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  1. For anyone considering Sub 70 their customer service is great. One of the shafts broke on my son's 639 CB set of clubs and I asked Sub 70 for help purchasing a replacement shaft. Getting the correct tip diameter and trimming instructions is confusing to me. Sub 70 promptly requested photos of the head and shaft and then volunteered to re-shaft the club for free. It is great to do business with a company that would warrantee a club when the customer did not even ask for that.
  2. Since you started with MGS what is the biggest surprise (good or bad) that you have had with any type of golf equipment?
  3. There is also a line on the adapter that corresponds with a line on the back of the clubhead. They should be lined up and it is easy to miss if you don't know what to look for.
  4. It is easy to forget that adding length to the club also changes the lie angle. The club will play about 2 degrees more upright with a 1 inch extension. Depending on your game that could be good or bad. If you miss to the right then the more upright club will help straighten out your shots however if you miss to the left then it will make your miss worse.
  5. I hope that this is the case. It would make sense that the lower your reject rate the lower the cost. But as a consumer I still have that little bit of doubt in my mind.
  6. If it was not for the Q-Star Tour's quality not being that great produced in the Indonesia plant I don't think it would be a big deal. The batch of Z-Stars that I purchased last summer was from the Indonesia plant and I wonder if there are QC issues with them. It would be interesting to know if there there is different equipment for each type of ball. If they are using the same equipment then the Q-Star quality should be the same as the Z-Star quality.
  7. I agree that the Maxfli Tour is a great ball for the money. All of the MSG test on the ball have shown solid results. I played them earlier in the summer and switched to Srixon Z-Star and like the Maxfli better. Last winter the Maxflis were on sale for as low as $20 a dozen. It seems like they are almost always have the two dozen for $50. However I would not pay the retail price of $35 for the ball. There are better balls for about $30 a dozen like Snell balls.
  8. Mike Westfield I have a hitting net in the basement. The first net was a Skilz net and that lasted about 4 months. Currently I have been purchasing nets from Amazon and have them hanging from the ceiling of the basement. Skytrak launch monitor.
  9. If you ever plan on getting eWheels then go with the Rovic RV1S. The front wheel makes all the difference in maneuvering on the golf course. The eWheels did not work nearly as well on a ClicGear 3.5. My family has two ClicGear 3.5s and the RV1S and love them. They are more money when purchase but they work round after round without any maintenance.
  10. I purchased the SkyPro swing analyzer about 3 or 4 years ago and can't say it helped my swing at all. It has pointed out some flaws in where my club is in the swing, but I was never able to use it to make me better. My tendency is to take the club too far on the inside in the takeaway and then come slightly over the top in the early downswing. It is easy to see that in the SkyPro app but that only told me what I already knew. The SkyPro is not that well made. The first one had to go back under warranty because it stopped charging. The replacement did the same thing and SkyPro would not warranty the second one. I had to open the device up and solder one of the battery connections back to the system board. For me to feel the difference between a good and bad swing it is better for me to see it live. The same amount of time using the Mirror Vision app would produce better results.
  11. Mike Bender teaches felling like the arms move first and then followed by the hip drive later in the swing. His Instagram is filled with useful information on how to make this work. When I drive with my legs first my arms get too far behind my pivot causing all sorts of issues. When I feel like my arms get a "head start" things sync up much better. https://www.instagram.com/mikebendergolf/
  12. There is a knock off smart ball on Amazon for about $10. It is not as high of quality as the original but is less of an investment if it does not work out. It might have been better to get the legit version to compensate Chuck for his invention but was not sure if I would use it. As it turns out I hardly use it at all, after watching the TXG video it seems like that could be a mistake.
  13. TXG had a lot of good things to say about Sub70. All the clubs performed very well especially for the price point. If I were in the market for new clubs Sub70 would be on my list. When I replaced my irons last year the 699 pro was not yet available but if it was, they probably would have been in my bag.
  14. Peanut butter filled pretzels are my go to. Good combination of carbs and protein.
  15. I play right and putted left handed for about 2 years. I really wanted to putt using a line on the ball. Looking over the ball putting right hand the line pointed left of the target. No matter where I moved the ball position or my head it never helped. When looking at the line putting left handed the line looked like it was pointing looking at the hole. It did not take long to get the feel for short putts but distance control took some time to get a feel for. My grip putting either side is exactly the same, right hand lower with a reverse overlap grip. This year I am back to putting right handed without using the line on the ball because my left hand stroke always felt a bit mechanical. Arccos has shown that my putting right and left hand are about the same. According to Arccos it is the strongest part of my game and they rate it about scratch. In the past I always thought I was not a good putter so it is good to have the validation from the app. After the validation I did start to putt better...
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