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  1. I actually have one somewhere. I don't use it but I've tried it. I think I might have posted about it some years ago when I was overly obsessed with golf. I guess it seemed to work as intended. I say that because it would realign to my initial mark I put on a ball when I placed it back in the device and spun it up. Does it do anything for your game? I really couldn't say but it's an interesting gadget.
  2. Telephone fitter? LOL That's the first time I've heard that. Makes me wonder if they might also answer as the Psychic Hotline.
  3. I totally agree and have said such before in one form or another. This golf forum is all about data. That's what they do here - meaning the guys that own/run it. They analyze every aspect of a club and ball and all the various data points they are able to extract from them. And it's a lot of data too. It's not my thing per se' but it is for a lot of golfers. Personally I don't care much what the data has to say. I mostly rely on my experience and my equipment performance out on the golf course. I use what I see with my eyes and what I feel with my hands. Owning a decent set of golf clubs fit for each individual is important in my book. But when the rubber hits the road the data isn't hitting shots for me. I am. So, my advice is to get some decent fitting equipment and go learn how to score. And BTW.... lower is better. More fun too if.... you'll forget about all the data and record/stats keeping. (been there done that) Free your mind. You'll play better.
  4. I too play Wishon irons fitted by a Wishon professional fitter in Texas. The best playing and feeling irons I've ever owned. Lucky me I guess. Wishon fitting employs the MOI method. This is not backweighting. But, backweighting isn't new either. For example; Jack Nicklaus back weighted all his clubs. I even once tried the Secret Grips on a set of irons and liked them for a time. Definitely felt good hitting the ball. You can also back weight your own clubs using Tour Lock weights. They can be found at Maltby and other places I think. But in the end I opted for a professional fitting and went with Wishon. You might consider looking into it Amish.
  5. Deejaid, for me it's the 56. I use this wedge more than any other in my bag besides putter. Without looking it up I can't tell you the specs. I mostly play bermuda courses and this club is the most versatile of any.
  6. Looks like my boastful comment above was a little premature. There are 3 holes to best of recollection that I haven't birdied yet this year. #5 par 4, #10 par 4, #16 par 3. The number 5 and 10 aren't that difficult actually but I suppose they are for me. Ha! The good news is I still have about 6 months left.
  7. This thread is interesting and all... Certainly at 65 I'm not going to attempt riding anything like this. Anywhere! (not a put down) But, if I were 10-14 years old I'd be all over this thing. As far as I can tell these types of things just aren't working out for golf courses. Yet. I've seen a few courses try "new" types of unconventional golf scooters, boards, etc. but they were all short term novelties IMO and then they were gone or left unused. I suppose it's hard to beat walking, caddies, push/pull carts, and standard club car - ez go type golf carts. Best of luck with your OneWheel.
  8. I second this! America the beautiful. The United States of greatness!!
  9. I grip all my clubs the same way. With a full finger grip. Several years ago (and after a lifetime essentially) I changed from an overlap grip on irons, woods, etc to a full finger grip. I have always used a full finger grip when putting. My putting has always been the strongest of my game. By changing my grip to full-finger with my other clubs made a huge difference. I belive it works better for guys with smaller hands. The result was much improved - more solid ball striking and some added distance. To each his own.... whatever works. Right?
  10. I've used both Pin High and MG labels. Both seems fine to me. So... pick your poison.
  11. Yes in more ways than one. New ownership several years ago and one with very deep pockets turned the whole thing around. The gentleman out of Dallas that bought the resort put in millions to make it what it is today. And improvements are still constantly happening. All good. You're correct about the water. I'm guessing the retention ponds allow for cooling before it's pumped on the course. They also have a treating system of some type where the sulphur is knocked-out of the water. It's just a very unique place in all ways. It's certainly off the beaten path but there is also Lajitas International where I'd told a jet up to 737 can land. I know there are charters out of Dallas that bring groups there. Anyway... even though there are other attractions and things to do; it's really all about the golf. And rightly so. I'd post a few photos but they don't do justice.
  12. Seeing this reminded me of this past weekend. I played a tournament at the fabulous Lajitas Golf Resort. Incredible course with paspalum tee to green. Yes... even the greens!! I guess this grass isn't just coastal. https://www.lajitasgolfresort.com/default.aspx?pg=golf
  13. But Kenny... don't you hit it 4 yards more? Perhaps it's the tee!
  14. If I had to name one thing it would be slow play. Tournaments or anytime. Honestly, I don't worry about things I can't control anymore. I am however playing in a 2-day private annual invitational this coming weekend. This event is a partnership competition. Because of our hcps (4-5) we'll play in the Presidents flight. But as 65-66 year old guys we have no chance from the tees we'll be playing. Anyway... I'm just looking to have fun and enjoy the course, events, and connecting with guys I see there each year. It's a ton of fun win or lose IMO. https://www.lajitasgolfresort.com/default.aspx?pg=golf
  15. Abe is also a part owner of Flecha Azul tequila. His clothing at Black Quail brand of which I have two shirts. The tequila is a premium-premium brand and very good. Excellent actually. One of our First Tee board members owns the tequila, the clothing and Wildcat Oil Tools. https://flechaazultequila.com/ https://blackquailapparel.com/ https://www.wildcatoiltools.com/
  16. I've heard this works after only one use. https://www.silverpharaoh.com/products/original-vintage-golfers-crotch-hook-1963
  17. I said 4 in the Poll. But I don't wear any of them anymore. I have a few pairs of Sketchers walking/athletic shoes - I guess they'd be called; that I enjoy much more than Golf Shoes.
  18. ... I don't know what my swing prefers Rev. Probably some rest. LOL
  19. Looks pretty good but... where's the bacon?
  20. I was thinking the same thing before I scrolled across what cnosil said. I can't say that I have a "killer" move... at least in a bad sense. But I probably do. Honestly, I don't have anything currently that reoccurs over and over during a round such as hooking, slicing, fatting, thinning, etc. If I had to pick something it's under-clubbing. That's a "killer decision" and not a move. Over the past few months I'm pretty sure I'm losing some distance with my irons/approaches. Goes with the territory at 65 I suppose.
  21. I'm in the don't care group as long as they are mowed neatly - closely..... and regularly. I hate fluffy/shaggy fairways.
  22. PlaidJacket


    This is a simple answer to the question... I play from yardages on the card that seem to align with my distances. In the area I live that usually means somewhere around 6200-6500. Our terrain is relatively flatish and rather dry, and the elevation is ~2800'. When I travel out of this region I may play more forward or back.
  23. I can't imagine anyone saying such a thing. Wait a minute... I've said that. But I don't expect my distance to be 500 yards. I'd settle for 251 or 252!! LOL I'm not in the market for a new driver as I just bagged the EXS about 2 yrs ago and it's a good one. I've always liked and wanted to play a Cobra driver for some reason but haven't yet been able to find one that suits me. My last attempt was the Fly-Z+ but I just couldn't get it right and later gave it to my SIL along with 3 different shafts. He's a scratch player and he loves the Fly-Z. Now chisag is trying to ruin my love for the EXS by posting his review of the King SX. What's a guy to do?
  24. Sounds like your putting isn't an issue to me. I too am a good putter more days than not and I usually do no worse than two putt. I am not a birdie machine but probably average 2 per round. Putting, driver, chipping are my strong suits. So, my focus is iron and approach shots. I've said a gillions times that putting is an egnima of sorts and some people just seem to have a gift or knack of being able to connect their brain, eyes, body into the read and then execute a good stroke on the proper line with the right feel and speed. I'm not against training aids, lessons, etc. But, cjeffs12 you're a very good putter already and from years of reading and being a part of this forum I'd have to say that you are in a rare group among all golfers. I have never taken any putting lessons but have taken plenty of lessons for my irons, chipping, etc. THAT worked more for lowering my scores than anything else. With your 10 hcp i'd ask about your irons/approach to greens. Perhaps that's the area you should focus on? I don't have the tour stats as a marker but even those guys don't hit their approach shots that close to the hole on any given day. But they certainly do make a higher percentage of putts than we do most days. With all that; work on your approach shots and try to tighten up your proximity to the hole and or missed greens. As a 3-5 hcp player I miss too many greens and as a 10 hcp player I'd guess you miss more than me. Putting isn't your issue. Certainly not mine. Best wishes.
  25. I prefer US Kids sets. We use them almost exclusively at our First Tee chapter. They are well built and weighted properly for each size. It does no good to put a budding golfer into a homemade set or improperly size/weight clubs. That alone creates all kinds of issues. Good intentions but poor outcomes. These are our second choice: https://shop.playtga.com/
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