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  1. I have been on more than a couple monitors that have measured me hitting the ball 10-15% more than normal. My advice is follow the standard rule. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  2. I tried one of the ways, by focusing on hitting it Higher. Way Higher than most golfers would think. I really works.
  3. I took a lesson last,week and am working on, rotation of the chest / upper torso on pitch shots and bunker shots.
  4. The backed off Driver one of the toughest shots? Nicklaus, Woods, Snead, Hogan, Norman, Nelson ( Byron ) and about every Dude on TV hit the backed off Driver as their "go to Fairway Finder Shot". And ask most good players, "What is the hardest club to get comfortable/fit for"? They will say a 3 Wood.
  5. I would first try to, grip down on the Driver about 1.5 to 2.5 inches and shorten the swing slightly. The result may well be a longer straighter shot than a 3 Wood would give. Drivers have far bigger sweet spots and have far better technology than 3 woods.
  6. Drew Queens, New York 3 handicap Titleist AP1 710
  7. Simple solution IMO is make the ball travel shorter. Or 1. Buy more land to make the golf courses longer. 2. Change the courses to make the more difficult, more ( water, trees, bunkers, rough, undulating terrain ect. ) 3. Change the clubs. Some dude you all heard of gave me this basic idea about 40 years ago, named Jack Nicklaus.
  8. No watch for me while playing testing shows it will slow down your swing speed. I need all the speed I can get.
  9. Kaplack


    Those "Golfers" don't know or don't care to follow the First Rule of Golf. I think Bobby Jones said this about 100 years ago. (Not an exact quote) Golf is a Gentlemen's Game. So when in doubt act like a Gentlemen.
  10. I use a push cart, not because it's cool. Coolness is just a byproduct. I need it to haul my water so I don't dehydrate and can make it around the course.
  11. Putted in my living room on my putting carpet. Ranges are closed where i am.
  12. I am 4 handicap from Queens, New York. I have Titleist AP1 irons, my 8 iron carries 147. I know Sub70 has a cool classic design and good forgiveness and distance. Sounds like most people need that including me.
  13. I play OPB ( Other Peoples Balls )
  14. Don’t Talk to my ball! ( At least until it stops moving ) Too many times someone I am playing with says “Nice Shot” while the ball is in the air, until it dives into a bunker, tree ect.
  15. Cheap Beer, the first one always tastes great and after the first one they all taste the same!
  16. I need some new Wedges, I need my balls to Bite and actually hit the green in the first place.

  17. Drew Queens, New York I have used a couple gps apps currently 18 birdies app Currently I just use a laser rangefinder most the time.
  18. I have been playing for decades now, always working on my game.

    I have a indoor range in my living room, no garage I live in a apartment.

    I track my stats, take lessons and workout always hoping to get better.

    I play mostly New York City golf courses and some on Long Island.

    1. WaffleHouseTour


      Indoor range... details?

  19. I will made an educated guess that Matthew Wolff, hit a whole lot of balls of real grass; while at Oklahoma State. I have never been there but I would bet 1 dollar to 100, They have a nice grass range at the best college program in the country.
  20. Drew, Manhattan NY i practice 2-3 times a week nowadays, for about 15-20 minutes almost all in my living room, on a putting mat. Courses in my area have been closed or just opened up this week. I average one or two, 3 Putts a round. Exputt is interesting to me because it may get me putting more. My mat is about 10 foot, it would be great to stroke a longer putt indoors. And the data may help my stroke out. Stuff like face angle and path, tempo.
  21. https://blog.trackmangolf.com/mats-vs-grass-whats-difference/ Trackman website study 7 Iron Grass 179.7 Yards 7 Iron Mat 186.9 Yards Tester was a +2 Handicap
  22. Testing has shown most players hit irons further and straighter; off Range Mats than real grass.
  23. Golf Podcasts 75% of the time, mostly on Golf Fitness. I am trying to chase Bryson down, only about 65-70 yards behind him now.
  24. Kaplack


    I just want to play with people that have decent etiquette. Are slightly pleasant and are unlikely to hit me in the back of the head with a crooked shot.
  25. Drew, Queens New York I want to test the 460 Swing Speed:102 mph
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