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  1. I always say "no thanks" to iron covers and these, as nice looking as they are, are in the same boat --- no thanks!
  2. I killed some time at Oregon's candy store "Fiddler's Green" where they have an outdoor range for hitting demo clubs. I chose an Epic Speed, Epic Speed Max, Titleist TS1, and Cobra Rad, all with similar shafts and hit the range for a few buckets of balls. While hitting, I focused, not only on the club testing but, maintaining my angles through impact. I tend to have a bad habit of coming out of the angle with more level shoulders and hitting a fade to wicked slice. So, staying down I was able to hit some really decent drives. Of course, the balls had been hit a gazillion times and they'r
  3. Another nice day at the club ... play was not as nice as the weather -- 84 (Apparently, my game was upside down...LOL)
  4. Beautiful day for golf today. Too bad I didn't play golf....well, I was out there playing, but calling it golf would be an insult to the game!
  5. Played a scramble today....hit some stinkers, hit some good ones. My 3 partners were playing closer tees than I was playing. Makes it hard to get my required drives in when they've got huge advantages on every hole. Don't ask why they're playing forward tees (2 of them younger than me too!)....I've been arguing the point with the Senior's president for over a year now.
  6. Learn to hit the ball out of a divot!!!! It's really not the end of the world. In most cases, it's no more difficult than being in the rough.
  7. Yes, the tech has changed enough to consider upgrading. My recommendation would be to go to a club demo days (or, in lieu of that, a retail store) and hit some different ones. A few minutes on a launch monitor will be sufficient to direct you to the right club/shaft combo.
  8. Most of our tournaments at my club are stroke play (gross and net within flights). We do have a huge week long match play tournament that draws players from all over the PNW hosted by our club. If I'm playing with similarly skilled players, I prefer match play, even up. With largely differing handicaps, I prefer medal play, net score.
  9. I've read all of his works.
  10. Someone once asked me what book made me cry. I replied "Organic Chemistry". While the Bible is the best answer for me, I'll go with Pat Conroy's "Lords of Discipline", primarily because I did an advance and detailed study of it many years ago in a college literature course after my retirement from the Navy.
  11. Shot a 41/41 today, double on both sides, mainly short game woes. With the exception of the drive on #18 which got away from me, I thought I was striking the ball much better today. Greens were hard and fast today.
  12. I remember those! about 20 years ago, I bought a Kangaroo. Was able to store it at the club, so no worries. When I moved here, they said no room to store it for me, so I had to schlep it back and forth in the car. That didn't last long and I sold it! Weighed a ton with that big 6V battery.
  13. I like "easy" on the backswing and "money" on the downswing. I felt like Charles today --- awwwwk-ward!
  14. Another really bad day today...well, the first 10 holes were....3 doubles and a triple -- no penalty strokes involved. I was just out of sorts, tempo way off, jerky-jerky from the top, and just plain ridiculous swings. Finally settled down on 12 and started playing golf the way I did not that long ago. Shot an 85 today, but it was butt-ugly. 13 over par after 11, then even par to close. Since we've started posting, my handicap index continues to rise as my mid-high rounds in the 70s are being replaced with low-mid rounds in the 80s. When I reproduce the swing that my coach and I are work
  15. Better ball striking today than yesterday (thank goodness!!!!) but I wasn't putting as well as I normally do. (If it ain't one thing, it's another). Shot an 81. Grabbed a demo driver out of the ProShop for something different. It was an Epic Max LS with a 50g R shaft. Wanted to grab and Epic Speed, but they were checked out already. With the Max LS, the kick point of the shaft wasn't working for me. I hit the shots low, but got plenty of roll out on the fairways. I really didn't care for the sound coming off the Callaway driver, either. Maybe tomorrow I'll try out a Ping 425, if one's
  16. Carl Harsch Medford, OR Since my knee surgeries, I rarely walk now because of the cumbersome carrying of the clubs or the bending over to push a cart. I still own a Sunmountain cart, but rarely use it.
  17. Absolutely horrendous! Struggled all day with ball striking, particularly driver, but irons were equally crappy today. Tempo was non-existent, felt out of sorts all day....Posted an 85, but that was adjusted. There were at least 2 holes that were worse than the adjusted score, so likely more like an 88. One OB, one lost ball. Numerous poorly struck shots. The list goes on.
  18. Sounds great! I recently committed to an 18 lesson block over a 12 month period. Once a week may not be the best route, though. You need to have time to ingrain the change before the next lesson, otherwise you're going to just be repeating the same issue. Now, if you're going to work steadfastly between lessons that may work, but I know, in my case, I need a couple of weeks between the lessons. I'm fortunate that my coach is around and can do a quick spot check between lessons. Good luck with the swing change. Changing decades of bad habits is difficult for an old guy like me! I've
  19. Ours began March 1st and was I ever glad to see it kick in!. I've already gone up a full index point as my lower scores began being replaced with 80-83s. I have that same tendency to get flat and when that happens it's really a mess! Working on a swing change currently and being more upright is one of the key aspects of that change.
  20. From the description of your expectations, I wouldn't go to a big fitter, like Club Champion, simply due to the costs involved. You'd likely fare just as well by going to a retailer, tell him what you're looking to do and have them guide you into a used set that will work for you.
  21. A sloppy 82 today. Doubled #7 (2nd shot found the pond again), #8 (sailed green side bunker shot long over the green), #10 (3 putted).
  22. My guess is one of the bag attendants, but who knows.
  23. Worked on my full swing swing changes today again. Wish we were off mats, but it is what it is.
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