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    Nateyeight got a reaction from Shapotomous in Why No Love for Hybrids?   

    I can't hit my 3 wood so I retired it. I am looking for a low long hybrid to go beyond 200 yards, and then my other hybrid to be in the 180 range but I can land on the green so more height. I think I will have to do what you have done, and just keep testing and experimenting until I find the right ones to fit that criteria. 
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    Nateyeight got a reaction from revkev in Why No Love for Hybrids?   

    I can't hit my 3 wood so I retired it. I am looking for a low long hybrid to go beyond 200 yards, and then my other hybrid to be in the 180 range but I can land on the green so more height. I think I will have to do what you have done, and just keep testing and experimenting until I find the right ones to fit that criteria. 
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    Nateyeight reacted to Shapotomous in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I still use a pair of hybrids I put together years ago in an experimental phase which I haven't grown out of.  I have tried a few others (OK more than a few), TM Rescue early on through Ping i20's just last year but they all seem to give me the 'lefts' to some degree while those two Snake Eyes / shaft combos remain straight and true and give the distance I want.   League night last week, the two birds I had resulted from 17* hybrid flushed off the tee & 17* hybrid flushed to the green on a short tight par 5 for a 2 putt bird and a 23* hybrid to 10' on a 190yard par 3 and i lipped in the putt!  Cemented their stay in the bag and just maybe the hybrid experimentation should really end for me!  
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    Nateyeight reacted to RoverRick in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I struggled with hybrids for years. Probably tried 20 different ones and all but the 2004 Ben Hogan CFT’s have been hookers. I bought a set of i500 6-P on Sunday and needed something for the top of the bag. I was interested in the Ping G410 and G425 hybrids so I went in for a fit on Monday. I have a new G425Max Driver that I have adjusted 1° down and Flat. This is a game changer for me. 
    The flat setting on the Ping G410 and G425Max does make them into a much more neutral ball flight, and they are incredible. They are incredibly expensive also. While I might could get the G410 from eBay, the G425 are still new and $270 MSRP and the G410 are still selling for over $200 so I decided to get fit for some G425.
    Things didn’t go quite as planned. First, I have new irons (arriving today) and don’t know where the upper range for my 6 iron truly is. I should hit the Ping i500 6 iron 175 yards. They did have an i500 7 iron and, based on that, I estimated where the 6 iron should fit. But that was on the monitor not real life. I may end up needing the 5 Hybrid. 
    But if I hit that club 175, I need clubs to span the range from say 190-235. So I hit the hybrids, and they were great. But I also hit the 3, 5, 7, 9 woods.  Those were freaking awesome. I was hitting those off the deck so consistently that I felt like Matt from TGX. (Except he would be hitting 7-9 irons that range.) Once I put these on the flat setting the ball flights were all identical and only increasing by 15 yards or so per club.
    I have never had clubs I felt confident in above 175 yards. Sure I could hit them that far, but I never knew when one would turn 40 yards left or 20 yards right.  These fairway woods would be 5 yards either way. So I ended up deciding on the FM’s over the Hybrids.  I went ahead and bought the 7 and 9 woods. They didn’t have the 5 with the shaft I needed, and I decided to wait on the 3 wood because I may not need it and may need something to bridge the gap between my 6 iron and 9wood.  
    The moral of this long winded story is that higher lofted fairway metals may be the way to go for some of us who have not aged as well as we may have liked.
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    Nateyeight reacted to revkev in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    There is a lot of interesting info and  input here - as is often the case with these types of threads we are learning about everyone's favorites as well - but the beauty of golf is, a favorite of mine may do nothing for you and a favorite of years may end up floating in the Bayou with me. 🙂
    The reason I'm popping in is because the OP mentioned something about total distance on a Sim.  I think he should focus much more on carry, launch angle and spin rates.  It's also worth considering a lofted fairway wood - maybe keep one of the hybrids and look at 7 wood - something like that - 7 wood/4 wood, hybrid of some sort is a great, versatile combo for a player to consider - You will have lots of shot choices with that at the top end of your bag.
    Also, I hate to ask the MGS obvious but have you seen a fitter about the hybrid/fairway wood/utility iron possibilities that might be best for your game?
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    Nateyeight reacted to RickyBobby_PR in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    Stiffer shaft or a heavier one will tend to slow down the swing and/or help with better sequencing. Helps with face to path relationship and reduces the curvature. It’s usually a recommendation for those who are trying to play a fade ball flight 
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    Nateyeight reacted to tony@CIC in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I can't imagine my golf game without my hybrids, they are scoring machines. Regardless whether its fairway or rough they always bail me out. Ping 410's in a 22* and 26* set to flat. I was actualy debating replacing my 5 wood with a 410 19* hybrid. 
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    Nateyeight reacted to russtopherb in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    Hook machines for me as well. I prefer to opt for fairway woods instead.
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    Nateyeight reacted to Tyler86 in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    Im intrigued by this. Does a stiffer shaft give you straighter ball flight? I feel like having a stiffer shaft than your “normal” would amplify the hook/draw ball flight that is so typical with hybrids? 
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    Nateyeight reacted to ncwoz in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I'd highly recommend looking into Tour Edge's hybrid offerings. I was a tester for the EXS Pro and loved it. After some swing changes this winter I thought I would be replacing it with a driving/utility iron. For the first chunk of the season I put a utility iron in the bag, to realize I nearly never hit my 3 wood. I put the hybrid back in the bag in place of the 3 wood with promising results so far - it's really hot and I don't feel like it's a hook machine that some people say make them weary of hybrids.
    I've also hit the EXS 220, and liked that one a lot as well. Launches a bit higher and a bit more forgiving than the Pro. You might be able to find some pretty good deals on them now that the C721 line is out - although that looks like a great head too. 
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    Nateyeight reacted to Letthebigdogshunt in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I have had hybrids in the bag for close to twenty years. I have trouble hitting long irons and the hybrids work for me. Mostly Taylor Made. They hit the ball high and it helps me hold greens when hitting into them. I don't care about distance just consistency and height
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    Nateyeight reacted to lasorcier in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    For me they are hook machines.   Much more comfortable with a 2-iron or even a 1-iron.  
    I have hit them before and do have a pxg one that I hit decently.  But it does not do anything that my long irons can't do, other than higher trajectory.   
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    Nateyeight reacted to Larryd3 in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I really like my Sub70 hybrids.  I started out with 1 and have 3 in the bag now.  I had Titleist 816 H1s previously which were really good but the Sub70 are just better for me.  I don't carry a 5 iron any longer cause the 6 hybrid is just so easy to hit.  
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    Nateyeight reacted to WaffleHouseTour in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I could never figure out how to hit a hybrid (do I hit down, do I sweep?) until I got my Cobra one length hybrids.  I’ve got three with two in my bag right now.  Very dependable right to left flight. Unless I just hit a block.  But I count on them.  
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    Nateyeight reacted to GolfSpy AFG in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I think hybrids don't get a lot of love because they sit in funky space in the bag, if they're in the bag at all.  As a VERY general rule, a hybrid that helps a high handicapper who struggles to hit long irons would be a hook machine for a lower handicap player.  Consequently, lower handicappers (again as a general rule) tend to gravitate towards hybrids with different characteristics, or utility irons.  Given that, it seems to me that the business case for an OEM to invest heavily in churning out better hybrids with regularity isn't there, especially given overall lesser consumer enthusiasm.  I can't recall the exact NPG podcast, but Chris Nickel was joking that every time he writes a hybrid article for MGS it gets about 10 views.  Of course he's exaggerating, but you get the point.
    As for me, I agree with @cnosilthat Titleist makes a darn good hybrid, especially if you're looking for a smaller "player's" style.  I have a 19 and 21 degree (opened to 22) TS3 that I like.  That said, a couple TaylorMade DHY's recently (and probably permanently) kicked them out of the bag.
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    Nateyeight reacted to cnosil in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I love hybrids and for me Titleist are the best if the bunch.  If you can see my signature I carry three that are basically fairway wood and iron replacements.  The newer models have better weighting to help with not hitting a draw, but I don’t mind that ball flight.  
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    Nateyeight reacted to juspoole in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I can't offer a lot here, but I can give kudos to the Titleist hybrids.  I've got 818H2 in a 2 and 3 hybrid and have enjoyed hitting them.  Misses are much smaller for me compared to a fairway wood and distance has been consistent.  I've been through about 3 fittings since getting them and nothing comes close to beating them out.  I paired mine with a nice mid launch mid spin shaft - Tensei Blue and haven't looked back.
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    Nateyeight reacted to Granata13 in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    @Nateyeight, @RickyBobby_PRhas some good info. What I would add is they don’t have to be the same model or even brand.  I personally have a TaylorMade Sim max 19* hybrid and a Ping crossover 23* because I hit different shots with both. I want a little more forgiveness out of the 19* and ability to hit high and low out of the 23*.  Some brands have a couple different models with different purposes. It might be best you focus on filling one of those spots now and then work on the next hybrid. 
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    Nateyeight reacted to Middler in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I have a Mizuno CLK 3h, and I had two Callaway hybrids before that. I grew up hitting long irons, and I have never been as consistent with any hybrid. When I hit it well, it’s lovely (high-long-steep descent), but I’m just not consistent with it - I’m better off hitting a 3 iron. But I refuse to give up on hybrids and force myself to use it when yardage dictates - between my 3W and 4i. Most of the guys I play with have several hybrids and love them, so my problem is probably in my head…
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    Nateyeight reacted to RickyBobby_PR in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    Some hybrids are designed for distance and some have a design to be closer to an iron replacement. TM and Callaway seem to be more on the distance side and have some pretty hot faces. Ping and until recently titleist have been more towards the iron replacement design.
    Like any other club in the bag finding the right hybrid can either come via fitting or lots of testing to find a size and shape that works for the golfer then finding the right loft and shaft combo to fit the distance they are looking for and the consistency.
    I have a tendency to hook hybrids so I have to find one that has a more neutral face and/or adjustable to get what I need.
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    Nateyeight reacted to benb1989 in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    Recently purchased the Mavrik Max and love it. Find it so easy to hit. I purchased a Hybrid about 10 years ago which I never used because I couldn't get on with it. But this Mavrik Max is going well.
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    Nateyeight reacted to tchat07 in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    Have yet to find the proper hybrid that I feel comfortable and can hit proper. 
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    Nateyeight reacted to Blueberry_Squishie in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    I use the Srixon H85 2 and 3 models - I like them but they're an old model now. I don't play fairway woods as all of them launched too high with my swing. The 2 goes just as far as I would want a fairway wood to go.
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    Nateyeight reacted to Thibide1 in Why No Love for Hybrids?   
    Despite playing a regular shaft for driver and irons I play a stiff shaft for my r15 4-hybrid. I’ve dabbled w the Mavrik, an M5, and a SIM Max recently but life always takes me back to that r15.... even after a good fitting those others just don’t give me the confidence over the profile. 
    an interesting piece for me w hybrids is its important I can hit it out of the rough and some of the modern more forgiving profiles just feel too large for me to get it through. 
    I’m with You good sir they’re a great weapon! 
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    Nateyeight got a reaction from tony@CIC in Has anyone found a solution to this yet?   
    I also put my putter headcover with the wedge, it makes it stand out more as the headcover sticks out instead of just the club hiding in the grass. 
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