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  1. What does everyone think of Tony saying not to play matte golf balls in the most recent podcast? The Maxfli golf balls would fall in that category and now I am questioning my choice. MTB-X might become my ball until MGS finds something wrong with it. I am not going to buy in bulk until this year's golf ball test is released.
  2. I have played both and find they perform very similar for me. (MTBx and Maxfli Tour) At full price it would be Snell they are a better value. However, Dicks has been discounting the Maxfli balls. Currently they are buy 1 get one free so they are under $20 a dozen. Don't see how you could get a better ball for the money. There have been other promos at 2 for $40 and 2 for $50.
  3. I have been using Ping wedges for the past 3 years. Before that, I was playing Callaway MD2 wedges. The Glide wedges are just a little bit more forgiving on full shots and that really helps me. Around the greens they perform about the same as the MD2. I really like the looks of the Vokey and Callaway wedges but it is hard to give up that little bit of forgiveness.
  4. On longer irons like a 5 and 4 SGI irons would really help my game. The problem that I run into is the amount of offset. When a club has too much offset and not much loft it does not look like the ball is going to get in the air. Technically this is not true but I have not been able to get past that and if I could it would improve my score overall.
  5. One other option is to look for something on Facebook Marketplace. There are some good push carts for not that much money. I have a Clicgear 3.0 and really like it if you are looking for new.
  6. Wish they would leak the results to the forum members first so we can go on a Ebay buying spree before the general public has a chance. haha
  7. When Dick's has the Maxfli Tour on sale for 2 dozen for $50 it is really hard to beat. At full price I would go for Snell. I have played the Black and the MTB X and they were both performed well for me. Based on the MSG ball test both of the balls should perform very close to the same. I am still trying to decide on my 2020 ball and purchased 2 dozen Maxfli tour balls to try out in the spring.
  8. For the past few years I have been struggling steeping the shaft in transition. No matter what my body would not let the club head fall behind me in transition. After using the plane mate a couple weeks my body was finally able to feel the correct move. After the first few weeks it has been much easier for me to work on drills that help me to not steepen the shaft in transition. I still have a ton of practice to do but am moving in the right direction. If you have a flat back swing and then steepen the shaft in transition this is a good training aid. It is pricey but about the cost of two lessons. There is no way a pro would have been able to stop this fault in my swing in the first two sessions.
  9. I put all of my grips on using air. Putting some grip solvent in the end right before install really helps. It gives you a little bit of time after the grip is on to do some small adjustments to alignment. The downside is you can't play with the club right away.
  10. mooremikea


  11. Like everyone still a work in progress. Need to get off my right toe earlier in the follow thru.
  12. Played there last summer. It is a great layout that is challenging but also fair. Bring your "A" putting game for the greens they are faster than what I am used to with quite a bit of slope. When in doubt the putt will break toward Lake Michigan. The groups I have played in hit a water ball into Lake Michigan on the number 12 tee box that has a large drop off overlooking the lake.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I was cringing when reading it like watching Michael Scott in the office. Haha
  14. A little off topic since it has nothing to do with putters but here is a tip that transformed my distance control from Monte Scheinblum. Vary the width of your stance based on how long the put is and take the putter back just past your back foot and then follow thru past your front foot. Every stroke should have the same tempo (time) so the longer the stroke the further the ball goes. In my head I say "back foot, front foot" to set my tempo and as long as that is consistent then I make adjustments to my width of stance. It also takes some emotion out of lag putting because if I set me feet wrong there is something that I can easily adjust the next put. It did not take me long to get used to this same technique and have been using it for a couple years.
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