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  1. Yes and no.

    Both clubs require a good repeatable setup as well as a proper face angle at contact.  Driver is hit the same every time.  The difference I see with a putter fitting is distance control.  Consistent setup and good face angle at impact will not mean very much if you can not control distance.  I have tried a couple of putters that I could get on line easy but had no feel for distance.  Tempo and swing length can be different each putt.  During a fitting try to pick some spots before the cup, dying into the cup and putts with speed to see how far you can putt consistently for long range putts. 

  2. For golf shirts the two main brands I wear are J Lindeberg and Galvin Green.  Slim fits and they always seem to last 3+ years of hard wear.  Generally can buy for around 50% retail in the off season which I think is good value.

    I have been lucky to get two full seasons out of other golf polos.  Polos from Travis Mathews and Penguin can't even make it through one year for me.

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  3. Good quality linen that does not wrinkle but instead rumples is expensive due to being thicker while still very comfortable to wear.  I have a couple better quality linen polo shirts that I occasionally wear while playing golf.  Have never seen this quality level in golf shirts and will end up being very expensive from a top tier brand.

  4. Mid November I stopped fasting.  Decided to start a small bulking period.  Looking to gain 5-10 pounds by the end of March with the hopes of gaining a bit more muscle.  I am always more active form spring to fall so there should be no problem dropping some extra weight.

    In order to gain the weight I have started eating 5-6 meals per day.  Each meal is slightly smaller with a lot of protein (mostly seafood) and vegetables.  If I feel hungry any time during the day I eat fruit.  I do not count calories, weigh myself every day and base my eating habits on the scale over time.

    Back to lifting weights 6-8 times per week, two muscle groups per session.  Shorter workouts helps reduce systematic fatigue for me.  After each workout I walk around 15-20 minutes carrying a 50 lbs slam ball on my shoulder.  Try to get at least 45 minutes in the pool each week.

    Will be picking up a Concept2 BikeErg this week.  This will allow me to get more steady state cardio each day.  If I want to watch TV or a movie I might as well get some exercise in at the same time.

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  5. Adidas have been the best for me over the years.  I like the boost technology, makes for a very comfortable walk for 18 holes.  Have been wearing spiked and spikeless Tour 360's for the last few years.  Good shoes as long as they have leather in the heel.

    Ordered a pair of this seasons CodeChaos in all black but had to return, first time I have found an Adidas shoe too tight for me to wear.  Still wanted an extra spikeless shoe and picked up a pair of Rebelcross.  Using them for indoor practice, so far very happy with them.

    Picked up a pair of Duca Del Cosmo and will see how I like them this season.  Tried Ecco spikeless and Ok for comfort but I rarely wear them.  Have a pair of Footjoy Icon hardly worn as I found them a bit too tight. 

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  6. I have a distribution company that supplies specialty products in construction, restoration and manufacturing industries.  Semi retired last year at 50.  Will never stop working completely, prefer to work when and number of hours at my discretion.

    I have been thinking of starting a new company next spring.  I enjoy the risk of a new startup.  Once a business is stable and profitable it becomes boring for me.  The rush is when every decision could lead to profit or bankruptcy.  That is the time it is fun.

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  7. I agree above you need to finish the last half of the bottle a little quicker.  The age of when bottled does make a difference.

    What I was referring to was the amount of older juice than stated which was added for a better flavour profile.  This ended once demand for scotch stated increasing.  For a number of years scotch was not very popular among the regular populous which lead to lower stock levels at distilleries.  When market was low more aged product made it into aged stated bottles to increase sales.  Demand started to increase due to demand of luxury goods (including scotch) in the asian market.  Pandemic demand went crazy for any liquor and no need to add anything past the stated age.

    A friend of mine purchased a bottle of Glenmorangie and when I stopped by his house a week later I brought a bottle I purchased thirteen+ years ago.  Tasted the new version against the old and not even close.  I have one more of these bottles I plan on gifting it on his birthday.

    One of my favourite bottles is Laphroaig Quarter Cask.  If I am going to swill a bottle in one night I pull a more recent bottle from around 5 years ago.  When I want a dram to really enjoy I open a much older bottle.  This scenario has played out many times.

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  8. Started stockpiling bottles of scotch around 15 years ago.  My thoughts at the time was the decrease in water quality which could potentially impact the taste.

    While I have not purchased a bottle in over 5 years I still have close to 200 bottles in my collection.  My preference is smoke and peat profiles.  My favourite distilleries are Ardbeg and Laphroaig.  When I would find a bottle I really liked I would purchase 12+ at times, especially limited releases.

    Glad I purchased the bottles when I did at a much lower price.  Could not justify the cost to enjoyment ratio today of many of my favourites.

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  9. I had a wedge fitting this past Thursday at TXG.  The Ping Glide 2 wedges I had been using had too much bounce for my sweeping swing.

    Had been practicing with 10 year old Vokey wedges prior to the fitting (52, 56 60, 64).  Hit my current wedges for baseline numbers.  Hit a couple of Vokey wedges which were much better than the old models.  Then tried Taylormade MG3s.  The bit of edge relief on the MG3s made a huge difference for my swing.  Never hit better wedges before.  Consistency for me was much better than the SM9s.

    Ordered MG3 in 50-9, 54-11, 58-8.  Also ordered SM9 60-4 L grind bent to 62 for short sided flop shots as well as when the fairways dry out in July and August.  SM9 will be the same length as the MG3 58.

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  10. Got my net and SkyTrack set up today.  Hit over 150 wedge shots getting ready for my wedge fitting this Thursday.

    Also signed up for winter practice at TXG.  Ceiling height in my basement is only 8.5' so can only practice up to my 7 iron.  This way I can work on my longer clubs at TXG and rest at home.

    After 2 years of not being able to play I have the itch.

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  11. I have an appointment for fitting new wedges.  My current wedges are Ping Glide.  The bounce on each is too high (12-14 degrees) for my home course when it dries out over the summer causing me to skull the ball at times.

    Works out well since the guys at TXG are familiar with my home course as well as another out of the city I play at regularly with friends and family.  The second course is softer in the fairways with more wet, compact sand.

    Hope I can get the new clubs soon so I can practice with them all winter.

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  12. I have not been able to play golf for the last 2 years so plan on hitting the ground running this spring.

    1. Had a putter fitting last week to make sure missed putts will be user error, not second guessing the equipment.

    2. In the next couple of weeks I will have a wedge fitting.  I feel my wedges have too much bounce for my home course.

    3. A few days ago I set up a net in my garage I can use with my SkyTrack.  Will practice swing with shorter clubs 7 iron and down due to height restrictions.

    4. Already lift weights 5-8 times per week.  Will start working on some Olympic lifts to gain some extra explosiveness.  Swim at least an hour a week for cardio.  Thinking of an indoor bike for low resistance steady state cardio.

    5. Have already started eating in a small calorie surplus to gain a bit more muscle over the winter.  Plan on dropping back to around 12% body fat come spring.

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  13. Fifteen+ years ago Rayban had good lenses.  I now have multiple pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses for everyday use when a polarized lens is needed.

    Tried Oakley Prizm golf glasses but did not like them.  Keep them with my fishing gear in case someone forgets or loses theirs.

    For golf I wear non-polarized Vuarnet sunglasses with yellow lenses, similar to shooting glasses.  Very nice depth contrast and under the right light conditions it is easier to read greens while wearing them.  

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  14. I prefer all my shoes to fit tight.  The front of my foot is wide while having a narrow heel.  With an 11.5 Adidas my feet feel locked in at the heel, 1/4" or less from toes to front of shoe with sides stretching.  Rarely find another brand that fits properly for me.

    Much easier for dress shoes where better companies have multiple lasts available.  Once you find the lasts that fit it is easy to order safely.

  15. I would steer clear of any type of business in the service industry including golf courses.  Currently too much trouble finding enough quality employees.

    I would put everything into buildings and property in large metropolitan areas.  Set up a property management company to handle issues with rent, leases and maintenance.  It might take at least a few years to find the right people.

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  16. Had the putter fitting this past Thursday using the new Quintic software.  First thing was making sure set up alignment was to the centre of the hole multiple times during the fitting.  Bang on every time, happy no issues.

    Alignment at impact was blue on almost every put.  Again happy there were no issues starting the put on the proper line.  Putter had the thinnest Ping pistol grip which caused a slight rotation in the through stroke.  Changed the grip to a slightly thicker pistol grip which eliminated the slight rotation.

    Changed the loft one degree for a better roll.  Fitter advised me to never change the putter.

    Did a putter fitting with Edel around 10 years ago.  Tried a few putters but was advised to stay with the Mizuno putter.  I changed to a round grip and used it for years.  Made the mistake of trying an oversized grip which turned out horrible for me.

    Putter fitting was worth it to me so I never have to second guess my equipment.  If I miss a put I know it will be the user error.  

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  17. The last 8 months I have lost approximately 15 pounds, almost all body fat.  I was around 18-20% body fat at 6'2", 210lbs.  Until my late 20's body fat numbers were around 10-12%.  At 51 now around 12-14% currently.  

    Changed some of my eating habits.  Always ate seafood at least twice per week but now at least once per day.  Protein numbers for seafood are high without the calories of red meat.  Protein makes you feel full.

    I now fast 16 hours a day.  First meal of the day is 2pm and my eating window lasts 8 hours.  I will eat 3-5 meals spaced out so I am never hungry over this time.  Each meal will have a protein source.  I continuously drink water all day which will also make you feel full.  Always drink a large glass of water before I eat.

    Back to my high school weight with a 44" chest and 33" waist.


    I do not believe in losing weight too quickly.  This can lead to a higher loss of muscle which will lead to a slower metabolism.  You want to lose as much fat as possible not muscle.  Especially as you get older.  At my age I am lucky to build 1-2 pounds of muscle per year naturally.  I also do not believe in taking any form of gear.  Not worth the long term side effects.

    At 40 had an injury which kept me from walking properly for 3.5 years.  I stopped weighing myself at 243lbs and my 38 pants which fit at the time later started bursting at the seams.  As I started to slowly get mobile again and eating a little less food each day I dropped to 197lbs in 2 years.  The sub 200 was just to see if I could do it and found 210 was good at the time and easy to maintain.

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  18. Never lifted weights before I was 50, but always enjoyed hard physical labour since I was 5 years old when I would sneak out to the shed and chop wood.

    I now lift weights 6-8 times per week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  I split workouts morning and late evenings on days and still get enough work in if a miss on or two sessions.  Working out at home helps a lot. This allows me to finish each session quicker to help lesson systematic fatigue.  Always sleep great after a late workout.  Also allows more chances to focus on a specific muscle group harder before becoming tired during a session.

    Trying to limit the pain in my joints since I have severe tendonitis in almost every joint in my body.   I lift in a volume rep range, never less that 6 reps per set all the way up to 20-30 reps.  For each muscle group I do 8-12 sets.  Each session I work harder than last time with more weight, reps or sets.


  19. I'll let the fitter at TXG do his thing to guide me to the correct putter.  It has worked so far with the rest of my bag.

    I am confident I will find a putter with the right putter stroke characteristics.  The harder part might be the feel for distance control.  I have been trying some old putters I have and it seems the head weight, grip size and grip weight make a difference for distance control.

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