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Blue Tees Rangefinder

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I read on the main website the reviews. Does anyone have experience with this product? Maybe could compare to NX9 slope or similar budget range finders. 

Soon to be replaced by Cobra Gear. Thank you MyGolfSpy and Cobra!! 

Driver: TSi3 8 Accra TZ6 75 M5

TSi2 16.5 Tensei Raw White 85TX

DI: Vapor Pro 3 - LAGP 105X 

Irons: 4-6 T100 7-PW 620 CB X100

Wedges: SM8 50.12 at 51,  RTX zipcore 55, 60 mid - all KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 

Toulon San Diego 


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Surprised nobody has commented. I own the Bluetees S2 and love it.  I have been using GPS for years.  I decided to give a laser a shot.  It has all the features you could want.  Slope, distance, pule vibration, flag lock.  I like it.  I will admit it does take some time.  I look in the viewfinder and sometimes get confused as to what i am looking at.  Overall for the money it's a good product.

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