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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Craftsman Head Covers

Number of Testers
667 signups
Equipment Type: Head Covers
Vendor: Craftsman

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Testers Wanted for Craftsman golf club covers! 


Craftsman Golf’s mission, is consistent from beginning to end: to make the best golf head covers!
We believe that golf head cover styles your golf game and reveals your style, spirit, attitude, and your unique & authentic performance on the course!
You are unique, and we think your golf head covers should also be!

Their mission: Only For The Best Golf Head Cover And Accessories!


We are looking for 5 of our members anywhere in the world to test, report and review a set of golf club covers from Craftsman Golf!


3 testers for Iron Head Cover sets
2 testers for Wood Cover sets

Selected Testers will get their choice of any of the Iron head covers or Wood covers from the stock options available on Craftsman's website!


For the MyGolfSpy Forum this is a first as we have never had an official test like this and we are very excited to see how our members find these headcovers and report back to the community with full results, insights and much more!

Interested in being a tester? Sign up top right! 

New to the forum and want to learn more about becoming a tester and how we select our testers? Go to think link here:

Testers will be announced the Tuesday following signup closing!


I'd love to try a set of head covers for my woods.  I've looked at the Craftsman brand many times, as they're known for producing high quality products, and an opportunity like this doesn't come along very often.  Great job, MGS, in getting another exciting testing opportunity for your readers!

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Great opportunity for the forum members here.

I already use Craftsman iron covers on my forged irons to keep them looking new even after a few seasons of play, so I would recommend these to anyone else looking to keep their clubs in great shape. 

Best of luck to those who apply and may get selected.

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Just purchased a set from a different company! And love them not only do they get rid of all the clubs banging into each other during the round,  but man I can see the club I'm looking for so much easier now!

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As a current iron cover guy I wouldn't mind giving these a try. I have a cheap set I got off Amazon that work but sometimes they want to slip up off the head. These look like a better option with the zipper.

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Finally, a product test... it's about time 🤣A Big Shout Out to our MGS staff and to the folks at Craftsman Golf for making this test possible 👏.  I've had a set of Craftsman iron head covers on my ZX5's since day one.  They fit great, look great, wear well, and most importantly keep your irons, especially forged variants, protected from chatter scars 👍.  Nothing inspires confidence and strikes a ball more pure than a clean, well maintained iron 🙂.  These are some cool designs.  Good luck everyone!! 🤞


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