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  1. Different clubs = difference performance. When you say 1 degree upright, are they the same lie angle. There is no standard between clubs so the 1!degree upright might actually be different
  2. There is a relationship between ball speed and swing speed. Optimum ball speed is 1.5x swing speed; it you achieve this you are getting maximum results and energy transfer from your swing. You can use that to estimate your swing speed based on ball speed.
  3. Swing speed isn't the only variable. I am not an expert but it is really more about how the shaft works for you. I am at 98ish and when I did the most wanted driver testing it was obvious some shafts worked better than others it really is a trial and error kind of thing. I seem to do better in a lighter 50/60 gram shaft but the head weight may influence that weight. Also the club lifts varied between 9.5 and 10.5 degrees. As we looked at the results you could also see some combos didn't work due to spin rates. It is a tuning exercise that requires someone that knows how the combos work or your spending some time to figure it out yourself.
  4. What is wrong with your current driver that won't let you wait until you get fit. I would think applying the money to the fitting would get you closer to your end goal. I believe it is a combination of shaft and head. You need to find the right pairing meaning a shaft that works in one head may not work in another. At sub $100 I assume you are looking in the used market? Any shops near you that sell used? If you do then go start hitting drivers. You can find launch condition numbers for your swing speed online to compare. Just find one that provides the best numbers. Older drivers are going to be hard to optimize head and shaft unless you can try the combo.
  5. Don't really remember how I got started. I know i started when I was about 14 (1979ish). I took lessons at a local course and teenagers could play 9 holes for like a quarter and had a starter set. Played through high school by stopped once I started college. Didn't start back until after college and have been playing regularly ever since.
  6. The simple answer is that that are a limited number of things you can control. If you made a good stroke and started then all on your line then it is just the breaks of the game. Don't beat yourself up!
  7. The single most important thing about a putter is that with any stroke length you can start the ball on its intended line. Lots of ways to accomplish this but you have to find the putter that enables you to accomplish that task.
  8. Grooves are intended to move debris away from the ball contact area. No purpose on driver since it is teed up. Many drivers have no grooves near ball impact position I mark my ball to pick it up and clean it and to turn the ball so I only See white....I don't use a line on the ball
  9. Nothing wrong with building....ummm....things.
  10. I am a bigger proponent of doing the next part. You have done your setup based on a lot of what people say is the right thing to do. When you hit the putt does it roll on your intended line? If yes, then you have the right putter for your stroke. If no, then you need to find a different putter. In my opinion, you should fit for how you see the line, when you are setup, do you see a straight line or does the line appear to go left or right of the hole. Based on that setup, find a putter that enables you to start the ball on your intended line.
  11. I still have to read the results, but the Evnroll wasn't my best putter....
  12. Not saying he didn't put well. Just saying the 57 for 57 is misleading and doesn't provide an accurate picture since only a handful were over 4 feet. 3 out of his 4 rounds he had a strokes gained in the mid 1 range. Which is great and will win quite a few tournaments . I agree strokes gained is a better measure and not just putts made. The bigger point is you have to understand the underlying data when looking at any statistic. For example let's say you have 38 putts for a round. Would you say you had a bad putting day? How about if you looked at the data. And saw you had missed 18 greens and chipped no closer than 10 feet and 2 putted from there. I'd say work on chipping instead of putting.
  13. How about misleading instead of meaningless. Poor word choice. I am not saying it wasn't good putting but the putts were more toward the 4' range and not the 7 foot range
  14. Just shows that you have to be careful when analyzing your own game and truly understand what you are looking at
  15. Anyone who watched heard how Ricky was 57 for 57 putting inside of 7 feet. Found an interesting article that breaks down the actual putts and shows how these statistics can be really meaningless. Not that it wasn't decent putting but not really as great as the announcers made it seem http://ow.ly/OZlM309qfuM
  16. Like others have said it is going to be hard to find. Most people want plumbers necks because that is what the are pros playing. I applaud you for trying to find the putter that works for you and starts the ball on your intended line. You best option is to keep searching eBay or order a custom. Some have mentioned seemore but I don't think they have a heel shafted option. Good luck in your quest to find the perfect Putter
  17. I hate the deadlines as well I had 4 players miss the cut and didn't get them swapped out by the deadline. I also left Fowler on the bench figuring he would choke. I have never been good at fantasy sports.
  18. My weekly group used to be much larger with 20+ guys showing up to play we played a $2 Nassau with $1 birdies. No presses and max out of pocket of $10. Winner paid the bar tab afterwards and if the tab was over the winnings the other team kicked in up to they $10 max. Now we are much smaller 4-8 for a variety of reasons and it is mostly for fun but we occasionally play quarter skins
  19. It is more than just picking the winner. You have to have 4 golfers that play well and you have to know when to adjust players to maximize points.
  20. Lots of people love the face. I personally thought it muted the feel too much.
  21. another solid round this week. 40/39 but finished with 3 consecutive bogeys. Hitting the ball well off the tee and also solid with the irons. Still having short game struggles...some are hit well, some are fat, and some are thin.
  22. Amazing how everyone can tell you what you are doing wrong with your swing; should have asked to see his PGA card.
  23. Places like GG would be, but I don't think they provide the best fittings. I think they lack the experience and generally just look at trackman numbers. I am of the opinion that hitting the optimal numbers doesn't mean it is the optimal fit. Because of the conditions you listed, adjustments always have to be made. Fittings are jsut as important for a high handicapper as a low handicapper.
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