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  1. I had a 919 driver, 3 wood and Scor wedges made up for me about 7 years ago by a local fitter.  The driver worked as good or better at the time than any other I had tried.  My swing eventually grew out of the shaft.

    When my kids started playing I went to the same fitter and had the driver head reshafted for my oldest daughter that was twelve.  Had both girls fitted for maltby irons and hybrids I had not heard of before.  Both girls still play the irons and hybrids.  My youngest daughter started playing the Wishon driver this year with great results.

    The fitter I used would buy multiple sets of previous generation heads at a good deal (same with aftermarket shafts) and passed it along to me.  Was able to get both sets for the girls for less than cheap box sets would cost and they got very high quality equipment.  If budget was a concern I would go this route again for myself and the kids.

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  2. On 10/11/2020 at 8:01 PM, kingcscott said:

    Not what but how are listening to it? My 50th is right around the corner so i purchased a Marantz 2015 (1973) and a pair of Klipsch KG2’s (1980-ish) for the lounge that was my son’s hang out /gaming room. He is off to college. Happy Camper, i am.

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    Got back into building a stereo system 16 years ago.  It took over 8 years to put together my modern system but still old school so this system only vinyl and reel to reel.  A dedicated room is also a must for me.

    I don't think most people understand the quality of sound some of the old 70's receivers have.  many are very musical with great midrange.  Have at least 6 currently but using only my favourite, a Tandberg 2075 at my cabin up north with modern speakers.  People are often shocked at the capability of the system.

    Enjoy your vintage sound.

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  3. To optimize your driver best to go get fit.  Right head with he wrong shaft may be worse or vice versa.  Recently had a fitting and first half was trying different heads with a few different shafts and second half was dialing in the right shaft with the head that worked best.  By the time we were done I was confident with the feel of the driver and fitter made sure the driver numbers were optimized for my swing.

    Lingering thoughts that another combination could work better are now gone.  I have been changing out almost all my clubs this year and this is the goal with each fitting. 

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  4. On 10/4/2020 at 8:39 PM, BadgerGolfer said:

    Id say that for most, its a combination of low loft and not having enough swing speed to get the ball in the air, then trying to make up for that by swinging harder.  For me, Im not a long hitter (87 mph swing speed with driver) and I just don't swing it fast enough for the 3-wood.  I can hit it off the tee OK but off the deck is no Bueno.  I can hit a 5-wood very well though.

    Similar high 80s swing speed with driver.  Have had a couple larger head 3 woods over the years and could not use of the deck and not any more accurate of the tee than driver.  My 5 wood is more consistent and better ball flight when I swing about 80% max.

    Home course is very hilly and I try to stop myself from hitting 5 wood off anything but reasonably flat ground.  Realized success rate below 50% with some hole killer results.  Pushing myself to take my medicine and stick with a 6 iron for those shots as my confidence level is much higher.

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  5. I purchased TP5x this spring with the 4 for 3 deal.  Also had custom insignia as well as custom number options.  Did not bother with he numbers but had my company call letters printed in very large font in company colour so I could give some away to customers.

  6. 3 hours ago, YKodvavi said:

    Thank you so much for your response and its great to hear from one of the Most Wanted Testers. 

    So, speed off the face isn't really an issue, that is something that will just take some getting used to, a little practice on the green and I should have better understanding of the impact.

    The issue with my putting is off center strikes which causes my putts to miss left or right and I feel like Evnroll can do a better job at managing that. 

    So I recently got fitted, in Houston, for a full set, including a putter, but my fitter didn't carry Evnroll Putters and so I couldn't really try them out. My fitter had told me that the putter that I currently have, the Odessey O-Works is fine for me, but I really haven't been putting well with it, multiple 3 putts, so I decided to switch. The issue now is that I recently moved to Pakistan for work and there aren't any fitters here and no pro-shops carry Evnrolls or Bettinardi's, we can only find the big name brands like Scotty Camerons, Odessey and Taylormade and that too in stock configurations and over priced, so how my purchase would work is that I would ship the product to my family's address in Houston, then they would ship it to me, so returning it after purchase won't really be possible, my only option would be to try and sell it here. 


    If your current putter works for you you may want to look at your putting stroke first.  At the beginning of this season I developed a hiccup with pushing my putter leaving my misses right.  Worked on getting a proper arc back in my stroke and started saving 6-10 strokes a round.

    You could spend the money for a new putter which may fix what ails you or get a couple of putting lessons first.  So many coaches to choose from on the internet, you should be able to find someone to help.  At least this way you won't have to question if it is you or the equipment.  May save more time and money in the long run.

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  7. 2 hours ago, dlow206 said:

    Ebay is your solution. or BST

    Ebay would be Ok for the driver head but I would also need the aftermarket shaft I was fit for.  Possibly could find both but maybe not and even if I did the possible slow down in shipping times may not make much of a difference.  Even if I could save a little time and some money I would rather support a local business that I have been dealing with a few years that has treated me well.  As a business owner myself I understand that relationships matter.  

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  8. Both putters are expensive so I would make sure I had a fitting before ordering one.

    I am a feel putter and am still using an old Mizuno putter made by Bettinardi.  Have tried Scotty Cameron square back, Evnroll ER6, Tommy Armour TA1and a couple of Odyssey putters.  Have been fit three times with the first and last keeping my current putter and the middle fitting I wanted to only try Evnrolls based on MGS testing.  This was a mistake and after 6 months of use and many three putts with distance control went back to my Mizuno and improved my putting immediately.  Use the MGS testing as a guide only and make sure you get fit for a putter that works best for you.

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  9. My first putter was a bronze Ping Anser reissue with the sound slot and no markings on top.  Sweet spot for the putter was slightly heel side.

    Always seem to see the alignment marks dead centre on the putter head.  Always wondered how much the hosel, especially long plumber’s necks, could affect where the sweet spot is.

  10. At 27 my first set of clubs was a mixed bag of blades.  The next year I got a set of Cleveland 792’s, an ugly egg shaped shovel.  The following year when the Canadian distributor for Macgregor went bankrupt I got a set of Tourney PCB forged irons.  Still have these but moved on to current clubs when I got back into golf a few years ago.  Still take one of the Macgregor clubs out to the range with me every so often.

  11. I tried the brush tee a couple of years ago along with the 4 more yard tees looking for an easy way to consistently tee the ball.  The problem was neither one was the right height for me so went back to regular tees.

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  12. 1 hour ago, dlow206 said:

    This is awesome, thank you. I'm guessing there are very few people out there that have worked with all 3 of the fitters at TXG.

    Any of the 3 that you would recommend for having a "nerdy" conversation about shafts, clubheads, etc. during the fitting?

    You will be surprised how much each of them know about the equipment.  Just ask and I am sure they can supply a lot of information.

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  13. 10 hours ago, dlow206 said:

    Nice. Any recommendations between the three fitters? I had wanted to get fit by Ian, but looks like that won't happen unless he opens his schedule back up again. 

    Had a conversation with Ian last winter about him doing less fittings to give him more time to run and grow his business.  Due to the videos everyone wants him for their fitting, a bit of a double edged sword.  People don’t realize the quality and depth of knowledge of the fitters he has assembled.

    As far as fittings all 3 will get you into the right equipment.  I have had more than one fitting with each and have watched all of three as well as Ian do fittings many times while I was at TXG for winter practice.  Difference is more their personalities.

    Cam is more of a talker, jokes around and may tell stories.  He has the ability to make a person feel comfortable quickly.  Easy to have a fun time during the fitting.  Also, if someone is shy and needs someone to pull them out of their shell to get the best result Cam is the guy for them.  

    John comes across right away as a very friendly person who is enthusiastic about helping his clients.  Explains well as he goes.  If someone tends to be nervous or may have anxiety at the fitting John may be a good choice to put them at ease.  Also, John has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge in the putting stroke.  Anyone having a fitting for other clubs may want to add this on as well.

    Alex is more quite than the others but still very easy to talk to.  He seems to talk and ask questions with a purpose.  Comes across as methodical with how he goes about the fitting.  Someone who likes to get down to the brass tacks would enjoy a fitting with Alex.

    I hope this summary of the TXG fitters helps.  I have enjoyed the fittings with all three and would not hesitate to use any of them again.

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  14. 3 hours ago, dlow206 said:

    The point makes sense about at least giving player's clubs a shot (in the future, not planning to spend more money now on irons). When things clear up from Covid, I'm planning to go to TXG and get a real fitting and will go with an open mind.

    I recently got fitted for P790's.  Had hit them first at a demo day at my golf club and found them easy to get the ball in the air.  Had a fitting this summer and was won over on how easy they were to find the sweet spot with the right shaft.  These irons are much easier to draw than my previous set.

    I live only 10 minutes from TXG's Toronto location and have done fittings with Alex, John and Cam.  All three are very knowledgable and do a great job.  You will not be disappointed.

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  15. My wife and I do not exchange gifts.  When we were dating she gave me two luxury brand wallets (one for hip pocket and one for a suit jacket) so I told her if she ever got me a gift again the relationship would be over.

    If I want something I will buy myself and she does the same.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars multiple times a year on things we might not even want.  Every 3 -5 years I take the money that would have been spent on normal gifts and purchase her a big ticket item instead.  These are the type of gifts she will keep forever and she already has plans to pass them on to our daughters.

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  16. Had been using a 4.5 stand bag with 14 way dividers.  Bag is still in great shape and barely showing any wear.

    When I decided to use an electric cart this year I purchased a C-130.  Had good experience with Sun Mountain quality so stayed with the brand.  Just wish the cooler pocket was a little larger.

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  17. I purchased a pair of Oakley Prizm golf sunglasses over the winter.  Wore them for awhile early in the season but did not like them.  Even the light lenses  did not allow me to follow the ball in the air.

    I recently got a pair of Vuarnet sunglasses with a yellow lense and tried them out for a round last Saturday.  By far the best sunglasses I have worn for golf.  Easy to follow ball in the air and no issues reading greens with them on.  Not what I planned on using them for but will stay in my golf bag for now.

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