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  1. When you look at the expected results by swing speeds.  The maximum expected distance reduction with a driver is 15 yards and that is a one time reduction or at least it seems that way.  maybe there's more to come ??   Given the .56 yds gained per year as the PGA said has been gained over the last 30 years, they would have to do this again in 30 years to stay at the expected distance result from their suggested distance adjustment.   Who knows...   IMHO  if we just continue on with no adjustment to the ball..    and  think about going back to the club lengths and lofts (irons) of 30 years ago, would be an interesting study..  Thanks for all you do ....   jy  

  2. In the first video...  I think the analysis is very interesting...  but trying to apply the number of changes will be extremely difficult for the average golfer especially without the equipment to compare, let alone the time to spend making the changes.   The second video kinda explains what Anika and David Duval did very successfully...    I had the opportunity to ask Anika at a practice area...  if she raised her head when playing from a bunker and she explained that she did that to keep her head/neck aligned with her spine though out her swing.  

  3. I've always found that putting a ball on a tee, especially for beginners allows them to concentrate on the swing mechanics and not have the frustration of trying to get the ball airborne, then lower the tee until you remove it for at least the irons.   For myself..  on par 3's, I always use a tee regardless of club selection.     thanks  

  4. What you experienced seems to be the trend among young people.   Hats on backwards, shirts not tucked in...  standing on another person's line of play,  yelling while other are trying to hit a shot.   playing music loud enough to be heard a few holes away.  Watching PGA, etc. on TV and listening to the verbal comments, yelling, etc. and it's somewhat promoted by the PGA...  tells you what's to come for the future of golf.    TOP GOLF is educating the next wave of golfers that we will be dealing with on the course.  No one is trying to educate the up coming youngsters to the etiquette of the game we all have grown to love..   unfortunate.  

  5. Driver   PXG Gen 5, Ping g425  Mizuno STZ-230, Titleist TSR1 

    3 wood   Taylormade m6, PXG Gen 5

    5 wood  PXG  Gen 5

    2,3,4,5,6  Taylormade Hybrids

    Irons  Taylormade, Sub70

    wedges  taylormade, pxg, ping

    Putter  Ping, Evnroll, Toulon Garage Indianapolis (center shafted)

    Ball    Taylormade tp5, tp5x   Titleist  Supersoft,  Pro v1 left dot,  Pro v1x left dash, pro v1, Pro v1x 

    Glove   taylormade Tour Preferred




  6. I have putted cross handed for about 30 years now...   have been chipping cross handed as well for about5 years..   trying to get the longer pitch shots to work cross handed too.   sometimes I chip short delicate chips one handed using just my right hand and have become pretty good at it.  I'm 76,   15 hdcp ..   used to be better, but age has taken distance away unfortunately.    Advice...   Try chipping cross handed...  seems that the pros are trying it and using it successfully. .   use putting stroke, especially if you putt cross handed ...  GOOD LUCK TO ALL..   

  7. Gimmes are necessary to keep friends.    personally, don't like them because there's no standard.    Is it   1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet or based on possible score...   Spreads into competition, which doesn't protect the field.    When you play with people that do gimmes, they usually don't follow the rules of golf in other areas.    If you were to relate it to another sport, such as basketball.   then missing a layup, should be rewarded with a point.   sounds dumb, but that's effectively what gimmes do to the great game of golf.  People see it in match play and then assume it applies to stroke play as well.   

  8. Colors or lack thereof make golf a fun arena for attire.  Everyone chooses what they're comfortable in and what their friends won't criticize them for wearing.  I wear colors and white pants frequently and personally, I find it fun to see who says what.  Some people just can't handle the comments and wear black/grey/brown every day...  It's a fun environment for a social experiment.  Enjoy your choice.   

  9. There's a gun you can purchase that you put the ball in and select the yardage... might as well buy one of those and use it...    GOLF IS A GAME OF INTEGRITY....   as stated by the USGA who doesn't trust you enough to post a round played by yourself...      GO FIGURE...        18 holes of golf will tell you the real character of a person...    it's all a matter of what impression you want others to have of you...     whatever that is...     GO FOR IT...      SORRY...   I'm a rules of golf official and love the game as it's supposed to be played...    

  10. I think that fitting should be HONEST....   If someone comes in to get fit and displays an awful golf swinging ability, the fitter should tell them that it's a waste of your money to try to fit a bad golf swing,  It defies logic if they think that a specific club/shaft selection will help fix a bad swing.    Having said that, when you go to a retail golf store,  you're going to get someone that is less proficient at fitting than going to a fitting specialist, but again... honesty should come before sales.  being honest and telling the golfer that they would be much better off investing in lessons before spending the money being fitted and investing thousands in new equipment...  but as usual, this will probably never have a priority in the club business even though it might create a life long customer ..  SAD    

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