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  1. Two more rounds in the bag and I'm starting to think the EXS is a beast! I drove the ball well all weekend (well, almost. Only two stinkers). Conditions were "breezy" but nice overall. Even into the wind where at times I thought this hole is going to play long. But my EXS played straight with several long boring shots. I also had a nice encounter with Mr. Charles Coody on Saturday. Masters Champion - 1971. Really nice guy. He drove up and greeted us in the fairway and I took the moment to visit with him briefly. He asked if I'd mind if he replaced the cups with coffee cans. (not at all I said - LOL) I complimented him on how nice the course conditions were. The greens are some of the best I've ever played. Anywhere! He's going to autograph a logo pin flag for me and send it to me in the next week or two. How cool is that! Regrettably, I didn't think to get a photo of us. Damn. Great weekend with the EXS at Diamondback National Golf Club - Abilene, Texas.
  2. I probably would have handed her a doz PV1. She wanted to gift her son not fit him into a ball. I'm guessing since you said the lady is elderly her son is rather old too and not a kid. But either way IMO it doesn't matter. A $50 gift is just that; a gift. Same thing if she wanted to buy her son a football like the pros use. You wouldn't recommend a rubber ball since he's not an expert. Sometimes us forum members take thing too serious. I feel sorry for the guy not getting a very top of the line ball. He would have been thrilled. Hopefully old mom won't realize the was talked into a cheaper model. Sadly the son will.
  3. Well I know why. It has to be the SlipStream Sole. I've gone from 94 to 95 MPH with my EXS. I'd bet somewhere around WF you have a place to either get a shaft to test or swap the tip if need be. Might be worth it. Last Sunday I had my best round to date with the EXS. I hit every drivable FW except one. Long too! I think I'm starting to get used to a new driver and my setup a little better. Confidence level is up and knowing what to expect. This weekend I'll be playing a couple of competitive rounds in Abilene Texas on Charles Coody's course - Diamondback. Great course tee to green. I'm expecting more good results.
  4. Sounds good Stu. I've always wondered how long it might take me to begin hitting a "wood" again decently. I'm going to guess probably not as long as I think. The biggest issue I think would be a loss of distance. ?
  5. So, when are you going to make a run at it? This will good and I'm watching.
  6. Curious... where do you purchase your steaks? Monsanto? Just jacking with ya. LOL
  7. I've just had an email exchange with Michael Chang - the Shotmaker guy. He says they've moved on to "other things". So, sounds like a great golf invention is no more. I'm guessing the result of poor marketing = low sales.
  8. Go ahead and mark old Plaid down. I'll be there. BTW... I' require a private jet round trip, comped VIP-luxury accommodations along with full meal and bar tab at the Ritz-Carlton Cherokee Lake, a Bentley rental for my nightly gallivanting around, a 15 yo kid to carry my bag each day, and a $100,000 appearance fee paid in advance. Any tournament winnings are yours!! Looking forward to it Teddy.
  9. I don't know that you can. Or should. People that have a hobby/passion be it photography, bike riding, skiing, fishing, ... golf; always seem to find time for what they really want to do or what is important to them. I know a lot of folks that participate in many things or sports. Their not a one trick pony if you will. And that's great. Sometimes I think to myself that golf is about the only thing I do with my spare time. Well, that's what what I really, really enjoy doing. It never gets old or boring and as hard as I try I'll never be an expert. There's a lot of people that enjoy playing golf 3-4-8-10 times a year and they enjoy that too. They're just not Avid. Fine. People that truly go from casual to avid usually convert themselves IMO. Like many of you readers I've had people many through the years ask, "how do you do that" or how did you get so good". LOL I just remind them that I play all the time and have been doing so for a very long time. They always say... "oh".
  10. Yes. I understand that as well. I started to mention Twist Face as an example. The newer designs defining bulge and roll are not the same as the old days. I over simplified. However I'm sure glad my EXS has a SlipStream Sole or I'd never have bought it. LOL
  11. You're in luck if you relocate to Surprise/Sun City Az. as The First Tee of Phoenix has a program location at Briarwood CC. And most if not all First Tee Chapters and their program locations are always looking for good volunteers to do various things from coaching to office work. I am the Executive Director of our chapter. But we already have a few volunteers wanting to coach and assist anyway they can. And... we'll have a place for them. I would suggest if you relocate to contact the First Tee of Phoenix and just ask them how you can help. I'll promise they will be glad to hear from you.
  12. Good intro Bogey. I'll be most interested to read your evaluation of the EXS. You sound like a guy that has some real potential with this game. In fact you can only improve. That's your only path at this time. You also mentioned you're taking lessons which usually helps most people - providing they have a good instructor and are willing to put in the time which you are. I would like to see you report over this year that you have dropped from a 22-25 hcp down to perhaps a 14-16 hcp. I'd wager that you can. I'm a little skeptical today as to what you'll be able to offer in your review. This isn't a put down from a forum guy who thinks he's some kind of hot shot player. I'm not - and that's not my point at all. I'm 64 yo and carry about a 3-5 hcp. Big whoop. However, I'm very curious as to how you'll be reporting your findings. I don't think any golf club at this stage of your development is going to make or break your current situation. Sure it pays to have good equipment. But you already have that as listed in your signature above. What I mean is I don't expect your findings to be that the EXS is a "game changer" for you. Nor would any other popular driver on the market. You already pound the ball 260 yds. - carry! To somewhere on the course. (BTW, your distance is past my combined carry and roll.) The problem is the ball goes right far too often. Meaning slicing hard I'd imagine. No biggie. Most beginners do that and over time you'll correct it no doubt. Most likely that's not the fault of your equipment. It's a swing issue. Am I right? Flight Tuning Systems are standard fare and basic to most any modern driver with movable weights and adjustable hosels. RollFace Technology isn't new either. Various club makers just call it something different is all. And besides... drivers as far back as I can recall all had "bulge & roll". Even the ones made from trees. SlipStream Sole... whew boy how does one make sense of that? Bogey.... I'm just as interested in your EXS review as I am from another reviewer with 2 hcp. Both of you come from a much different perspective and together that is what I will find most interesting. I also welcome you to the forum and congratulate you on being selected for the EXS review. You're off to a great start.
  13. I'd suggest you contact the closest chapter or The First Tee. It's quite possible the map isn't quite up to date and or there might be a program facility closer by where you are. There's always the thought that you might work with the local chapter and they'd help you start a location where you are. You'd probably fall under the umbrella of the chapter - meaning you don't have to invent the wheel as they'd work with you as an outreach partner. Lot's of options. The First Tee is looking to expand. Give it a shot and see where it might lead. All it might take is phone call.
  14. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a number of kids from The First Tee of Greater Washington DC. I'd imagine there is a chapter nearby. Take a look at this map. They're all over your area. https://thefirsttee.org/locations/
  15. Well boys... I suppose some of you heard the news. Today, Charles Schwab in addition to taking the helm as title sponsor at Colonial is also making a $5MM Challenge Grant available to all 9 of The First Tee Chapters in Texas. We're pretty excited as we are the newest chapter and our fundraising has just recently kicked-off. This will really supercharge our immediate and annual donations. Thanks Charles!!
  16. How are you knowing or evaluating the bend profile?* Feel? I don't have any clue regarding the bend profile of the Speeder. Just on course results. *I'm probably one of the least interested (and ignorant) persons in the forum when it come to shaft specs.
  17. Really nice job all around on your stage #1. Enjoyed the photos! I'm currently playing between a 3-5 hcp so our handicaps are close. I'm glad you have so many other drivers including older Exotics to compare performance and shapes, etc. I'll be interested to see how the Tensei shafts works for you. As you might have read - it didn't for me and I swapped with a Fujikura Speeder 57-S. Bingo! I noticed in your last two photos where you were showing the face. It appeared to me you had changed the loft/face angle setting and in the bottom photo you were centering the strikes nicely as oppose to the top photo. Am I right?
  18. To answer the question of What Would I Buy at an on-course Pro Shop? Nothing really. I am always prepared when I get to a golf course. Either home or away. I carry everything from balls to band-aids including a spare glove, socks, sunscreen, chap-stick, shoelaces, spare battery, pain or headache pills, etc. As you can tell; I'm not a spender at the golf course. There's really nothing they have that I need or want. I only belong to a club for access to golf. Thankfully there's no requirement for me to spend beyond the monthly dues and cart fee.
  19. I think Tempo is a big deal. If you're interested there is a nice little app to help you find and groove your tempo. https://www.tourtempo.com/ I actually have the app (and the book) and used to use it. So simple. Too bad I don't heed my own advise. But you might consider giving it a try. Can't hurt.
  20. I'd wager most of us in the forum... certainly the most active members follow good etiquette. Personally, I never stand anywhere directly behind someone making a shot or taking a stroke. Unless asked.... like in "please help me watch this tee shot". You can generally never go wrong if you'll stand off to the side and slightly back of anyone make a stroke. There's plenty of room on a golf course to give a man some space.
  21. Doesn't make sense. Pay for a fitting and then go buy un-fitted clubs from a pre-own'd website. How does that work? Do you get these clubs sent to you and then you take them out in the garage and disassemble them - and start rebuilding them with proper weight, shaft replacements and or adjusting the length, grip size, loft and lie, etc. Sounds like to me that in order to do that you'd have to be a club fitter yourself. I'm not.
  22. I'm sworn to secrecy until sometime on Wednesday after the formal announcement. Not certain but I'm guessing the GC will carry any and all things related to Schwab/Colonial and other announcements . I'll come back here in this post on Wednesday sometime with an update.
  23. One thing I didn't mention above.... do you ever see great putters holding up fingers and squinting one-eyed, straddling their line to "feel" the slope, plumb-bobbing, etc. etc.? Of course not. They don't need or have to do any of that stuff. It's all built-in to themselves. They're processors. They are able to see and read/visualize a line and slope and process all the information into a good stroke along the visualized path. Their mind tells them how and where to putt the ball and with the right amount of pressure. It's the mediocre putters that buy into all this other stuff. Sadly it will never make a mediocre putter into someone like a Tiger Woods.
  24. Honestly and this you might find shocking - Some people just have a better built-in "sense - feel- vision - whatever" for reading greens and thereby making more putts. In all my many years of playing this game that's my conclusion. Some people are just simply better at processing all the variances and making something good come of it. Others not so much. Sure there are some basic fundamentals to observe and strive for. But in the end it all comes down to how you're able to process this information into a stroke and ball path which produces the best results. Some people have it and others don't. And... you know which person your are.
  25. Don't take this wrong but.... who'd want them? Standard range balls are rather $hitty when new. And even $hitter after being used for a while. FYI - I have available two 55 gallon drums full of old used range balls. I'll have to pay to have them hauled off.
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