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Refreshing updates this season.

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1. Updated my speedzone woods to radspeeds

2. changed gapr utility to a cobra king utility and let me tell you its my hands down best golf purchase ive ever made. So fun and easy to hit straight and long!

3. My scotty was customized to black rainbow pvd with black pvd shaft. This is a real treat since ive been waiting for it to return home for 6 months.  Pictures do not give this putter the justice! 

thanks for looking. 





  • Driver: default_titelist-small.jpg.00ec1d7620c8bbe63bb63a7b7fac569c.jpg  TSR4 9* - GD VF 5x
  • FW/Hybrid: default_taylormade-small.jpg.9ff6764e01b113e0bc93f024a4d1601e.jpg  Stealth Plus 15* 3 wood | 18* 2 hybrid
  • Irons: default_mizuno-small.jpg.7ba93cbc5462fa34e458cd68057f77cc.jpg Mizuno MP225 4-GW - modus tour 120X
  • Wedges:  image.png.620c54f7108fefbf49a94ba169f19081.png.14bde46be7ec73574865e664d54311dd.png Edison 2.0  52* |  56*
  • Putter: Screenshot2023-06-0213_10_30.png.c486ece2341a04d3e99efa690c47bf87.png.991942cd0b0414e19ee38748828190f5.png  L.A.B. Link.1
  • Ball: default_titelist-small.jpg.00ec1d7620c8bbe63bb63a7b7fac569c.jpg  Pro V1x Left Dash
  • Tech: NEW_FSS_Logo_2023_hawkeye_blu_32x32.png.f22e62e5635d9cd8098ac4ebfde03e42.png Foresight Sports GC3
  • Tests:  The Edison Challenge featuring Edison 2.0 Wedges


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