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  1. If it was a golfer who someone else dropped as part of a waiver pickup on Tuesday morning, then they would be on waivers until Wednesday morning I believe.
  2. Home page is telling me "Don't forget to set your lineup before....." I'm assuming with our scoring type that's not necessary? Just want to make sure that I'm not misunderstanding.
  3. I find that they tend to run a bit long (they advertise their size 10 as an EU44, while most other brands IME say it's an EU43) and the width doesn't work for everyone. The stock insoles in mine eventually collapsed as well, but by that point the lugs were worn down to almost nothing and they had a few hundred miles on harsh trails on them. Since I started this thread I've replaced them with a pair of Hoka One One Speedgoats, which have a similar stack height and lug design but cushier foam in the midsole and a bit less stiff (and fit the shape of my feet a bit better). I've also always found that GoreTex does a better job keeping my feet dry than any other alternatives. One downside though is that the lugs are actually quite soft - they have no problem gripping in wet or muddy conditions, but will wear down very fast if you do a lot of walking on pavement. If the course you play has paved cart paths and you walk them often, you could very easily go through a pair in a single season - not something you want to do with $150 shoes! The tread shape does have sharp edges, but the rubber is actually quite soft. If you were to sprint on the green, or run on and come to a sudden stop you could possibly cause some damage, but if you're just walking it won't be any different than most spikeless shoes. To be clear I don't think I would suggest going out and buying trail runners specifically for golfing (unless you have foot issues that you're trying to address and they happen to be the best solution). But as per Korann's comment above, if you're like me and do as much or more trail running and hiking as you do golfing, it makes sense to have one less pair of shoes in the closet.
  4. They told me in August that they were in the process of working on the full swing simulator, but didn't give any info about a timeline.
  5. National Weather Service has released a wind warning for my area for this afternoon - gusts up to 60 mph. I'm thinking now would be the time to get out on the course, find a nice open fairway looking downwind, and get some of those Bryson carry numbers. 400 yard drives, here I come!
  6. In my other league my brother is in the final matchup this week, and he also has both Kamara and Diggs. Non-PPR league, and he has a 60+ point lead. A crazy weekend for fantasy matchups everywhere!
  7. It' a 90+ point lead now. It's over!
  8. I have a tee time scheduled for tomorrow morning with my brother (it's a Christmas Eve tradition for us) but we had some unexpected snow two days ago that is still sticking around, so I'm gonna have to go pick up some colored balls. I'm thinking of going with red for that Christmas feel...
  9. Depending on what color the face of your putter is you might have to resort to putting the stickers on the putter face. Doing that totally resolved any issues with not getting face/path numbers. You can see (at least on my putter) the stickers at address, but I got used to it very quickly. It could be that additional lighting would fix the problem as well, but that wasn't really an option for my situation.
  10. I'd imagine that there's a pretty significant backlog of orders, like at every other company this holiday season with so much less in-person shopping... Have you tried reaching out to them at all? I've found the folks that run their Instagram page to be super responsive. Might be worth a shot to at least get an idea of when it will ship.
  11. For me it's about finding a balance while still staying hydrated. If the only drink I have cracked is a beer, then it'll negatively impact my play after 8 or 9 holes (sooner if I drink it faster). But if I have a water or Gatorade at the same time, then I can drink from that when my body is telling me I need to drink liquids, and help avoid the negative impacts of beer.
  12. I think it still makes sense to have the division winners get in, because every team has a different strength of schedule. If you were in a really difficult division, and the entire division split their season series, you could potentially end up with some really good teams with records that don't accurately reflect that (and if you're the Patriots of the early 2010s, you basically started each season with 6 wins). Ensuring that division winners get a playoff spot accounts for some of that, while still giving some weight to overall record.
  13. Yeah, once you've selected a team they will no longer appear in your list of options for future weeks.
  14. Whoever runs their Instagram account says yes. But I wouldn't count that as gospel - I'd wait to hear back from Mo.
  15. Good question, and one I don't know the answer to offhand (maybe someone who actually read the user manual can chime in ). The unit gets power via microUSB, but I didn't open mine up to see what pins it uses and if data transfer is possible. I will reach out to their social media team and see if they happen to know the answer.
  16. I haven't bought anything for myself, but my wife is hinting that she got me a really nice birthday present (I made myself a wishlist on her Pinterest board). I'm thinking 30% chance it's a new putter or the Cobra Speedzone Utility 3 iron.
  17. Man, this is a popular one! Got to throw my hat in the ring here - I've been really working on dialing in my driver swing lately and feel like I'm in a good spot to test this! -------------------- Gavin Lynden, WA Nike Vapor Speed, 9.5° with a Fubuki Z50 S shaft 20.9 (estimated by GolfShot) 100-105 (highest recorded is 107) TSi3
  18. Got a quick nine in after work yesterday with my dad and brother. Grabbed a small bucket of range balls before our tee time to warm up with my 7 iron and Driver. Took about 15 shots with the 7-iron and struggled to make clean contact, but the last 5 balls that I saved for the driver I absolutely striped dead straight down the range. It was an omen of how the round would go. Driver off the tee was the best it's been all year for me, with 4/7 FIR. Irons on the approach were more of a struggle though, with a lot of thin strikes going long, and fat strikes coming up short - ended up 2/9 GIR. BUT, my misses were close, my chipping around the green was excellent, and despite the heavily aerated greens I managed to only 3-putt once. For the first time in my life, I played 9 holes double-bogey-free!
  19. The game will always advance, and players will change the way that they play based on the new regulations and the evolution of skill, athleticism, and statistics. I think that's an important point to consider - with modern statistical analysis, we are seeing strategies that previously were believed to be poor, to actually be very effective. We all know that "Drive for show, putt for dough" isn't actually true. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned basketball adding the 3-point line. Many years later, people are complaining about that because you end up with Harden playing iso-ball and chucking up a 3-pointer on every possession because the analysis says that's the best way to win. The leagues are in the business of providing entertainment, but the player's aren't - they're in the business of winning and making money. The ones who are the most serious about winning will do whatever the analytics say will improve their odds, regardless of what other players or fans think.
  20. Was working at the range with my driver trying to reduce my power fade and straighten out the ball flight a bit. After I was warmed up and swinging with a bit of power, I decided to make a conscious effort to shallow my swing. I didn't do any specific drills, but instead slowed my takeaway, and then visualized the result I wanted while making a natural swing at the ball. (In my head I was thinking about the club tracer videos on a PGA Tour broadcast). Imagine my surprise when I started striping the ball down the range - better looking flight, without the power fade taking the ball way off line to the right! I think a large part of the improved ball flight that is the shallower swing helped improve my negative AOA, reducing the spin, which is always a struggle for me with the big stick (I've actually managed to back up my driver shots on more than one occasion in wet conditions).
  21. It can be a little difficult to acclimatize to the different green speeds when putting with a screen, so I would suggest using the green speed/ball speed/ball distance chart in my final review - I found it to be a helpful tool when switching between green speeds.
  22. Nice, I think you'll love it! Let us know if you have any questions.
  23. Looks like you dodged a bullet here - I picked up and started MVS in my other league and it's prolly gonna cost me the win.
  24. Congrats to the testers! Interested in seeing how this compares to the ExPutt test.
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