age swing differently that those that are 40 to 50 years younger. I play golf with people from 14 to 94 and enjoy each and everyone.
  4. I have 3 not one--Yes, I am a starter and marshall at two fine golf courses. 1) Slow play--enough has been said about it. 2) Not taking care of the course--filling divots, repairing ball marks and pulling the ball out of the hole with the pin. People need to leave the course in better shape than when they arrived. 3) Exhibition golf--I will not attend or watch a golf tournament that has a limited field or without a cut. If a person has earned his or her card they should be able to play in tournaments, with cuts and make their living. Some will always be better and some will flounder but not to have the opportunity to play is not supported by me.
  5. I spent a lot of time in golf shops looking for a flatter driver. I am 5 foot 6 inches tall and needed something a little flatter. I picked up a Gen 5 PXG driver and turned the shaft around which lowered the lie angle from 59 degrees to 56. I have added 20 yards to the driver with that simple change. I was hitting high flying hooks and have lowered the trajectory of the ball, hit the driver very straight and am now back to driving the ball great. I should have mentioned that I am 77 and an 8 handicap but it will be going back to a 5 or 6 with the added distance of the tee.
  6. I usually buy 3 to 4 pair of shoes at a time and currently have a shoe rack in my garage that would hold about 20 pair. I live in the desert southwest and play year over 200 rounds a year (4 to 5 rounds a week). Yes, I have been retired since 2008 and wear a different pair of shoes daily. I also wear golf shoes when I work as a starter at two different courses 1 day a week because they are the most comfortable shoes that I own and supportive for my feet. I am crazy and wear the shoes until the shoes separate. Some of them last 3 years and some well longer. I have a pair of footjoy classics (at the time they called them the professional teaching shoe they are spikeless) that are about 15 years old. I think the leather will split some day but not yet. I would say that in the last 4 years that I have probably only bought shoes once. I clean them after the round, put shoe trees in them and rotate the shoes so they all get worn at least once a month. My lovely wife bought me a pair of shoes about 5 years ago that lasted only one season and I showed her how they wore out and that even though I pay 2 or 3 times what she paid, the shoes last a lot longer. She will no longer look to buy golf shoes.
  7. These are my two favorite topics in golf because I work at two golf courses as a Starter and or Marshall. As a starter, I not only listen to what most of the golfers tell me what they want including to start when they get there instead of waiting until their tee time. But I am one of the only starters out there that will tell the golfers what we expect from them before they start. At both courses tee times are 10 minutes--However; I include that on the first hole each group must wait until the group in front of them must all 4 be on the putting green before they hit their first drive. This gives each group a little space to get the first couple of holes in without having to wait on every shot. Secondly, I make sure that all groups know if they cannot see the group in front of them when they reach the next tee box they need to catch up. They do not have to hit into people just see them even if they are on their way to the green--if you can not see that group, you are at least one shot behind in pace of play. At both courses the groups have to pass the starter stand going from 9 to 10 and I can see their pace without checking gps times for the first 9. So again before the groups tee off, I tell them I will see them in Two ours and 10 minutes. That would make about a 4hour 20 minute round of golf. If they are ahead of pace or even right on pace I let them know it and thank them. If they are behind in that timing, I let them know and ask that the catch up. What I have found being direct no B.S. approach works best and people respond in kind. As a Marshall, if people are on time or ahead, I again let them know and thank them for doing so. If they are behind, I ask if they had problems with a hole in the past couple. If they ask me why I ask, I let them know they are out of position and ask if they can try to catch up (the first time they are behind). If they continue to fall behind, I let the group as a group know that there are several people behind them and that we at the golf course need their assistance in getting everyone in on time. Any smart answers or excuses, I let them know in a very direct manner that I can handle 4 people being angry at me and while keeping the 100 behind them happy with the pace of play and if they do not pick up their pace, I will move them up at least one hole and possibly more than that but that is only after speaking to them more than one time and giving them a warning. Golf is supposed to be fun for everyone and not just your group. So all that I ask is for each individual not be the slowest person in their individual group. That in itself will speed up play for all. I average playing 5 days a week and working the weekends because they are usually at the slowest pace all week. Most of the rounds I play are very early in the morning where the groups I play with can get around the course in 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours at the most. We even get lucky and get off first and get around in 3 hours or slightly under. To do that, we truly play ready golf--if you are not in anyones way go ahead and hit when ready do not wait. Yes, I live in the desert southwest and can play 12 months a year. Guys play well, have fun, and please help not only your group but all the groups behind you have fun as well.
  8. I live in the Las Vegas area--not known for great golf schools. John Jacobs school was at Royal Links Golf Club which closed in December 2021. I do not think they have a location to have an instructor come in a teach at the present time. Butch Harmon has his golf school at Rio Secco golf club and it is a great location and very good school. Morning working on Mechanics, afternoons golf. Very good instructors and Butch will show up now and then. They like to keep the ration 3 or 4 to 1 instructor. The instructors play 9 holes with you in the PM and then you are on your own for the back 9. Reflection Bay has Craig Barlow as a teacher (former PGA pro) and some assistant instructors as well. Bear's Best has a gentleman who runs his own school and they three of the pro shop personnel are very good instructors. Ryan Mills runs a golf school out of Revere golf club but they do not have teaching pros at the course. Chimera golf club uses a mobile app to hook you up to Trackman and it will measure each club and flight of your shots. You can get instruction there from two people. I have also been to several other locations in the Vegas area and many courses have very good one on one instructors if you want to spend some time and money.
  9. I will not go to the TM ball because if you are looking for something less than a pro v1 then go to the Maxfli Tour CG at $104 for 4 dozen. This price hike did TM no favors in the house hold.
  10. Like many others I wipe my clubs after every shot but then on Fridays, I carry them into the house and put them in a sink of soap and water and clean them in detail. I not only clean the clubs and make sure nothing is in the groves but I clean the grips with soap and water. My clubs are 1 and 1/2 years old and look new.
  11. The specifications are Snell's and other DTC ball companies. They can find a manufacturer in Korea to compete with Nassau. It will take a few weeks of trial runs but once they hit the specs all will be fine. I worked with several manufacturers in Korea and if your specifications were detailed enough and the process was capable of being duplicated, it can and will be done. Nassau did make a lot of different balls in the past including one of the early Kirkland balls and some of the Nike balls. When Nike got out of the business Nassau sold the capacity to Kirkland (costco). But people like Titleist, Maxfli, TaylorMade and others needed a place to make their off brand golf balls and Korea was the place. I am also sure that companies like Snell and other DTC knew about this possibility for a while and have been searching for capacity. It may take a while but there may be a ton of golf balls on the water and on the ships that are waiting in California to unload.
  12. I understand the reasons to go to true spec or Club Champion but I prefer people like Jim McCleery. They will spend more time with you, work on your swing as well as shaft. They will not cost an arm and a leg but because they get most of their clients from word of mouth, they will work hard to gain your trust and fit you correctly. One bad fitting could hurt them more than True spec. Just go in with a game plan and you should come out better for it. Also, realize if you have newer clubs, you may just need a few lessons to hit the current clubs better. Some times a good fitter will adjust your current clubs rather than selling you a new set that you may not really need. I sent 4 friends to a golf clinic about hitting their driver and everyone kept their current drivers saving over $400 apiece. Lessons work wonders and can get you swinging better so even if you do get fitted and buy new clubs, you might want to invest in a couple of lessons to make everything come together.
  13. I bought a new set of clubs last year. I went through two fittings, one indoor and one out on the course. I will not spend the funds again that I did this time. I work part time at a golf course so I did not pay full price or would not have bought them. I did go on ebay and bought some stronger shafts and have had a great year lowering my handicap by a full shot at age 74. I have told those who I play with, last set and will not back down on that.
  14. I have lead tape on my putter bottom of the putter. I like a shot putter--32" and since the shaft is cut, I add tape to make it head heavy and add the weight taken off back on. I have learned to keep it toward the leading edge of the putter because a second or third strip keep the head moving through the ball. Extra effort is not needed to get the ball to the hole. I have gone back to using an older Scotty Cameron 1997 model. I do adjust the weights of my sand and lob wedge--54 and 58 degree--If playing a course with very high rough around the greens. The added weight helps me get the club through the ball better. My feel out of high rough with the added weight is better with the heavier club. Sorry no pictures.
  15. The golf course I marshall at ordered 72 dozen Chrome Soft Friday and we received shipping notice today. Orders were placed for all Callaway golf balls Friday and we were told that we would receive all golf balls from the factory by the end of this week. I will update when they come in. If we are shorted or back ordered, I will let you know.
  16. I am a little different than most of you. I belonged to private club while working, now retired, I play mostly clubs that have season passes for members of that course as well as general public courses. Here in Vegas, I also word one day a week as a marshall at a public course and one day a week at a semi-private--passholder course. So I am on a golf course 7 days a week. I have a lot of fun doing it this way and I also receive very good benefits for me and my friends where I work. I pay $3400 a year for my pass to play at one course 5 days a week and get in at least 3 days of golf a week year around there. I play the courses I work at once a week for free and my guests get discounted rates...$50 less than local residents pay usually. So every week I get to play a links style course, a desert style course and a more traditional course with tree lined fairways. For those who were complaining about pace of play, I worked as a favor to another marshall today and kept the pace at 4:30 all day. I had a group fall 15 minutes behind before I got there at 7:00 this morning and in 6 holes had them back ahead of pace--they finished in 4:20. Slowest round of the day was 4:35. We have more out of town play at this time of year and will through thanksgiving but pace of play will be kept very close to 4:30. Tomorrow a regular work day for me, I will be off and playing at 6:20 first off. We will play in less than 4 hours and let everyone try to catch us. One last note--today we had 174 players and tomorrow we have 186. I told the other gentleman that I would check with him before I leave tomorrow to see if he needs help--if so, I will work one 9 and he will work the other 9.
  17. Over seed is done in September going on right now--if later in October it is the best time for golf in Vegas. TPC is the best that you mentioned. Canyon Gate has had trouble with their greens so I would not recommend until next spring. You might look into Seina Golf Club a few miles away from Arroyo. I would play that prior to playing Arroyo. Have a safe trip.
  18. Royal Links is the most reasonable but it is a tough course if you do not hit it straight. Very high rough and 108 pot bunkers. It is a lot of fun if you play the correct tees as are most courses. I played there today and the course is in great shape. Check out golfnow for pricing because I do not know the non-resident fees. Bears best is a great course...holes off of Nicklaus courses all over the world. I do not know if it is open and do not know any thing about there pricing. Reflection bay will be a higher priced course but again is worth the price. Golf now has those hot deals so check those out and you may be able to get a good deal. Closer to the strip is Revere and one of their courses is open all of the time a more reasonable price than reflection bay. Good luck and have a great time while you are here.
  19. By the way--check out prices through golfnow.com. If you call the course or make them through a hotel, they will get you out of town rates. I just followed up with an assistant golf pro at reflection bay and they are open through September. It is more expensive than Angle Park but 10 times better course. It is a Jack Nicklaus design and it worth the time. They have rentals. At this time here in Las Vegas most courses have either TaylorMade or Callaway rentals except for a couple that have Titleist. Cascata and Rio Secco will be offering their Double Down this fall according to one the assistant golf pro there. The price includes, carts, range balls and golf. Rentals are separate and at Cascata you have to have a caddie. They will read the putts because you will not be able to see it nor will you read up and down hills as they will. Good luck to all who want to come out and play--it is a great area if you like golf year around.
  20. I lived it Texas for 16 years and I played all over the state. My favorite area is east Texas--Several great courses....Holly Tree in Tyler and The Challenge at Oak Forest Country club. is also great. You need to include many of the never mentioned little town courses in out of the way areas. Some great courses that are inexpensive to play yet great players show up everyday and play them. Some are 9 hole courses and others are 18 holes but stop while driving through all parts of the state at just play some of them.
  21. I live here in Henderson. I also work at a couple of courses mentioned a lot on here. Rio Secco, Cascata, one of the courses at Angle Park, one of the two courses at Revere as well as many others will be closed for overseeding from Labor day through the 25th. There are a couple of courses you can play at that time--Royal Links, 18 replica holes from British open courses and greens are in good shape. Arroyo and Senia are two more courses that you can play while they are over seeding, and Highland Falls and the Palm Course in Sumerlin alternate so one is open while the other course is done. I heard a rumor that Stallion Mountain will not over seed this year so it will be open. There is a county run course The Club at Sunrise that will be open until October and has great greens but the course leaves a lot to be desired is open. Boulder Creek has 18 holes open and overseeding one of the 3three nines every other week. All courses have rental sets. Please remember if you are playing a course that is open one week after overseeding, greens will be long and slow, you may be cart path only and pace of play will be slow because many of the other courses are closed. Coyote Springs is open and is a great course about an hour out of the north side of town. They have done all of their maintainance earlier in the year. Second week of October through Thanksgiving is the best golf weather here in Las Vegas area. Prices when courses reopen are usually higher because of the cost and everyone here wants to get back out. The courses that overseed the greens will be able to be cut so they will roll smooth but still a little slower.
  22. I am now a convert to lines. I used to like nothing but white and was a very good putter. Average putts per round in the high 20's and low 30's. I am now 74 and still have very good vision but the lines have made me a better putter. I now average in the mid to high 20's. It takes about a month to get used to the lines but it really gives you a benefit. Can not use multi colored lines--the new maxfli uses just black lines and it really a very good ball for marking purpose. I have the confidence that the line is correct and I have become a much more aggressive putter. I play an avx 90% of the time so I had to come up with a way to mark them and have designed a plastic piece with cut outs that let me put three thin black lines on the ball or I just line up the titlies avx marking and put two black lines on the ball. It works wonders for me.
  23. When I tested balls, I started on the green. If you cannot putt with the ball and get a good feel for it, nothing else will matter because you will not be able to feel confident in holing the putts. Then I went to straight forward chip shots from the fringe to about 50 feet out. From there to 1/2 shots and then full wedges, 8 irons, long irons, hybrids and finally drivers. I went out late afternoon and played three shots from each location with three different balls and recorded the results. Full shots approximate distance from the pins and greens hit. Chip shots, approximate distance and how many holed. I got the opportunity to play both bent and bermuda greens here in Las Vegas. I like the faster smoother bent but most are Bermuda greens. I have stated before that I am now playing and have for almost a year the AVX because of the overall results. My index has come down over a full stroke and playing handicap where I now play most of my rounds is 3. I do switch balls for winter golf from December to mid February and use the tour soft.
  24. I have played or tested most everyball on the market and keep going back to Titleist. Last fall I made the switch to the AVX after playing the pro v1 or the x for the past 18 years. I liked the flight of the ball and the spin around the greens. I play 4 to 5 days a week. I have lowered my index to 6.3 this year again and now playing handicap on my main course is 3. I do not loose too many balls in a year and the buy 3 get one free last me probably 7 months--in the winter I have changed to the tour soft so it will not sting. But from mid February through early November it is AVX.
  25. I have a very simple swing thought in Practice and on the Course and it is really an over simplification. I pick a target with driver, irons or putter and then I say to myself--Introduce the face of the club to the back of the ball.....no other thoughts, just do the introduction. That simple thought has slowed my swing down, given me patience to finish the back then swing without trying to hit the ball too hard. I am a decent player at 74 years old and shot 75 on a difficult course here in Vegas today--Cascata.
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