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  1. Virginia would be very angry that you consider them in the Northeast. Mid Atlantic or southeast would be more accurate since they are south of the Mason Dixon line. [emoji3]
  2. My testing time has been deferred. Will do this test next time I can get to the range or MGS LXB
  3. Supposed to be testing 3 Woods at the MGS LXB tonight. Going to try and get some impact tape or put the dots On my 6 iron to see how my face impact looks. Trying to follow up on my ball speed difference to see if the Wilson's fit me better or if the ball speed on misshits is more consistent.
  4. That is a swing dynamics thing. I don't think taking a duvitnwith a wood is necessarily a bad thing. I will probably be shallow but you still have a downward angle of attack. Just like some players take a small divot with their irons. For example I recall hearing that Jason Day doesn't take large divots with his irons.
  5. Good stuff. Can't wait to watch Ian identify the perfect set and for Rob to respond that he has that exact setup back at his office in backup bag number 27. Now I am going to have to avoid this thread until after I watch the video tonight. I don't want any spoilers!
  6. I think the second W should be GW or SW. Assuming that, the poster is saying that the 9 iron is 20-30 yards shorter than the 9 and the PW is 20-30 shorter than 9 and the W is 20-30 yard shorter than the PW. The poster expects the difference to be 10-15 yards. BTW to the OP welcome to MGS
  7. Enjoyed the video today and the intro to the upcoming videos with a self described club tinkerer.......come on Matt, this guys picture is in the dictionary next to the words Club ho!!!! I like the spin they are putting on the videos Rob being an unknown who has clubs that may be close to adequate with just potential tweaks being necessary.
  8. I think the official answer is that it takes 10,000 hours to become good at something. But, "good at golf" is a vague definition and that definition will vary by individual. As you have mentioned there are a lot of variables and for some people all the dedication and practice will result in their being a mediocre golfer while others with little dedication and no practice/lessons end up being tour pros.
  9. Welcome to the forum and MGS is always looking for testers. Part of applications process is posting and starting threads to give the powers that be an idea of who you are and what you bring to the table.
  10. For your 3 wood fit I would consider the courses you play and see what strategy will best fit your game. Do you need something less than driver off the tee or do you mostly use it for second shots on par 5s or long par 4s?
  11. Nah, cameras are behind him. I think we need to set up an over/under on when he starts to change out his clubs.
  12. Yep and I agree with you on the variations. The next thing I need to figure out is where on the face am I hitting the ball. Hoping to get some impact tape or foot powder to check that out. If I am hitting the Wilson's more on the center then it probably leans toward the shaft/lie angle being the reason. If they are both similar in impact, then it leans more toward the clubhead.
  13. That is what I was thinking and they are the cast ones that should theoretically be a little more durable.
  14. Dead pull with no curve sounds like over the top since you are square to the path. For me when I get a case of the pulls I think about shortening the swing or keeping my back toward the target lionger. I never think about turning the hips because that gets me out of sequence. This is my thought and may not do anything for you.
  15. Seem pretty scratched up based on those pictures. Your miss on the toe?
  16. This exact same sentiment is why I don't like tournaments that Tiger is playing. At least when Bryson isn't in contention we don't have to hear the comments. When Tiger plays we have to see every shot even if he is in last place. I think Faldo doesn't like Bryson because he has made the game a series of mathematical formulas and it goes against the whole skill and feel aspect of the game.
  17. I love how Faldo just analyzed that he calculates the slope on the green, distance of the putt, and the speed of the green to show how much the putt will break,. I wanted to yell at my screen that he just explained the concepts of Aimpoint!!!!
  18. I only caught a little. Basically that is is going to be a good series no matter which team wins.
  19. Come on Pat Sajak was wonderful
  20. I have never been a person that doesn't play the clubs I have. I think they get lonely just sitting in a golf room and need to get out to the course occasionally.
  21. I used to have a putter problem, got some good coaching and \while I may put a new putter in the bag every so often it is generally short lived.
  22. Wonder if the Caps opening will rival the cinema of the Knights opening ceremony.
  23. Nice start on all the reviews. My question is related to the sole of the clubs. Since these wedges only come in 1 bounce configuration, how does the V Sole work for shots around the green (open face, bunkers, short pitches, and chips)? Also, do you consider a digger or slider? Hope you all planning on trying these wedges on bare hardpan lies
  24. Nice pickup for $130. Even better if it has the 350g head.
  25. i think the OP post explains why static fitting doesn't always work. It is a great starting point and even Ping who is best known for the static fitting approach does dynamic fittings to dial in the specific players needs. Body type has a lot to do with how a person can swing the club. It is entirely possible that you grab the club too far toward the end (a lot of people do, myself included) or that your clubs are too short based on how you address the ball. If you aren't planning on doing dramatic changes to your swing, going some place to be able to hit balls (launch monitor or range) to see how the changes impact your ball flight would be your best option. If you can't get to a fitting, do like you are doing and get a club and try different lengths and lie angles. With some basic skills you can change the length of a club yourself. Lie angle can be easily adjusted by your local shop if they do club work.
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