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  1. No a question, but a suggestion - Do not simply rely on one fitter, if you can, go to several and then compare the recommendations.
  2. Yep, takes a bit of getting used to. Sounds like you are coming over the top. Interestingly usually my bad shots I push to the right (I am right handed). Usually means I forgot to open my stance to allow my body to clear.
  3. Tried shortening your grip, I find it gives me up to 7-12m depending on the wedge.
  4. How consistent do you hit your driver? Considering there is only 20yds difference between your D and your 3W I would leave the D at home. I regularly leave my D out of my bag unless I play a course that has long Par 5's.
  5. I used to use Callaway or FJ but find the latest Kirkland is really good. 3 gloves for $24 AUD.
  6. I have three- all of which I still own. Topflite Tour Irons - these were a special edition as they are forged. They were a limited run specially to supply Payne Stewart. Not sure how many sets were made. My set was a prize at a tournament we won back in the 90's. Wilson Staff Tour 100 Blades. Original Big Bertha Warbird Driver.
  7. A mate tried them on his Clicgear buggy and they were great except that he now had to remove the wheels before folding up his buggy. Stability was not a issue as all the weight is in the bottom. In the end however he always wants the latest and greatest so he ended up buying these. Everything including batteries are in the wheels https://www.concoursegolf.com/product/smart-wheels-s2/
  8. Not distance is metres, distance in service. None of the other centres suggested a mixed set. And yes I had set a $1000 budget and was happy to go slightly over however by the time I added a Mizuno Hybrid the price was $1680 and I was not prepared to pay that much.
  9. I went to 4 OEM Performance centres when I was look for new irons, Callaway, Ping, Mizuno and Cobra and all said and did the same thing. Firstly was they identified shaft options, then head options, then I spent the next 1.5 hours hitting shots starting with 6 iron, then 8, then 4, then PW etc. The difference is some cases was chalk and cheese. Hit a certain combination with 6 iron and it felt amazing, hit the 4 or the PW and it was not great.
  10. I use both - mScorecard on my phone as it does Stableford scoring and has a GPS and a rangefinder. I use the rangefinder most of the time however there are a couple of holes on our course that are dog legs and quite often you do not have line of sight because of the trees. Secondly I use a rangefinder as there are 8 holes where the greens are 10-20m above the fairway and it is really difficult to identify where the flag is on the green. Laser makes it easy.
  11. The challenge for everyone with a Speedzone is to see if you can swing so hard that you break it, like Byron did.
  12. I never really worried or thought about hybrids until I was buying my latest set of clubs and part of the deal was a free hybrid or 3 iron. I tried the hybrid and it found that the ball flight was better than the 3 iron and also the Epic was adjustable. For me I used to carry a 1-2 iron and could hit both really consistently, but the bad shots/off sweet spot were really bad. With the hybrid consistency has improved however the big difference is the off centre hits are so much better. I might loose 20-25m but are reasonable straight where I used to hood the irons. I have tried driving irons and again they are ok but still not as forgiving as the hybrid.
  13. When I bought my new Callaway Steel Head Pro Irons I was given a choice of a free hybrid or a 3 iron. I tested the Steel Head Hybrid at the Performance centre as well as the Epic 18*. I paid an extra $50 to get the Epic as it felt better and is adjustable. I have since bought a 21* as they had them on special for $149.00 AUD. Have still seen them around at this price and several of my fellow golfers have bought them and also love them.
  14. When I was looking for new clubs, Mizuno actually recommended a mixed set. I have not seen the Mavrik irons, let alone hit them but the one thing I always want is that the top line when you look down looks the same.
  15. I am the complete opposite, my 50* wedge is my go to club for chipping and I use it allot. I only carry 3 wedges 45, 50, 54. If I want to play a flop shot I simply open up the 50*. My question is how often do you use your 60* and how consistently do you hit it.
  16. Graphite nowadays is not great deal more expensive if any. I suggest that you get a set of Iron and if you want add hybrids and woods to that . For example here are in Syd M2 with graphite in senior flex https://www.thegolffactory.com.au/shop/golf-clubs/taylormade-m2-hl-irons-graphite/ This is 5 to PW and usually hybrids are recommended for 3/4 then it 3 wood and Driver.
  17. I am lucky as my wife asks me what I want for my birthday/Christmas. Only issue is my answer is usually I have know idea. We have been married 25 years next year so we have 99.9% of anything we want/need.
  18. RBZ are from what I have read, good clubs. Being 25ish what is your bad shot, slice, hook pull etc. New clubs will not fix a problem in a swing, so I would recommend that you find a new instructor. Was you previous instructor trying to fix a problem or building your swing. I have always found good instructors start form at beginning and work through all aspects of a swing, not just fix a problem. For example my wife hit the ball really well, how, I was not sure as she had 2-3 things she did that were not right. Her biggest issue was consistency because she had to do all 3 things exactly the same or she mishit. Sam the pro we we went to started at her grip and take away in lesson 1 and finished with her downswing in lesson 4. All of this was recorded using V1so now she can refer back to each lesson should she revert back to her old swing which she does.
  19. The new model is much better.
  20. Cobra, I tried a few and they are amazing particularly of the deck.
  21. Do not limit your self simply to GI, try as any as you can that is within you price range. Shafts can also change ball flight and hopefully the fitter have you try a number. At the end of the day it is all about feel and confidence. If you step up to a ball with a club that you know feels great then your confidence level is high and trust the clubs. One last suggestion, take with you the balls you normal like to hit as they can affect how a club feels. BTW they well be knackered after hitting the nets but is is a small price to pay.
  22. Another thing you may want to look at is the ball you are gaming because depending on the ball you it may be increasing your spin rate. For example a Pro v1 vs a 1x, the 1x actually has a higher spin rate according to the reviews I have seen.
  23. Hi skippy, a couple of questions. Where do you live and what course does he usually play. Also what is his handicap. If he has a back issue then you may also if you can afford it, get an electric buggy if he prefers to walk. A mate has a back issue and he found graphite shafts suited him better than steel as they transfer less vibration and he found that he could swing easier without sacrificing distance. The Golf Clearance Centres https://www.golfclearanceoutlet.com.au/golf-clubs/iron-sets.html can have some great deals but because of the pandemic and Vic being in lockdown right now their stock is limited.
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