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  1. Hi, I was forced to go to graphite because of an illness. My preferred shaft used to be True Temper S300. Like you I thought that I would need a heavy shaft but after going through 4 performance centres they all recommend 65g shafts. Interestingly there was a slight club head speed increase with the 65g shaft. As far as overall club weight, yes you will notice it initially however after a few rounds you won’t. Due to my illness I am really susceptible to vibration and we found that the heavier shafts also did vibrate more. The shafts I went for were the Recoil and I am very happy with them. Only issue I have found is that you do loose some feel which has to be expected. I should point out that I replaced my irons (WIlson V6) with Callaway Steelhead Pro that have up Urethane insets to reduce vibration which could also effect feel. I have never it them with steel shafts. I therefore still use steel shafts in my 50 and 56* wedges. So I would recommend that before you decide on a replacement, if possible you should go the performance centre - fitting centre and try them. BTW, as far as consistency, no different to steel, distance hard to judge as I changed irons, however based on the loft they are slightly shorter in my case. Here Is a like to a Rick Sheils video where he plays with graphite shafts, it is well worth watching as the only downside he finds is $$$$. https://fb.watch/eZ4ZIR_MGh/?fs=e&s=cl
  2. Keep them, I am guessing that you would loose money selling them and buying a good second hand set, plus you may not be happy with the secondhand set.
  3. Fully agree, much more fun stirring up your playing partners than looking at your phone.
  4. Love Pro V1 but not the price. The way I am playing right now I loose or crack at least 1 ball a round. Lost a Kirkland last round and while looking found a Pro V1 so naturally I started to use it. Two holes later I bladed my 4 iron and when I picked the ball up there was a black line on it that was not there previously. When I examined it, I found it had cracked. This is the 4 ball I have cracked in the last 3 months. Having a lesson this week as topping really aggravates my illness.
  5. One of the discount golf outlet sells them downunder. https://seedgolf.com/products/seed-sd-01-the-pro-one
  6. My current gaming ball is the Kirkland V2. I am not playing great so it is cost effective option. When I am playing to my full potential my and my wife's preferred ball is the Seed 001. To me they are the closet ball I have found that feel and perform like a Pro V1. However they are $44 vs $70 for Pro V1's.
  7. When I was looking at new clubs 10 years ago I tried one length. I actually liked the 3-7 irons but the issue I had was with the 8-PW. To me it just felt wrong and I found the SW to be the worst. I am a very good bunker player but with the one length I really struggled. BTW, my wedges are almost all the same length. I actually thought about getting a custom set with 3-7 one length 8-9 one length etc.
  8. One potential option might be to find 2 more golfers that you know that are not tosers and book a 4. I would advise the guys that you are simply going out to have fun.
  9. I would not waste your money on Accros spend it on getting lessons. You really need someone to look at your swing to identify any issues with it and then provide advice, tuition and generally some drills that you can do at home or on the range.
  10. Old age is a ******, all the things I damaged or broke over the last 60+years are now coming back to haunt me. I have Postherpetic Neuralgia which means I have damaged nerves in my left shoulder and in my chest. When it starts to flares up my only solution when on the course is Panadol Forte and hope it eases it, if not I have to stop. My recommendation is seek good medical advise and then use whatever you need to to manage the pain so that you can get out and play. I play golf for the exercise and to have fun. If I happen to play well or shock horror win then woo hoo.
  11. I have a Callaway Epic 2 Hybrid and a Apex 3 that with Jail Break. Honestly they are both brilliant and I find little difference between the two. However I have hit some older Hybrids and I did find them not as easy to hit and that did feel anywhere near as positive. For me the Epic is probably the best club in my bag. I hit is on average 200-210m (220-235yds) and it feels effortless. My suggestion is go to a pro shop and hit some.
  12. I finally was able to go to Costco about a month ago as we now live 300kms from the nearest one and picked up a box. Since then I have managed to play 6 rounds with them. Overall I am reasonably impressed. The only negative is the click sound they make when putting which indicates they are harder. However I have found little difference in distance or stopping power compared to my usual ball (Seed 01) or Pro V1’s. Note: I had not tried a Pro V1x until I found a couple the other day and I have to say that the KIRKLAND’s feel and performance was almost identical. I still prefer the sound of the Seed off the putter but for the price $48AUD (2 Doz) they are 1/2 the price of the Seed and almost 1/3 the price of Pro V1’s. Considering the way I am playing lately, I have lost 8 balls in the last 5 rounds I find that these golf balls for the money are excellent value and that the positives out way the one negative.
  13. I originally bought a Triumph 4 wheel and after 3 months I had an issue with it and as they did not have any stock it was replaced with a 3 wheel. After 3 months I had got used to the requirement to lift the front slightly to turn but it was not really an issue. The big difference when I went to the 3 wheel was how easy it was to push. The reason was simple, the two main wheels were much bigger than the ones on the 4 wheel plus it also had suspension on the two rear wheels. The only negative was it was much bigger when folded, however the wheels were easily removed it you needed to make it smaller. Several friends have Clic gear buggies and they love them. So the if you want a buggy that is easier to push and do not care about folded size get the one with the biggest wheels or alternatively buy a electric one, that way you just have to hang on and it will literally drag you round the course
  14. Looking at the two hosel adaptors adjustments, the M3 looks similar to the E722. It adjusts the lie as you increase loft. My Epic Flash provides 2 adjustments, loft and lie. Lie offers N is neutral and D for Draw. There of course the additional weight adjustments as well to alter swing weight. https://www.golfstorageguide.com/callaway-epic-flash-driver-adjustment-guide/ From what I have read Callaway has one on the best adjustable adaptors.
  15. I had to swap my wedges as I have to have graphite shafts but still SW is still steel. Up until 2016 my wedges were Cleveland Rusties and I still have them and love them. The SW is one. After 15+ years they still feel the same and I believe if anything the spin I can generate has become more consistent over the years. As they rust I believe this negates any wear on the grooves. They can certainly leave a nice file mark on a ball if I really it down on it.
  16. I have wide feet and walk everytime and I find FJ ProSl the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn and they provide unbelievable grip in wet/muddy conditions. In fact I just bought a new pair.
  17. I played in glasses for 10+ years and then got LASIK. Biggest difference I found was my distance perception changed. I found without glasses I thought I was further away.
  18. The M3 is adjustable so have you tried adding loft. That might be a good place to start. Do you like the feel at impact of the M3, if you do then I would look a picking a different shaft as suggested. I hit many drivers including TM before I bought the Epic Flash. It felt completely different to the TM, Titleist, Ping and Mizuno. The Cobra was the only one that came close. Lastly do you have a local golf shop that allowed you to try clubs. They may not do fitting but at least you can see how they feel.
  19. Have not tried the V2 yet but will be picking up a box next trip in to the big smoke. My attitude is that if they are 90-95% as good as the current ball I game then I and most golfers will never notice the difference. When I was on a <5 handicap I potentially could get the most out of a ball but today I simply do not have the consistency in my swing and therefore I am happy when the ball goes close to where I hoped it would.
  20. I am shocked how much difference the Stingray has made to my putting. I have always been a very good putter but these have taken me to the next level. The other day I decided just for fun to test the difference between the Putter I was actually looking to buy the TM Spider X. I borrowed on from the pro shop to test it up against the Stingray. I played 18 holes alternating between putters on each hole. The TM Spider X felt nice and was easy to align but over 18 holes I had 5 extra putts and I have to admit that most of the more difficult put were on greens where it was the Stingrays turn. The biggest difference was the the distance control. Like most golfers I find constancy of strike my biggest issue but with the Stingray the Sik Face seems to mitigate this. I have Arrcos and based on the last 10 rounds I have averaged 5-7 less putts.
  21. True, but he is the one that is indicating what is possible that younger golfers will try to aspire too.
  22. Yes, got the same response as I did on my driver which as it was out of warranty nothing can be done.
  23. I tried a number of drivers before I settled on a Callaway Epic Flash. Recently I got to also play a rounds with the some of the latest drivers - Callaway Epic Speed, Cobra Rad Speed and TM Sim 2 and honestly I found them all disappointing. To me they lacked the feeling of power I get with the Flash and I think because of this off centre hits were 20-30m shorter than with the Flash. I have Arccos so the data was reasonably accurate. So my suggestion is to if possible try to take them out and play at least 1 or two rounds with the ones you would like to try and try to record the stats. And do not be surprised if you find little difference between them as I found the latest versions were almost identical in the way they performed.
  24. Suddenly found my hybrid sounded weird. Usually it makes a nice solid click but a couple of rounds ago the sound got louder. At the same time a section of paint about 1/2” long chipped off just left of centre. Today I finally got a change to have a look at it under a powerful magnifying glass and could see a crack running from the beginning of the paint chip all the way across to the outside edge. This is the second Callaway that has cracked. My Big Bertha Fusion driver did as well. Hopefully they have improved the process over the last 6 years as I just ordered a replacement - a Apex 21 19 degree.
  25. Bought a Stingray as my Christmas present and after 2 rounds boy am I impressed. It feels amazing and the single white line on the top makes alignment easy. Our greens are usually fast to very fast (11-14) and I have found distance control to be impressive. The SIK face appears to do what is is designed to, I know on several puts thin or think and it made little difference. I have always been a good putter but this putter has taken me to the next level. In the 2 rounds so far I have had 24 and 26 putts. I got fitted sort of. The sales consultant worked me through a process to determine which suited my stroke. Being almost straight back and through I was expecting to need a Face Balanced version but found The Toe Hang much more accurate. Just goes to show it is good to ask for advice.
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