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Red Rooster X MyGolfSpy Forum Gloves - Round 2!

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Equipment Type: Gloves
Vendor: Red Rooster

Red Rooster X MyGolfSpy Forum Gloves            image.png


Here's your chance to get your hands on an exclusive forum offering brought to you from the good folks at Red Rooster Golf!

The custom glove is based on The Feather glove which is the same grade of leather as The Cape which took the #1 Spot in Performance Glove Testing in 2022.  



Those of you that have had the pleasure to try The Root, know the quality that comes with the brand.  Those of you that haven't yet tried Red Rooster... now is the time! 


Please sign up with the link above, once we hit the minimum order quantity we will be able to open up the direct order link with Red Rooster!

The gloves will be $23 each and an order link will be provided once it is available!


US - https://redroostergolf.com/collections/mens/products/mygolfspy-glove

Canada - https://ca.redroostergolf.com/collections/mens-gloves/products/mygolfspy-glove




9 minutes ago, GolfSpy_APH said:


Exactly I wear Cadet Large but think Medium might be way to go

Just now, Preeway said:

I wear a medium and mine fit quite snug in the beginning. Enough so that I was worried I should have gone with ML but after about 100 swings its fits like Goldilocks. Just right. 

So your saying tight is good... (sorry couldnt resist)

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1 minute ago, berkeleybob said:

@GolfSpy_APH I take it you’ve ordered before? I know you’re not living in an EU country, but do/did you get hit with a large customs charge?

I’ll check with Red Rooster as well, but I thought I’d ask you, too.

So I actually had mine sent to another forum staff member and then shipped here. 

Because I'm going to the Outing it may be possible for us to do something similar. Order them to someone there and I'll bring them back and ship them to you, but it wouldn't be until June you get them. 

You can send me a pm and we can get it sorted out. 

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