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Sign up Closed: Haywood CB/MB Irons

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Equipment Type: Irons
Vendor: Haywood


About Haywood Golf

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2018, Haywood Golf is a relatively new addition to the DTC (Direct-to-consumer) market. However, Haywood has made a concerted effort to differentiate itself by offering multiple fitting locations worldwide. They also build all their clubs in Canada. 

With a move to a new and bigger location in the Vancouver area, Haywood looks to expand on its existing lineup, which already includes a multi-material designed driver and fairway wood, along with a newly released hybrid. Haywood then boasts four different iron models, a driving iron, wedges, and two different putter models (one mallet and one blade). Impressively, all their golf clubs are also available in right and left-handed options. Very Canadian!

With so many DTC brands available to consumers, Haywood separates itself by offering more fitting location options and special runs of copper and black nitride finish clubs, along with extremely competitive prices and a ton of options to fit your game.


What is being tested?

For this testing opportunity, we will have four fortunate golfers test, review, and keep a full set of the Haywood CB/MB Combo irons. With four split set options and full CB or MB, Haywood is introducing their first forged iron using 1020 carbon steel, which is then “100% milled, allowing for the tightest weight and club measurement tolerances in the industry.”

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Selected testers will be offered a virtual fit with Haywood Golf to aid in getting the best set possible for them as part of the testing experience.


Want to be a tester?



*Must be a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member to be selected.

*Open to all golfers worldwide.

*Registration closes Feb 28.

*Testers announced March 5 on the Forum.


Omg these irons look so cool, I’ve been drooling over the clubs these guys make, but frustratingly can’t get hold of anything in England. Be great to show off over here, but in any case best of luck to Haywood, and please don’t forget us poor brits when it comes to expansion!

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8 minutes ago, Sorrentino14 said:

I have been trying to be a tester for a few months now, and after seeing these beautiful irons I might just get them myself to test. I hope they have that buttery feel my mizunos have. Good luck to everyone as always !

Iam sure your day will come my man!! 

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