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  1. Handicap 6 Traverse City, MI Maltby TE Forged 150 yard 8 iron Actually I bought a custom 699 iron as a demo and loved it - was in the process of ordering an entire set when I was laid off permanently due to Covid 19. Obviously new clubs were no longer in the picture. The communication from Jason was excellent.
  2. Wow, been trying to figure out how to afford the combo set and then this testing arises. Very nice opportunity provided by Hogan and MGS. Brad, Traverse City, MI 8 HCP Maltby TE Forged I would test the combo set - not getting any younger so could use help in the longer irons.
  3. The Score has been compared to the TT Dynalite 109 - which Nike used as their uniflex shaft. I have it in both my irons and wedges and like it quite a bit - it's really a middle of the road shaft in terms of feel, spin and flex.
  4. Any sense of less twisting when you missed center?
  5. bellairemi

    7 woods

    If that Tour Edge does not work, I might suggest looking at older 7 wood heads. Your game sounds quite a bit like mine and what I needed was more spin. Unfortunately most of the newer heads have gone lower spin. I have had a 2007 Burner 7 wood in my bag for years and I just cannot find anything better (not sure why I try).
  6. Michigan - 52 years old 100 Average Will definitely complete the entire program
  7. Might be tough to get much feedback on the 699 Pro as I think they were just delivered as Sub 70 was closing down due to the virus.
  8. For me it is purely about aiming - I aim a plumbers neck full offset blade notably better than any other combination.
  9. I tried a few different shafts but ended up selling it as it was really a one trick pony. I could hit wonderful stingers with it and, well, wonderful stingers. Too bad as I liked the look and feel.
  10. I love Sun Mountain bags but that one only has a single shoulder strap - my shoulder aches just thinking about it. Guess you could buy a replacement strap if you wanted.
  11. I don't ascribe necessarily to the overall MPF but understanding the individual measurements and how they relate to my swing has been very helpful to me in choosing irons.
  12. If you look at the Golfworks/Maltby head measurements, the Hot Metals have about a 15% higher MOI and should be much more forgiving on toe hits than the Cobra (much higher CDimension). I know via quite a few balls on a Trackman 4 that the Hot Metals were better for my low toe miss.
  13. I'm pretty shallow but our results were not different I think. The TS-1 (and 2) just sort of mussed up the grass. With the TE, I take an actual small divot. I suppose I might get used to the TS 1 sole (loved the look and feel) but I really like the TEs so no need.
  14. I bought a TGW Players push cart - I think they are around $150 but often go on sale. It is the middle of the road of their offerings. It is just as good as the Sun Mountain cart that my wife uses. If you prefer a Sun Mountain (and I do like ours), you can sometimes find great prices on Ebay for discontinued or slightly used models.
  15. Interesting that you found those two close in performance. I just could not get along with the sole in the TS-1 at all - goes through the turf so differently than the TE for me.
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