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  1. I had an opportuntiy to talk to the Pirreti guys. A great bunch and easy to talk to,

    The dymascus putter came in later that day. I first time putting with that steel.

    Definitely different than the standard steel.


    The other model in the picture is as solid as anything out there. soft, easy to align and great looking.

  2. I looked these, Crocks and kikkors.

    All about the same style, which is pretty neat.

    However, the idea of being close to the ground or the feeling like you are walking in bare feet is not something I look for in a shoe.

    My rep loves them of course.

    They all have the benefit of being able to go from the office to the course. which is a plus for me

  3. I tried to get those guys to sell to me directly and would only go through an independent rep.

    Thats OK. But if you dont have any then sell me some.


    You has to the gator look up close I watched a half dozen people go up to that one and touch to see if it had texture.

    Some of the designs are not to my tasted but if they designed to my tastes they would one customer.


    It is not a heat shrink according to the owner. It will take some sky shots will out busting. It is not supposed to damage the original finish either.


    I imagine Cost will play into the popularity

  4. It is amazing how many 34 inch 71 deg lie and 4 loft putters this company sells and still show no signs of doing a custom option at a normal retailer. If you custom it then its a months wait!? THen the mistakes i.e. the one of a kind go for huge $$$$. FOR A MISTAKE!

    Now I like the looks for the regular stuff I'm not a fan of the jewelry paint.

  5. I'm a satin finish preference, but it seems black is losing ground on putters and if done correctly is another sharp option. I dont like the "it looks like it was dipped in gloss black" look but a bluing look. you can get loud with fill paint not head paint

  6. I'll be going early to make it fun and business.

    Attending a couple of earlier meetings then DEMO day and the show

    I'll be presenting in the ICG connection corner on Friday, Fittings and how the PGA member and ICG member can work together.


    What are you doing?

  7. If they go the way ot Titleist and dont forget Cobra, I think it may end up stronger. They have strong designs up and down the line,

    It has always been about the marketing dollars which few companies can complete at that level. Maybe the next group will be deeper in the pocket and boost both Adams and the buyer?! :mellow:

  8. For small projects and low volume a vice is a must. a shaft clamp to hold the project is also a must.

    A cut off wheel for shaft trimming. Ferrule turning can be done by hand. However if the hobby grows consider a 1 x 42 belt for sanding shaft tips and finishing ferrules.

    A ruler is a must for consistency.

    Now if you are a picky a frequency machine is also needed. Including a loft and lie machine.

    That can get you established and on your way. If you are going to grind clubs then another machine will be needed

  9. Being a brand new spy I dont think I have done this before,so,,


    McGolf Here, aka Jim McCleery


    Own and operate McGolf Custom Clubs in Waverly

    A previous PCS club maker of the year, now a top 100 golf digest club fiter (weather or not you believe in the kinda thing)

    all around club nut,

    If I can help let me know



  10. I switched to a 65g UST Mayima shaft and had very good results today. It was a stock shaft from a standard R9. Launch angle was a bit higher than the RIP 2.9 but lower than my old Burner. The search will continue but I'm getting closer!


    LEss than $100 and works for a late release is the AXE 6+ in stiff. If you want lower flight then get the our model

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