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  1. If you log on to the masters site where you signed up for the tickets you can find out your status. I was rejected
  2. Hoping the weather holds out so I can play tomorrow. May daughter doesn't play golf so it will be my usual Sunday group of friends.
  3. Done it a couple of times. As was said, It is all about the bounce on the wedge to avoid taking a divot. Of course that was before I was struggling with my chipping.
  4. Haven't played one in a long time. I still have a royal collection (related to sonartec) in my extra club bag. They are great clubs and can be found fairly inexpensively. I now prefer the tour edge exotics line of clubs. I think they provide the best and most underrated fairway wood on the market.
  5. I have a fairly natural swing. I remember when I first started to learn the game my instructor told me I had a natural swing. Later when I took up golf again and took lessons again the instructor said I had a good swing. Even when taking lessons I don't practice what they we telling me to do yet I am able to incorporate the fix. I do have swing flaws but I have been able to work itch them to play good golf. I can also attest that having a good swing does not mean you will play good golf.
  6. It is definitely not ideal but I really like the shot tracer on every shot. The bad thing about the coverage is that it seems like it takes forever to get back to players to see their shot and seems like they are all tape delayed. Agree with the comment that the commentators don't know when to let the golf do the talking.
  7. Did that once with a 3 wood and had to go on the range to retrieve the head. Hope you get it fixed quickly.
  8. I am staying pretty consistent and staying around a 5/6. Really need to fix my chipping to be able to get lower.
  9. I would say no to your question. I read other forums and there many questions asked by people that are not very good or knowledgeable golfers. I would say that there are a lot of people that acknowledge they aren't good golfers. I think what I see more is golfers providing tips when they probably shouldn't
  10. Sam is great. And you are correct the lab is great and testing clubs and equipment is fun. And Sam days had to elk me to leave a couple of times [emoji2] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. People exaggerate all the time even outside of the online world. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Essentially it is a large collection of statistics for how many stroke players take to get in the hole for a specific distance. You compare your performance to see if you are gaining or losing strokes. I have seen collections of stats for pros through high handicaps to make legitimate comparisons. If you keep you stars of how many strokes you take from various distances you can start to do head to head comparisons to see actual weaknesses in your game.
  13. I just put a dot somewhere near the number. I am not vet consistent from ball to ball
  14. We talk to the golf because we are hoping that it will make up for our swing faults
  15. The rotate player during the Pro am is also good for the amateurs when once or the pros doesn't speak the best English or they aren't the nicest person. For the pros it doesn't commit then to a 6 hour round
  16. Looking for a round grip for my putter and was looking at Best Grips and ideally want something with as little taper as possible. Since the putter grips are only pistol or paddle I was considering a regular club grip. Can anyone describe how much taper they have and if it is possible to build up the grip with tape if not?
  17. I love volunteering at golf tournaments. I figure if I am going to go, I am should just volunteer. Over the years I have done the following: LPGA - Kingsmill Champtionship (9 years) as standard bearer and walking scorer. Been doing walking scorer for a while now and the best round it the Pro-am. Two pros for 9 holes and the amateurs are in carts on the cart path. Some nice conversation about all kinds of topics. Tournament rounds are great to watch as you get to see the best close. Symetra - While the Kingsmill was on hiatus I did a stint as cart driver/scorer for the players and on the driving range while the Symetra tour played in Richmond. Senior Tour - Did the Dominion Charity Classic in Richmond last November as a standard bearer. Got to spend the day with Rocco Mediate, Scott McCarron, and Bernhard Langer. There are a bunch of people that I talk with who just travel around and volunteer at 5-6 events a year. Heard some interesting stories about volunteering at the Olympic Golf event.
  18. Forecast said occasional rain for the next several hours. I think it will be a while before the heavy stuff sets in.
  19. I think this will depend on the player and their ability. I am a once a week player and my only practice is really the hour prior to a round. I roll putts and chip fake balls at home while watching TV occasionally but that isn't really true focused practice. I maintain a 6 cap with this approach. Playing a couple of times a week and practicing I am pretty sure I could get to scratch.
  20. What stats do you want to track? I don't think tagging will ever be perfect and you will alway have to go back and edit rounds. Probably still better than doing it manually I did manual for a while and then stopped. Would be nice if the grint app did a strokes gained statistic.
  21. Same bounce? Like others have said probably a spin think. More spin equals more height and possibly less distance.
  22. I am in the nothing camp. If I am struggling, it might be a thought about tempo.
  23. Nope, there is no consensus. Everyone has their own opinions on what is the best grip. If you like the SNSR grip then you should probably continue to use that grip.
  24. Pretty happy with today's round; I was pretty solid in all areas of my game. 36-40=76. 2 Birdies, 2 bogeys, and 2 doubles. My normal nemesis chipping was the reason behind the doubles but it was the result of solid contact instead of chunks or blading the ball across the green.
  25. I have a putter head on the way and I am doing the same as you. Trying to figure out what shaft to putt in the club. probably going black, but also considering TT Frequncy filtered. Big questions I am working through are heavy/light and stepped/stepless. Been reading opinions all over the internet. Prabably avoiding the TT frequency shaft since it says is makes insert putters play too soft. Anyone around here have opinions on putter shaft weight or how steps impact the stroke?
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