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  1. I commend the innovation, makes life more interesting, but I'm an old tape and solvent guy. All of that twisting seems like a lot of work. I love the smell of naptha in the morning.
  2. Say Mizuno JPX-919 Tours or Forged
  3. Where do you like to look for irons or iron heads? I like to assemble clubs as a hobby and I am always looking for heads, irons, drivers, wedges, etc. Ebay is about the only place I go. Thanks.
  4. This is smart, hitting something off the tee other than the big dog that gives a you playable 2nd shot sans penalty. Being in the short grass while the driver boys are searching in the weeds will always reward your choice.
  5. That's my boss' name. Well, one of them anyway.
  6. For sure... if I don't chip for 2 days, it is like I have never done it. The rest of game too, just like fish and smelling, something along those lines.
  7. You got to get out there and play for those of us who are in the cold and dark.
  8. https://mygolfspy.com/mgs-labs-counterbalanced-putters-vs-standard-putters/ Here is a discussion on counterbalanced putters, I'm an ex-anchorer, now got a counter balanced Odyssey helps me with keeping the putter head moving through the ball, that's how it feels for me.
  9. Your kind of weather here today KB, 44 degrees, winds gusting to 40 mph, rain, course all to yourself. Actually, I don't think any courses are open today, we got golfers here who will play in anything, but its the course operators, just not worth it to them to open.
  10. "Use extra caution when driving", tee it lower and swing easy. Maybe use a 3 wood or hybrid. In MI, "All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray".....
  11. Walk? What about this thing? How can anybody play slow in FLA with these things? You guys are brave.
  12. That's good playing. Good to see you have recovered. Bad backs are really tough. Keep the motor running, swing easy, work on the game however you can in the winter. Only five months to go.
  13. That's an awesome day, really.
  14. Good to see it work out for you. This is evidence of how a good fitting can make a difference.
  15. I think that guy who picks up balls is always somebody's father-in-law or somebody's boss as their playing partners won't tell them mot to do it. The game is hard enough, losing a ball due to negligent theft should be a felony.
  16. I understand completely. I have a new strategy off the tee. I always tee off last, that way I can get to my tee ball faster since I dont have wait for my playing partners to tee Sad we have to think this way isnt it?
  17. Our relationship with all of our golf equipment is finite, tees, balls, clubs, shoes, hats, clothes, brewskis. Just tools for us to play the game, they come and go. Some last longer than others. Losing balls isnt as bad as looking for them. I prefer the deep woods launch or the deep lake launch. Easier to give up and move on. Its those "in the heather" searches that are the torture. More for the possibility of finding the ball and the impact on the outcome of the hole than the actually retrieving ball. The worst lost ball is the alledged stolen one, by far.
  18. Interlock grip, but my right hand tends to inch up to the point where you can't see the left thumb about an 1.5" above the left wrist. Took a lesson about 3 years ago and the teacher tried to get my right hand lower on the club. I moved it per his request, and after about 20 swings it was right back where we started. He would have had an easier time altering the orbit of the earth around the sun.
  19. Living in MI, I get the involuntary 5-6 months off every year. Even with that, there are times during the season when I don't got out when I have an opportunity, and instead sit in the house and watch Law and Order reruns. Truthfully, I get tired of it, it doesn't last long, maybe just a day, but yeah, I can admit it. It is a hard game, and it is fickle. Sometimes a nice canoe ride is preferable to grinding over a 4 ft. putt. But knowing the season is short is motivation to get back to it, there just isn't much time to waste.
  20. There is some really good data for full shots here. I don't mean to complicate things, but will you be able to test these wedges with various greenside lies and from the sand. There is a lot to consider in the short game, bounce and grinds, ja?
  21. Your game got better, but it didn't make as happy as you thought it would? Or maybe you were movitated by a goal to set for yourself, and you have achieved it? We all deserve to happy, golfing or not.
  22. Just from a functional standpoint, I find that hoodie isn't the best thing to wear while golfing. Unless you put the hood over your head, there is big thing resting on your neck that moves around during a swing. Then those strings are dangling down so you got to tie them off. Then the pouch pockets kind of get in the way especially on short game shots and putting, which is doesn't help because since I already got a sizable immovable pouch underneath. Unfortunately for us in the north golf attire will have to wait until next year. A day like today would be just surviving the elemen
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