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  1. 1 hour ago, cnosil said:

    Based on that response it sounds like you are picking bad targets.

    I don't think so, even with weaker vision than the younger me. I think. I still know where the target should be.   Usually the penalty for misses will be severe for missing left or right or being long; then being short.

    Plus, I have the common golfer's syndrome, only remember the best shot I have had.  That, prompt the 70% miss being short to target.  The approach could be on line and got to the putting surface, but being 10-15 yards short of ideal spot.  I still think it's not an ideal approach shot ended up more than 20' away from the intended spot. 


  2. On 3/15/2019 at 2:35 PM, Alf. S said:

    my target is to get to be a category 1 golfer before I'm 60 so with a season and a half of retirement I'm hoping this will give me the spare time to get there.

    Wish me luck.

    You got this.  Stay out of injury.

  3. 2 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    That said, we have had some boxes show up recently that look like they have been through a gauntlet, and surprised to see no damages.   Also PING has really slacked off in it's packaging department.  We got a brand new G425 in this week, that had nothing in the box except the club, headcover and wrench package.  No protective packing or packing paper to keep things in place. 

    Even the OEM had felt the pressure from the increased shipping cost !

    If there is anything (they) want to slow down the growth of internet sales, had already imposed sales tax, then the shipping cost.... which will slow down the growth.  I would not be surprised before long, there'll be new avenues for shipping besides the traditional big three.  Someone who had been dipping their hands in every industry and still not turning a decent profit, hint, hint ?

  4. 5 minutes ago, Dog Faced Pony Soldier said:

    It is illegal for a manufacturer to dictate what someone can sell something for.

    Truth is, there are many ways to deter the retail from not following the OEM instruction.  Not going into detail, however, if a large retail want to have the latest hot selling products from the OEM, best to follow the and stick to the guideline set by the OEM.  

    OEM do not wish to turn their retail market into a component market.   Besides the bottom line, it'll certainly make the enforcing of warranty a big mess.

    The only possible way to get a new driver head will be either from someone who just want the shaft ( kind of doubt it ) and selling off the head or from a Tour Van ( or somewhere the professional access to have their equipment ).

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  5. What really counts and most importantly, is the result ?

    No one could give you the final verdict, except for the end user himself.  Trust me, the preferences will change from week to week.   All the fitting, the numbers from the spread sheet...... are great "starting point" , nothing more.    

    Recommend to get a torque wrench, because you don't wish to over or under tighten the set screw.  It's a price a sleeve of premium golf balls and will last you the life time.    Search for a used one or check with your local golf shop, they might have plenty laying around.

    So get the wrench and test for yourself, like I said, the 3 wood setting could be a good starting point, and if you're in this game long enough, you will understand this game is all about the slightest difference to separate the winner from the runner-ups with a single stroke  ( or in match play, the score on a single hole ).  

    The static measurement changes each day and I'd bet even your posture changes from day to day, that 1/4"-1/2" difference in wrist to floor distance or a uneven lie in the fairway ........  Don't be too hung up on the numbers, because you're not a stationary "iron Byron".  Ever tried a pair of new golf shoes ?  That may change your measurement a little.  

    Get the wrench ( so you won't damage the thread or the set screw ) and experiment.  Personally, most of the benefit I got from the adjustable hosel is the ease of changing shafts.   If OEM decided to come out with a fixed hosel with interchangeable tips for shafts, I'll be okay for a lower cost. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    But yep, the guy said the box size was the main culprit.  Makes me wonder if shipping a driver, if I took the head off and packaged it in a fW box if it would fit.   I might try that next time. 

    Good idea, it should be a quick solution to save some shipping cost with the adjustable hosel.  Just make sure to wrap the head really well for protection during the shipping and the buyer knows the method of shipping.  The only worry is the head might fall out of the box if the box is damaged.  Kinda harder to lose a whole driver.  Shipping insurance will be a must these days.

    Really don't see the supply/demand curve to help lowering the shipping cost in the future unless there is a way for local pick up from internet sales.  Amazon tried to use the HUB system to pre-ship the seller's inventory and stored at HOB for better shipping cost control but, not for an average consumer to do the same.

    Consumers had resisted the internet sales for generations, until recent years, most the kids today ( young men/women) are more likely to use the internet sale, since they were conditioned since their childhood to use the internet for communication/ shopping.

    I'm on the other hands, still like to shop for my own grocery.  don't like other people to shop for me in that category and certainly not to prepare the raw food for me.  My friends love the prepared fresh food, all they do are to stir-fry or simple heat and cook for their dinner.  I still like to spend half a day during the weekend to prepare for my menu for the next week.  

  7. The salt and ammonia from sweat will discolor the fabric, it's unavoidable.  Even if soaking the cap right after the round will only prolong the process of showing the battle scar.

    I used to change golf caps every season, owned more than a dozen at onetime.  I still keep my favorite golf cap.  Also switching to more mutual color which will not show the stain as the deeper, more vivid colors.

    Cotton will always soak up the sweat, but it is the most comfortable fabric for me to wear.  Synthetic blend will last longer, that's my second choice.

    Clean the cap immediately after the round, If one wish to avoid the invadable sweat band from showing up prematurely. 

    Remembering long ago, some caps advertising the sweat proof material, didn't quite like the feel of it.  Perhaps the technology had improved the texture of the nylon spun material.  I mean, if they could make T shirt softer than the 100% cotton from two recycled plastic water bottles, why not ?  Unless the manufacturers expecting us to purchase new caps every season ?

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  8. On 7/8/2021 at 8:32 PM, chisag said:

    ... So I boxed up my driver and since UPS is so close I stopped in to see how much to ship from Phoenix to Fl the cheapest way. $57?!?!? Next I went to Fedex that charged me $31 for my last driver and they wanted $51?! I was on my home after a grocery run and stopped at another UPS because it was empty and figured I could get the weight and ship it through the Post Office. The guy was very cool and told me it is 3/4" longer than standard and that kicks in oversized shipping rates. If I could cut it down 1" the rate would drop to $23. How insane is that? Btw gonna be $16 through the PO. 

    Shop for rates.  and improvise to save from either the size, or the weight.  The old grips on a set of irons may cost a few dollars more to ship.  Modify the size of the shipping box can also reduce the shipping fee.   

    FedEx used to be the lowest shipping rate from business account, then the USPS, then nobody.

    Wonder why Jeff Bezos came out with his face turned green, after meeting with the Administration ?  He had the bad news that the government was ending subsidized discount shipping rates.  Don't even try to price out shipping fee to overseas these days.  Especially, after  the USPS ended the First Class to overseas.  

  9. On 7/9/2021 at 12:18 PM, russtopherb said:

    FWIW, it's been that way for quite some time. I had that issue with USPS probably 3-4 years ago where I was being told nearly $50 to ship a club and I pointed out that her package measurements were wrong, they were listed right on the box from the manufacturer. I eventually picked it up and walked out, drove the 4 minutes to UPS, and shipped with them for $15.

    Service is not what it used to be.  Can't expect Nordstrom level of service at Walmart, plus it's not much less anyway.

  10. 7 hours ago, arovbukay said:

    unfortunately not just a loose ferrule, but loose head. 

    Agree it might be steep attack angle and probably bottoming out much later as I do get a much lower ball flight than others.

    Time for a lesson perhaps.

    Brand new OEM ?   I'd send it back for sure.  I know most if not all of the Taylor Made are assembled in the States at selected assembly center.  Most likely there is a bad batch of epoxy.  There had been some questionable epoxy floating around.  No matter of the branding after packaging for smaller quantity. 


  11. Impact with the club heads still descending , before the bottom of the swing arc.  Very taxing for the equipment and the body.  It is what it is, I wouldn't change the golf swing for a loose ferrule.

    Need to check for loft and lie annually if you have forged irons and practice off the mat.  And be prepared to visit a sports injury specialist in the future if you golf a lot.  Fingers, Elbow , shoulders, neck......

  12. 3 wood off the deck, many had declared this is the most difficult stick in the bag to hit well.

    I can't say that I had experienced all the options of 3 woods out there but I certainly had my share of the chasing after the elusive unicorn.  I have come to the conclusion ( works for me , but might not be for you ) that the issue is two folds.

    One is the depth of the 3 wood face.  The deeper the face, the easier to get off the tee but needs more swing speed to get it airborne off the deck.  The second and most important reason behind why the 3 wood is the most difficult golf club to hit well is, the length of the 3 wood.

    In search of longer distance, the 3 wood had been getting longer just like the driver and the irons.  We just forgot that the 3 wood is the longest golf club to hit off the turf, except those strong golfers who could deck a driver ( before they moved the sweet spot higher than the middle of the driver face with bulky shape ).

    The reason why most golfers found the4 /5 woods more friendly to use off the turf is because the 4/5 woods are shorter.  The traditional 3 wood was 41 1/2 " to 42 1/2" not that long ago.  Today, the 43" is most popular length for the 3 woods, almost like a standard length for all the OEM.  The only reason it didn't go longer was somehow the OEM determined the 43" will be the limit for the average golfers to use more proficiently.

    I have brought all my 3 woods down to 42"-42 1/2" over the years and didn't see any real lost in distance.  Also have gone back to a heavier weight of shafts 85-105 gm. depending on the head weight.  The older fairway woods have heavier head weight to match with a heavier shaft weight for better balance.

    No, I don't have a "modern" 3 wood younger than 7-8 years from the current year.  Never thrust the super light weight construction heads to be played off the turf.  Don't feel like changing the fairway woods every few years from equipment failure.   Plus the solid contact will more than off-set the "spring like effect on the face ".

    IMHO, the modern sticks are way too lengthy for the average golfers.  I would definitely try a shorter 3 wood in length, before giving up on it. 


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  13. 22 hours ago, arovbukay said:

    these are new clubs, a couple of months old, played max 10 rounds with

    On the outside of a chance, since you had gone through several different products from different time period.  Unless they continue to use the same batch of epoxy with all different line of models; you could be one of the exceptional user.

    I had a guy who is petite for his size ( 5'4") and driver swing speed is only in the mid 80MPH to max out just over 90 once in awhile.  I had installed grips for him over the years, all different models and makes.  Tried air install, he came back in a few weeks with twisted grips.  All other users with the same batch of grips (  the same grips from a bulk box of 500 ) had no issue , just him.  So I installed with the traditional method, double sided tape with solvent.  He came back in a few months with similar twisted grips on the shafts.

    This happened with several different times with different products so.... it was HIM.  He also chew through all the things he owns, his automobiles, his furniture ,  all things went through him were like gone through a hurricane  

  14. 3 hours ago, fixyurdivot said:

    I think switching back and forth would be challenging 😜.

    Of course.

    But I am like a switch hitter.  Remember that I was a leftie before Kindergarten, converted to the "main stream way " during the kindergarten years.  If I concentrate on moving the putter head online with the intended target line, no issue there.  LHL is much easier than actually putted with left hand.

    One of the guy I knew long ago was a right handed golfer but he putt with left hand.  Now, that was difficult. 

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  15. Tried the LHL grip on putters from decades ago , off and on many times since the day ( more than 20 years ago when Couples won a few tournaments with the LHL and his Ping Zing putter ).

    The switch mainly from the size and the shape of the putter grip + the way the grip sits on the putter ( length ).

    If the grip is over sized and has a flat front , on a longer than ideal length for your putting posture, then this LHL method will definitely help to maintain the putter head to go through the golf ball on the intended line of putt.  For me, the LHL is not ideal for controlling the feel for lagging long putt. Hence I go back and forth.  With different putters/grips, and sometimes switching back for shorter putting distance.

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  16. On 4/28/2020 at 9:27 AM, Getoffmylawn said:

    three times now I've had the ferrule "fixed"...it keeps creeping up the shaft

    How did you "fixed" the ferrule ?  First and foremost, make certain the shaft is not loose connecting to the hosel.  There is a high probability the shaft would come loose when the ferrule is loose.  To the credit of the OEM assembly team, the type of material used in the ferrule could also cause more sliding ferrule from the use.  Onetime they were using harder compound in the ferrule ( look more shinning ).

    This happens with different OEM with graphite shafts.  The plastic could be too hard and not able to flex with the shaft during play ( I forgot the components they use to make the plastic looks shinning ) .  Or this could be caused by leaving the golf clubs in the trunk of the car, the higher temperature resulted from the green house effect will soften the epoxy and  ferrule will come creeping up the ferrule with the flexing of the shaft during play.

    For your next fix.  slide the ferrule up a bit more, tape and protect the hosel and lightly sand the exposed shaft under the ferrule ( or score the paint off with a sharp utility blade.  Just enough to take off the first layer of the paint ( clear coat )).

    Epoxy it back into place ( some will use a drop of super glue, but think of whether you want to reshaft and save the shaft in the future ).  If this does not work, then, next step is to pull the shaft and change the ferrule.

  17. Congratulation on your improvement .

    To get to the next level is simple.  By eliminating the numbers of "bleeding" holes.

    By that I meant, you can see on your score card of the triple , quadruple over par.  Think of how that happened.  Was that the result from playing the "Tin Cup" type of golf ?  Learn to avoid turning a bogey hole into a snowman hole with golf course management will be the key to unlock scoring in the 80's.

    At your current skill level,   avoiding big numbers on the golf course will bring the score down.  When you manage your round of golf, use the "average" shot you could produce to manage the golf course , not your best possible shot and try the heroic shot which you know you will have a low percentage of pulling it off.

    I know some of us will have a different view, and nothing wrong with the mind set of going for GRI on every golf hole.  That might push you a bit harder to accelerate the improvement.  

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  18. On 7/1/2021 at 10:59 AM, Pro-V-None said:

    My current set of irons are 1.5" longer than standard

    Was your current iron set balanced with lighter head weight , or, just adding the extra length to the std. heads ?   Sounds very unusual.

    What about the head weight of the hybrids ?  

    If the recommended shaft length for the hybrids is 1.5" over the standard iron length, then, you have no issue there to modify for length.  I'd assume the tips are 0.370 ?  If so, tip trim accordingly to fit a mid hybrid head, say, 7.  butt trim to 1.5" over std. iron length and you should have the same length as your current 7 iron, right ?

    Try that to see if it works for you, and adjust from there if needed for the rest of the set.  If you need to add length to the hybrid set, just move that 7 iron shaft , tip and use it in the PW.  If you want to get into the swing weight and balance point...... then that will be another chapter, and require more thoughts before you purchase the components.

    When golfers tries to change their irons to hybrid style usually tells me that they need to elevate their shot trajectory.  


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  19. 5 hours ago, Kanoito said:

    I just registered for July 31st tournament and the club secretary told me I'm not the first person to request not playing with Satan. Geeze I wonder why...

    I would take a guess that his behavior on the golf course has hidden health issue.  I would be more forgiving to the behavior If there is a mental issue involved.  No one realized just how many among us are under medication to control the behavior issue, some started in their grade school age.  I have several friends are like that.  We just laugh it off when these were not on their best behavior.

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  20. 21 hours ago, Kanoito said:

    Hard to tell since we only exchanged pleasantries with the girl on the first tee. And I certainly don't want to judge a book by its cover.

    Usually I would do as you say, walk faster to avoid small talk, but somehow I felt it was my responsibility to be there for the kid, in case Satan got out of hands...

    Unfortunately !  These type will latch on to whoever is nearest and the weakest ( to say no ).  They should be on medication or cutoff their caffeine intake.  Maybe some issue of handling the stress on the golf course ?  Maybe issue with slight IDD ?  I maybe more forgiving if I understood what's behind the scene.  No time to waste if I just encountered one round of competition golf with the kind.  I would make sure that I remember the name and never to be paired in the same group in the future.

    I once met a golfer through a mutual friend during a golf outing.  First few minutes were fine, everyone exchange pleasantry and waiting for our turn on the first tee box.  Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw this guy rummaging through everyone else's bag, running his fingers through all the clubs looking at the condition of the club face ( I guess he was looking for wear mark ). 

    I stepped up to him when he got to my bag and just watched him as he kept going through my bag.  I had no idea if he had a secret bet with someone that day.  But his behavior threw me off big time.  Yes, anyone could exam my bag , but ask first, right ?  I refused to golf in the same group of 4-some with this guy ever since that first meeting and I learned that a few guys took a golf trip with him.  Can't imagine what happened on that golf trip.  I can careless to find out if he is indeed a nice guy or not.

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  21. 7 hours ago, Kanoito said:

    Hard to tell since we only exchanged pleasantries with the girl on the first tee. And I certainly don't want to judge a book by its cover.

    Usually I would do as you say, walk faster to avoid small talk, but somehow I felt it was my responsibility to be there for the kid, in case Satan got out of hands...

    I had two, 2 weird encounters on the golf courses throughout the decades of teeing up with total strangers.  One time I was paired with this 2 index holder, Eric, and here comes the other two in a cart ( both in their late 30s to early 40s ).  They did not even introduce themselves and just looked at us and said " we'd rather golf by ourselves if you don't mind ).  The golf course was packed and the started wanted to stop them going off by themselves but they said something to the starter and the starter called back to the club house while those two just hit away.  In the meantime, Eric told them, that if they didn't wish to golf with us, sorry, you follow us then.  Also tried to talk to them that we would not slow them down, even we were using push carts ( thinking we're not hacker ), plus the golf course was packed so no one could fly through the round, even if they were in a sports car.

    Anyway they blatantly refused Eric's offer.  So we teed up and our tee shots were way pass their sneaked ahead tee balls.  Later in the middle of the front nine, we were standing in the fairway waiting for the group ahead to clear off the green, when, we heard thump behind us.  Turned around and those two hit into us and never gestured apology to us.  When they hit into us the 3rd time; Eric hit the ball back with an iron and yield at them " I'll show you my 6 iron if you do that again ".  I remembered this was not long after the 9-11 incident.  Those two hit into us looked like someone from Middle Eastern region.  Eric was pretty pissed and remarked,  "I would not do the stupid things they did , looking like that ".   I quietly agree that those two might ended up with very unpleasant experience should they have met the wrong crowd.

    One other time I was paired with 3 teenagers , who suggested to me to join the twosome ahead on the 4th hole when we caught up with them. I gladly did because I figure if they want to do something on the golf course and didn't want me to witness ( back then the cannabis was illegal and punishable by law if caught consuming it).  Looking back a few hole down the way I could see what they were doing ( passing the joint ) and smelling the aroma.

    Those, were the only time which I personally encountered unpleasant experience on the golf courses. 

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  22. 5 hours ago, ZenGolfer said:

    Hey, Im all for doing your thing too but its not going to stop me from laughing and thinking someone is an idiot when they are 40 and still trying to act like theyre a frat boy.  

    Dont even get me started on when they try to hit on the beer cart girl.  Its like bro, you couldnt get her when you are in your prime, what makes you think that youre going to get her when youre 40, with a dad bod and going bald, especially when you just ordered a White Claw? LOL

    Yes, quite comical when people don't act like their age but, they can do whatever they wish as long as they keep others safe and observe the decency of being a human being.  Talk about acting their age.  How about the rich and famous spent 5-7 figures to butcher themselves up trying to look young again.  I mean just look at them, after all the money spent and all the suffering, they just look like pathetical.

    However, in golf, I know a lot of us get on the golf course not just for the game, it's a palace to escape their reality.  Place to forget about things, place to act silly.  Cart girls won't mind, as they get their tips that way, by participating in harmless flirting.  They might be going bald, and growing their beer belly but, they might have more in their bank account than the youngsters.  So if they want to flirt with the cart girl and tip the cart girl besides for paying drinks 3-5 times you could get somewhere else, so be it.

    I want to tell you a real story.  It happened some years ago when we ( two groups ) played at this newly opened high end golf course.  One of the guys stopped a beverage cart and flirted with the cart girl but he was too cheap to by anything over $10.  So he kinda obligated to get a drink from the beverage cart after the small talk..... he got a bottle of iced mineral water. Paid $3.50 and tip the girl $1.50.  Upon arriving on the next tee box, we found a complimentary ice chest next to the bench with a sign saying, please take one.  It was full of apples and iced mineral water.  The same brand and size as the bottle they guy just paid $5 for.  We laughed all the way to the club house and didn't forget to give him the funny poke to remind him what a sucker he was.

    I know one other guy goes to the golf course to escape from his obligations for just 4-5 hours.  His wife is fully depending on him for daily chores, going to see the Medical Doctors for appointments, shopping for grocery, walking their dog.......  So once or twice a week, he'll get some help from their children to sit the wife and he would escape ( mentally ) from this.

    So, if I see some weird, unconventional behavior on the golf course..... I tend to give them a little extra room, as long as they stop at and stop when they should. 


  23. On 6/29/2021 at 1:50 AM, Kanoito said:

    In my 11 years playing golf, I've never let any player or myself get under my skin. This was truly the first time I seriously considered dropping everything and just go home.

    I've been with this game longer but, had never met up with anyone like this guy.  Just curious of what his Girl Friend looks like.

    I'd congratulate her because she is a nice person if she could put up with anyone like this guy.

    Only a few un-pleasant experience like you had and never during a tournament.  I did like to walk on as a single to avoid the restrain put on with a group.  More freedom as a single ,   not to have to wait before and after the round.  So you'd imagine I would have met some interesting characters. 

    My way of handling the unwelcome conversation was to walk faster or slower to avoid lumping the group.  Continue a bit more of the small talk if it's pleasant and walk faster if I don't want to engage.  I guess it's unavoidable if sharing a golf cart with a stranger. 

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