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  1. Well 2021 has not been as planned, Covid long haul hit me, lucky to only have a couple symptoms left and on the right track. So many of the goals I planned just could not happen this year. Number of rounds and playing more with my buddies. Practice plan out the window. But still working towards the bottom line and starting to see improvement. Some improvement, feel like just now being able to swing better, Hope to be able to double the rounds played between now and end of the year. Just made a driver adjustment and getting better yards, but have to get the control back. short game is better hope to see the scoring come down now.
  2. Mark Louisville, KY Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds -yes Currently use a kart-tec trolley
  3. I live in Louisville, KY. We have 100 golf courses in Louisville, total of 300 in KY. My first goal would be to play the 100 private and public here in Louisville. Top of my head I think I have played about half. But once I get retired will have got knock of the rest here in town.
  4. I think you are on the right track with the practice between lessons. One thing I think is you have to identify the portion of your game that cost you the most on the course. Take what your lessons have you work on but incorporate that in to your area that needs improvement. Balance out your practice time.
  5. My understanding is it is automatic Here is a link to GHIN explanation https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/roh/Content/rules/5 6 Playing Conditions Calculation.htm
  6. I posted about 50 rounds this year and did not have any adjusted for PCC. I definitely had some days where course played tougher and easier never saw an adjustment. Wondering if others had many adjustments?
  7. My group would have gone on the 20th trip last fall, damn Covid. We do Ryder Cup formats handicaps and losers buy drinks one night and dinner on the last. We started playing "real" golf, play it down everywhere totally by the rules. 2 Captains that would play a match pre trip for first pick. 18 holes, 36, holes, 36 holes, 18 holes on the way home. Have a meeting on those who did not have an actual GHIN. to determine there handicap. Adjust any GHIN's if we felt it needed. A dinner pre trip including the spouses to announce the teams and first match pairing. Matches would be set up blind. A Players guide that is now bigger than a 5 inch binder. We have recently gone digital. We range from a mid 20 hcp down to high single digit. We started with 8 players have grown to 20 players. Skins Game , side wolf gammon, what ever your group wants to play in the Ryder cup format. One of our best stories is a starter looked at us standing on the blue tees, talking a little about our games. He said "Boys you are not Blue Tee Players" he of course was right so we played white tees. Over the years we have changed. 18 holes for 3-4 days. Matches are nine holes, and we have a couple extra on each team that can sub in if needed at the turn. Breakfast ball on the first tee, in your fairway roll it, oh hell we ain't that good get yourself a decent lie. That is a root move the ball we are not here to get hurt or damage a club. Now we set up matches so that everyone does not play with the same people. Captains now sit down and try to come up with competitive team. Set up fun groups and matches. Now playing hybrid, gold tees if needed. The stories have gone from did you see him drain that putt on 18. To did you have some of that bourbon or Manhattan ? Our Motto now I would say let's have a great time play some golf, some cards and kick back and have some fun. So my recommendation is enjoy the trip and don't let golf get in your way.
  8. I like the idea of a 7 iron round. Would be interesting to try during offseason , well at least once
  9. I would love to play, like the better ball angle
  10. Reading through all the goals on here was inspiring to actually analyze 2020 and set up goals for 2021. 2020 2021 Starting HCP 10.6 13.9 Year End HCP 13.9 9-6/1 7-11/1 Rounds Posted 49 60 High 100 95 Low 76 72 Average 88.2 84 I am big gadget, tech analytic by the numbers person so I have the Arccos system I use and track. So I went through the Arccos Report on my Game for strokes gained, accuracy Looking at my 10, 20 50 rounds played my stokes gained vs 1st goal of 9 HCP then 7 HCP by each phase of the Arccos feed back. 10 Rounds 20 Rounds` 50 Rounds OverAll -3.2 -4.2 -3.6 Driving -1.2 -1.9 -1.9 Putting -3.4 -3.0 -0.9 Approach 1.8 0.8 -0.3 Short Game -0.3 -0.1 -0.5 2020 started golf tech lessons and worked on developing a draw, less slice drive. Lot’s of mechanics on swing plane/path. Have to say it is improved, but looks as if my practice with the flat stick suffered. Plus late fall made a decision to go from blade to mallet Driving -1.2 Fairway Percent Hit Left Center Right Driving Distance Last 10 31 37 32 221 Last 20 34 35 32 220 Last 50 26 35 39 205 9 HCP Target 35 47 25 235 7 HCP Target 39 48 20 241 Felt like some improvement here is 2020, hitting 5 of 14 fairways need to get that to 6-7 Never thought my driving distance was an issue till this year, 63 must be that age. Definitely striking ball more solid off the tee in picking up 15 yards. In last 20 rounds. Golf coach at Golftec has been on me to cut the driver down 1/2 inch, just did this first of November. Will see that affect, wondering if need to get some tape to balance driver Putting -3.4 1 Putt 2 Putt 3 Putt 0-10 Feet 10-25 Feet 25-50 FT 50+ Feet Last 10 7% 86% 11% -3.9 0.1 0.5 -0.3 Last 20 9% 81% 10% -1.5 -0.1 0.4 -0.2 Last 50 14% 77% 9% -6.9 -0.2 -0.8 -0.5 9 HCP Target 24% 65% 11% 7 HCP Target 23% 32.6% 12% Some good some bad going on here, lag putting happy with that, good control of 3 putts. In looking at my 10 foot and in putts that is the issue. My stokes gained in that area - 3,9 vs nine handicap and and -4.3 vs a 7 handicap . Have to Work on those 10 footers can be the biggest area for improvement. This will be an area to concentrate on in 2021. Will say that in the fall did a putting fitting and started looking fo new putter. Think I have settled on the Taylor Made Short Game -.3 Missed Greens 0-25 Missed Green 25-50 Last 10 7% 24% Last 20 9% 20% Last 50 12% 21% 9 HCP Target 8% 18% 7 HCP Target 7% 17% Distance to Pin Feet Feet Last 10 24 19 Last 20 19 19 Last 50 18 23 9 HCP Target 16 25 7 HCP Target 15 24 This area could also be costing me strokes on the green leaving the chips short inside 25 and missing 24% of greens from 25-50 feet. While only costing me -.3 strokes gained. Although I do feel my club’s greens are big so easier to hit. Green In Reg Gir Long Short Left Right Last 10 44% 5% 36% 6% 8% Last 20 39% 4% 41% 6% 10% Last 50 39% 4% 41% 6% 10% 9 HCP Target 39% 7 HCP Target 42% Good results here hitting those at end of year goal last 10. Want to cut the Short shots percentage down would be happier with that being half and increasing long at it’s expense.So getting ready for 2021 replaced 13 year Mizuno MP-57 with there new JPX 921 Hot Metal Irons. Replaced my mishmash of wedges that where 2-8 years old with new Mizuno E21s. Have only been able to 9 holes with these before the holidays and weather. So real excited to see how that will change the approach and short game. My Golf Tech instructor is moving on so new swing coach after the first of the year, will be interesting on how we mesh am more than hopeful for good results. 2021 Goals So how do I get there here is where I see scoring has to improve and what I think will get me to handicap goals Driving Hit 50% of Fairways Increase distance to 230 Putting 1 Putts 23% Work on 10ft and in Putts Approach Cut Short shots to 20% Increase Long Shots to 10% Short Game Hit 85% of greens inside 25, 75% inside 25-50 Get the ball closer to hole inside 25 to 16ft or under 2020 2021 Starting HCP 10.6 13.9 Year End HCP 13.9 9-6/1 7-11/1 Rounds Posted 49 60 High 100 95 Low 76 72 Average 88.2 84
  11. Well my instructor is leaving, have 2 left wonder if they assign you or give you a choice?
  12. Has a fitting and it recommended to have a 1/2 inch taken off my M4. Can say was hitting it straighter, length is about the same as before.
  13. mwr57

    JPX 921's

    Well, first contact has been put on hold due to Covid. Son tested positive this week, no one else has, so i am quarantining for 2 weeks. Talk about torture...just hope he recovers quickly and will be back on the links soon.
  14. mwr57

    JPX 921's

    Santa finally arrived and the new JPX are in the bag, can not wait to get them out and hit them. Was about a 4 week delivery.
  15. I have been looking at new wedges also, looked at the Taylormde, Calloway, Ping and Mizuno. Hit them all well with similar results. The new Mizuno es21's then came in, got better spin, feel and less dispersion then the others. If you can give them a try. Only thing I did not like is they start at 54, no 50.
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