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  1. I thought quite a bit more about this when I played last evening with the kids. When I started playing, lob wedges were curiosities and sand wedges, even in blades, matched the set. Many of the people I played with carried nothing higher lofted than a pitching wedge (keeping in mind that a pitching wedge had a loft of 48-50 in those days). The clubs dictated in great part how you played your short game because you had very limited grind and loft options. Now you can buy clubs that facilitate the way you want to play (like hit high flops, etc). That really is confusing as I look at it from your perspective. You might have to decide your short game strategy to help you narrow the field. In my case, I play the least loft I can to execute the shot. If my lie is good, I do not have to carry much rough and I have a lot of green to work with, I will happily chip with a 6 or 8 iron. On stock shots with my wedges, I open the face slightly to expose the bounce and thump the ground/ball. This is why, in addition to full shot needs, I like my wedges to have similar soles and grinds. Maybe it would be beneficial to actually chart you short game needs for a few rounds? Do you have the need to hit many/any flop shots? How many bump and runs, etc.?
  2. I especially like that you can substitute the grip in the Club Pak if you pay the difference in cost. Plus, this head can be bent versus the original which could not. I'm excited to try it as that slot really gets a lot of use at the courses I usually play.
  3. Just ordered the 4 with the Tensei Blue club pak - unfortunately the 4 is not in stock although the 2 and 3 heads are available. They expect the 4 by the end of the month.
  4. Thank you - very helpful. I think I will try one in my 4 iron slot as I have lost confidence in the hybrid there - too much left every now and then and I hesitate to pull it now.
  5. How is the trajectory of the driving iron versus a 5 iron or 5 hybrid?
  6. I consider what I ask from each wedge and in what conditions I will be playing. Since I play full shots with all the wedges, that eliminates low bounce and/or really aggressive grinds for me. I do not hit those well on full shots when conditions are soft (like they are now). My daughter, who plays collegiate golf, uses her 60 only around the green and has a pretty aggressive (fair amount of heel/toe relief) grind on that. Since she plays on courses with pretty soft bunkers, she has a very high bounce sand wedge. She does most of her longer or bump/run chipping with her 52 which has a full grind. Yep, all 3 of mine are pretty much mid bounce, full grind and reasonably wide sole. The 52 is the tour sole and the 56 and 60 are the mid sole if you look at the Golfworks site.
  7. I consider all aspects of the sole design when I look at wedges. Like you, I use all my wedges for both short game and full shots. Given that our conditions vary greatly over the season, I tend to look at fuller grinds with medium levels of bounce. I do lose the ability to open the face a ton but otherwise I am quite happy with my set up at present (I'm using the Maltby M+ wedges).
  8. Looking at the numbers, my reaction is that the Srixon should have been rated as one of the top clubs.
  9. Hmm, I took it to be that head was low on both and you can modify it a bit with shaft choice - need to read it again I guess. I demo'ed the Wilson C300 and could not do anything good with that no matter the shaft as the head was inherently too low on spin. There were a number of good strikes with that one that stayed at around 2000 rpms which just is not enough with a 100 mph swingspeed.
  10. They are not easy to find at a reasonable price. I did finally locate one a few years ago but sadly it could not compete with the beat up old plain Bullseye in my bag. On the plus side, I did sell it for more than I paid!
  11. Funny writing this as not even a week ago I pledged to stay with my Ping Sigma G Tyne all season. But yesterday I played the first smooth, relatively quick greens of the season and struggled mightily with my putting, even after 45 minutes of warm up on the putting green. When I have to be precise with line and speed, I always end up wanting the Bullseye in the bag as I can rely on it intuitively. Every year I convince myself that I need to take advantage of the new putter technology (heck, even perimeter weighting!) and every year when the greens get going again, the Bullseye reappears. Hard to compete with 35+ years of playing the same putter I guess. Could have saved a lot of money along the way....
  12. Nice looking definitely but disappointed they went "low-low" in launch and spin. I can take this one of my demo list definitely.
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