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    Love it!! Walkers, ASSEMBLE!
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    Love it!! Walkers, ASSEMBLE!
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    Love it!! Walkers, ASSEMBLE!
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    Congrats @cksurfdude, @azstu324, @Invader Zim 315, @StrokerAce!! Cheers to some.bombs this season
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    Congrats @cksurfdude, @azstu324, @Invader Zim 315, @StrokerAce!! Cheers to some.bombs this season
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    Congrats @cksurfdude, @azstu324, @Invader Zim 315, @StrokerAce!! Cheers to some.bombs this season
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    Paradym X Irons - Official MGS Forum Review by Golf2Much
    Introduction (April 6, 2023)
    This has been an incredible MyGolfSpy last couple of days.  First, I received my “500” forum ranking.  That was followed by winning Season 1 of the MGS Championship Tour.   Last, but not least, I was selected as a Callaway Paradym X irons reviewer.  I still find it all hard to believe!
    I was born and raised in Rochester, New York.  After graduating with degrees in Plastics Engineering (yes, I know, “The Graduate”) I returned home and had a 27-year technology, business development and management career at Xerox.   In 2007 I left Xerox, moved to Key West, Florida and have enjoyed island living ever since. 
    Since retiring, I’m living up to my display name, Golf2Much!  Last year I played over 130 rounds of golf with all but 2 on my home course.  My index currently is 11.4, but within the last year it was as low as 9.2.   
    When I’m not playing, I’m still busy with golf. I’m the Vice President of the Lower Keys Golf Association which raises money to support local junior golf and high school golf teams.  I also maintain the local GHIN system. If that wasn’t enough, about six months ago I became a Florida State Golf Association/USGA course rater. 
    My home course is the Rees Jones designed Key West Golf Club.  The classic layout has narrow fairways, small greens with false fronts and penalty areas, water or mangroves on each hole.   The course demands driving and approach shot accuracy to score.
    My playing style is easy to describe:  I’m the golfer I used to hate when I was young!   On par fours I drive the ball 170-190, come up short of the green with a fairway wood second shot, chip on and one putt for par.   The shots gained numbers against my handicap peer group below highlights exactly what I’m talking about. 

    Seeing those numbers, you can almost hear “hey you kids, get off my lawn!”
    Some of the above shortfalls are due to being 66 years old and having enough physical limitations that many wonder how I can even play golf at all!   I’m expecting a few more yards out from my new Ping G430 Max driver, so my focus has turned to my iron approach shots.
    I currently play Ping G30 irons with Fujikura EXS 60i R2-Flex shafts that I bought the used seven years ago.  My data suggests that maybe it might be time to upgrade!
    Enter the Paradym X’s.   Callaway refers to them as player type, game improvement irons with “distance and forgiveness.”  Given my situation, they seemed a perfect fit. 
    I use the Shot Scope H40 and tags for shot tracking, so I will be providing comparable data between both sets.   I'll be sharing some of that baseline G30 shot tracking and performance data leading up to my review and why the Paradym X's might be a game changer for me.  My expectation is to use that data as the basis for whether the Paradym X's stay in my bag.  Even as a lifelong Ping iron player, if the Paradym X's out perform they will stay in my bag!
    The last new set of irons I owned were Callaway Big Berthas back in the mid 1990’s.  Now almost 30 years later I have the pleasure of trying their latest irons.  I can’t wait to put the Paradym X’s in play and share my findings with you!
    Link to my Paradym X iron fitting:  
    Unboxing (April 14, 2014)
    Before I dive into the unboxing of the Paradym X’s, I have to give kudos to Callaway.  Their ability to quickly turn around my custom order was impressive.  Within a week of getting my specifications, Callaway built the custom clubs, shipped them from their Mexico facility, and delivered them to my door at the Southernmost end of US1.    
    The clubs came very well protected in the box.  There were cardboard dividers at each end and in the middle to prevent clubs rattling during shipping.   The middle divider did a great job isolating the clubs at the bottom and top of the box.  Each iron head came shrink wrapped and inside a bubble wrap sleeve.   Altogether, the irons themselves were protected and very well secured.
    Included in the box was the expected packing slip and a nice summary of the custom certified iron build specifications.  This will be filed away in a safe place.
    As I started carefully unwrapping each iron, I realized that (other than my wedges) I’ve never owned a set of forged irons.   With one unwrapped, I stood back and was impressed how good the overall iron looked.  The iron's polished finish went well with the black Aldila shaft with silver and blue highlights and the Golf Pride CP2 Pro Wrap grip which has the white and blue accents. 
    All I could think about is a paraphrased Billy Crystal Saturday Night Live line:  “It’s much better to look good than to play good..and you look marvelous!”
    The back of the club has a simple and uncluttered look.  Certainly, different than the Ping hollowed out back I’ve been accustomed to.  Don’t let that simple look fool you.  Reading the Callaway’s Paradym X’s description, behind that simple back is a lot of embedded technology to enhance launch conditions and improve forgiveness.  At first I was a little worried about the polished look reflecting too much sun off the club at address.  But I noticed the less reflective finish on the club face continued over the topline of the iron which should make any reflection less of a distraction.  
    As I said above, they looked marvelous! 
    At first glance, the Paradym X’s club head seemed to be a bit more compact than previous irons I’ve owned.  When I place the Paradym X’s next to the Ping G30’s I realized the overall differences were not that big as I had thought.
    Both clubs had somewhat comparable top line widths.  Not too thin to question their forgiveness and not too thick to be a distraction.  The amount of offset appeared to be roughly the same.  Checking the published specifications for both showed the Paradym X 7 iron has 4.83 mm (0.19”) of offset, only 0.25 mm (0.01”) less than the Ping G30 7 iron.   Overall, very close what I'm currently playing.
    The G30’s has a marginally longer face, wider sole and stands a little taller especially at the club’s toe.  The groove portion of the Paradym X’s face is not as wide as the Ping G30.  What overall impact that will ultimately have will remain to be seen.
    The clubs’ specification comparison also showed stronger Paradym X lofts.  The chart below highlights the differences.

    The stronger Paradym X’s loft difference should have an impact on the overall distance of the Paradym X’s.  Callaway suggests that their frame construction, thin forged 455 face and tungsten weighting yields higher launch conditions and greater forgiveness.   I’ll likely need those higher launch conditions to help me hold my home course’s small, well protected greens!
    Overall, was impressed with Callaway’s fast turnaround on my custom order, how well the clubs were packaged and the overall look of the Paradym X’s.  It’s forged shinny finish and more rounded edges seemed to give the impression it was significantly smaller than it really was.   The comparable top line and offset gave me confidence looking down on the club that I've hit this before.  I’ll have to see if the slightly shorter head length and less grooved hitting area on the face will impact my ability to consistently hit quality shots. The combination of Paradym X head, Aldila graphite shaft and CP2 Pro Wrap grips combine to make one beautiful looking club.  I can only hope they performs as well as they look!

    Once unboxed, I performed the accession of the Callaway Paradym X to my bag.  As I began inserting the clubs, I realized I had an extra iron that I didn’t account for:  the approach wedge.  Given the Paradym X loft gapping and that I rely on my approach and short game to score, the AW had to remain in the bag.  Reviewing my Shot Scope performance data, it was easy to conclude that the 3 wood would be the odd club out.  Since the first of the year, I hit the 3 wood less than 8% of my fairway wood shots and the performance distance between the three and five woods is less than 10 yards.   No brainer!

    Finally, in search of a second opinion, I asked my beagle Scout what she thought of the new Paradym X irons.  From the picture, you can see wasn’t too happy that I woke her up from her nap.
    Final Review:
    I’d like to thank MyGolfSpy and Callaway for the opportunity to review the Paradym X irons.  It’s an honor and a privilege to provide my feedback on these irons.
    First Impressions (19 out of 20)
    From the shots gained graphic above illustrated the need to improve my approach game from 100-150 yards in, I viewed the Paradym X irons as a potential game changer, especially if Callaway’s claims held true. 
    Callaway claims that the Paradym X are a game improvement iron with “forged performance with enhanced distance in a more forgiving shape.”  The forged 455 face is optimized for more speed, higher launch, and increased spin consistency.  These characteristics are critical to hitting and holding my home course’s small greens.  The forged face and urethane microsphere insert are intended to yield an ultra-soft feel and premium sound.  The tungsten weights enhance launch conditions and improved speed on mishits.
    I deducted two points for my initial apprehension of playing forged irons after having cast heads my whole adult life.  I added one point back for Callaway’s quick response in getting these well packaged, custom clubs to me at the end of the earth in Key West in a week.
    Together, these features seemed perfect for my area of need.  If they performed half as good as they looked, the Paradym X irons could be a winner!
    Aesthetics (10 out of 10)
    The Paradym X’s are some of the best-looking irons I’ve ever seen.  The Paradym X’s wider topline and more offset than its sister Paradym irons helped convey a feeling of confidence and forgiveness for this Ping G30 player.  I thought the shiny chrome-like finish might be a distraction.  However, Callaway continued the matted finish up the face and over the topline eliminating any glare.  The back of the club badging and tungsten weights are simple giving it a clean look.  There’s no way to knowing how much innovation lurks behind the unassuming exterior.   
    The Paradym X impact sounds has more of a muted “clicking” sound.  I found that the lack of feedback is feedback in itself.  When I know I hit the Paradym X's well, I don't feel a thing.  There’s a crisp feel, no vibration and faint "clicking" sound at impact for good shots.   On mishits, there’s only a slight increase in vibration and sound.
    The Numbers (9 out of 10)
    To get a handle of the numbers I conducted a few exercises to assess the Paradym X performance with respect to my G30s.  Here are the MGS links to them: 
    ·         Paradym X Versus Ping G30 Five, Seven and Nine Irons:  https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/58484-2023-mgs-forum-member-test-callaway-paradym-irons/?do=findComment&comment=913711
    ·         Paradym X Irons Only Round:  https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/58484-2023-mgs-forum-member-test-callaway-paradym-irons/?do=findComment&comment=920620
    ·         Paradym X Versus Ping G30 Driving Range: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/58484-2023-mgs-forum-member-test-callaway-paradym-irons/?do=findComment&comment=922527
    ·         Paradym X Chipping:  https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/58484-2023-mgs-forum-member-test-callaway-paradym-irons/?do=findComment&comment=917700
    Taken all together, here’s how the numbers panned out:
    Accuracy:  In each case, I found the Paradym X’s to be marginally more accurate than my Ping G30’s.  The Paradym X’s tended to start straight at the target and stay there.  During the driving range test with “experienced” range balls, the Paradym X nine and seven irons exhibited three yards less distance and lateral dispersion when compared with the G30’s. 
    Chipping with the Paradym X approach wedges proved to be as accurate as my existing wedges.
    Distance:  I consistently found the Paradym X’s anywhere between 5 to 11 yards longer than the G30s.  With range balls and almost identical club head speeds, the average Paradym X ball speeds were 4-5 mph greater than the Ping G30’s contributing to the longer distance.

    Trajectory:  With the stronger lofts, I found the Paradym X’s had a lower 2-3 degree lower overall trajectory than the corresponding G30 iron. 
    Forgiveness:  The Paradym X’s exhibited marginally better forgiveness.  Good and fair Paradym X iron shots tended to showed less distance and lateral dispersion. 
    Control:  Since correcting some of my swing issues, I feel more confident that the Paradym X’s will go where I aim.  With my G30’s, I tended to straight/slight fade shape.  For the Paradym X’s, it mostly straight/slight draw. 
    Workability:  The ability to work the ball on demand is beyond my skill set! 
    On-Course (17 out of 20):
    The 5-11 yard longer iron shots held true through my on-course experiences.  The graph below plots each iron and the relative distances I got from each during the review period.   

    If you overlay each the distances for each against the loft for each respective iron, you can see that the overall distances for similar lofts were somewhat comparable (see table below).  For me comparable lofts yielded comparable distances.

    The shots gained from approach shots marginally improved 0.25 shot gained with the Paradym X irons with a majority coming from the Paradym X’s 100-150 yards in.
    The greens in regulation improved roughly 10% (27 to 30%), the number of short approach shots dropped almost 15% and the number of iron shots past the green doubled to 6%. 
    The Paradym X irons exhibited a 13% improvement in average proximity (60 to 52 feet), with a majority of the improvement in the 15–45-foot range.   
    All taken together, the Paradym X irons proved to be more accurate hitting the greens than my Ping G30’s.
    How does all of this relate to scoring?  There was a 0.1 stroke gained per hole improvement seen with the Paradym X irons than the Ping G30’s (0.9 versus 0.8 respectively).  My biggest take away from this data was a 33% drop in the double bogeys from 18% to 13% with the Paradym X irons.
    How did my Paradym X’s iron experience compare to Callaway’s promotional claims?  The 455 forged face and frame did provide a 3-5 mph increased ball speed and greater distance.  The improved stability yielded more consistent distance on a variety of shots and a narrower shot dispersion.  The face and microsphere insert did help provide an improved feel and sound. The more consistent distances on good and marginal shots supports Callaway’s claim of improved speed on mishits.
    I found the Paradym X irons had a lower launch angle (not higher) and generated less overall spin which contradicted some of Callaway’s claims. 
    Overall, the Paradym X iron results met a majority of Callaway’s claims.
    The Good, the Bad and the Inbetween (18 out of 20)
    The “good” starts with Callaway’s quick turnaround for custom ordered clubs. 
    The Callaway Paradym X irons look great.  The shiny chrome-like finish and the simple badging on the back make it a sight to behold.   The thicker topline and offset similar to my Pings implied forgiveness and inspired confidence.   
    I ended up getting 5 to 11 yards longer hits with the Paradym X irons.  I saw some improvement in the area where I needed help:  hitting more greens from 100-150 yards in.  The Paradym X irons consistently hit the ball closer to the pins and exhibited less lateral and distance dispersion with both good and marginal hits. 
    The “inbetween” included the fact that the distance gained seemed to be more related to the Paradym X’s stronger lofts.  I deducted point for that.  Right now, it’s too early to tell if my observed lower overall trajectory will ultimately be good or bad for my game at my home course.  I deducted one point for the lower trajectory.
    I have nothing bad to say about the Paradym X irons!
    Play It or Trade it?  (17 out of 20)
    The arrival of the new irons coincided with of some poor swing mechanics.  Early on it was hard to separate the “archer” from the “arrow!”  Since then, I’ve seen some improvement in my swing and the corresponding improved performance the Paradym X’s bring.   I deducted a point for that uncertainty leading to an “incomplete” grade.
    I also need more time to work out if the lower overall trajectory is a true benefit or liability on my small greens.   For that reason, I had to deduct a couple of points. 
    For now, they are staying in the bag until I exorcise my swing demons and resolve the positives and negatives of the lower overall trajectory.
    As someone who has played Ping cast head irons pretty much their entire adult life (original Ping Eye 2’s through G30’s) any apprehension I had hitting forged player irons quickly disappeared after hitting the new Paradym X irons.  Callaway has a winner here.
    Aesthetically, the Paradym X’s are a beautiful iron.  The shiny chrome like finish, clean and rounded lines as well as the understated back (which hides all the innovation) make for an attractive iron. 
    The Paradym X’s thicker topline, more offset, wider sole and the slightly larger head size gave me confidence I could hit these irons. 
    On the course, the Paradym X’s did not disappoint.   Collected shot data indicated the Paradym X’s were 5-11 yards longer and more accurate than the G30’s which resulted in more greens in regulation, fewer short iron approach shots and improved proximity to the pin.    My Paradym X iron results validated a majority of Callaway’s performance claims.
    For now, the Callaway Paradym X irons are staying in my bag while I improve my swing and get more acquainted with my new trusted friends! 
    Final Score (90 out of 100)
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    Navart got a reaction from Golf2Much in Callaway Paradym Irons - 2023 Forum Review   
    Fantastic review, sir!! I love all the photos and lucky these irons are so sexy or your push cart setup might have stolen the show!!!😉
    Can't say that I am surprised at all with the top notch scores by really all testers. A paradigm shift from the Paradym X? Sounds like maybe for distances among Callaway's product lines since original Big Bertha and boy do these look better.
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    Navart reacted to Jim Shaw in Takomo Irons - 2023 Forum Review   
    Good morning everyone, well I pulled it off, even without my new irons lol... won the Zone 5 (southern vancouver island) senior men's tournament. Heading to the B.C. Mid Amateur this morning and am looking forward to that as well, have a great day...

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    Congrats Jim!
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    Navart got a reaction from MattWillGolf in Callaway Paradym Irons - 2023 Forum Review   
    Fantastic review, sir!! I love all the photos and lucky these irons are so sexy or your push cart setup might have stolen the show!!!😉
    Can't say that I am surprised at all with the top notch scores by really all testers. A paradigm shift from the Paradym X? Sounds like maybe for distances among Callaway's product lines since original Big Bertha and boy do these look better.
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    Navart reacted to MattWillGolf in Callaway Paradym Irons - 2023 Forum Review   
    I would like to thank My Golf Spy and Callaway Golf for the opportunity to be a tester for the Paradym X Irons. This is my third testing opportunity for the Forum: I previously tested the Evnroll ER11v putter and the Shot Scope Pro LX+.  I have been an off and on golfer since my mid-20s, after getting out of the Army in the late 80s. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and grew up across the street from Sharp Park Golf Course (an Alister MacKenzie design) in Pacifica, CA but I never played the game as a kid. I once came home from school to find a broken bedroom window and a golf ball on my bed. The first course I ever played a full 18 holes on though was Harding Park, host to the 2020 PGA Championship. Speaking of the PGA Championship, I am excited to be attending my first major, the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY this year. I have Saturday tickets. I hope to run into some fellow spies.
    My professional life started in the U.S. Army where I was trained to maintain and repair medical equipment. Upon my discharge from the U.S. Army, I joined a medical imaging equipment manufacturer where I worked for 31 years specializing in Cardiovascular X-Ray. That company had moved me all over the U.S. My first move took me from California to Connecticut for several years. Work then moved back across country to the Seattle area. In 2018, my wife and I moved cross country once again to be closer to family, this time to Central New York, just outside of Syracuse. In 2019 my job changed and joined the ranks of semi-retirement which now allows me more regular golf, weather permitting as I am fair weather golfer. At the end of April, I will be joining the ranks of the fully retired. We have one son, a former Navy FMF Corpsman who is now in nursing school in California. We are also excited to have a daughter in law join our family next February.
    My current home course is Radisson Greens in Baldwinsville, NY. It is an 18-hole par 72 course at 6360 yards from the white tees. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. I have a Monday through Thursday membership there and I get out a couple of times a week. The course is very challenging, but I love the layout. It is tree lined and tight in spots with water that I have a real skill in finding.
    I play golf because I enjoy being out walking the course and if good scores come then it is a bonus. I also am an equipment junkie. Not that I have the budget to truly act upon this addiction, but I do enjoy the design and aesthetics of golf equipment. And if I ever won the lottery, I’d become a putter collector.
    On the equipment front, my first set of clubs was a Wilson box set with wooden woods. At lot has changed in the equipment world since then. My Ping G400 Max was the first time I was fitted for a club, and I have yet to find a reason to change it. I have two sets of irons that I switch between depending on course conditions. They are Ping G25 irons (I won these through work) and a set of PXG 0211 irons. I play the Pings in the wet conditions we have at the start of the season then switch to the PXGs as the course dries out. I have a PXG 0341 3 wood, a PXG 0211 3 Hybrid and the 4 iron in my set was swapped out for a Ping G410 Crossover #4. My current sand wedge is a Callaway Mack Daddy CB 54°/14°. It was a My Golf Spy review and Most Wanted win that led me to trying Evnroll putters. I ended up with a mallet putter for the first time when I purchased the ER7. I was initially attracted to the idea of a higher MOI putter but really like the feel and consistency of the roll the ER7 gave me. I tested the Evnroll ER11v putter and gamed that for a bit but switched back to the ER7 due the “feel”.
    I am also a member of the “Pushcart Mafia” with a Clicgear 3.5+ pushcart. This is probably the single best golf accessory item I have ever owned. The Grooveit Brush ranks a very close second.
    This will be my first experience with Callaway irons. The Paradym X irons fit firmly in the game improvement category and as a high handicap golfer they should fit into my game. This is what drove me to put my name on the list of test candidates. In what I have read about these irons at their release the lofts are much stronger than any irons I have gamed to date. The 7 iron loft for example sits in between the 5 and 6 irons of my Ping G25 irons. I don’t really anticipate getting caught up in the number on the club in comparison with my Ping irons but will have to keep in mind the lofts. I am concerned about the build of the set as there will be a hole in my bag with regards to not having a wedge in the 50°degree range.
    I won’t have access to a Trackman or any similar device to provide measurements. But I will install the tags from my Shot Scope Pro LX+ to see how these irons perform on the course. Most of the testing will occur on course. I will be looking at ball flight and accuracy. I would like to see higher ball flights and more forgiveness. Based on my readings, these clubs should offer me both of those things. And should I get those from these irons, these clubs will remain in my bag. The bottom line will be, am I hitting more greens and more fairways.
    The Fitting
    I visited the Turning Stone Golf Sportsplex for my Paradym X iron fitting. Turning Stone Golf Course is in Verona, NY. The Turning Stone Atunyote Course hosted the Turning Stone Resort Championship four times. Notable winners include Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar.
    My fitting experience is limited. I was fitted for my Ping driver and measured for Ping irons. As I learned there is difference between fitting and measuring. My Ping iron fitting was for a Green Dot in the Ping world which is 2 degrees upright. So this was what I considered my starting point.
    I met my fitter Pat. I informed him that I wanted to be fit for Callaway Paradym X irons as I was selected to test them for the My Golf Spy Forum. He has never heard of My Golf Spy. But the person I scheduled the fitting with had and was excited when I showed up for the fitting. We then headed to the indoor range at Turning Stone. He had me take a few warmup swings with my 7-iron. He quickly stated, “That club is too short for you, you will need to go 1 inch longer”. Admittedly as a high handicapper I was a bit nervous to be fit and watched in such an open environment. Pat used humor and some tips to settle me down. The fitting fee was $100 as I wasn’t buying the irons from them. The “lesson” from Pat made the fee a real value.
    After the warmup we headed over to the club area to configure the iron to be tested. Pat selected a Paradym X 7 iron head, 2 degrees upright. I let him know that I was limited to stock Callaway offerings, and he selected three shafts to try. Two steel shafts, an Elevate MPH 85 gram and an Elevate MPH 95 gram. He also selected the HZRDUS Silver 65. All the shafts were Regular flex and plus 1 inch. Pat stated up front that he didn’t think the graphite shaft would be right for me. And the fitting subsequently bore this out.
    With my swing dialed in after the help from Pat, I started hitting golf balls. Everything was being monitored by a Trackman. This was my first experience with a Trackman. I have to say it's pretty cool. We started with the 95-gram shaft which I hit it pretty well and the best in terms of total distance was 165 yards. He then had me try 85-gram shaft which performed even better topping out at 171 yards. With the steel shafts I had a nice high ball flight that was between straight and a fade. Pat then had me try the graphite shaft. I was hitting them almost as far, but the shots were going left in a draw that Pat was afraid could turn into a hook. He felt I was more consistent the steel shafts. So, steel it is.
    My final configuration is Paradym X irons, 5 through AW at 2 degrees upright. The shaft are True Temper Elevate MPH 85 grams, regular flex plus 1 inch. For the grips I chose Golf Pride - Z Grip CHEV Black (50g) with one extra wrap. The 7-iron session topped out at 171 yards total distance with 78.7 MPH swing speed.
    I’m pretty excited to get the clubs now. I was very happy with my fitting experience with Pat. I even took his card and will set up some lessons with him in the future.
    Out For Delivery 
    I just received notification that the Paradym X irons are out for delivery. Testing will be started soon.
    The Unboxing
    The Paradym X irons arrived today. The turnaround time from order to delivery was impressive. From order to delivery took 6 days.

    The clubs arrived safely and nicely boxed with dividers between the clubs and bubble wrap sleeves on the heads. Nicer than some unboxings I’ve seen but just a shade below how PXG packs their irons. The heads are in foam blocks and the shafts are in foam dividers. The box was labeled with my build instructions, a nice touch. These irons look even better in person than they do in pictures. They feel super solid, and I can’t wait to get them out on the course.

    Prior to loading them in my bag, I installed the Shot Scope tags for the H4 GPS. I will then have to learn the new distances with these irons.
    The lofts are much stronger than my gamers. I’ve included their specs for reference. The Paradym X irons are configured 5 – AW. With the lofts as follows:
    Paradym X                                                           PXG 0211 Gen. 1                                 Ping G410
    5 Iron – 21.5°                                                      5 Iron - 24°                                           Crossover 4 23°
    6 Iron – 24.5°                                                      6 Iron - 27°
    7 Iron – 27.5°                                                      7 Iron - 31°
    8 Iron – 31.5°                                                      8 Iron - 35°
    9 Iron - 36°                                                          9 Iron - 40°
    PW - 41°                                                               PW - 45°
    AW - 46°                                                               GW - 50°
    GW - 51°
    This is the first time I have ever been fitted for irons. I was previously measured for Ping irons as being a Green Dot, which in the Ping world is 2°. This will be my first-time playing irons with shafts that are 1 inch longer. I am also curious as to how I will get along without a 50° wedge replacement. My initial thoughts on the set make up when selected for this test because of the lofts was a set configured 6 – GW but that wasn’t an option. Part of this test will include an evaluation as to whether I really need that Gap wedge. Should these become my gamers and the test reveals the need, I think I would go ahead and order a 51° Paradym X GW to round out the set.
    I look to taking them out to the course tomorrow. 
    To create are more representative comparison against what I would carry in my bag I ordered a Paradym X GW in my specs today. In my mind I have been ignoring the number of the club and matching club for club based on loft. The Paradym X 5 iron (21.5°) has replaced the Ping G410 Crossover 4 (23°) in my bag. 
    Callaway Paradym X Irons – Official MGS Forum Review by Matt Gomez
    I want to open by thanking My Golf Spy and Callaway Golf for this wonderful opportunity. I am still blown away at my selection for this testing experience.
    First Impressions (20 out of 20)
    I feel the need to establish upfront that I do really appreciate aesthetics in design and in golf equipment. I am big fan of BB and F Co ferrules. I sent my PXG 0211 irons to forum member Jim McCleery of McGolf Custom Golf to install a set of ferrules. I was blown away during the unboxing of the Paradym X irons. The pictures I had seen posted online at the release of these irons do not do justice to just how good looking these irons look in person.
    My high handicap pointed me towards the more forgiving offering in the Paradym Iron lineup, so I was eager to learn about the technology behind the Paradym X Irons. Callaway describes the irons as utilizing an all-new Hollow Body design that features “Speed Frame” construction for added stiffness to the body in order to support the high strength “Forged 455 Face Cup”.  A.I. designed face technology is applied to a high strength Forged 455 face for distance and feel. These irons use Urethane Microspheres to improve feel and sound. Up to 79g of external and internal tungsten weights are placed precisely to enhance launch conditions and improve speed on mishits.
    Aesthetics (10 out of 10)
    The blue and gunmetal grey badging with the silver and gold text just blend so well with the bright chrome finish of the irons. In general, I do prefer a more satin finish to my irons, but this combination seems to work rather elegantly. My initial thoughts were that the chrome may be too shiny on the course. More on that later. In this category of irons, I have these to look much better than other game improvement irons on the market. These irons have shelf appeal over the Ping G430, the TaylorMade Stealth and any of Callaway’s previous game improvement irons.

    A well struck shot rewards you with a nice crisp sound and a really nice feel. Even on less than perfect shots the sound is still quite good and the feel is not harsh at all but you can feel the difference when compared to a well struck shot. Even on less than perfect shots I have found these irons to be more forgiving than my gamers. Shots are less offline. These irons sound and feel better than my PXG 0211 irons and especially so with less than perfect shots. These clubs have more offset than the Paradym irons, but offset has never been something I’ve ever taken notice of. The topline is quite thick but once again that isn’t something that has ever been an issue for me. I like the size of the irons as they give me confidence when putting them down behind the ball. I think if someone handed me a Miura iron, I’d probably be sweating the fact that I’d actually make decent contact with the ball.
    The Numbers (10 out of 10)
    It took a bit to get acquainted with these irons as the lofts are definitely stronger. That being said, I don’t want to compare 6-iron to 6-iron for example but would rather compare degrees of loft to my regular gamers. Speaking of the 6-iron. According to Shot Scope I can get 170 yards out of the Paradym X 6-iron. In my regular set the 24° 5-iron was my 160-yard club. I was seeing about 10 yards of distance gain for comparable lofts.

    Generally speaking, these clubs are 8 -10 yards longer than my 0211 irons when compared loft for loft. The trajectory is much higher, especially at the short end of the bag. Mishits with the Paradym X irons are not as punishing as my 0211 irons. I really can’t comment on workability as that has never been part of my golf game. These irons are the closest things I have gamed to be called “point and shoot”. I look for forgiveness in my clubs and these irons deliver that more consistently than any irons I have ever gamed. My misses tend to be towards the toe and these don’t severely punish that miss. As I have mentioned, I did not keep the 5-iron in my bag, I was much too inconsistent with that club.
    On-Course (20 out of 20)
    I found these clubs to perform well for me on the course. It was especially noticeable at the short end of the bag. These clubs just plain get the ball launched. I get greater height at longer distances with these irons. It is readily apparent from the 8-iron through to the Gap Wedge. The only negative for me is the 5-iron. I just can’t seem to get that club to get the ball in the air. Another area of concern for me was just how shiny these irons are, but when you put them down to get the ball it is not a distraction at all as the forged face has a dull satiny appearance. Another area that these clubs performed really well at was with turf interaction. I found they didn’t get hung up in thick rough. My 0211 irons would regularly get caught and the face would open up which put me in more trouble more often than not. These irons did not do that. One thing that didn’t carry out to the course from my fitting was the distance I saw from the 7-iron which according to Trackman was 171 yards with a swing speed of 78.7 mph. LOL. My on course experience with the Paradym X 7-iron was 160 yards.

    The Good, the bad, the in between (18 out of 20)
    This is the first set of irons I was fit for and would advise getting fit for these irons as well. But with a caveat on set make up. For this review we were given limited ability to select the set makeup. My set make was for 5-iron through Approach wedge. I was very conscious of the lofts of these irons and if given a broader choice I would have chosen 6-iron through Gap Wedge. During this test I purchased the 51° Gap Wedge to add to the bag which narrowed the gap to my Sand Wedge
    Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20)
    Play it? 100%. These will remain in my bag for a long time to come. These irons honestly exceeded expectations. I thought I was happy with my current irons, but the Paradym X irons just performed for me. Even mishits went straighter and longer than with my previous irons. I did a test with the 5-iron but soon discovered that it did not suit my game. At 21.5° I struggled to get it up in the air. The 5-iron will be replaced with my Ping G410 Crossover at 23°. It may not seem like much difference but on the course, I do see a real difference as don’t struggle to get the G410 in the air.

    If you are a higher handicap golfer and are looking for a set of irons to make the game much more enjoyable than I would strongly recommend, getting fit for a set of Callaway Paradym X irons. They look and feel really good. They are extremely forgiving and long. They launch the ball higher than any iron I have ever gamed. But be honest with yourself as to the makeup of your set. Pay attention to the lofts. For my game, my set is 6-iron through Gap Wedge. To steal from that golf classic, these irons can turn you into the Dalai Lama. “Big hitter the Lama.” – Carl Spackler
    Final Score (98 out of 100)

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    Navart reacted to ejgaudette in Edel SMS and SMS Pro Irons - 2023 Forum Review   
    Here are a couple photos while I work on the first impressions.

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    Navart reacted to Triple_Putt in Edel SMS and SMS Pro Irons - 2023 Forum Review   
    They are here 😍

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    Navart got a reaction from sirchunksalot in What/How Did You Practice Today?   
    Hit a large bucket after work on a beautiful afternoon yesterday. Recently I've been struggling with the mid-long irons/hybrids (6i-4h) which is frustrating because I've typically been able to get solid contact with them.
    I focused on approaching each ball like I would each stroke on the course, finding my target, a repeatable setup and  ball location. Then swing with easy tempo and let gravity do the work...
    I felt really good about my 6i getting back to my typical yardage and  flying em straight. The hybrids were still a struggle so I finished off with a few wedges  40-100yds to pick my spirits up for the ride home. We'll keep at it!
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    Navart got a reaction from cksurfdude in What/How Did You Practice Today?   
    Hit a large bucket after work on a beautiful afternoon yesterday. Recently I've been struggling with the mid-long irons/hybrids (6i-4h) which is frustrating because I've typically been able to get solid contact with them.
    I focused on approaching each ball like I would each stroke on the course, finding my target, a repeatable setup and  ball location. Then swing with easy tempo and let gravity do the work...
    I felt really good about my 6i getting back to my typical yardage and  flying em straight. The hybrids were still a struggle so I finished off with a few wedges  40-100yds to pick my spirits up for the ride home. We'll keep at it!
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    Navart got a reaction from IndyBonzo in Red Rooster Sussex Golf Glove - 2023 Forum Review   
    Congrats y'all!
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    Navart got a reaction from Merlin1313 in What/How Did You Practice Today?   
    Hit a large bucket after work on a beautiful afternoon yesterday. Recently I've been struggling with the mid-long irons/hybrids (6i-4h) which is frustrating because I've typically been able to get solid contact with them.
    I focused on approaching each ball like I would each stroke on the course, finding my target, a repeatable setup and  ball location. Then swing with easy tempo and let gravity do the work...
    I felt really good about my 6i getting back to my typical yardage and  flying em straight. The hybrids were still a struggle so I finished off with a few wedges  40-100yds to pick my spirits up for the ride home. We'll keep at it!
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    Navart got a reaction from BKervin in 2023 MGS Forum: Cobra 50th Anniversary Special!   
    Getting super excited to see everyone's new full bags!!! Talk about the window shopping that starts in this test and others so far
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    Navart got a reaction from JerryB in What/How Did You Practice Today?   
    Hit a large bucket after work on a beautiful afternoon yesterday. Recently I've been struggling with the mid-long irons/hybrids (6i-4h) which is frustrating because I've typically been able to get solid contact with them.
    I focused on approaching each ball like I would each stroke on the course, finding my target, a repeatable setup and  ball location. Then swing with easy tempo and let gravity do the work...
    I felt really good about my 6i getting back to my typical yardage and  flying em straight. The hybrids were still a struggle so I finished off with a few wedges  40-100yds to pick my spirits up for the ride home. We'll keep at it!
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    Red Rooster Sussex Golf Glove – Official MGS Forum Review by IndyBonzo
    First and foremost, my thanks to Red Rooster and MGS for the opportunity to participate in this test.  I consider it a privilege to test and review Red Rooster’s brand new Sussex glove and to get the chance to try out the Range Rooster too.  (Yes, all that is obligatory, but also sincere.)
    Allow myself to introduce . . . myself:  My name is John and I am a golf addict.  During elementary school summers in the 80’s, a muni golf course and its world weary assistant pro were my benignly neglectful caretakers.   I golfed less during high school, college, and the early years of family and career growth, but still played a fair amount. Now, all grown up at 52 and world weary myself, I live and work in Indianapolis.  My wife and I have three wonderful daughters in varying stages of leaving the nest.  That yields more time for golf, which has become an obsession thanks in significant part to MGS.  I have taken weekly lessons for two years.  My current handicap is a 12, and (fingers crossed) still heading downward.  Unwilling to join any club that will accept me as a member, I play all over Central Indiana in decent/good/sweltering weather, and will layer up to play in the winter cold.  Otherwise, you can find me punishing balls (“Reload!”) in the hitting bays at PGA Superstore.

    Having no brand loyalty right now, I will play FootJoy, Callaway, Bionic, and other gloves, and intend to use some or all of those named for comparison. 
    I have never laid eyes on a Red Rooster glove before.  I am excited to learn about the company, its subscription plan, and its new Sussex offering. 
    Review Plans
    How to review a golf glove?  Here are my initial plans (updated after learning more about the Sussex):
    1.                   Aesthetics – This is fairly self-explanatory, and fairly subjective.  No golf glove is ever going to make me pretty.  But points for a glove being cool, attractive, and not distracting.
    2.                   Fit – A good fit will be key.  Too tight in the palm?  Is the pinky finger too long?  Is it comfortable?  There will be lots to consider here.
    3.                   Grip – I plan to evaluate softness of feel, tackiness, responsiveness of points of contact, and general connection with the club.  No slippage allowed! 
    4.                   Performance – I expect a glove to enhance control and interaction with the golf club seamlessly, and without distraction or any hindrance.  Since the Sussex is Red Rooster’s softest and thinnest glove (see more on that below), it is not really suited for range sessions.  (That is for the Range Rooster glove.)  Therefore, I plan to judge the glove primarily on the course, when dry and when a little wet (due to sweat, recovering balls from a lake, or otherwise). 
    5.                   Durability – To be clear, the Sussex is not intended to be a long-term endurance glove.  Nonetheless, durability matters.  I tend to wear gloves down in the palm.  Will the Sussex develop a hole quickly or slowly or ever?  Will it discolor?  How does it bounce back after use?  Does it stay soft and tacky, or become stiff and slick? 
    6.            Fill or Kill?  Lastly, is the Sussex the glove that makes me pledge undying loyalty and foreswear all others?  Does it become part of the rotation?  Do I join the subscription plan?  Or . . . ?  This will depend on all the factors listed above, as well as price and overall perceptions compared to other gloves I have tried.

    (Pictured:  Range Rooster by Red Rooster)
    About Red Rooster and the Sussex Glove
    Kerry Moher and PGA Tour professional Brad Fritsch founded Red Rooster as a direct-to-consumer golf glove maker in 2019.  They offer several different glove models and accessories through their website at https://redroostergolf.com/.  Red Rooster also supports golf’s long-term growth by donating one glove to youth golf programs for each one sold.  To learn more about Red Rooster, its history, and its meticulous design and manufacturing processes, I recommend John Barba’s excellent article for MyGolfSpy which can be found here:  https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/red-rooster-gloves-the-story-behind-the-chicken/.
    One of Red Rooster’s claims to fame has been the endurance of their gloves.  Red Rooster intends the Sussex to be different.  According to Moher, the Sussex is Red Rooster’s thinnest and softest glove, and is made from finer grade and lighter weight leather than their other models.  It will also feature a cleaner, simpler look and design – more “understated,” says Moher. 
    Red Rooster offers the Sussex as a glove perfect for a tournament or another special round of golf where extra feel and performance trump durability.  Nonetheless, Moher says the Sussex should last three to five rounds.
    Red Rooster plans to offer the Sussex glove for sale through its website beginning late May/early June, 2023.
    Kerry Moher was generous with his time in supporting me and the other testers in fitting for our gloves.  Moher says most people wear gloves too loose and encouraged me to try smaller sizes than usual.  So, on his recommendation, and after trying on many different sizes, I will wear a Cadet Large left-handed glove for the test, rather than my formerly typical XL. 
    Unboxing & First Impressions (10 out of 10)
    It felt like a golf addict's Christmas morning level of excitement when I got the email informing me that the Red Rooster Sussex glove -- for my first MGS test -- had arrived.  The packaging did nothing to dampen the mood.  The rooster logo is distinctive.  The box design reminded me of black leather car seats.  It screamed cool.  (Or should I say, "crowed cool?"  Just Dads Doing Dad Jokes.)
    (Pictured:  Red Rooster delivery box - "Wake Up * Shake Up * Step Up * And Give")
    The contents:  One Range Rooster glove (the one with more red on it -- more on that later), two Sussex gloves, a nifty sticker which will surely find pride of place somewhere, a glove caddy, and a very nice note from RR's co-founder, Brad Fritsch.

    (Pictured:  Contents packed in)

    (Pictured (L to R):  Sussex, Range Rooster, and Sussex again + Brad's note!)
    The glove caddy has already found a spot on the golf bag, and likewise makes a classy sophisticated statement.  I'll admit that I never thought I needed or wanted a glove caddy.  But with room for storing gloves inside, and the velcro to attach gloves temporarily to breathe and dry on the outside, I can see the merits.  Plus it should make my buddies jealous.

    (Pictured:  The Red Rooster Glove Caddy, with Sussex outside (and a Range Rooster next door))

    (Pictured:  The Glove Caddy's interior storage space)
    It seems apparent that the people behind Red Rooster care about the details beyond just performance - design, customer service, etc.  First impressions were all positive.
    Aesthetics (9 out of 10)
    The Sussex looks like a player's or tour glove, as is intended.  It sports predominantly an eggshell white color, with the backhand logo and palm-side script the only dashes of red.  The stitching matches the leather color very well.  The aeration holes are uniform and do not appear to create any weakness in the glove. 
    (Pictured:  Sussex backhand)
    The logo really stands out.  Because nobody's perfect, this is the one aesthetic element I will nit-pick.  Personally, I would have opted for the red circle, white background, and slightly smaller rooster on the velcro flap, similar to what is on the glove caddy.  This is such a minor point, though.  This glove can be worn proudly, and will be.

    (Pictured:  Sussex palm)
    The palm-side is perfect to me.  The "Red Rooster" red script looks classy and unobtrusive, and the balance of the design looks clean and elegant.  This is exactly what I would expect from a tournament glove.  
    Fit & Feel (20 out of 20)
    Being fit into the Sussex glove was a revelation.  Like most if not all of the other testers, I was apparently wearing a glove that was too big.  Using the Red Rooster sizing chart, and with several try-ons in the pro shop, I ended up going down several sizes from what I had been wearing.  And the fit is fantastic now.  
    But it's not just about the size.  The Sussex fits like a second skin.  Some gloves I have tried have an odd finger that's too long, or can be tight at a seam and loose across a span.  Not the Sussex.  As can be seen in the photos above, the build fits well all over my hand.
    The leather itself defines the Sussex.  Buttery soft and thin (but not flimsy), the Sussex enabled me to grip a club with no fear of slipping whatsoever, even when damp.  After five rounds and some pre-game range time, the grip remained tacky, and I detected no slickness.  I have played the high-end gloves made of Cabretta leather from other makers, and the Sussex feels better to me. 

    (Sussex at Brickyard Crossing, inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track.  The pagoda at the start/finish line is left of the pinky finger.)
    Performance (20 out of 20)
    My handicap declined a point while conducting this test.  I don't know if I can attribute that entirely to the Sussex, but I cannot call it a coincidence either. 
    Feedback from club strikes came through loud and clear.  Club gripping never concerned me because I never felt a club move in my hand or torque the palm area of the glove.  In other words, aside from noticing how soft the glove is and being confident in my hand's connection to my club, the glove and grip could be forgotten.  I struggle to find the correct descriptors, but I mean this as an immense positive.  Eliminating a gear-based distraction or worry facilitated focus on the rest of my game.  I just knew my grip and hand-club interaction were excellent.  Feeling the feedback from the club so well definitely improved my accuracy, particularly with scoring irons.
    I never had occasion to wear the Sussex in rainy conditions.  But I purposely got the glove wet to try it out that way.  The Sussex's grip on the club never waivered; there was no slipperiness and I felt no slippage when the glove was damp.  In one aspect which I hope is unique to this review, I also managed to open a pre-existing cut on my right hand during one round, and made the glove the Redder Red Rooster.  Blood, like water, did not seem to affect performance (in case you wondered about that).
    Durability (20 out of 20)
    Before this test, I had decided to stop buying premium Cabretta leather or tournament-style gloves because I would always develop a hole in the palm far too quickly.  Red Rooster suggested that the Sussex should last about 54-90 holes.  So I was prepared to see the palm area show significant wear.
    My concerns were misplaced.  I moved on to the second tester glove after marring the first one due to my injury.  The second has made it through five rounds.  I provide pictures below of the Sussex new, and after ninety holes of golf.  The palm did not wear down, the leather stayed tacky, and the glove did not appear to stretch out so my grip after those five rounds instilled as much confidence as when the glove was new.  This was all a pleasant surprise.  In fact, I would say that the Sussex's durability is nearly as good as several synthetic leather gloves I have used.  My test is over, but I will continue wearing the tester Sussex until it fails for one reason or another.  Watch this space; I will report in later when I think the Sussex starts to fail.  For now, there is no sign of that happening.

    (New Sussex)

    (90 Holes Later)
    Fill or Kill? (20 out of 20)
    I expected strong performance after learning about the leather and make of the Sussex glove, but I did not think a glove could really improve my scoring, and I certainly did not plan for the Sussex to last given my history of blowing holes in premium gloves during the first or second round.  
    With its looks, fit, feel, performance, and surprising durability, and this shockingly glowing review now living forever on the internet, I would have to be even nuttier than I already am not to keep gaming the Sussex.  I will be ordering more for certain, and am likely to join the subscription plan in summer on a two or three-month cycle, depending on the outcome of the ongoing longevity test.  
    To answer my own question:  FILL.

    Final Score and Conclusion -- 99 out of 100
     Red Rooster's new premium, tournament-style Sussex glove model impressed in all relevant aspects:  looks, fit, feel, performance, and durability.  The Sussex's softness and thin leather provide excellent grip and hand-club interaction.  Feedback from the swing and club are pure and match or exceed what I have experienced with other brands' Cabretta or premium leather offerings.  Performance is unrivalled, particularly with the all-important wedges and scoring irons, as evidenced by a whole point handicap drop during this test.  
    Most surprising was the durability of the Sussex.  After ninety holes, the Sussex still fits tightly, remains tacky, shows no signs of excessive wear or tear and no slipperiness even at primary grip contact points.  
    With this combination of visual appeal, performance, and durability the Sussex has just become my every round glove.  Consider this a strong recommendation, dear reader.  You should give Red Rooster and the Sussex a try.
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    Navart reacted to JFish350 in Red Rooster Sussex Golf Glove - 2023 Forum Review   
    Hello My Golf Spyers.
    My name is Jeremy and I am a wanna be good/decent golfer. Current handicap is 15.4, I hope I can make it to single digits if not this year then next. Kinda funny that was my goal last year as well. My game is mainly scramble mode. I have been struggling off the tee of late and most rounds I end up using my 4 iron. When my driver is on, it is a thing that makes me think I could be pretty darn good. That's why I keep playing. I have had my share of 350 plus yard drives. I have also had drives that barly let me keep my pants on if you know what mean. 
    I currently live in the PNW, specific is south west of Portland about 20 miles. I can play golf pretty much  all year. I think our course close just as much for flooding as they for being to cold out/front/snow/ice. Closest practice range is about 10 minutes with about 40 spots covered and maybe 1/3rd of those somewhat heated. The courses I tend to play the most are Langdon Farms and Pumpkin Ridge. I recently bought a "Pumpkin Pass" so I plan on being there a lot in May. I have 5 day golf trip coming up in early June. I also have a road trip I am plan on golf as often as I can. 
    In testing these gloves my main concern is durability. I have gotten to the point where I keep a few spares on hand for different reasons. One of those reasons is rain, damp conditions. How long will this glove hold up with this type of weather. Then How will it hold up when it gets warmer out and we start to sweat. I walk most of my rounds, and being that round is a shape, that is the shape I'm in. 5'10" 235lbs I can get the heart rate up a little quicker than some people. Sweaty gloves are almost as bad as wet gloves, but they dry out faster which means they harden up and stay stiff and possibly shrink and tear up faster. 
    Next is cost, bottom line, how does the cost match up with durability and stamina. is it worth keeping and playing more rounds which will turn into less time at the cash register. I am excited for this as I have for the last 2 years using another company on a subscription.I want to see how the two compare and what differences between the two good or bad. 
    I have heard of red Rooster but never tried or really looked too much into their product. Since being selected as a tester I have checked out their website just looking at the options for gloves, looks like there are more than a few to choose from. Being I can play golf all year the winter gets chilly and I have to find a rain/cold weather glove I like. Considering the time of year we are at, I don't think I'll get a chance to try our the cold weather gloves. If I like this glove maybe I'll give their cold weather glove a try next winter. 
    I expect to be treated as someone who just emailed from their website. I hope to not have to much special attention as I am a big customer service guy. 
    Last I hope I can give everyone the information they are looking for and can do MSG a great service in keeping up with past tests from such awesome people and other tester reviews and the info we get from the MSG Admins and staff.  
    A HUGE THANK YOU to both MSG and Red Rooster for this opportunity. Good luck to the other testers and let's have some fun. 
    First Impressions  (8 out of 10)

    When this arrives are your door you know exactly what it is. Roosters ingrained into the print of the box, coloring is pretty cool. With this test we were sent 2 Sussex gloves 1 Range Rooster glove, a carrying case a couple stickers all packaged with care. There was also a note from red Rooster for thanking me for the purchase. 
    I scored this 8 out of 10.
    2 reasons why it wasn't a 10 of 10. 
    1. When I opened the box I couldn't tell which glove was the Sussex or Range Rooster. I had to go online and look it up. This my not be the case when you go online & order what you want. 
    2. The Sussex was pretty plain looking. Not flashy or overboard and nothing to distinguish itself from other gloves. Maybe that's a good thing, more on that later. 

    The case is nice, bigger than I expected. The 3 gloves fit easily with room to spare and is sturdy. It has a velcro patch sewn into the face to attach your glove to it for ease of carrying while on the course if your like me and take the glove off when you putt.  
    Over all I couldn't wait to get to the course. 
    Aesthetics (9 out of 10) 
    As I said I thought the look is pretty plain and doesn't stand out from other gloves. For me I am perfectly fine with that as I don't need to stand out in the crowd or draw attention to myself. Odd since with a test like this I feel I want people ask me about the gloves.
    The feel of the glove was very different than other gloves I've been using which they should since they are leather.  I was curious as to how the fingers would feel once on as they seemed to be attached or sewn together at the tip. It was very lite feeling glove and thought it would tear just putting it on.  

    The Fit and Feel(20 out of 20)
    I loved how this fit from the first second I put the glove on. It wasn't tight but snug, not loose at all and it seemed to mold to my hand. I mentioned I thought it would tear or rip putting it on or taking it off. 6 rounds in and that is the furthest from my mind to happen.
    It is a tad short on the wrist and I thought it might be an issue. That went away once I left it on and made a few swings. The glove feels thin but acts like it's the thickest on the market. I don't have a tool to measure the thickness so I can not confirm that part of the data. 
    On The Course (20 out of 20)
    Performance wise I have zero issues with it slipping, or even stretching. I have 6 rounds in on one glove and it is a little dirty and I do have some wear on the palm.
    The club does not slip with this glove on, at least to this point 6 rounds in and one range session of about 60 balls hit. 

    These last 2 pictures were taken at Gearheart Links in Seaside Oregon on 5/13/23.  6 rounds in. To me there is plenty of life left in this glove. 

    The Good,(16 out of 20)
    Light weight, to me seems very durable, easy to put on & take off with out the worry of it ripping or tearing which in turn equates to piece of mind. 
    The Bad,
    Trying to figure out if the cost is worth it. I am not positive what the cost will be or is as I don't see it listed on the Red Rooster web site. I have been using another subscription glove service. Those gloves are nice but bot as nice as the Red Rooster. 
    The in between
    The glove case is nice. I do like that I don't have go dig thru my bag for a new glove. There is also a nice spot to keep the glove laid out so it can stay in good shape. I normally just fold it up and put it one cramped pocket.
    Play it or Trade it? (15 out of 20) (5/25/23 Updated score 18 of 20) I'll be playing Red Rooster gloves. I upped the score 3 more points as the value has will be worth the cost in my opinion . 
    Since I only have 6 rounds in I can not speak to the longevity of the glove.
    This test will be on going so I have a chance to compare other gloves. So updates will be coming through out the summer. I have a 5 round golf trip in the first week of June, then a road trip for family vaca later in June and should 5-10 more rounds in by the end of June. 
    I will play it for now but this could change due to cost. I do happen to think it is worth the cost and leaning more towards keeping it in the arsenal. 
    The other question I have for this glove is ho will it play when the weather is cooler and raining. I'll have to wait for that as well. 
    Over all score 93 out of 100
    UPDATE on the score 5/25.23
    I am updating the score as I will be keeping Red Rooster in my bag. 
    I'll be up dating this review as I feel to be fair to the product it deserves more time, more play and more weather. Maybe a few of the others we able to use it in the rain damp conditions and can speak to it's capabilities in those situations.
    I look forward to using this glove and I'll do a Range Rooster review in the other thread. Just a tease, the range rooster is holding up pretty good. 
    UPDATE 5/25/23
    I swapped out gloves with a new former glove of choice. I will preface this with I had a terrible day on the course with my highest score of the season. 
    9 holes in, this glove is now my range glove. I had 3 shots where the club slipped in my hand. With the Range Rooster and 6 or 7 rounds I think I had 2 total. I grabbed my used Sussex and played 3 holes with it. Then I took out the other new Sussex and I had forgotten how awesome this glove feels when new. My game  didn't get better as it was the operator and not the tools with the issue. 
    The next day I got for 9 holes. Still struggled some but my ball striking was much much much better. I just needed to adjust from the poor round the day before. 
    I will be playing the Sussex or at the very least find a Red Rooster glove to keep in my bag. 
    Update on the Range Rooster. I now have a hole in the palm pad. I am not positive on how many swings I had with it, but my estimate would be 12-15 large buckets, roughly 100 balls per bucket. 
    All the Best
    +12 (Not my handicap)
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    Red Rooster Sussex Golf Glove – Official MGS Forum Review by Swood1994
    Hello everyone! I’d like to invite you to come play a round at the newly opened Red Rooster CC. Open only to MGS members and never before played. Thanks to MGS And Red Rooster for the passes! Lay out your best outfit, clean those clubs, and make sure the coffee is brewed. Now let’s head to the “course”!
    Warmup (introduction)
    Now while we’re waiting for our 4th to show up after that bender they were on last night, allow me to introduce myself. 
    My name is Stephen Wood. I’m a new father to a beautiful baby girl and a sales ops analyst by day for an automotive SaaS company. Or as my wife would explain it: “he lives in excel.” I live in Central NY. And I mean Central..like the dead middle of the state, in Syracuse (Go Orange!). We have a fairly short to average golf season but we make the most of it. Our bread and butter is fall golf; September to mid-October. The leaves are changing, the weather is a perfect 65 degrees and it’s sunny (usually), so long the rain holds off.

    Now enough about the weather. Take a sip of your coffee (you’ll need it), and let me tell you about my game. I’ve been playing since I was a kid. I started playing hockey when I was around 3 and then my dad got me into golf shortly after that. I still have the wooden mcgregor 3-wood he cut down for me to hit off the tee. I played on the high school golf team and even made a run at sectionals. Since hockey was more of my focus in high school, I never truly dedicated a lot of time to the golf game until college. While golf was definitely easier on my knees than hockey, the knee braces made for some sweet tan lines on the golf course. 
    I am not really sure how I would describe myself as a golfer other than “just good enough to get mad at the game”. I usually hover around a 5.7-6.5 handicap throughout the year. I find this to be right in the sweet spot of shooting 77-78 the majority of the time. I’m able to get close to scratch one week and then blow up the following week, shooting in the high 80’s. If the golf gods really don’t like me, then I’ll be creeping into the low 90’s. It makes for an emotional roller coaster that I somehow keep coming back for. I don’t really have a “home” course per se as I'll bounce around and play most of the courses around Syracuse. Even though I’ve basically played all of them at this point, public and private, each one offers their own little quirks that make them fun to go back to try and conquer. I think that’s my favorite part of the game; the competition with oneself. Even if I'm playing someone for a friendly bet or playing in a local tournament, I never really look at the other person or the leaderboard but instead I'm always trying to beat myself. Hit a tee shot into the tree? My voice inside my head is yelling, “bet you can’t make par!” I don’t like that voice so my response is usually “hold my beer.” It works 60% of the time, every time. Although now that I’m typing this out, maybe instead of swing lessons I could see a therapist.

    Alright, now that we got me out of the way, let's talk about the course (or in this case the test). Any golfer I know always does their research about a course before they play it. This is no different. I’d never heard of Red Rooster before this testing opportunity was announced. So naturally I googled them and joined the Forum community call he was a special guest on. For Kerry to dedicate so much time and research into what might be a very overlooked part of our equipment portfolio got me thinking. Have I been overlooking a secret key to success on the golf course? Most of my gloves are stored outside on my bag velcroed around the carry handle. 

    I tend to go through 2, maybe 3, gloves a season depending on how much I play. My glove does get a bit of a work out as it is taken off and on between each shot. It has become part of my pre-shot routine and helps me focus on the shot. Once the glove is on, well, “the gloves come off” so to speak (okay that one was bad–I’ll apologize for that. But now that I'm a dad I can finally make those jokes so cut me some slack). Now a used glove is usually retired either once the leather starts to peel, or it has developed a hole. I have a stronger grip so the base of my palm gets most of the wear. I currently use the Titleist Perma-soft glove, but I have also used FJ and other brands in the past. Case and point below.

    The greens here are a little quick, aren’t they? Hurry up and finish your coffee–we’re almost ready to tee off.
    Alright now that the research is done, let me explain how I'm going to attack this test. This is an equipment item you wear. So feel is at the top of my list. This glove is marketed for the “pro” level player and from talks with Kerry, it’s only expected to last 2-4 rounds. I’m keeping that in mind as durability is a concern of mine but will be weighted less due to the intended user. I have not seen this glove yet, but normally stay away from any gloves with synthetic meshy materials in between the fingers or knuckles. I’ll be doing most of the testing on the course and maybe a few range sessions. My hope is to track how well the glove can retain its form and tackiness throughout a round and will be compared to my current (new) Titelist Perma-soft glove. My expectations for the Red Rooster Sussex glove is an improved fit and better feel for the club in my hand. Next (although less important due to the reasons stated above), durability. I would hope that as an avid amateur golfer who leans towards quality equipment that I can get a little more than 2-4 rounds out of this glove. For Red Rooster’s sake I'm hoping I can disprove that claim. If we can score well in those categories, then Red Rooster might have found themselves a new customer!
    I’m very excited for the virtual fitting, as I would never in my life think that being fitted for a glove is necessary. Driver? Check. Irons? Absolutely. Putter? Eh kind of a stretch but yea why not? A glove? Are you crazy? Walk in the store, try it on, buy it and leave. Or like most people I know, they remember their glove has a hole in it and hopes the pro shop has some. I’m very curious if I have picked out the correct size all these years or if I’ve been living a lie.
    Oh look, our 4th actually showed! Man, they look rough. Let’s head to the first tee and get this thing started. 
    Welcome to the first tee (First Impressions) (10 out of 10)
    Fore please, Red Rooster now driving!
    Let’s dive right in. This glove screams tour/players glove. Very simplistic ALL leather with just a touch of red for the logo. I was a huge fan as soon as I opened the box. A big selling point for me is customer service, as it is for most people. Having a handwritten note from the Red Rooster team was really cool and shows they care about their customers and value this test. I was Very impressed that we were able to test out the glove case as well. After hearing about the different products on the forum community call, the case seemed to spark a lot of our interests. My only negative, and it is small, is the actual glove packaging which is a plastic bag whereas for this caliber of glove I would expect the plastic case similar to most gloves found in golf stores/pro shops. I have used those in the past to store old gloves in my bag to keep them flat. That being said based on Red Rooster’s subscription model I can understand why they wouldn’t be shipped in that type of packaging.

    FORE! Hey you just hit that guy! – Well, he shouldn’t have been standing there.
    Alright now for what everyone came for. The details:
    Aesthetics (9 out of 10) 
    The Sussex
    The Sussex is an all leather and all white glove with just a pinch of red in the logo. It’s a classic look that can make even the weekend warrior feel like a pro. I am a huge fan of the inner band that wraps around the wrist. My normal glove (Titleist Perma-Soft or Titleist Players) has a very thin elastic band that can allow the base of the glove to ruffle in a way. The Sussex has a wider felt-like material lining the base of the glove that wraps around your wrist creating a tight seal. Another area of the Sussex that stood out was the thumb pad area for a thinner glove. It has a very prominent stitching in that area that I think will give the glove rigidity and form all while maintaining the super lightweight and thin feel. Perforations on all 4 fingers plus the thumb is nice as it maintains breathability throughout the day. My other gloves only have the perforations on the fingers. Two elastic bands run along the right side of the palm creating a tight fit where the velcro band folds over. Overall this glove covers all the spots a premium glove should have and then some. Going for simplicity and the clean look I love about this glove this is a very minor point but given how prominent the logo is on the velcro tab I'm not sure the Red Rooster is needed on the bottom of the glove.
    Range Rooster/Case
    I want to ensure the majority of this test surrounds the Sussex but because the Range Rooster and case were included I want to touch on them. I really like the case and, I have to say, at first I thought it would be very “extra” to have a carrying case for your gloves. I also was unsure if it would be too bulky on my bag next to my rangefinder and towels. I was wrong on both fronts. The case is a nice place to keep new gloves stored as well as rotate through current gloves to extend the lifespan of the gloves. I have not had the chance to actually hit balls with the Range Rooster but I can already tell based on the material it’s meant to last. This will be a nice glove to keep in the bag for those long range days knowing I won’t need to go buy a new playing glove before my next round.
    The Fit and Feel (20 out of 20)
    Let's start with sizing. I talked with Kerry, from Red Rooster, and he felt based on the measurements and my current glove size I was in the right size, men’s left regular medium-large. The Sussex fit exactly how I was expecting it to. Tight in the fingers, slight overlap on the velcro, having to pull each finger to get it off *Chef’s Kiss*. The fingers fit perfectly and the stitching wraps around the fingertips without any seams getting in the way or causing any discomfort. Now for the material… This is by far the thinnest glove I have ever tried on. Imagine getting into fresh Egyptian Cotton bed sheets after a long day at work. The Sussex is the Egyptian Cotton of golf gloves.. It fits perfectly around every finger, the palm stays tight and the wrist cuff is snug. All of the seams are tight and in the perfect spot so as not to interfere with the feel. I am in the camp of taking my glove on and off after each shot. However, I expect the glove to be tight both putting it on and taking off. The Sussex accomplishes that.
    Update: After emailing Kerry back and forth we swapped one of the ML for a M and it made a huge difference. The fit was a lot tighter but after the first couple holes it settled in and felt like an extension of my hand. My biggest adjustment was the shortened coverage on the wrist. I'm used to the bottom of the glove Just about touching my watch when I play as seen in the picture above. Now there is about two finger's width between my watch and the bottom of the glove, for context.
    Making the turn. Do you want anything? A couple hot dogs? A beer? The way you played on the front I think you might need one.
    On The Course (18 out of 20)
    A hot dog and beer always helps, let get this back 9 started!
    I will say this glove did get noticed by my playing partners. One of them within seconds of looking at the glove said “you can tell that is a premium glove.” They are not wrong. Another big talking point was the glove case. They all thought that was really cool and beat the heck out of shoving their gloves in a side pocket, which they all do.
    I’ll start by giving some background as to what this glove will be holding on to on the course. Everyone knows certain grips are tougher on gloves than others. Right now my back is set up with Golf Pride Grips. On the top end of my bag (DR-3W-4HY) I have Tour Z Cord grips. For my irons (4-9 iron) I am using MCC Multi-compound Grips. On my Wedges (46-50-54-58) I use the Tour Velvet 360.
    Now once I got some playing time on the ML size I liked the glove. When I started playing with the Medium size glove, I loved it even more. The feel of the smaller size made it as though it was a second layer of skin. The feel in the short game was drastically improved helping with gauging my hand position on those awkward in between pitch shots. On the top end of the bag I noticed a drastically improved grip with the driver and 3-wood. I really like how prominent the wrist cuff is and how it doesn’t get “floppy” . I have that issue with a lot of the higher end thinner gloves I play with.
    So far this season (after using the Red Rooster Glove) my fairway in regulation has gone way up. I am averaging 65% FIR for the season. My best round so far is 11/14 FIR. This is through 81 holes of golf.
    Now my main reason for the 2 point deduction is simply a personal preference. The stitching between the thumb and the index finger felt a little bulky when gripping the club. 

    I think if we could somehow incorporate a flush stitch in this spot versus one that overlaps the material the feel would be that much better.
    I don’t have enough time on the glove to really determine any opinion on durability. Through roughly 45 holes on the medium-large glove I noticed a slight wear pattern in my normal spot which is on the bottom right of the palm (if you are looking at the bottom of your hand). My main miss is right so I have a stronger grip. That particular spot rips out on most of my gloves.

    Time will tell on the Sussex glove but so far it is wearing down about how I expected for such a thin premium player’s glove.
    Getting down to the final stretch. Let’s make this interesting $100 you slice it on the next tee. Gambling is illegal at Red Rooster Country Club, and I never slice!
    The Good, the bad, the inbetween (18 out of 20)
    The Good
    Let’s start with the good. Customer service is top notch with this company. Everything was handled super quickly. The package has a handwritten note in it and when we switched things up mid-test from a sizing standpoint Kerry was very understanding and even had the great suggestion, which I plan to implement, of comparing the larger size to the smaller to see which one wears out quicker. The material is great and I think based on my extensive review it’s evident that I love how thin and soft this glove is.
    The Bad
    Other than the overlapping of material/stitching between the thumb and index finger, I don’t have any major downsides to this glove. With it being in beta testing per se price could be a factor but my hope would be that it competes with the likes of the Titleist players glove in the $24-$27 range.
    The Inbetween
    This is a very minor point but I wish I pressed for a virtual fitting from the get go in order to get fit for the medium from the start. It was a revelation for me to switch to the smaller size as I have been playing a medium-large glove for a little over a decade. I will definitely not be turning back and will stick with the new size now that I have all of the insight from Kerry and Red Rooster on how a glove should fit and evolve over time.
    Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20)
    The  penultimate hole, time to let the big dog eat and finish strong! What a ride it’s been.
    Simply put, this glove is staying in my bag until it is worn out. The Sussex is pretty much everything I look for in a glove. I have always gamed a players glove and am willing to sacrifice durability for feel. With that being said I still stretch the life of my gloves out until they absolutely need to be replaced. As previously stated if this glove can stay in the $24-$27 range I believe it is a true competitor to other premium gloves on the market. I think this glove is for the slightly more serious golfer who looks at all aspects of their equipment portfolio and is willing to spend a little more on something that is quality even if that means sacrificing some durability. But, I think any golfer looking to grab that fresh new glove for a big trip with their buddies should give the Sussex a chance. The bright red rooster logo will be sure to get everyone’s attention as you’re collecting their cash on the 18th green.
    There is nothing like walking up the 18th fairway to a stuck approach shot knowing you’re about to shoot a career low. Well done!
    The Red Rooster Sussex Glove is a premium player’s style glove. All leather with super soft material and the thinnest glove in the line up. The Sussex provided me with  improved grip off the tee and better feel for approach shots and those touchy pitch and chips around the green. The stitching and material is top tier and the reinforced areas make for a great fit. Specifically the wrist cuff ensures the glove feels tight on all parts of the hand. Some might find the overlapped stitch between the thumb and index finger to be a little bulky when gripping the club. The glove paired with the Red Rooster Carrying Case is a great combo and helps to make sure you can extend the longevity of any of your gloves by storing them properly. It also helps those who live in hotter climates rotate gloves to avoid the inevitable sweat stains. The pros definitely outweigh the cons with this glove and it is something I would add to my equipment lineup regularly. Thank you again to MyGolfSpy and Red Rooster for giving me the opportunity to participate in this test. I learned a lot about what I now think is a very overlooked part of our equipment, and I hope I provided insight to our readers and Red Rooster about what The Sussex can do for people’s game.

    Final Score (95 out of 100)
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    Navart reacted to sirchunksalot in What/How Did You Practice Today?   
    I went to the range today to mostly work on partial shots and chipping with clubs other than my specialty wedges. The last time I played, chip shots killed me. The ground was so hard and the grass so tight that I bladed everything. 
    I went through some 7 and 8 irons plus my set GW. I think the lower bounce of my irons would have benefited me along with a putting stroke. 
    I did hit some full shots focusing on a spot a couple of inches in front of the ball, getting my weight on the arch of my trail foot, and keeping slight knee bend at the top. 
    I hit the ball pretty well, even some fairway woods. I hit driver a couple of times and it wasn't too good. 
    Part of the reason I wanted to go so bad was to see how I like the Cobra stand bag. 

    So far, I'm liking it. This is the first stand bag I've used and since my range doesn't have bag holders it was nice to have the stand. 
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    As the Gallery function is not used to the degree we would hope and we have recently run into several issues with it on back end functions for the time being we are disabling it and will look at who we can make future improvements on the system. 
    For now please just post photos in the threads and as we work to a permanent fix we thank all who did put photos into it! 
    We are sure it will come back, however for now it is causing more issues than value. 
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