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  1. Sounds like you have a sound basis for course management skills. Breaking 90 is all 5s and one 4. What aspect of the game is holding you back?
  2. The decision should not be base in putts made or missed. Once the ball leaves the face of the putter you have no more influence in what happens. Whichever putter starts the ball on your intended line the best should be the putter in your bag
  3. Hate the blowup holes. Been a score killer for me this season.
  4. I have never done a comparison but I think pros play the same equipment as we do. In my opinion the differences are the tolerances they get as part of the club builds. All equipment is weighed and frequencies checked to ensure they get the best performing clubs. We buy off the rack and get clubs that might not be perfectly matched between clubs. It is like having that club in your set that you always hit a little better or a little worse than the others.
  5. My game has been off the past few weeks and continued today. Today I struggled hitting fairways but hit 10 greens. 2 doubles and 2 triples really hurt the score. I guess the bright side is that my short game is starting to come together and I am doing better with proximity to the hole. Actually I am kind of at a loss as to what is going on flashes of good play followed by streaks of poor play. Will probably just try to simplify my game and work to hit fairways and green in the upcoming weeks. I guess I made my hybrids mad by being selected to test the KBS shafts; they were actually working well today.
  6. It is a rush and definitely gets you charged up. I have holed out from the fairway probably half a dozen or so times. Almost did it on the same hole in back to back rounds; lipped out the second one. Doesn't translate to tee shots since I have no holes in one.
  7. Reading some of these it seems like the putters was only in the bag for a couple of hours. I used to be like this, but decided to learn more about putting instead of changing putters all the time. Still love putters but very few see any bag time. On the lookout for a non-insert replacement for my current putter.
  8. Question for the original poster. Are you looking for instructors that post tips and videos online or are you looking for an instructor to specifically work with you?
  9. R1 hasn't been back in the bag since I got the z355 which was a little over a year ago. Hit them both basically the same but I felt like I was a big more consistent with the srixon.
  10. It is definitely hard to find one to demo, but I will tell you they are solid clubs. I have an older model, the Z355 and it has replaced my R1. The only problem is that it doesn't have the matte finish you are looking for. You should be able to pick one up pretty cheap on ebay if you decide to go that way.
  11. Never been too much of a liquor drinker. Of course I have had the usual basic mixed drinks and party based shots of moonshine, tequila, and whisky. I can honestly say I have never tried scotch; I even have a airplane bottle in my cabinet that has been there since probably the 90s because a friend of mine drank it and I wanted to have it for him. This is probably a dumb question, but does it go bad?
  12. Specs for shafts submitted, adapter sleeves ordered, grips pulled from my stash of extras, epoxy ready to go, discovered I am out of grip tape. Gathering info for stage 1 report. Let the countdown start!
  13. I have done both online and in person lessons and both have advantages and disadvantages. I personally think if you are a beginner in person lessons are best. The big reason for this is supervision while working on the swing to help ensure you are repeating the right things. Online lessons work well if you are changing small things and can deal with the longer turnaround for feedback. You also have to have the ability and willingness to take and post videos and images (some people are technology challenged) For something like putting, you can do that online or in person with equal results The biggest benefit to online is you can choose whatever instructor you want and not in a specific region. not sure why you want online specifically in the HR area; if you live here, I would think you would want to do in person lessons. I have taken lessons from a few instructors in the area in the past, but haven't taken one in a few years so I would need to do research again.
  14. I have learned that eyes over the ball isn't the correct setup for everyone. There are possible setup positions that that works for but I am significantly off the ball when I am putting best. What can be accomplished with a mirror is consistent setup which is a must for consistent putting. You need consistent eye position, consistent shoulder position, consistent ball position, etc. There is not a single setup that works for everyone and you need to find what enables you to start the ball on your intended line.
  15. Lets forget about clubs for more distance, move to higher elevations. Don't think I am getting too much extra distance at 10 feet above sea level
  16. My aha moment was taking lessons. I know people have the ability to learn how to play on their own; we hear about self taught pros all the time. My guess is that the self teaching took many hours of dedicated practice. I would avoid all magazine and TV tips on how to improve your swing. If you don't apply the right fix, you won't fix your problem and could make things worse. As Kenny said, Aha moments quickly become ah-s*** moments. If you want to read tips, read about how to do course management or develop mental strength. In my opinion, find a pro and work on the basic fundamentals or grip and setup.
  17. Well, if you can shoot 82 then you are considered a good golfer by many people. You should also remember even low handicap players have the ingrained ability to shoot horrible scores (their perspective of horrible)). I am a 6 handicap and shot 88 a few weeks ago. One area to work on to maintain low scores is short game. You are going to miss the green and you need to be able to get up and down. Even more important is course/game management. How well do you get around the course and deal with bad shots. or when your swing isn't working 100% I have talked to lots of LPGA and their caddies when II am volunteering and they always say bogeys will happen; it is about avoiding the big scores. One of the best things to do is take a playing lesson with a pro and have them help you understand the decision making process.
  18. Could just do a reshafr. Hope the ping irons weren't hurt.
  19. Hope it is only a few days. Sprained mine about a year and a half ago and was out for about 3 months. It was 6 months to fully recover
  20. I am excited about the opportunity. Now I have to get my order in for a couple of adapter sleeves for my hybrids
  21. I think the simple answer is that if you are going to get fit for clubs you should try a variety if shafts to see what works for you swing and gives you the desired results. Most manufacturers offer a good selection of shafts with no up charge.
  22. I am all over the place. When I change grips I make them match my preferred configuration. I should really care more but haven't found that much difference
  23. Replied before I was done. Looks like a high quality product. Some of their designs a takeoffs on classic design and others are unique to them. I wouldn't hesitate to put one in the bag if it was the right putter.
  24. They had some in the MGS most wanted putter testing. The putter had a great feel and it was one that I really wanted to like.
  25. I don't focus on eye dominance but seeing the line correctly. I found the setup position that lets me see the line the same way I see the line when I am looking down the line. Most people when they setup with eyes over the ball will see the line differently which does have an influence on how they swing the putter to compensate for what the are seeing
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