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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Edel SMS/SMS Pro Irons

Number of Testers
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3,997 signups
Equipment Type: Irons
Vendor: Edel






Edel Golf SMS and SMS Pro Irons

Presenting the first set of irons truly fit to your swing.  Edel golf has designed the SMS and SMS Pro irons to take your game to the next level.


edel_2022_by_lucas_botz_1496.jpg      edel_2022_by_lucas_botz_1439.jpg


Every Edel SMS and SMS Pro Iron comes complete with:

-  Swing Match Weight Technology

-  Forged Hollow Body Construction to Unlock Adjustability and Distance with Plasma Welded Maraging Steel Face Cup for Even More Distance (SMS)

-  Or a Precision Grain Forging for Incredible Sound and Feel (SMS Pro)

-  Players Sole Grind for Turf Interaction Versatility (SMS) or a Tour Inspired Tri-Stepped Sole Design for Enhanced Turf Interaction (SMS Pro)



Would you like to put the Edel SMS or SMS Pro Irons to the test? 

For this review opportunity we are looking for 4 MGS Forum Members to test and keep the Edel Irons!

Testers will be able to chose from in-stock shaft options currently listed on Edel's website and can choose from SMS Irons, SMS Pro Irons, or a blended combo set of irons! 

Testers will also be expected to get fit on their own within a week of selection or provide their known specs to the mod team for ordering.

This Test is open to right-hand golfers located in the United States.


Check out the Edel SMS reviews here


Be sure to check out the Forum Social Channels on Instagram & Twitter



Hi I never played the edel products. I am left handed and 84 years old. The irons really look different from the major brands .It would be nice and different to test these clubs.

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1 minute ago, richk9holes said:

Agreed, especially the SMS pro. The SMS give me Hogan vibes too.

I can see that.  It's a very nice looking iron with an old school look.  Really like the multicolored ferrule.  

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Interested in using the moveable weights in the clubheads. Have always put a little tape on the toe to promote a draw/reduce fade bias and would cool to use the weights to do this instead.

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Reminder to all the new members to check this out and see some insights on how we select our testers. Also worth your time to read is the link above in the test that says READ MORE HERE. 

We as a mod team are very transparent about how we select our testers and what is required to be so. It doesn't take a lot, but we do want to see participation and involvement in the community. 

We also work very hard to get new members involved in testing! So if you are new please please take the 5 to 10 minutes to read the threads/highlighted posts so that you can better inform yourself on how to better your chances at becoming a tester!

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I just went to their website and would love to try out these irons.  It would be amazing to get fitted and be able to see what adjusting those three weights can do for my swing.  I would love to take 4-5 strokes off my round and maybe these are just the irons to do it.

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3 hours ago, GolfSpy_BOS said:

@Jnoble89 and all out Lefty Spies…

Sorry! I missed that when I copied over my text. This is Right-hand only golfers. The test should be updated now. 

Was just about to ask about this. Still, these are some great looking irons.

@GolfSpy_BOS is there a way to remove my signup? I've tried swinging right handed a few times and no one needs that in a review 😆

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Just now, richk9holes said:

I bet you'd outdrive me right handed.

Interestingly, when I played baseball in HS, I'd switch hit. I wasn't as coordinated and couldn't get contact as often when I was going Right but when I did, it was going to go far. Unfortunately, that didn't translate to golf at all.

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Edel has intrigued me for a while and I’ve bought a some of their accessories which are great but easier to get into than clubs. This is going to be an interesting test to see the results from.

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5 hours ago, GolfSpy_BOS said:

But last week didn't you say you were taking your Mizzy's to the grave!? 🤪

What shafts do you play?  I actually thought they have pretty good coverage with the options available right now.

Recoil 95 F3 or F4 or Project X IO 5.5. They have a selection of 14 shafts as stock options(both Project X shafts they only offer in 6.0 or 6.5), most other companies, including @GolfSub70 have a far greater selection available.

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8 hours ago, sirchunksalot said:

Thanks to MyGolfSpy and Edel for the opportunity for some of our members to test the SMS irons. The testing session is getting off to an amazing start! This will be a fun one to follow and best of luck to everyone who applies.


9 hours ago, gzman1 said:

where are the fitting sites?? i can make it to colorado...


10 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

One test sign up is closed and another one opens up. 

Very curious to see if we crack 9000 registrations on this one. What an amazing opportunity by Edel and we cannot thank them enough for bringing this opportunity to the forum. 

Don't forget to check out our Instagram and Twitter to also see when all the tests release! Leave us a like a follow it would be appreciated!



Best of luck all and be on the lookout for our announcement on the previous test Tuesday!

Thanks for the opportunity, excited to see how much the PXG gen6 and Edel have in common, clearly some flattery involved with the PXG design, and a fitter 5 minutes from my house!!! Fingers crossed, good luck 🍀 y’all

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