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  1. Thought it would interesting to see what clubs/wedges everyone uses around the greens on different types of shots: 1 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, fairway lie Lob 2 - Just off the green, shortsided, fairway lie. Lob 3 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, rough Lob 4- Just off the green, shortsided, rough Lob 5 - Short bunker shot, lots of green Lob 6 - Short bunker shot, shortsided Lob 7 - Long bunker shot, lots of green Sand Wedge 8 - Long bunker shot, shortsided Sand Wedge 9 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, fairway Lob 10 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, rough Lob
  2. I think it is pretty simple, if electronics improve your golfing experience use it if not can it. You can always have a gps on your phone if your rangefinder battery dies. Not to mention I have a GPS sx500 I think. I can walk off yardages if needed but why. Play golf and be happy!
  3. If you are going to buy new fairway woods I have to say the Titleist TSi 2's are by far the best fairway woods I have ever hit. They are over 200.00 per club. now you can go to https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/golf-clubs/fairway-woods/ and there are plenty of Tour Exotics for under 200 bucks and they are very good clubs. Enjoy the golf!
  4. I have the PXG Closer II with the weight kit. I took it out of the box and it felt light so I made it as heavy as I could with the kit and now I love it. Just need to find the love of your life I guess....
  5. I have a PXG Closer 2 and I have the weight kit. After putting with it I pretty much made it as heavy as possible. If I played on lightening fast greens all of the time lighter may be better but since it is usually rare I will just bring an extra lighter putter along in case I run into slick greens on a road trip. Love my closer BTW!
  6. I used to put a stripe on my golf balls, this will be interesting.
  7. I had a 3 wheel for years and when I went electric it was much easier! If you can go electric, do it, I promise you will not regret it. I had an older version of the bat caddy until I got my ez-go... https://batcaddy.com/collections/electric-golf-caddies/products/batcaddy-x8r?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=&utm_device=c&utm_keyword=bat caddy x8r&gclid=CjwKCAjw0a-SBhBkEiwApljU0iC9EvsIIXUkUfWJapenPYPjX5c83AnmKMEkiy9SwJJNdJPXRgqVHxoCIwcQAvD_BwE
  8. Swapped out my hyrbrid for a TSi2 7 wood and so grateful I did, love it!
  9. It is called testosterone, plain and simple. Men have a lot more of it.
  10. Get fitted, walk in with your old driver and let them know if they can't beat the old by 10 plus yards with equal or better accuracy you aren't buying. I have a hunch you will walk out with a club you love and if you don't love it don't buy it.
  11. My favorite under 40 bucks is the Bridgestone E12 Contact followed by the Tour B RX . I hit them both very well and they roll well with the putter. Remember, it is not what I hit well but what you hit well that you should be concerned with.
  12. Putting can be fickle to say the least. What helped me to be what I consider a decent putter you ask? I bought one of those stand alone putters and realized where the putter is actually aiming and not where I think it is aiming. I used the putter to learn not to play with as I hate the grip but it worked. I now putt with confidence and make many more putts because of it. Happy golfing!
  13. I have been to both places and I would recommend flying in to Orlando and driving down to Port ST Lucie and staying/golfing down that way. Many options and more affordable.
  14. Trying to break 100 1) Tee off with a wood that keeps you between the trees on a regular basis, Driver, 3W, 5W, 7W 2) If that is the club that will get you to the green or will not reach, hit it again. 3) If you are still a good ways out repeat or use the club you think you can reach with. 4) Inside 50 yards use a Sand wedge to get on the green, if you can't hit a sand wedge up in the air take a lesson, will be well worth it. 5) On the green or fringe putt it in. If you struggle with putting again, take a lesson will be worth the money. Keep it simple and have fun!!!!
  15. I have a 10 yard rule when I go in for a new driver. Beet the old one by ten yards or I am walking.
  16. We had something interesting happen here with the members. They found the Bridgestone spins better for them and folks are starting to drift to the dark side. I am not a high spin player but switched to Bridgestone years ago when the NXT Tours went over 30 bucks a dozen.
  17. I used to walk until my arthritis made it miserable. I miss it it but would rather enjoy the golf!
  18. At the moment PXG Gen 3 driver Titleist Tsi 2 3 wood Titleist Tsi 2 7 wood PXG 0211 irons and Wedges PXG Closer 2 Putter Previous Cobra F8 + driver Cobra F6 + 3 wood Adams 3/4 Hybrid Cobra F8 One Length irons Cobra One length Gap, Sand and Loft wedges Bettenardi Studio Stock 8 I have a simple rule when I go in to get fit for a driver- get me 10 more yards or I am walking.... I am not a high spin player so I find I play better when my wedges match my irons.
  19. There was a time I could not hit a 60' to save my life. Now my 60' is a part of my 14. 1) It is amazing how easy it is to hit once you take lessons, 2) understand what the instructor is saying and 3) learn to execute those instructions. I feel 1,2 and 3 are the keys to playing golf well. Learning to play with siblings and friends is great but lessons with 5-6 hours of practice per lesson is such a key.
  20. I had a 2014 Impala for a few years and it was a great golf car....
  21. My 2020 EZGO RXV gets me from the garage to the first tee in style. Always room for one more at the tee!
  22. I remember when I had clubs long enough to regrip them.... I like Winn grips Dri TAC and the Lamkins on my PXG's are making me a believer as well.
  23. I always take a few practice strokes with my putter to get the speed I want. I feel it helps. I try to get my read when others are putting but obviously that is not always the case. Especially when I am the one n in regulation....
  24. So far I added a PXG Gen 3 driver replacing my Cobra F8+. I was carrying an m5 3 hybrid, went to and old Adams 4 hybrid but now have a 7 wood in that slot. I ordered a Titleist 5 wood to try that in my F6 + 3/4 wood slot. If you aren't tweaking you are not golfing and some setups work better on certain courses. Got to just love this game.
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