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Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

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We now have people believing El Tucan extorted $45,000 from Matt Kuchar?

Tom Gillis, a former Caddie and PGA Tour player called out Matt Kuchar for being cheap, because Gillis was a former Caddie and knows how hard they work. El Tucan didn’t bring this to a worldwide media attention, Tom Gillis did.

I haven’t seen a single comment in this thread say, “Tom Gillis should mind his own damn business”, but we now have blame for El Tucan?

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Probably because he already blew through the original 3K 😬 Hey. I'm usually pro caddie in all things.  They have a pretty tough job and earn every penny.  I have a couple good friends on tou

I think there is a large difference between what most of us would do and what is fair. I, along with most of us here, would offer the caddie additional money, maybe not 10% but still some extra money.

Maybe I'm the outlier here, but they agreed upon $3,000 plus a percentage to be determined of winnings.   After the win Kuchar and his agent upped it to $15,000, more than 5 times the agreed upon amou

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This thread is starting to make me nervous.

That is all.

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This thread is starting to make me nervous.
That is all.

Am I the only one here who thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible to assume that just because he’s Mexican, there is a gang or a cartel ready to rob him and his family?

Yay prejudices!
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