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Sign up Closed: Sun Mountain Stand and Travel Bags

Number of Testers
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1,797 signups
Equipment Type: Golf Bags
Vendor: Sun Mountain


For the second week in a row, we have a split testing opportunity that includes a travel bag. This time around, we are excited to introduce Sun Mountain to our member testing platform. Sun Mountain is a well-known brand that offers a wide selection of golf bags, travel bags, golf carts, and more.

About Sun Mountain
Sun Mountain has been in business for over 40 years. As a brand, they focus on functional designs, quality materials, and durability that are built by golfers for golfers. Additionally, their bags are also assembled at their headquarters in Missoula, Montana, offering styles, colors, sizes, and options not found with many brands. Many Sun Mountain bags also boast premium features such as fine leather, ballistic-style nylon, premium zippers, waterproof bags, and even carbon fiber legs.

All of this to say, Sun Mountain has been around for a while and they want to see how their products perform in the hands of our testers.


The Testing Opportunity
We are happy to offer two different products for this testing opportunity. The first is their newly released Matchplay Stand Bag.

The Matchplay Stand Bag is available in three color options, has a 4-way top, and weighs in at only 5.5 lbs. Those are just some of the basics; for a list of specifications, check out the Forum sign-up page where we have the full details listed.

The second product available for testing is the ClubGlider Travel Bag. This bag has been featured in Most Wanted testing and has a core standout feature. This feature is extendable legs and wheels that support the entire weight of the bag and its contents, meaning no lifting, bending, or lugging your golf bag and its contents around the airport.

Available in four different models, all of which have their own color options and pricing, the ClubGlider series claims to offer comfort, functionality, and ease of use that other travel bags do not.


Want to be a tester?
We will be selecting two golfers for each product (four total testers). When registering, Forum members will only be able to sign up for one or the other, not both products.

Are you a walker wanting to test a new stand bag? Or do you have travel plans and want to see if the ClubGlider can improve your experience? Let us know and sign up through the link below!



*Registration closes May 29.
*Selected testers will be announced on the Forum on June 4.
*Open to all registered Forum members in North America.



 Awesome opportunity! I own a C-130S and the ClubGlider Meridian. Jury is still out for me on the C-130S, but the Meridian is another story. When it eventually takes its last trip it will be replaced by another ClubGlider. It doesn’t take long walking from luggage claim to your rental before you realize how much value those extra kickstand wheels bring.

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I miss my Sun Mountain bag from high school golf and junior tour golf. By far the best walking bags on the market. I recommend them to anyone I know getting into golf who walks. Would love to get back into one and out of my Titleist Staff bag. 

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I am biased on Sun Mountain golf bags.  Had a leg snap due to a starter placing my bag incorrectly on a lift (that he insisted I use).  Sun Mountain sent me a set of replacement legs at no cost and no questions asked.  It would take a lot to get me out of a Sun Mountain golf bag.  Exceptional service.  Good luck to all testers. 

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My current travel bag Oigo has a flaw in design it fold at the height of the legs of my carry bag…. 2 trips in a row where one leg has been broken (got a comp from the airline the first time but denied the second time grrr).  Very frustrating.  Going back to Portugal in January and would love to test drive the SM travel bag …. 

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