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  1. Took in tour edge on the last day, The folks there are very knowledgeable and approach the game like a business (thats a good thing)


    I don't understand the snell thing though, If you are going to sell only via the internet why go to a show that all about selling to a rep, shop or store. I here all kind of good things about the ball  just cornfused

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  2. Was at the show also,

    I have a box of the P2 grips coming.

    I was looking for the new products area and only found the pavilion, Only until we were leaving that I found in it in the daily rag in the map Duh!!

    Hit the burke putters and agree on the assessment. felt good but the graphics on the bottom are terrible.


    did you hit the V6 from Wilson,,,, very nice.

    Liked the look of the black steelheads. can you say new gamers.,


    based on the MGS review went to the MLA booth and the evnroll, time well spent. The MLA swings easy and the evnroll variety is very high.

    working on a relationship for both.


    did you see the sweep beep? and cool practice item.


    Fat Matt was a great idea but a bit over the top in cost, the neuroscience items were winners, I just kept thinking of the of copper necklace commercials,,,,,

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  3. 1) Wishon lengths are very conservative but he drives home the point of a shorter club. The data I have from my fittings show the 44.5" driver length is the most popular.


    2) correct, see RB7s previous post.


    3) You can expect the club to feel very light in comparison to the original length. There are discussions about the effects on cutting down the cut flex, spine, etc personally I don't much of that but 1.75" is significant. cosmetically you will most likely be putting on a grip over the logo of the grip.

  4. I tell folks that grip size is a catalyst to the push or hook concepts not a cause.

    Grips should be fit to the proper size of both hands. However, physical and mental comfort override proper fit.

    Meaning if I say I think midsize grips are the best fit for you and while going through the mid grips for selection the golfers final thought is,,,,,

    yea but I am comfortable with standard and like that feel instead, then the decision has already been made.

    The change of grip size will be in that golfers mind the ENTIRE time instead of concentrating on the swing.

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  5. I am in agreement with jaskanski.

    It would greatly depend on velocity of the club head mashing against the ball and then where the impact occurs.

    If you are hitting say near the crown with a higher than average club head speed then failure is bound to happen.

    however if you are hitting in the middle fairly consistently then it should be a very long time before anything noticeable happens to the club head.


    and yes I would expect the shaft to fail first. 

  6. I have folks coming back for fittings for the following reasons

    1) major surgery (rotator cuff, knee replacement etc) to get confirmation on specs needed for new gear again if needed.

    2) recovered from major sickness stuff such as cancer, long term infections, that cause large changes in strength and weight

    3) got bit by the golf bug (BAD) and has been through a serious change in the swing

    4) has had equipment long enough (in the their mind) and want to make sure specs are still good.

    5) on the average 5yr if nothings has changed.

    6) or got a great deal on a set of clubs and wants to make sure the purchase was righteous

  7. Lets face it, ladies don't the attention the guys get when it comes to the equipment. The women golfers we are talking about here are taller, stronger and smarter about the game.

    I rarely put on Ladies grips on ladies clubs. Men's standard or even midsize are more the norm.

    same goes with shafts and the shaft lengths. typical shaft flexes range in the A to R and mostly a 1/2 shorter than men's standard lengths.


    Fit them like anyone else and watch them play better

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  8. Instead of concentrating on the ball you might want to consider the shaft in play assuming ( yes I know what can happen when that happens) the head is in good shape. The shaft can prevent the need 16 Mph ball lost, additionally if you are spppiiiinnninngg the ball as added loft will take away from the ball speed ever so slightly. Just something else to consider

  9. Cut down the club to your desired length, take it out for a test drive and see if you even miss the swing weight.

    If you do, may be able to make it up with removing the 1 gram disc and putting in the heavier one.

    or adding lead tape or finding the way into the head and adding the tungsten and rat glue.


    the counter balance in the shaft is not that dramatic. I carry the ACCRA tourZ CB and love it. I cut it to 44.5 and there was no difference in feel to me.

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  10. you are paying for the fitting process (experience), Regardless of the equipment brought in they get them spec'd.

    As far as doing repairs or tweaks, that why we have a repair shop.,,,

    We get plenty of folks that buy new equipment and then ask to get them fit. no problem. just be prepared to be told that the equipment purchase may not be the best fit for you, if that is the way it turns out.

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  11. I would have to say that If you are hitting the clubs with a length that is 1" over well then it is probably the proper length for you.

    You are correct the fitting is the thing to do, it may find that the one inch over is just right.


    Adding length to the club can add to the swing weight, as previously posted, add weight to the total weight which is as important, take a bit extra time to deliver the club to square. Although not as a apparent as in a iron as a driver. Again, if YOU are hitting better then by all means use it.


    Using the wrong length can cause you to lose distance via off center hits, poor contact etc. Length is an important spec in a golf club for better golf


  12. Aggreed with asking the fitter. Who ever is feeding you the lie angle thumb is taking you down the wrong path.

    Think of it this way, As the length of the club shortens the lie angle goes up. So, if you really hit the .5 inch shorter club better and every thing else is equal then at least a .5 degree upright adjustment is needed.

    From only the info above I would GUESS that either you have a more upright swing plane than the average golfer or the fitter is trying to help with a slice.

    There so many variables that a fitter can look at for making a decision on the equipment choosen for you that the person to ask is the fitter first.

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