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  1. I did the whole GolfWRX thing. For a period of time, it was great and there were some great folks who were knowledgeable and passionate about golf. It used to be a valuable resource to the inside gouge on what was going on in the golf industry. It was a great resource to past times too. The problem is (in my opinion anyway) the drive to recruit new forum members who clearly had no intention of contributing in a positive way to posts started to detract from the seasoned members who made it what it was. They drove out the people who made it great - who soon got tired of getting into arguments,
  2. Amen to that. I hope that if anyone can take anything away from this thread it's that you need to do your homework before starting your journey to getting the clubs you want to fit your game. It's OK to ask loads of questions before you buy! And if you're not happy with the answer - don't buy, it's that simple. Go out, demo as many clubs as you can, ask around, check credentials, seek professional advice and come up with an idea of what you want to achieve - never go blindly into a fitting and have a sense of entitlement if you haven't put in the groundwork first. The old saying is
  3. I like the hydro pearl finish offered by Ping - it does make a difference in the wet.
  4. It happens more often than you think. Check it out...
  5. As others have mentioned, a 1" change in length on a driver is a big deal - not least because of swing weight, but also the effect on flex assuming like for like shafts. The closure rate on the shorter shaft would be faster, so for a square to closing face angle for the previous driver at 45.5" length (giving a moderate draw perhaps) the shorter shaft with a faster closure rate would start to create hooks or pulls for the same swing path. The face angle needs to be considered relative to the loft - lower loft with an open face at address will close to make loft even lower - reducing backspin,
  6. In terms of producing CNC machined putters with funky headcovers - They're about 25 years behind the curve. When they can come up with something more radical in terms of design, then maybe some people will sit sit up and take notice of the price tag. Until that time comes - seen it all before.
  7. I think a lot of people also lose sight of the fact that the raw materials to actually make products on home turf probably come from abroad. The steel used for "made in USA' may not actually be 'sourced in the USA'. Imports are rife in any form of raw material for millions of products - not just golf clubs or their component parts. But if you ask the consumer to take a stance between environmentally and ethically sourced materials and their wallets, the wallet usually wins out every time. Personally, I'd like a company to use more recycled materials and use them more effectively to make
  8. Not a great fit for a blade type iron in my opinion. The ultra light shaft has a flexible tip section to give increased launch and spin - great for low swing speed players who need help to launch their irons - not so good for skilled players who like to work the ball and take advantage of the control on offer from a bladed iron. A better option would be to look at the PX Catalyst in graphite which would mimic the qualities of the PX LZ shaft in terms of launch and spin but at a much lower weight.
  9. Are you talking specifically about the Aldila Rouge Elite Blue 55?
  10. Hard day blueprinting two sets of irons. Late afternoon reward is a Tamdhu 12 year old sherry cask and a Montecristo No.4. Nice.
  11. I always think the most important shot is the one you're about to hit. Which number stroke that is could be anything, but ultimately you have to deal with the consequences of it (good or bad) with your next shot - which then becomes the next most important shot.
  12. It never ceases to amaze me at what some people think constitutes a "fitting'. Swapping out shafts until you get an OK result is not a fitting. Without first establishing a set of baseline results to work against - you have not been fitted. Without establishing the weight you are comfortable swinging - you have not been fitted. Without establishing the correct shaft length - you have not been fitted. Without establishing the shaft profile and flex - you have not been fitted. Without establishing grip type and size - you have not been fitted. Without establishing
  13. Having the traditional successful NASA launch cigar. Cheap and cheerful Honduran J.Cortes, but the sentiment is there...
  14. You can still get the Prolaunch Red. Problem solved?
  15. I just saw Portmarnock in your sig - a beautiful course.... The KBS Tour V plays somewhat similar to the "normal" KBS Tour but at a slightly lower weight of 110g. DGS300 for comparison would be around 127g. The KBS Tour V provides a higher flight compared to the DGS300 but with comparable spin depending on your angle of attack - for links golf I'm guessing your swing is pretty shallow? Anyway, the shaft feels pretty comparable to the venerable DG but with a little more zip which you can feel through impact due to the weaker tip. It's not everyones cup of tea and in the wind (like on
  16. The problem with online fitting tools is that they are based on your own self-assessment - which is nearly always biased towards your own opinion. Coming from DG S300 - what suddenly made you think you wanted (or indeed needed) a lighter shaft? Having said that, there is some evidence given your 6-iron distance that you may benefit from a lighter shaft with a more flexible tip section. Unless you can be specific on your swing and your launch numbers it is hard to fit a shaft to an individual because it is just that - individual. You really need to try them out to make your own mind up.
  17. Well - in order to form any sort of comparison between shafts, you have to do it on an objective basis. There has to be some common ground - otherwise there is no comparison at all, if you see what I mean. Shafts come in all designs, weights, flexes etc. so when comparing at least 3 different models they have to fall within a category that narrows down the options that separate them. In the case of the 3 designs listed by the OP, you could generally put them in the category of low launch. That's the easy part. Now look at the weight categories available - again generally as the weigh
  18. Straight cut for me. I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to it, I guess it's just a case of what you maybe started out with. Having said that, there is some advantage to the straight cutter in terms of verslltily with different types of cigar vitola - some of which would be nigh on impossible with a v-cut or punch.
  19. Luckily for starters - they're different colours....
  20. No love for Jose? A personal favourite of mine lately has been Jose L Piedra - this one is the Cazadores 43 ring gauge. Pop these into your humidor for 6 months to a year and you have a wonderfully rounded and distinctly Cuban flavour cigar but without the top price - I pay around £80 for 10. Not a world-beater by any standard, but a nice earthy taste make it a great pairing for a Speyside Malt - in this case a double cask Tamnavulin. A great smoke for afficiandos or novices alike - even burn with good draw and never had a wrapper fail yet (I like to straight cut). 45 minutes of aft
  21. Wishing Big Stu a speedy recovery. Keep your chin up and your ballfight down.
  22. You could say I've made a few. Apologies if it sounded harsh - but I think you need professional help rather than anecdotal advice.
  23. In my opinion - you're way off base and you should probably stop this delusion journey of self diagnosis and self-indulgence and go and see a professional. 37" wrist to floor at standard length and 2 degrees upright sounds spot on for a Ping static fitting, so unless you swing a club like an octopus falling from a tree, why on earth would you want to play at +1" at your height? (let me guess - because of what you think you need?) The same goes for your grips - you either need jumbo grips to fit your hand size or you don't - you never, ever fit a grip of the wrong size to simply satisfy
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