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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Callaway Paradym Irons

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Equipment Type: Iron Set
Vendor: Callaway






Callaway knows that Distance Irons are long, but players also want a high level of feel. 

Enter the Paradym and Paradym X Irons:


Paradym-Irons-Lifestyle-12-9-22-02-7581.jpeg     Paradym-X-Iron-Lifestyle-01-8251.jpeg


Integral to each set of Paradym and Paradym X Irons are 4 key features wrapped around either a Refined Players shape in the Paradym or the Refined Forgiving Shape of the Paradym X:

- Callaway's Most Powerful A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face

- Fast Ball Speed from Forged 455 Face Cup & Hollow Body with Speed Frame Construction

- Exceptional Feel from a Forged Face and Patented Urethane Microspheres

- Improved Launch via Dual Tungsten Weighting


Testers Announced!



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Have been considering some new irons and would love to give these a real test drive. My Nike Vrs forged irons were the only irons I could find at the time that gave me any feel like my old blades with forgiveness and distance so would love to see the new AI technology 

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When I first saw these, they reminded me of the old Hogan Medallions I owned back in the 90's. Comparing side-by-side, not so much. I haven't hit a Callaway club of any kind in probably 8 years, and it would be interesting to see how these stack up against my JPX 919 HM. The Paradym model has much less offset than my 919HM (of which I like the looks) but the Paradym X has more. Regardless of whether I get selected, I have to run to Carl's to check them out. Good luck to whoever is selected!

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MGS brings the heat with the first test of 2023!  Great choice.  These are very intriguing irons.  Callaway (sortof) claims the standard irons are the best of all worlds - strong lofts, high ball speed and distance, with forgiveness, in a high launching, workable, compact player’s  iron package.   An online fitter just this week recommended these to me as a first choice.  Coming out of the APEX DCBs and currently experimenting with 15 year-old Mizuno “half-cavity” irons, Callaway’s description certainly appeals to me, and must be similarly appealing to the golfing masses.  Can I achieve APEX DCB - equivalent or better distance and forgiveness with blade-like appearance, feel, and feedback?  If yes, sign me up all day, everyday.  I am going to test the Paradyms no matter what.  It would be a  blast to do so for MGS’s readers.  

This will be exciting to follow.  

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I am so excited for the testing season!!!! I was fitted for the Callaway Maverick clubs 4 rears ago but was gifted Ping 710's 4-UW so I didn't pull the trigger. The 710's helped my game with better contact, consistent distance, straighter flight and better gapping. I would love the opportunity to test the Callaway Paradigm X against my Pings. LEETTTSSSS GOOOOOOO!

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Thanks MGS for such a fantastic opportunity! I had Callaway irons in my bag for a decade or so until I decided last Spring to try a Sub70 699/699 Pro combo set (with which I am quite happy). I joined a local club three weeks ago and am playing more regularly. I would welcome the opportunity to compare the Paradyms vs the 699/699 Pros over multiple rounds on the same track. 

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I would love to try the Paradym X irons. I really like the feel and distance of my Ping i500 irons, but the forgiveness factor is very small. The  Paradym X looks like it bridges the feel and distance with the forgiveness that a mid-range golfer like me is looking for. 

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My trusty Be-Cu Ping Eye 2's replaced Hogan irons 40+ years ago.   Might be time for another change 🙂

I'd be open to test either version; however my index is 20 (play 6x per month).  6i = 150 yds.  can work ball both ways.

Other Callaways carried in bag are:   Rogue 5W and Hot X2 4H.   Jaws 52* & 60* wedges.  Odyssey 2 ball red putter.

Thank you for considering me.

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5 minutes ago, EugeGall said:

Bummer it’s only an available to those in the US. But hey them’s the breaks. Will look out for the reviews, although to be honest still don’t see anything shifting my gamers, well ok the TEE Pro 723 look sweet 

I know, we do have some other international tests this season. Living in Switzerland I feel the pain. However we are truly excited to have callaway on board and as a mod team we will continue to work on getting more international opportunities for the community!

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