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Inesis Waterproof Grip Golf Shoes

Equipment Type: Golf shoe
Vendor: Inesis


Inesis is a brand that has made a bit of a splash in recent Most Wanted testing. This is especially true of their shoes, which earned "Best Value" spikeless shoe in both 2019 and in 2021—and was rated the most comfortable shoe in 2019.

We've got four Forum members who'll be testing Inesis's Waterproof Grip golf shoes.



@Curtis Atkinson



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Interested to see how Decathlon does in the US as they try to compete against the likes of Dick’s and others. If these Inesis shoes are as good as the clubs, they might stand a chance. 

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I've only been playing for about a year, so being a relatively new player and unbiased to any Golf equipment or accessories I'd be interested to see how these shoes are since I currently have a wide variety of different brand golf equipment. 

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They look soft and lightweight,

nice looking golf gear. 

Thanks for the chance of becoming the winner! 

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That's a nice looking shoe. Good alternative to Nikes that I use to hunt for but stop giving money to after they became "woke"

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I walk ~50-60 rounds a year. I usually use Ecco's, but I'd love to mix it up and test these out.

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I wouldn't mind trying something different. Been wearing FJ shoes just about all my life. Would like to see how they compete with the the bigger brands

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Would love to be a tester. Going to need a new pair for my new membership at my club. 

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I would like to see how they compare to all my FootJoys. Thanks for the opportunity MGS, enjoy getting all my golf info from you guys before I buy!

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Live on a golf course play every day.  Would love to test the shoes.  Note - I wear a 15, so if they make them in this size I am in! 

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Walk 3-5x a week. Looking for a shoe under $100 that’s waterproof and comfortable to walk in. 

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I would be happy to try them out; walk frequently on the course.

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I'm always interested in the new spikeless offerings. Comfort, stability and traction are so key with the spikeless offerings. Would love to try these. The ratings have them up there for all three categories I mentioned and the price is crazy low! Affordable for sure! I hear they run small, so I hope the adjustments are made for the volunteers. I enjoy my Sketchers and have recommended them, but I will say occasionally I have a slip with my back foot during a swing.

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Great timing for this. Just started looking for some new shoes and would LOVE to test something like this. They look amazing.

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Would be interesting to see hw the stack up comfort wise with my Cuater's 

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Very interested to try these.  I’ve always been a spikes only kind of guy.  I also walk during rounds almost exclusively.  They look lightweight and comfortable.  Looking forward to trying them out.

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Always on the hunt for a comfortable golf shoe. Right foot has ongoing issues with plantar fasciitis, left foot still impacted by broken tibia from last year.

Can't wear ECCO or Footjoy, best so far is the Adidas Tech Response.

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Would love to test them. I play 100-120 rounds a year so I have four pairs of golf footwear that I rotate through:  True spikeless, 2 pairs of Adidas, and a pair of Etonic golf sandals. I'd be interested in comparing these  to what I'm currently wearing on the course.

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I need some spikeless shoes.  Most players where I am playing have made the switch but I have not yet but looking to get some.


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I have been searching for a new comfortable shoe to wear as I walk around the city courses here in Denver and work on my game. I’d love to be chosen!

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