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  1. Still watching for that course that will let me walk and take my pup. Someday maybe. I sure could use her at this time of the year to search for my mishits.
  2. @snoopy79, @Mr Orange looks like maybe the upcoming week may allow us 1 or 2 potential rounds. Not sure about your area @BallsLeon.
  3. Definitely got away with a bonus day of golf. November in mid Michigan can be brutal. Today not too bad. 48* and a lot of standing water in fairways from yesterdays rain and snow. Nice and sunny but the wind was nasty. Blowing steady at 30 mph WNW gusts of 38. There were leaves blowing in from the next county over. Even though less than ideal conditions...it was still golf. Yipee! Played 9 and had to keep the ball low from wind and even if it did balloon up, when it landed it stayed in its own mark. No bouncing or run out. Still had a decent round. Shot a 40 even after bogies on 3 out of the last 4 holes. These last four were all directly into the wind. I couldn't predict where those balls were going to go. But all good regardless. Even had one putt that was a triple banker off leaves and just ended short.
  4. I have to admit this net bundle is a good product. I have had this set up in my barn for year round use. Have had it for over 5 years and it holds up very well. Using a target sheet helps extend the life of the product. On average, I hit 125 balls per week, every week. As I said I have used it for over 5 years. I liked it so much that I bought a second one to take when I go camping.
  5. FYI, I have posted my final review concerning the test review of SUB70 004 Mallet putters. A huge thank you to @GolfSub70 and MGS and especially @GolfSpy_APH. I certainly learned some tricks and had a lot of fun while doing it. Folks, this putter is well worth looking into. It is in my bag for sure.
  6. Still might have 1 or mayyyyybeeeee 2 more rounds next week. Mid 40's but no snow projected. @GolfSub70Sub70 004 mallet is pumping great actually. My last 9 holes had 16 putts, zero 3 putts putts/GIR were 2.00 and putts/hole was 1.78. My putting appears to be trending down a little which is a good thing.
  7. Yahoo!! Go for it testers. Have fun and looking forward to your thoughts.
  8. This is killing me. Some of these deals are just sooooo good! But how do I justify the $$. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
  9. Might have been my last round for the season. Windy, 25mph gusts at 48* and cloudy. But man, despite the less than favorable conditions it was a hell of a round for me anyways. If it is my last, what a good one to end the season with and dream about for the start of a new one. Hit 6 out of 7 fairways. My GIR were 6 out of 9 and the misses were 3 feet or less on the fringe. Had 16 putts. Shot a 36. One of my better rounds this year. Starting to get a better feel for the @GolfSub70 Sub70 004 mallet putter. No 3 putts today.
  10. Supposed to be 50 tomorrow, my leaves are raked...for now... supposed to be windy but this may be the last Op p for the year. Got to try anyway.
  11. Had hip replaced 2 years ago. It was about 3 months before I felt I could start with chips and putts. at the 6 month mark Dr said go for it. I had to sort of start slowly on full out swings and relearn how to do weight shifts. I had been favoring that left hip for too many years and now there was no pain so I tended to be a bit wild at first. After an additional month I was swinging AOK. Over the past 2 years I've managed to drop my index from over 15 down to 8. And that's with a 5 month no winter play. But the key is don't RUSH your body. When it hurts, listen to it and things will progress.
  12. 2024 Goals: 1. Enjoy, enjoy no matter what. 2. Try to maintain my current handicap. I realize as I age I am loosing some yardage. I might need to move forward and that's OK. 3. Maintain my Fairways hit at 60%. 4. Increase my GIR to 50%+. This past season I was able to increase it to 44%. 5. Reduce 3-putts to no more than one per round. Currently it is 1.5 I started late tracking. But it is one I want to work on.
  13. When the temps drop below 45 I usually soak 3 balls in large mug of hot water about an hour before I head out. Then as others have mentioned I rotate then each hole. 1 out and 2 in a pocket. Not sure about the loss of distance but I do notice when I warm them before my round they feel softer when I hit and not like a rock.
  14. OMG! @Shrek74. 9 dozen balls?? Can anyone play that much golf? You are my hero.
  15. Really looking forward to what you all think. Mid MI has been real wet this fall. As it stands now our season is one for the books. Will watch for your comments to get ready for spring. Had some of that "S" word today.
  16. Thank you testers for your time and your comments. What I was glad to hear was everyone gave them a good try and maybe just a little bit harsher BUT! It gives us the ability to see pros and cons on what you found. I've always been a proponent of ball companies offering new releases in 2 pack sleeves as a promotion. Very few ever do it. I'm not one to just toss out 45 bucks to see if I might like it. Thanks to MGS and the tester program. This allows me a chance to read what people actually feel. The big spring issues of "hot" balls for the upcoming year are just paid ads as far as I can see. Thank you all for your input.
  17. Got to say I'm a "use a tee" when you can. I don't think I've had the opportunity to use a wedge from the tee box.
  18. Welcome @BLD7 to the forum. Glad to see another Michigander in the forums. I hope you get as much info from this as most seem to get. And we'd love to hear your opinions and experiences as well. Yah, your right our courses are shutting down quickly for the season.
  19. Brian, welcome to the forum. Alway great to see another Michigander on the threads. I hope you get as much out of it as I have. Please do continue with input. It is appreciated. Welcome.
  20. Cecil, welcome to the forums sir. Glad to hear it. Hope you get bunches of info out of the forum as I have. Welcome.
  21. Welcome to the forum. I hope you are able to glean info and thanks for your input as well.
  22. @Dooby, so many great comments from many good golfers. One trick I do is an exercise I do before or actually to help me fall asleep at night. I visualize the course I plan to play next in my head and go thru holes and see where I want each shot to go. Granted you have to know the course for sure. No it doesn't always work out that way, but as I've managed to downplay my ego, having this plan in my head also has helped me perform better as well. Good luck as you fine what is best for you.
  23. Have started to tinker a little with changing (lessening)the weights on the heel side first. First change resulted in positive results but not enough in my mind. Changed again and really happy with the results so far. Granted only have 60 putts and no course time to fully test. Temps dropping to 40's for the next week. Hope I can still get out or at least find a practice green open nearby. Old reliable had gone thru aeration but now they are set to close tomorrow for the season.
  24. Okay dude. Are you going to make me ask? How are you hitting it? Feel good and is it filling in the gap you desire? Looks nice.
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