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  1. 1. Mike - Indiana 2. 4.5 - 95mph 3. Ping G 30 4. G410 Plus Not been on the forums as much lately but would love to have an opportunity to test the new Ping driver.
  2. For me it is between last years TP5x or Snell Black. Used Srixon Q-Star Tours the last couple years but looking for something with a bit more spin around the greens without spinning too much on the driver or longer clubs.
  3. Would love to hear your impression of the TP5x vs the Snell Black. These two balls are in contention to be my gamer for the summer. On Snell's web site they recommend the black if you are playing TP5x.
  4. I am a big fan of the Ping Glide wedges as you can see from my signature. Having the 4 degree gaps from 50 to 58 has worked well for me. Currently all of the wedges are SS grinds but I would like to experiment with the ES or TS grind for my 58. They are also a bit more forgiving on full shots than many other wedges because they have a small cavity behind the face.
  5. I struggled with this last year and thought I was hitting too down on the ball without enough loft on the putter. It was exactly the opposite the ball was too far forward with too much loft. In order to get a better roll it "felt" like I was hitting slightly down on the ball but that feel just helped me not hit up on the ball so much.
  6. Thanks for posting all of this detail. I also struggle with gapping with my longer irons. Like you they all seem to go about the same difference. Maybe I need to try out a i500 5 and 6 iron! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  7. Mike Indiana - USA 5 Ping I (e1) 5-pw black dot, AWT 2.0 stiff i500 Even though this is not an official option it would be great to have a blended set of these two irons. 4-7 in the i500 and then 8-U in the i210. It would take some thought and some custom lofts to make sure the gap between the 7 and 8 are correct but the guys a Ping are very smart and can figure it out.
  8. I made my own set a couple years ago and it definitely helped my swing speed. I made a big jump in speed and then plateaued. It was totally work the money and effort. Highly recommend one of the SSR radar units. One of the parts of the training is getting an understanding of what feels fast and what is actually fast. Early on there were swings I felt were extremely fast but the radar showed differently. Haven't been able to push thru the plateau but have been working on technical aspects of my swing that might help. Overall I think I picked up between 15 and 20 yards on my drives.
  9. I have a net in the basement and I use a ball until it cracks and then put it in my cracked ball "trophy case". Using different balls with various brands they all crack after awhile. I wish I could say it is because of my incredibly high swing speed but it is not. Most of my practice is done with an old 6 iron swinging around 80mph.
  10. Dropped my 3 wood this year because it was good off the tee but could not hit it from the fairway. Moved to a "strong" 5 16.5 degrees and it is a much more versatile club. It is much easier to hit from the fairway and only a little bit shorter off the tee.
  11. Since the lofts of irons vary so much someone smarter than me needs to come up with a formula for spin rate and degrees of loft on the club. Then it would be much easier to compare clubs even if they have different lofts. If a blade 7 iron is 35 degrees and spins at 7000 then if another set of irons with a 8 iron of 35 degrees should spin around 7000.
  12. Great point and my main concern building a mixed set. Would you go 1/2 club strong in the 7 to get the proper gap to a 6?
  13. G700 5 iron with graphite shaft (all others steel), i500 6 and 7, i210 8,9,P, U and Glide 2.0 54 (SS), 58(SS or ES). Might have to do custom lofts to get the gap correct between the 7 and 8 iron.
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