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On 5/18/2021 at 8:31 AM, Tyler86 said:

Ive been playing Snell MTB-X for about a year, love it. But by complete accident, played a recovered Bridgestone TOUR BRX this spring, on a high wind day. The ball flight was substantially better for me off the tee with driver. Similar launch as MTB-X, but flew noticeably straighter. 13hcp, 95mph maverick max, neutral swing path. Experimented a little the next day, strong wind again. Played Tour BRX front 9 and MT B-X back nine, results confirmed. Bought some 2020 BRX and have played the last 15 rounds with them. Now that the greens in MN are playing a bit closer to normal, i find it a little harder to hold greens outside 160yards. Not sure what the greens are rolling, but courses i play the most are around 138-145 slope. I know that the packaging and GolfSpy research shows that the Bridgestone Tour BX doesnt quite fit my swing speeds but the Golf Spy study shows some evidence of slightly higher spin, with minimal sacrifice to ball speed and launch angle at slower swing speeds. Going to pick up some Tour BX this week and see if i can hold more greens with similar ball flights, especially in the wind. But all of this leads me to feel conflicted. I love Snell as a company and the MTB-X is fantastic at the price point, but i also love the results ive had with the Tour BRX, and the “Made in the USA” is huge to me. Considering playing 2 balls, Tour BRX/BX on windy days, MTB-X on calm days. Does anyone else play 2 balls for this reason?

Same situation with the RX, try a sleeve of the RXS , much better stopping power for me, I am trying some BX versions now and I admit it was a way better than average shot for me but were were 85 out and I hit a hard low spinner wedge 3 foot right of the pin in a 4 man scramble, my sight is crap so I asked my partners where my divot was because I knew it hit the green and one of them blurted out its under the $%$^&&**& ball lol. I havent tried the BXS but will eventually to satisfy my curiosity but 1 sleeve of the RXS put the RX on the backup shelf , carry slightly less on irons if I remember right but stops on the green and better carry on the driver for me. Tag me and keep me posted, sounds like were in the same golfing shoes. 

 Ping 430 Max H/L 10 Degree Geezer Flex

 Ping 425 7 wood Geezer Flex

Ping 425 5H [Not in bag]

TM DHY 4/5

Titlist 5-Gap T300's Geezer Flex

Wedges Cleveland RTX Fullface Zipcore 52 degree and TM Hi Toe 4 56 degree

Putter Scotty Cameron Golo S Center Shafted

Ball Bridgestone BXS , Trying The Maxfli Tour S also

Bag Titlist 15 Cart Bag


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The player:
Current gamer - Left Dash ProV1 ProV1x '21 TP5x CSxLS
Handicap - 3.8
7 iron carry distance with current ball - 183yd
Trajectory - high
Putter - Toulon Seattle

The ball: TP5x PROTO '24

Distance - Remarkable. No noticeable gains in distance out on play. Notice some really long balls but not to say balls I game with would not have done that either. Have not had the chance to get on LM for numbers.

Trajectory - Mid/high flight. Off the tee its not ultra high but a good medium high one. Its comparable to prov1x but a bit less in irons. I compare iron trajectory to a vice pro plus. Wedges can be flighted nicely and no evidence of any ballooning.

Spin - Remarkable. Compared to the tour balls it has enough spin around the greens. Its comparable to the '21 TP5x. Not like the '19 TP5x where you would have to play for more roll out in short game shots. 

Feel - Extra firm. With that the '24 tp5x proto is def clickier than the previous. I noticed it more on 1/2 to 3/4 wedge shots especially when you don't get it center center on the face. You hit it low toe or high it def has a more pronounced click to it. Which makes sense since with a shorter slower swing you are not compressing it at all and just hitting the cover. To whom that do not use firm balls I could see as a turn off but to whom have used firm balls like left dash and CSxLS its not too different from their clicks.

With putting it has a satisfying feedback. Obviously there is no traits of being soft or mushy so you can use the softest insert made and its still going to click off a putter without feeling like hitting a cement ball. Overall satisfying to putt with the adage of the diamond shaped pix pattern.

Durability - I was overall pleased with the durability after two rounds. One was a par3 course with mostly wedges and admittedly with a couple of bladed knifes in there 😅 and a round on a sandy overseeded course with a couple of bunker shots, the ball came out overall well and will not toss until lost haha. 

Rating -  Its a great ball that competes with the best. I like their mypix program that lets you design the entire ball yourself. You can really make your golf your own way and not even have numbers on them and I think that is innovative in the ball industry.



pics after 2 rounds. Pretty satisfied with conditions after use. 

Driver:  :cobra-small:  King LTDx LS 9* :accra: TZ6 65 M5 45.75”

FW:  default_taylormade-small.jpg BRNR mini Driver 13.5* :projectx: Hzrdus Blue 70g 6.5 tipped 1"

Utility:  default_callaway-small.jpg UW 21* :projectx: Hzrdus black 80g 6.5

Irons : default_srixon-small.jpg ZX Utility 4 23* MCA Diamana Thump 100x

default_srixon-small.jpgZ785 5-PW Nippon Modus 120x

Wedges: default_callaway-small.jpg TCB AW 50* Nippon Modus 120x

               :cleveland-small: zipcore 55* DG Wedge Spinner

                default_vokey-small.gif Vokey Wedgeworks T grind 60* :kbs: REV 2.0

Putter: :odyssey-small:Toulon Seattle:garsen:

   :bettinardi-1: BB8W MCA MMT Putter shaft

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Next week I am going to test the Maxfli Tour X and Titleist Pro V1 on my home simulator.  I will give all the details of the test as it should be well over 100 shots with each ball.  I will update this post and we should have some fun.  Hope everyone is enjoying winter.  

Driver: Callaway Rogue 9*

FW: Sub 70 Pro 4 wood

Hybrid: Sub 70 949 Hybrid 19*

Irons:  Sub 70 

659 CB 4 - 6 Black

639 MB 7 - PW

Wedges: Sub 70

JB - 50* 54* & 60*

Putter: Odyssey White Hot #2
Ball: Titleist Pro-V1x
Handicap index:  +3.9

Instagram: joshandersongolf

Twitter: @jacustomgolf

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Yesterday I was able to test the 2024 TP5x on my Bushnell Launch Pro inside.  Some interesting findings against the ProV1x.  For myself, the TP5x spun more on irons and less on driver then the ProV1x.  The TP5x was also about 3-5 yards longer on irons and about 4-6 on driver.  I tested with 9 iron, 5 iron, and driver.  I can't wait to try it out on the course.  


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I'll admit; I was surprised when I saw this today...


DriverPING G425 Max
Woods- PING G 3w, Sub70 pro 4w, 
Callaway UW 19*, TourEdge C721 22* 
Irons- XXIO X

Wedges- Callaway Jaws Raw 

Putter- Cleveland HB Soft #1 w/UST
Ball- Maxfli Tour X

Interested in an in-depth review of  the Callaway Paradym driver? Click ➡️ here

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