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  1. I miss travelling for golf. Weather here has been trash and so much rain meaning it will be a while before it is worth while to hit the links. 

  2. Quick Site Update, we may be down for a few minutes while this runs!

    1. GolfSpy_APH


      Okay, all is back up and running. 

      A few minutes of a bit of bugginess, but for those iPhone users, push notifications via the web app is now available!

      Apologies I try and run these when all of you are asleep, but given the feature addition I thought it important to get it done asap!

  3. Time for me to get to my real work for a little bit!

    Happy to see so many new members on the forum and be sure to check out other areas outside of just the test to find so many awesome threads both golf and non golf related!

    1. Mulligan09


      Hi looking for some help.. Another member suggested contacting a mod and don't know if that would be you.  He suggested I put my post BST forum.  Don't know how to find that etc.  Any help is greatly appreciated


    2. GolfSpy_APH


      All BST should be posted in the classifieds. 


  4. Somewhat of a pre apology.... I have gone back and found some stellar old threads which will be great for discussion and for some to just remember which may have been long forgotten about. 

    Be prepared for some throwbacks!

  5. Looks like the bots are back! 😞

    Please report any posts and it will allow us to get to them quicker. 

    Thank you all!




  6. Stealth 2 Launch day!

  7. @JohnnyCallaway is online in our Callaway Paradym Launch Thread answering questions! Get your questions in now! Follow the link to the thread below!


  8. Anyone else getting excited for launch season? 

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    2. GolfSpy_BNG
    3. GolfSpy_APH


      What's on the watch list for this year?

    4. GolfSpy_BNG


      Currently trying to find a good deal on some Mizuno Pro 225’s. Hit them yesterday and was blown away. 
      As far as new stuff goes I’m looking at drivers mostly. Ping G430 LST, Srixon ZX5 MKII LS, Mizuno ST-X 230, and anxious to see some pics of Cobras new driver. Not sure I have seen anything on it yet. 

  9. Ivan's first Christmas so we are running through the Christmas movies.. what's your or your families favorites? 


    1. Bobbers


      The original Miracle on 34th Street is always a treat.

  10. Finland for a few weeks. Of course still around the forum, nice to be traveling again!

  11. Happy Sunday all! Another test is out and more great content coming this week as well as our announcement for the Nippon shaft Tester!

  12. Late here and I am going to attempt at some sleep before Ivan inevitably wakes me up for his midnight bottle. Love to hear some thoughts on what you all want to see come to the forum for features big or small! I also haven't forgot to upload those new emoji for OEMs, just got put on the back burner till this weekend. 

  13. Wow is it nice to login and not see a million spam threads. Maybe I just jinxed it, but thank you to the mod team over the last 48 hours in working their tails off to clean it up and work on some other filters to prevent it moving forward!

    1. Kenny B

      Kenny B

      I wanted to use the Thanks button... doesn't work.

  14. Thank you to all who have been reporting the spammed content. Apparently the bots really want us to travel! We will get to all reported spam asap and try to be active in banning those members as spammers as we either see them on the forum or in the reported content section. 

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    2. GolfSpy TCB

      GolfSpy TCB

      Keeping us mods busy this morning for sure!!.  

    3. GolfSpy_APH


      Who has the most completed reports? Do we get a banner for who gets the most each month?

    4. MacTourney
  15. Coming tomorrow I'll have a update on swing/practice, Sub70 659 long term review and an addition to witb and some new products I'm testing out! So much to write! So many photos to take! 

  16. Promise I'm not trying to spam posts and topics, but have had a lot of time with being stuck at the club watching Curling/ice temps which has meant lots of forum time.

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    2. GolfSpy_APH


      I should start a poll for how many coffees I've had today... Over under 7.5 so far. 

    3. mynerds


      I was just about to ask if you think anyone's job is as far removed from golf as yours, but then I wondered if you're not just a greenskeeper for ice. Gotta respect the craft that enhances the experience for others.

      And having grown up in Vegas, I'll take the over. Always take the over.

    4. GolfSpy_APH


      That is a very good way to describe my job. It is actually a lot closer to golf related than most think. At least in Canada a lot of Curling Halls and Golf Clubs are one. In the summer when the ice is out they use that area for storage/carts and all that sort of stuff. Typically the offseasons line up perfectly with Curling season being October-April and Golf being May-October. 

  17. Want to apologise to the membership for having been somewhat mia over the last month or so. Had a work trip to Kazakhstan for a couple weeks and just a lot of catchup leading up to and on coming back home with wife, work and dogs. Now that things are settled back in shouldn't have that lapse in time... although baby is coming soon. However that being said Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back in the US and looking forward to photos of those amazing turkey dinners! 

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