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  1. I'd be inclined to think that, too. It would be interesting to know what the differences are in the production of the different colors.
  2. I love this thread! This was one of my pre-race songs from my stock car days and it would work for me for walk-up music, too.
  3. As many balls as I put in the water, I'd need them to be amphibious to realistically test which balls are best for me!
  4. Interesting...I'm testing the yellow, and I'm just not seeing the wear that you guys are. Maybe I don't hit it as hard (a distinct probability) because I'm pretty sure I hit it more often than you guys would on any given round. I've got one I've played 2 full rounds with that is almost like new. I'll have to pull it out and grab a couple of pics.
  5. Sounds like a great opportunity to me. It would be an unforgettable experience, I'm sure.
  6. I have an American flag Tin Cup that I was given, so I pretty much use that. I'm awful with it, though. There seem to be a lot of runs in the ink, no matter what I try.
  7. Very interesting. I'd love to know what someone who actually tried them has to say. Thanks for posting that, @GolfSpy Stroker
  8. By far the most difficult one of those is #4. The number of times I've said "I wonder if.......(something completely unrelated to the shot)" to myself during a backswing is incredible. It can happen to me on the first tee.
  9. Not me, but my son just grabbed these for my grandson. $25 at a local thrift shop. Driver, hybrid, 7, 9, SW and putter, along with the bag. Thought it was a fantastic deal.
  10. Gonna be listening to a little Garth Brooks in about 3 minutes, according to the countdown.
  11. Sounds like a good time. I'm sure my first set was only 6 clubs, too. Some of it would depend on the course, but from my current setup I'd probably go 3h, 6, 9, 56* and putter. Good luck! Make sure you give us an update.
  12. Just got my daughter's car running after at least 6 weeks. Security system had the starter and fuel pump disabled, and I'm waaaay too cheap to pay the dealership $500 just to figure out what they're going to do to fix a 19 year old car. What a relief.
  13. Outstanding, buddy. Keep it up!
  14. You know the Bruins hat is coming out next time we play. Maybe the Bruins bag, headcovers, towels, tees and shirt, too!
  15. Just remember, we still have 2 rounds to go. And, if you have Day, Oosthuizen, Fleetwood or Noren, the infamous Sportsman curse hasn't struck yet. Just warning y'all...
  16. Excellent. Glad you got a chance to experience the music. It's always fun to see kids in that environment.
  17. He needs to find an exorcist immediately!
  18. Get off my lawn, ya dang millennial! (Congratulations, though.)
  19. Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I realized I was "good" when I wasn't anymore. I was much better when I was 18 than I am now. As soon as I started to really suck, that's when I realized I'd been "good." I expect that happens to other people as well as they get older, fatter and less flexible. I'd like to be better, but I'm satisfied with having a good time. I don't have the time or resources to practice that much and can only squeeze in a round per week at most, so I'm resigned to my fate. Don't worry about the feeling that you're going backwards sometimes. It's entirely to be expected, and 25 years of coaching HS sports has taught me it's really common when there's a lot of progress made in a short time. Think about how much better you must be getting if your coach is adding to what you're already doing. A good coach wouldn't do that if you weren't progressing.
  20. Dang, that's powerful stuff. Thanks for linking to it.
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