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  2. Like everyone still a work in progress. Need to get off my right toe earlier in the follow thru.
  3. Played there last summer. It is a great layout that is challenging but also fair. Bring your "A" putting game for the greens they are faster than what I am used to with quite a bit of slope. When in doubt the putt will break toward Lake Michigan. The groups I have played in hit a water ball into Lake Michigan on the number 12 tee box that has a large drop off overlooking the lake.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I was cringing when reading it like watching Michael Scott in the office. Haha
  5. A little off topic since it has nothing to do with putters but here is a tip that transformed my distance control from Monte Scheinblum. Vary the width of your stance based on how long the put is and take the putter back just past your back foot and then follow thru past your front foot. Every stroke should have the same tempo (time) so the longer the stroke the further the ball goes. In my head I say "back foot, front foot" to set my tempo and as long as that is consistent then I make adjustments to my width of stance. It also takes some emotion out of lag putting because if I set me feet wrong there is something that I can easily adjust the next put. It did not take me long to get used to this same technique and have been using it for a couple years.
  6. Curious to know if you found that getting the ball online was easier after your Edel fitting? Did you struggle with line and speed with the Edel or both?
  7. They do have great customer service. I purchased my device just a few days before they ran the $40 off special over the weekend. I inquired if they would give me the sale price and the refund was almost instantly processed. Nice to deal with a company like that.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I ended up sending the MG rangfinder back and getting a Percision NX7 Slope. I have not had time to play golf using the new one but hope it is better.
  9. Since starting back golfing about 4 years ago I have purchased almost no new clubs. My strategy is been to be patient with eBay auctions and make sure I am getting a reasonably good deal on anything that I purchase. Then if I don't like the clubs at the very worst I get my money back. With a couple of the set there was room for profit when they were sold. The sweet spot seems to be clubs about 2 generations old. The MGS most wanted lists are a great place to start finding the clubs to look for since they go back a couple years. Brands like Ping and Titleist will cost more up front but will also hold value longer. Callaway pre-owned is also a good place to get clubs since you know what they sell is legit. Only buy from them when a promotion is going on (they run them all of the time). If they are not running free shipping deal create an account and then leave something in your shopping cart. The next day or two they will send you a promo code for free shipping. It is hard to pay full price when after two generations the clubs can be purchased for about 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of new. My Rogue driver from Callaway Preowned was $165, a $500+ driver a couple months ago.
  10. One thing that helped me last year is to chip with one club all of the time. For me that was my 58 with three trajectories, high, medium and low. The low was no where near as low as chipping with a pitching wedge but it would still release and run. Technically it would be much better to chip with 4 or 5 clubs using the minimum loft that the shot requires. I never put in the time to get a feel for how far 2 or 3 wedges go let alone 5. Practicing with one club and three trajectories was much more manageable. Practice chipping with 3 balls and for each target do one ball medium (stock shot), high and then low. It does not take too much time to get used to how far each of these shots go with different length back swings.
  11. Good point. I posted something earlier in the thread where pointing out that the ball speed, launch and spin numbers of the MTBx and the TP5x where very close but the MTBx had a few yards extra carry off the driver at 115 + 85. There is no way the launch monitor will pick that up. If there are any launch monitor experts out there, please explain if this is not the case. Wonder how the LM results will compare to MGS test. BTW I am a huge fan of TXG so in no way am I trying to be negative about their efforts. TXG has some of the best golf content on YouTube.
  12. This is exactly why I chose the TP5x for my gamer this year. Low spin off the driver, mid spinning of most of the irons and high spin off wedges and around the greens. Would love to see the "black" longer off the tee, and spin a little more on full wedges and around the greens.
  13. The one part of the data that I don't understand is how the carry relates to the ball speed and spin data. For this example I was looking at both the high and low speed swings. The TP5X is right up there with ball speed, withing .5mph of the MTBx. It is also has relatively high launch with low spin. There are only a couple of balls that spin lower off the driver. My though would be high ball speed + mid to high launch + lower spin would equal optimal carry. On the carry chart the TP5X is middle of the pack??? My current gamer Qstar Tour had relatively low ball speed, high launch with low spin and performed as well as TP5X. The MTBX had .5mph more ball speed, launched and spun almost the same as TP5X (.05 lower launch, .3 higher spin) and it carried a little over 5 yards longer. It seems like they should almost be equal.
  14. MGS did an excellent job on the golf ball test. I was only briefly able to see the results on my iPhone and it had tons of great information. Can't wait to spend some more time looking at the Tableau reports in more detail.
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