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  1. Mark Derby City Winter is basement carpet I have had one of those green foam rubber mats My preference would be the medium pace matts
  2. Thanks picking some up today
  3. Mark/ Louisville, KY/ USA PING Anser 2 I have been using this Ping for 3 years. Get great distance control but continue to miss 10 ft & < Putts. Have been testing out some Mallet heads . I would like to try the Heppler TomCat 14
  4. mwr57

    GPS vs Rangfinders

    I am a Dual system. I have Arccos and a Range Finder. Outside 150 my goal is center of the green. Inside 150 I am trying to get in to the third of the green with the pin. Also want to be sure what I need to clear any hazards in the front of the green.
  5. I have tried to draft tonight but the web site took for ever to load, did not auto refresh. I was put on auto draft so I will have to work the waiver wire.
  6. Good information, can not wait to see the rest of the test
  7. Would love to see more match play formats. IMO TV struggles with it due to the early finish of matches. They need programing material to fill the time slot.
  8. Now that was fun to watch, those putts were amazing.
  9. I have used the GPS and normally it is accurate to use for approach shots. I have used it for tee shots but feel like it does not work for me on the tee,
  10. MY Snack Vary on what is in the kitchen Trail Mix ./ Nuts peanut butter crackers a yeti with an ice ball and water. ice ball last a whole round. Always have a flask with KY Bourbon in case of snake bites. But after reading this going to have to try uncrustable.
  11. My home course 4 hour round or better is the standard for weekend, under 4 weekdays in the past. This year with individual carts the time per round is 3:30-3:45 on weekends. Tee sheet is booked. I like the ideas being thrown out flag sticks left in, ready golf is key. But the each person in a cart I think has really helped speed the game up. Had a discussion that they were looking into 1 person.carts but no good options at this time. That might be something for the future. Thoughts?
  12. I would suggest Crossville, TN Fairfield Glades area. Good courses reasonable . I have a group that has ranged from 12-20 going down there for 20 years.Folks at TN Mountain golf do a great job https://tennesseemountaingolf.com
  13. I went into the App Store and it did not show an update. I clicked as if I was going to read reviews and then found the update option.
  14. I have been going to Golftec since the first of the year. They definitely use the pro stats as a measurement and the perfect swing. My coach also realizes that is not me and gets me closer to those stats. I bought the lesson practice plan which is great for me since it is less than 5 minutes from my house. I have to admit the changes have been a challenge to change my habits and has caused some struggles on the course. However it has started to turn around and shooting some of my best scores of the season. Two friends have also gone to Golftec with sucess after some initial struggle . They will tell me they know my frustrations and trust the process, it does work. I would say the most important thing is communication with your coach. The more feedback I give him I feel the more he tailors the lessons to me. Going next week for the first outdoor playing lesson, which I am looking forward to doing.
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