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  1. I absolutely agree that the head is a big factor. I am somewhere between 5' 7" and 5' 8", 55 years old with an 105mph average swing speed. I had a fitting about 18 months ago. Couldn't hit an XR16 with any shaft, could not hit Fusion, only hit an M1 with senior flex shaft +2, I did okay with Mizuno and good with a G30,same three shafts on all heads. I can hit any Cleveland driver I pick up, but for me personally my Cobra was longest and most consistent. We have a 281yd par 4 that I can consistently drive. In the last three weeks with wet conditions I got to the front once and plugged within ten yards twice. For as many golfers that prefer Callaway, the reverend can't hit Callaway either or my preferred Cobra.

  2. I have this old sleeve of balls in my office. It says EXTRA CARRY TOP-FLITE PLUS THE LONGEST BALLS. We take them out into the shop when we are bored and see who can bounce one off the concrete floor hard enough to hit the ceiling which is about 26 ft. It is the only thing they are good for!

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