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  1. Views is the predominant factor for me. Layout is also pretty important. I can get over less than ideal conditions as long as the price is right.
  2. Mine so far is Half Moon Bay. I know it has a terrible reputation for the layout but it was the most incredible views at a course I've ever played. I'm trying to become more of a layout snob but views will always be my favorite part of a course. I need to play more mountain courses in the rocky mountain area, love mountain views.
  3. Just purchased and used a push cart for the first time the other day. I think it improved my game to be honest. Always had my clubs near so could change clubs on a whip without thinking "oh man I'm holding it up if I have to run to my cart to get a new club" love it.
  4. den748


    You did the right thing walking off. I know that I can be bust chops but there is an art to reading people to make sure they're 1) ok with it 2) will bust my chops right back. You need a few holes to figure this out and make get to know everyone. I'm sorry you experienced this and hope you give the course another try. I also hope that you get your game together and then play with them again to whoop their butts with your off-brand clubs and shoes. Send them home with their tails between their legs.
  5. Dennis / Aldie, VA Vokey SM 7 - 54 & 60 I would choose 54 degree
  6. den748

    Tee shots

    The sabermetrics of golf! The amount of amateur data that is available now from the various tracking apps should help everyones game if you believe in them. Of course, there are those that will look at the wrong stats (i.e. strikeouts in baseball) and cling to older ways of thinking. This thread has opened my eyes a bit to some of these.
  7. I just found out that there are golf sites that will give credit for balls. Assuming a certain percentage of them are major manufacturer. I had no idea and have actually started looking for balls on the course.
  8. Great thread to read from a "many things are bigger than golf" perspective. Of course I do hate hearing about the lives impacted and wish the thread wasn't necessary. Stay safe out there everyone!
  9. I tend to agree. Where I might see a slight disagreement is that he is working so damn closely with the shaft manufacturer to build a near specialized shaft for him. Now, with that said, I'm sure many players are but he's just better able to communicate to the engineers what he is feeling. If you've ever seen "Days of Thunder" I feel like most players are like Cole Trickle. They know how to hit a ball (drive a car) but have no idea what it means when the middle part of the shaft is too loose and the tip is too tight (car driving loose). But Bryson is a mechanic and can describe things perfectly and make the changes better. Should he be penalized for being more intelligent...maybe not... but they can see that he's making changes too fast and when that trickles down to other players the tour/USGA may intervene. Brysons body change is just one piece of his improvement. He's altering his equipment as well to fit his body changes. This is more relevant than anything. He still has to 1 hit it straight and 2, putt it into the cup. It's an advantage but it's not an end all be all.
  10. This is more a hypothetical exercise but here goes... If you have 2 almost identical players, meaning swing type, perfect mechanics, weight transfer, everything...but one has arms that are 2 inches longer. The guy with 2 inch longer limbs will hit the ball further. But in the real world, there are no 2 identical players, you have to consider everything else. It is just one thing that goes into the distance equation.
  11. den748

    Tee shots

    If you average 270 you'd be a long hitter here. (Side note, I thought I averaged like 270, then I started tracking and I average 250-260). But I think it is widely accepted that distance lowers scores with the huge caveat that you have to at least keep it in play. I played 9 yesterday afternoon but I took all woods and hybrids out of my bag and played only with my irons (5I through 60 degree) and my take away for me is that I don't "need" my woods on many par 4's (anything under 370) but it really would have helped on the par 5's. I can still get there in 3 but it makes that 3rd shot a lot longer. Funny that I shot pretty much the same score on 9 that I did using my woods. Small sample size but I'm taking it away that I should use my irons more off the tee while I work on getting my driver in play more often.
  12. den748

    Tee shots

    100%. Everyone would love to have controlled distance. But, if you're someone who averages a 96 and are hoping to break 90 for the first time, I'd be willing to bet that most of these players put a premium on distance over accuracy. I think they should give up 40-60 yards but take away 3 OOB a round to hit an iron or hybrid off the tee. Large number of assumptions on my part of course. This is an interesting take away and I had never thought about it that way. You are obviously right because if I get more distance it means I got rid of my slice and will be straighter. I think my overall point is that you have to know your game and if you're losing balls off the tee cause of terrible driving then it would likely help to hit an iron and give up that distance. I know this is the case for me. I absolutely need to work more on my short game more than my approach shot to see a improvement in my scores.
  13. den748

    Tee shots

    I've been playing with older players lately who hit their drivers 220 if they hit it on the screws...and they have kicked my butt. I am learning something from them, don't have to be long to score well. You have to be long eventually if you want to get a lot of birdies but if you're trying to break 90 or 80....length is only good if it's going where you want it. You can still get par with a short(er) tee shot, a longer iron to get somewhere around the green and then a decent chip. Just shows the importance of the short game. Also why I can't get my score down cause I'll crush the driving range for hours a week but spend 30 min total on chipping. You won't make the tour but you'll certainly look good on your home course score wise.
  14. I've always asked if I'm going to stand behind the player. And even when they say it is fine, I'm WAY behind them and perfectly still. Generally though, I do the stay to the side (not moving) and as the putt is rolling I'll calmly walk behind to see more where it is breaking. I may also read their putt as they are reading and choose a mark on the green that I'd have hit and see if they go above or below and see the results. Can help me get the degree of the break without having to worry about standing behind.
  15. Love the theory on the article below. I have my own thoughts and some assumptions... 1. Lets assume they play like we, or at least many of us, do. Get out of car, stroll up, hit a few at the range and then go at a new course with only the score card and maybe a GPS. I'm adding 1 stroke. 2. Course conditions - many of our public course do not have pristine greens or sand (not that they'd be in it but they're not perfect) (0.5 strokes - 1.5 strokes) 3. No caddie/markers - This is related to #1 in a way but if they have an errant tee shot could be a lost ball in there. (0.5 strokes) So what I'm saying that if they played a single round then I think they'd be more in the mid 60's. Of course if you let them play more than like 2 rounds, they'll be approaching the high 50's on the regular (IMO) https://mygolfspy.com/tour-stats-what-would-tiger-shoot-on-your-home-course/
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