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  1. I split my set too depending on wind - I will add my Maltby MMB short irons as I can flight those down a little easier than the TE Forged.
  2. bellairemi

    Your ball?

    Going strictly with the Oncore Elxir this year - reasonable distance, good spin and best feeling to me in that category.
  3. I play the shiny brother of your irons (TE Forged) and went through a fitting a few years ago for the FG Tour F5. That was a mystifying experience as it did not matter what shaft we tried, that head felt terrible to me and the dispersion was worse than the TE Forged by a wide amount. I really wanted them as I grew up with Wilsons. They do have a really high COG and a fairly short blade length (at least compared to our irons) so that might explain the poor feel and lesser forgiveness.
  4. He is not a fan of wider soled cavity back irons either, at least for those learning the game. I'm not here to agree or disagree necessarily with his points because I honestly do not know. But he did win the 2019 PGA National Junior Instruction Award and has had 40 of his juniors go on to play college golf in the last 4 years (my eldest daughter being one of them) - this from an area with a population of around 25.000 people. He's not a "golf should be painful" guy but honestly believes that students cannot get the sense of what good contact should be with the wider soles.
  5. See if they are open to you coming back a second time to hit the top contenders again. Helps your confidence to know that the fit holds on a different day when you might have a slightly different swing feel.
  6. Interesting on the mention of hybrid irons and junior golfers as I just had a discussion with my kids' teaching pro on this. He strongly dissuades much use of hybrids among the junior golfers he teaches as he believes they limit a younger golfer's ability to learn the correct impact conditions. He really does not favor it with the adults he teaches either (same reasoning) but understands that at some point the equipment might have to substitute somewhat for swing quality in order for the game to be enjoyable.
  7. My reaction as well as far as the presentation being contradictory. I will be interested to see what type of results the online reviewers get.
  8. After a lot of tinkering, I've gone back to 4 wedges and really have no confusion about which to pull when. My calculus starts with the fact that I want to be able to reliably hit full shots with all of my wedges. Also, I need my highest lofted wedge to have just a bit of heel relief so I can open it a little - I have moved away from the wide open flop shot. Finally, I will bump and run with any iron/wedge in my bag (chipped to tap in range with 6 and 8 iron last round). Hence, my 47 (pw) and 51 (gw) are mostly full shot clubs with a few bump and runs and thus match my set. My 55 (a Vokey F) hits full shots, lower partial wedge shots and does 80% of my sand work. My 60 (a Vokey S) hits full shots, tight sand shots and all delicate shots around the green. In reviewing my wedge play, it became clear that I needed to have different grinds (not radically different) on my 55/56 and 60. This is the best configuration I have ever had for my game.
  9. Not sure of what length you are playing your driver, but you could consider going a little shorter. That is another way of making a driver feel a little easier to swing.
  10. I worked part-time as a clubfitter for almost a decade and left the field concerned that the pace of change and ever rising costs of equipment (like shafts) and clubfitting tools (like Trackman) had outstripped the ability and financial resources of most fitters to keep pace. Annually, I make the 8 hour round trip to a facility I know has the proper equipment and experience to do a good fitting; there are probably two dozen places that offer "fitting" services closer to me but it usually just someone who knows how to turn on the launch monitor and change the heads. Demo days also are most definitely not places to get fit as that is not the goal of that day.
  11. I've been pleased with the Oncore Elixir ball. Does everything pretty well and feels better to me than the Snell MTB-X (which is longer).
  12. Agreed but I look at spin first. The t-200s had, on average, 800-850 more rpms of spin. The landing angle between the two was 2* steeper with the Titleists (47* versus 45* if I remember correctly); of course more spin does increase the landing angle.
  13. I have hit both pretty extensively. The challenge with the player's distance iron category for me has been spin. I am not a particularly high spin player so often by the 7 iron, they simply did not hold greens the way I prefer. The T-200s spun an acceptable amount for me; the new 790s did not. If I were in the market for irons in this class, the T-200s would be at the top of the list.
  14. No, I did not. They did look nice at address as far as game improvement irons go.
  15. I was referring specifically to the Longleaf system. It does include separate tee boxes which is the only way to get the other distances slope rated (at least according to the owner of the one course). In the presentation I saw, the implication of tees being located in the fairway was those players were second-class citizens. My kids definitely thought that when they had to play short tees marked in the fairway. I do not profess to be an expert on this, just relating what the course owner and greenskeeper told me.
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