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  1. Woah, I had no idea any of these things existed! I'm sure the numbers from the XPutt are useful if you know how to use them, but alas I will continue using the plastic cup that came with my son's first plastic set. Also my office carpet has some decent grain to simulate our local Bermuda greens.
  2. Totally agree. I have about 20 yards to pitch in my back yard, and even these shots will help with consistent contact throughout the bag. Before a round, hit some 20-40 yard pitches, especially if you don't have time for the range. Most of the time I only go to the range when I take my kids, and the focus is on helping them. Last time I hit balls on the range before a round was before a city tournament last year, my first individual tournament in years, and had my worst round of the year! The next day of the tournament, went back to my normal pitching routine, and had the 2nd lowest score that day. I realize much of this is personal, but I've never been a range rat and usually don't like hitting balls before I play. My ideal lunch break practice is 30-40 minutes pitching/chipping from various lies, and 10-15 minutes putting. If I have 30 minutes before the round, it would be 10-15 orange whip swings, some light stretching, 10-15 minutes pitching, maybe 5 minutes putting. A few lags to get speed and make a few short ones, then relax/banter for 5-10 minutes to get my mind ready to play.
  3. When are the Cobras supposed to ship? Looks like us Honma TR20 testers will get our drivers shipped early next week.
  4. I've been there. So easy to over-do it, but if you're training that hard, make sure to eat enough! It's always been hard for me to get stronger and leaner simultaneously. Per Bryson, no less than 12 Protein shakes a day!
  5. I like middle of the road, because you can still be aggressive and don't have to lag from 10-15 ft. I don't mind the challenge of fast greens, and short putts are easier to hit a good stroke. Slow greens I same to push and pull more short/mid range putts trying to hit them hard enough
  6. I haven't been fit before, so why start now? I really wish we could have been able to do it in person, but I feel confident about the options we picked. I play in a lot of wind, so went for the lowest loft option 8.5, which can be turned down to 7.5, then went to the low/mid flight FP-7 shaft which has a stiffer tip, or 'boardy' as like some like to say in golf forums. Also found this interesting tidbit from a MGS article when searching for info on the Vizard shafts:
  7. I'll probably only play 1 or the other. Will be a family trip with wife and kids and brother's fam, so mostly biking/hiking, etc. Would you pick SH Gold or Wasatch Mountain for 1 round?
  8. Glad I found this thread! I'm visiting Park City in a couple weeks. Our AirBNB is on the edge of Park City Golf Course so will probably play 1 round there, but definitely looks like Soldier Hollow at 7700 yds from the tips will be a solid test for the Honma driver if it arrives in time.
  9. @PMookie I'm hoping to get out to Pine Dunes some time. Not a bad trip from Dallas. I've heard good things about the Tempest near Longview. The Cascades in Tyler is nice, but private. Only other course I've played in LV is Wood Hollow, which was pretty short and pretty rough (but also cheap!) I've played around 110 courses in Tx. My favorites that I've played: Rockwood- Ft Worth Diamondback- Abilene (my college home course) Stevens Park- Dallas Memorial Park- Houston Fazio Foothills- Austin The Tribute- The Colony Squaw Creek- Willow Park TX Public courses I hope to play soon Pine Dunes, Rawls Course, Ross Rogers The Mustang, Squaw Valley, Old American, Slick/Apple/Ram Rock
  10. I just got off a great call with Honma to get all my current specs. Looks like I'll have my TR20 440 8.5 degree w/ Vizard FP-7 - X shaft some time late next week!
  11. Last year on LPGA, Jin Young Ko went 114 holes without a bogey, which is a record. Tiger went 110 holes w/o bogey in 2000. For birdie streaks, a few have had 8 in a row, but most memorable is Streelman's 7 in a row to win the 2014 Travelers, or Schwartzel's 4 in a row to win the 2011 Masters I haven't measured it over multiple rounds but have gone bogey free a couple of times on 18. I have had 5 birdies in a row once, and then this past Saturday had a birdie-birdie-eagle-birdie 4 hole stretch (bookended by doubles).
  12. Sounds like you have some Trusst issues I always wonder how many of the new features on clubs are science, and how much are marketing. But even placebos work if you believe them!
  13. A new drink I call the Bryson 1 bottle- Muscle Milk 2 shots- whiskey
  14. Seems surprising that this is the first victory for a SIM, but then again we were off for almost 3 months. I rolled a few with the Truss recently at the PGA Store recently, really doesn't look as weird over the ball as it looks in the bag
  15. Had an interesting round this morning in the Saharan dust, with 3 doubles and a hot streak in the middle (double, birdie, birdie, eagle, birdie, double, birdie) Shot 74, but made a lot more money in wolf this way than having 16 pars.
  16. Yep, 60g stiff on a 9.5. We'll see at the fitting but I'm guessing I'll probably end up with 8.5 or 9.5 with x-stiff low launch/low spin shaft
  17. I stopped by the PGA Store this afternoon and hit the TR 220 for 15 minutes. Granted it only had a stiff shaft and the spin number were crazy high, but every shot felt solid. Here is one of the few where spin was below 3000 rpm. Can't wait to get the right shaft where I can swing away.
  18. I love how every time I try to type Honma on my phone, it autocorrects to Gonna
  19. Perfect! Now to figure out what the specs are on my current shaft for comparison.
  20. I keep saying 2020 is the BEST YEAR EVER! Really looking forward to testing and sharing my thoughts on the Honma TR20 440! My current gamer is a 7 year old Tour Edge XCG7 Beta w/ Ozik Black Tie X-Stiff shaft. It is 44.75" which I think has helped w/ my dispersion and I have kept up with or beyond most of my playing partners as they've upgraded the last few years, but I think there is a really strong chance that the Honma will get me some extra yards and earn a spot in the bag! In the mean time, I'll be pounding 2 protein shakes a day til this sweet stick comes in.
  21. Golfingbrock’s HONMA TR20 440 Review Hello friends, My name is Brock, and I am a 37 year old golf nut from Texas. I tested the Honma TR20 440 Driver with a Vizard FP7-X Shaft. I have been playing since I was a kid, and I walked onto my college team and got to play for 3 years with some great players. Though I now don’t play as much as I used to, between family and work, I still get out a few times a month, currently a +2 handicap, and obsess about golf daily. By the way, HUUUGE thanks to MGS and Honma the testing opportunity, and a very understanding wife, as I have gotten out twice as much these last 6 weeks (for research purposes, of course). I bought my current gamer, a Tour Edge XCG7 Beta with an X-Stiff Ozik Matrix Black Tie 44.5” shaft on the Used rack at PGA Tour Superstore in 2015. Before the Tour Edge, I had a Taylormade R7 425 Quad that I found on Ebay. As you may have guessed, I wasn’t ‘fit’ for my gamer, but I did test it against the TM SLDR, Ping G30, Nike Covert, and a few others, and the Tour Edge gave me comparable results at a fraction of the cost, so I took a chance on it. As you can see, I found the center a lot. I let my brother use my Tour Edge while in Utah, because he wasn't touching my Honma. Here's his first swing! My strength has always been my irons, and my driver has become more solid the last few years. I prefer a low/mid flight with low spin since I play in a lot of wind. My normal carry distance is around 260-270 with roll out to 280-300. My go to shot is a draw, but I can miss it both ways if I need to avoid trouble. First impressions: I knew very little about Honma before the review process, other than that they made some really expensive gold-plated clubs (the Beres line), and that Justin Rose played Honma for a year before going back to TM. When the TR20 came out he had some pretty great results immediately, including a 2nd at the Singapore Open (where he averaged 323 yds on 7 measured drives) and a T5 at the Hero World Challenge. As I delved into the company, I learned about their history of over 60 years producing high quality craftsman clubs in Sakata, Japan, and that they build all the components from heads to Vizard (a combination of Victory and Wizard) shafts in house with the utmost quality control. Honma sought to provide the perfect blend of beauty and performance. I hit a TR20 440 with a stock Stiff shaft a few times at PGA Tour Superstore before mine arrived, and it had a great sound and feel, but as it wasn’t tuned to me, it wasn’t any better than my current gamer. For the TR20 to earn a spot in my bag, it would have to give me better distance while maintaining my accuracy, and be a club I can trust under pressure. Grading: Looks: 10/10 This driver has tons of tech inside, but the outside is all class. With several manufacturers going with a matte black finish, the Honma really stands out! From the shiny black top and polished titanium face, to the tasteful gold accents on the carbon fiber woven sole, it almost looks too pretty to hit. The shape is a classic pear shape, and the top of the club has no markings, which I love! The club sits very nice and square at set up, and gives me confidence to swing away. Honma starts the process by hand carving the shape of the head out of a block of Mississippi persimmon by the craftsmen in Japan. Once that was perfect, they built a very light titanium frame so that they could position the adjustable weights in the perfect spots, and added the ET40 carbon crown and the woven carbon sole. The Headcover is also high quality, and not only protects the club, but makes the bag look really sharp! Sound/Feel: 9/10 The sound is a nice THWACK when you hit it in the center. It’s not too muted or too tinny. Mis-hits have a bit more reverb and a slightly deeper tone. One of my playing partners says it even sounds fast! It feels smooth like a persimmon when you hit the center of the face, but it feels a heavy when you miss it high or on the toe. But you can feel exactly where on the face you missed it, so the feedback response is great. It feels slightly worse than my gamer on mis-hits(-1), but the added feedback is nice. Basic Characteristics: 19/20 Trajectory: The TR20 has a good mid-ball flight when I have it set at 8.5. I can flight it high or low as as needed, but normal launch is 14° Workability: This driver is much more stable than what I had before, and while I can work it a bit, it is harder to curve with precision than my old gamer (-1) Accuracy: I can tell a definite improvement in dispersion, and the results are repeatable with good swings. I had several in a row on the simulator and range that were almost identical. This is much harder to do on the course! Distance: On the course it seems to be at least 10-15 yards longer. The simulator showed significant gains in clubhead and ball speed, carry distance, and total distance! Forgiveness: While you can definitely feel mis-hits, they aren’t overly penal and are still within 10-15 yards of good strikes. Adjustability: With the 3 sole weight adjustments that provide high MOI, low spin, or draw bias, and 4 hosel adjustment options to change the loft up or down 1 degree or lie up to 2 degrees upright, there are multiple options to fine tune to the best possible option. There are two 3g weights, and 1 9g weight. I tried them all! Under Pressure –If I know I need to carry a distance (up to around 270), I feel confident that will be no problem with a solid swing. On a tight hole I trust my fairway finder swing to keep me in play. I now know I can hit driver off the deck if needed. On Course Performance: (28/30) Overall, how did it Perform? Overall, the Honma has performed exceptionally on the course. My first round, while playing with bruised ribs, but aided by elevation, ibuprofen and beer, I hit several over 300 (and a couple near 350) on a mountain course. When I got back to my home course, the gains were still there, and even had a few wedges and short irons into par 5’s. I had 1 bad driving round, but dialed in the adjustments, and now this thing is money. This driver, like any driver can still miss big right or left with just the wrong swing! In my last round, after laying up short of a creek with a 285 yard carry to clear, I pegged a 2nd ball to see if I the Honma could clear, and when I arrived, it was sitting in the fairway 50 yards past the creek! How, if at all, did this product change your impression of the Honma? I went from knowing next to nothing about Honma to a true believer in a few short weeks. Pure class from customer service to clubs. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? The weight adjustments are nice and intuitive. I love that the shaft stays in the same alignment with all the loft and lie adjustments. But I wish extra weights came with the clubs, including 6g and 12g to provide more adjustability options. Then again, too many options might drive a tinkerer mad! Here's my videos with several swings and sounds. My favorites are the reactions from partners when it's hit! Miscellaneous: 10/10 Although we weren’t able to get fit in person, @PrestonAtHonma took the time with each of us to get us into a great driver. We talked specs and our game for 40 minutes @PMookie and perhaps others can speak to the premium fitting experience. Though I had wondered if any other shaft or loft option would have been chosen with a fitting, once I hit it I knew I had the right club. As I was travelling the week the driver was set to ship, Preston was able to get the driver sent to our Airbnb in Utah so that the package wasn’t left on the porch. Throughout the process, Preston was available for feedback and adjustment help. Also, it was comforting knowing that our clubs were assembled by Master club builder “Wedge Wizard” Jason Sanborn. The packaging, tooling and adjustment instructions were all included, and making adjustments is easy, though the Japanese to English translation in the instructions was a bit confusing at times. Play it or Trade it? 19/20 I gifted my Tour Edge driver to my brother-in-law today, who just recently started playing. As much as I loved that club, it’s been replaced in the bag by Honma! The Honma TR20 is made for the low to mid handicapper with refined taste. The ‘TR’ in the model number stands for ‘Tour Release’. This club performs better than my current gamer by quite a good margin, so the Honma will definitely stay in my bag. If I had the option to keep the 440 or go with the 460, I'm fairly certain I would keep the 440. As a budget conscious golfer who’s never been fit for clubs or purchased a brand-new driver, I’m not necessarily the target audience for $750 premium driver. However, as a low handicapper trying to get the most out my game, I feel confident that this will help me play my best golf. Conclusion: This is a serious club with great tech that should be strongly considered with the bigger name brands if you are in the market for a custom fit driver. I have gained yards, have shorter clubs into greens on average, and am consistently in play. The fine-tuning loft and weight adjustments can also help really dial in the swing. Although this club might not be for everyone, it is in my opinion the sexiest driver on the market. It’s a great conversation starter with playing partners, and it’s fun to see the awe on their face when it pops off the club face! With their quality craftsmanship and now with the Honma House in Carlsbad, Ca and the Tour experience fitting vans available, I expect big things for Honma in the US and in a lot more bags over the next few years. At the start of the process, before I talked with Preston, and before I swung the club, I expected my review to be much more critical, but here we are with an A+! Disclaimer: When @PrestonAtHonmaasked why I chose the 440 over the 460, I told him that it improved my odds of being picked, because a majority of the applicants picked the 460 FINAL SCORE: 95/100
  22. Nice! I'm expecting some decent GainZ over my 2013 Tour Edge. And a $700 driver should match perfectly w/ my $600 new SUB70 irons!
  23. Looking through Honma website, seems like all shafts are in-house shafts w/ various weights and flexes. I need to dig a little deeper to figure out what all of this means
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