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  1. I am a bit of a weather nerd and thought I'd see if anyone else shared this interest....
    We hit 39* this morning which is a bit on the low side for us this time of year.  I am sure we'll still get some hot days but the dip in temps is nice for a change.  
    It's been dry for about a week now after 18" of rainfall in August.  The 10 day forecast looks pretty dry as well, so I will be sprinklering the grass seed & fert work that was done yesterday.
    The temp inside was 66 so I hit the heater witch to get it up a few degrees.  We have old people living with us and I didn't want them in their parkas sitting at the breakfast table!  [emoji38]

    You must be near me in Georgia. 41 here this AM. Father in Law will still be in a parka after i turn the heat to 71. Yesterday though 60 when i came off the course at 6

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  2. On 10/12/2020 at 5:52 PM, Rickp said:

    All PVC were removed from holes today so that’s back to normal.

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    Sweetens had no nonsense in their holes either. It was great to hear the drop of the ball

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  3. 2 hours ago, ED13 said:

    Got back into building a stereo system 16 years ago.  It took over 8 years to put together my modern system but still old school so this system only vinyl and reel to reel.  A dedicated room is also a must for me.

    I don't think most people understand the quality of sound some of the old 70's receivers have.  many are very musical with great midrange.  Have at least 6 currently but using only my favourite, a Tandberg 2075 at my cabin up north with modern speakers.  People are often shocked at the capability of the system.

    Enjoy your vintage sound.

    I love the old system so far. It is warm and soft around the edges. The KG2’s, in my small space, just kill it. They dont look like much but the speakers and the Marantz,similar to my dad’s, old unit are so good. 

  4. I have been playing Miura Baby Blades for about a year and a half. I came from Titleist CB’s. My iron striking has been so good with these little babies. They are spec’d with Lamkin ACE grips and KBS Tour-V shafts. I stripped out the paint fill and added BB&F custom ferrules. They are certainly like butter when struck properly. I have never had a better iron.

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  5. Not what but how are listening to it? My 50th is right around the corner so i purchased a Marantz 2015 (1973) and a pair of Klipsch KG2’s (1980-ish) for the lounge that was my son’s hang out /gaming room. He is off to college. Happy Camper, i am.

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  6. The pool noodle is fine. But i do miss the sound of the ball bouncing into the bottom of the cup.
    Whatever keeps the courses open. I am an ICU nurse and golf is my sanctuary, my zen, my mind clearer and my obsession. Lets Play

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  7.  I have only ever used 50 and 56 degree wedges. I tried to go with a 3 wedge set of vokeys and replace my pw with a 48,52,56 but it wasnt what i had gotten used to with stock pw, 50 and 56. So i bent the 48 to 50 and use the 56.
    I don’t worry about distance gapping with my wedges very much. Often it is less than a full shot anyway. I know what feel i need for each and they are used for specific chipping shots around the green. The PW is almost never a chipping club and my 9i fills in for bump and run shots. 
    So, my advice is find what you like to use and not worry about numbers stamped in the bottom of the club. 

  8. 3 hours ago, fozcycle said:

    Just received my new Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver with Mitdubishi Tense ck Blue regular shaft.


    Gonna try it out tomorrow!

    Using Wilson Staff Driver: Triton, Powerbilt 3W/5W, Tour Edge CVX129 4Hybrid, Irons 5-PW Wilson Staff D-7,Hogan wedges 49/53/57 & Tommy Armour Impact putter.

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    I am a hige fan of the non driver Exotics. I hope the driver is as good as my CBX 3, 5, hybrid. They are killer hot faced killers

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  9. 5 hours ago, tony@CIC said:

    Neither of my recent purchases are 'clubs' but still related.

    Just got a package from golf works: a bunch of MCC+4's and a Dri Tac LT. I'm planning on putting the LT on my 60* which I typically choke down. Looking to see if it feels any better. The +4's are my go to grip so just experimenting here.

    Also bought and installed fender flares for my EZGO Cart. The way the cart is designed, the rear wheels splatter mud all over my bag so I hope these fender flares will eliminate the splatter.

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    Walking should prevent that splatter also. Just a thought 

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  10. 1 hour ago, tehuti said:

    Fortunately I am mostly geared up. With all of this additional web surfing time I could have spent a ton of money otherwise. All I am even considering is a 19° hybrid, but it’s not a need.

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    Pay for shipping and i have an Adams at home you can try out for free. Just collecting dust at my hizzle

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  11. After playing in the rain yesterday, and always thinking it’s dumb that the companies have us keep the rain cover in our apparel pocket, I’d be buying the 2020 Hoofer JUST because they finally have the hood stored in the HIP PAD!!! Now it no longer takes up unnecessary room !
    Yep, and the colors are silly good!
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    I love this bag. I have a Sun Mountain speedcart with a sync bag that i used and loved until i got this little thing. I would so much rather carry this so far. I just cant take my clubs out. While a full bag does lend to a bit of tangling, if i take my time replacing a club and keeping it organized it is just fine.

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  12. Looks nice, thanks for sharing

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    Sold out of the one with the pencil. I asked them if they could make designed holes or some way to have my Seamus marker and ball mark repair tool held to the book. No response yet

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