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  1. I promise my Stage 2 is coming. The last few weeks have put a hindrance on its completion. First, you may have heard of little storm named Dorian that was heading our way in Charleston, SC about a month ago. It shut everything down so Connor and I couldn't get enough time in with the clubs to finish the review. Almost immediately after the storm, I was told by my job that I would have to travel out of the country for 3 weeks, but I still had hopes that we could get this done close to on time, if we spent the weekend after I got back at the course. Then this happened a couple of days before I got back:


    Luckily it just ended up being a sprain, but it will still be a bit before he's ready to start smashing golf balls again. 

    Stage 2 is still coming. It's just slightly delayed by life.

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  2. 12 hours ago, deejaid said:

    It’s interesting that the teen set comes with steel shafts in the irons.

    Yep, most of these junior sets seem to lean towards graphite shafts so there a little more lightweight, but I'm guessing that by time they reach Connor's age and size, they don't need the weight savings. What I found the most interesting was that they used a steel shaft for the hybrid. You don't see a lot of hybrids with steel shaft, even in adult sets.

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  3. On 6/13/2019 at 9:28 AM, chershey said:

    The new Kirkland gloves have become my new go to glove. They are really comfortable, with a thin, but grippy material that allows me to feel the club really well. Durability has been great so far as well. Not bad for how cheap they sell them for.

    So, while I was initially impressed, I have noticed that these gloves don't last as long in high humidity. They also seem to stretch out after time. I may need to look at some other options.

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  4. 7 hours ago, PMookie said:

    The only thing I hate about Puring now is if one adjusts their driver settings, it’s likely the shaft won’t be “spine aligned” anymore....

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    Yeah, I'm dealing with that situation right now. I've been taking golf lessons and the instructor has improved my angle of attack with my driver, so now I'm bumping the loft down, to avoid launching it too high. I'm getting good results so far, but may get the adapter adjusted if I stick with this setting.

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  5. I tried their S-Tech series a while back and wasn't impressed. They felt slippery to me. The Traxion look a lot like the Winn Dri-Tec so they might be a good option if you like that style of grip. I used the Winn's for a while and liked the feel of them but hated how quickly they wear out. If the Super Stroke options wear better, I may be willing to give them a try.

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  6. I don't even think I own any cotton polo's anymore. It's dri-fit performance polos/pants for me every day, even at the office. You never know when an opportunity to get a quick 9 after work will pop up after all. I'll also run to the driving range, during lunch, a few days a week. In South Carolina Summer heat and humidity, I would be miserable in 100% cotton.

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  7. Like cnosil said, it will depend on how the milling is done and what kind of insert we are talking about. It sound like yours may be giving you a softer feel than you like. I currently play a Bettinardi Queen B milling that gives the putter a harder feel and seems to make it easier for me to get the ball to the hole. For some reason I seem to struggle with leaving everything short with soft inserts. Bettinardi makes other millings that feel softer though. It all depends on the model. 

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  8. On 7/12/2019 at 6:19 PM, pmetzger1 said:

    is there any good research (maybe even by golf spy) that PUREing is worth the extra cost?  i have heard that better known shaft manufacturers have gotten so good at making their shafts consistent that puring might not even be worth it.  i also don't understand if it is so good (and the process isn't difficult) why is that not included with a $350 fitting and $5300 set?

    It was part of the $5300 cost of the set. I have read some differing opinions on pureing. This site did a test and claimed that it made a dramatic difference: https://pluggedingolf.com/does-pureing-a-shaft-improve-performance-golf-myths-unplugged/ but a counter study was done here: https://www.milesofgolf.com/testing-performance-drivers-with-pured-shafts/ and showed that it didn't make much, if any, difference. Note, though, that the first test was done using only a six iron and the second test was done using a driver. Is it possible that it makes a bigger difference with steel shafts than with graphite? I really don't know, but I still like having the piece of mind, knowing that mine went through the process.

  9. Going back to the EPEC clubs, one of the kids that does Summer golf camps with my son has the EPEC clubs and hits them really well. They seem like a good option. I just wish I would have known about them when my son was younger. With his height, he'll be playing all adult clubs in a couple of years, so it wouldn't be worth the investment at this point. Your son has a great swing btw.

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  10. 2 hours ago, CarlH said:

    And this is why I don't miss that area.  Moved out west 25 years ago and haven't looked back.

    Yeah, I would love to move out west but my wife is a born and raised Carolina girl with no interest in ever leaving this area, so I'll just have to make the best of it. I'm originally from Michigan, so I'm at least enjoying the year round golf here.

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  11. On 7/2/2019 at 2:08 PM, JonMUSC08 said:

    was very hot in Charleston over the weekend but ended up walking 18 holes. Shot a tough 88 (46/42). The 46 on the front was brutal. My hands were slipping on iron shots and causing me to shank a few. Not sure how I still managed a 46... Ended up borrowing a left handed glove (im a lefty & use right handed gloves) for more grip. Got it together and shot 42 to close. Happy to finish strong. I was like Tommy 2 gloves out there. 

    The Charleston area was ridiculously humid last week. I played Stono Ferry on Thursday and had to put on my rain gloves just to keep the club from slipping. I played Coosaw Creek on Friday and it wasn't nearly as bad. I live in Mt. P as well.

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  12. Carl, that's awesome to hear. I know my fitter has checked in with my a couple of times to make sure everything's still working well. I just recently started a 15 lesson plan with a new Golftec in my area and they are making some serious changes to my swing. I'm concerned that my fitted equipment may need some tweaks after I get through these lessons, but it's good to know that Club Champion may give me a quick refit if needed and possibly just tweak the equipment I already purchased from them.

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  13. I think I know a guy that would be all in on this. He's one of those guys that's willing to try anything. I remember a few years ago, we were playing a round, and he wasn't hitting his typical "power fade" (some may call it a slice off the planet), but his ball was also not carrying very far because it wasn't spinning enough. I finally asked him what was going on. It turns out that he bought this stuff off Amazon that you are supposed to rub all over your driver face and it will eliminate side spin. Apparently it almost eliminates all spin. I've seen videos where Vaseline does the same thing. I'll have to give him a heads up about these balls. I'm sure he'll have them on order in no time and it will be entertaining for me to watch.

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  14. On 6/21/2019 at 8:51 PM, txgolfjunkie said:

    The Toulon Las Vegas is about the same size as the Odyssey mini 7. It frames the ball beautifully but not nearly as big as the original #7. The feel will take some time getting used to after going from a higher pitched Evnroll to a more muted Toulon. IMG_3168.JPG

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    That's what always holds me back from the Evnroll putters. I don't like that high pitched sound. Sound and feel are incredibly important to me when it comes to putter. That's why I play a Betti. I also love the feel and sound of the Toulon's.

  15. Sounds like fantastic results so far. I work out at a gym 4 to 5 times a week that does high intensity interval training, with weights, similar to P90X and it's definitely helped me with my game. At 43, I'm healthier than I've ever been and I also hit the ball further than I ever have. I know one area I need to focus on more is my flexibility though. I may need to check out Fit For Golf as a supplement to what I'm already doing.

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