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Official Forum Member Review - Sky Caddie Linx GT GPS Watch & Shot Tracking System

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Official Forum Member Review

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Sky Caddie Linx GT GPS Watch and Shot Tracking System



Super Dave           Stage 1            Stage 2          Stage 3

Kieldog                 Stage 1            Stage 2           Stage 3


mnfats                  Stage 1            Stage 2           Stage 3


jacustomgolf        Stage 1             Stage 2          Stage 3


mattf                    Stage 1             Stage 2          Stage 3


JW Results           Stage 1            Stage 2          Stage 3

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MyGolfSpy presents

SkyCaddie Linx GT Test & Reveiw


Divot Dave Golf interview with MGS SR. Field Operative SuperDave.



DDG: Super, can I call you Super? How are you doing today?


SuperDave: I'm doing pretty well. Very excited about testing the Liñx GT. And you can call me anything you want except late for my tee time.... or Shirley.


DDG: (Laughter) OK. Tell us about yourself a little.


SuperDave: Well, my name is Dave. I'm 41 and I live in Independence, KY. It's about 15 minutes south of Cincinnati. I've been playing golf on and off, mostly off, since I was 14. I've picked it up a lot more the last 3 years.


DDG: How would you describe yourself as a golfer?


SuperDave: Oh wow! That's a tuffy. I wish my friends were here to answer that. You, the readers and especially me, would love to hear what they'd have to say. See, I' m a high handicapper, currently a 19, so I have a love/hate relationship with the game. I love going out with my friends, hitting the ball around, trying to do well while having laughs. We loving quoting golf movies.

Then, there is the hate part. You hit a great drive, get out on the fairway, raise your head a little and top the (explicit) out of the ball or miss an easy 5 foot putt.

But, either way I'll be back next week trying again. Wait, I'm sorry about the language back there.


DDG: Don't worry about it. Tell us, if you have trouble from time to time, what keeps you going back?


SuperDave: I don' t get outside much. Most I do is indoors. It's good to get out and play a game you don't need a team for and you don't have to worry about winning. Just have fun and try to get better a little each time. I'm lucky to have friends that play too and are in the same boat as me, playing wise.


DDG: What kind of clubs do you use?


SuperDave: Easy, their all the same kind. Second hand! (Laughter) Actually, I got a mixed bag. Callaway Big Bertha driver (2014), Callaway mini driver, Bang Golf 4 wood, Adam's Red 3 hybrid, Wilson Reflex irons (5 - PW), Callaway X - Tour wedges (50°, 54° 58°), Odyssey Toe Up #1 putter and Callaway Chrome Soft/X golf balls.


DDG: That is a little mixed, but looks like a lot of Callaway. Any reason?


SuperDave: Well, that's a good question. Back when I first started playing golf at 14, a friend and I would have to use crappy rentals that cost $5. My friend's name was Robby, Robby Callaway. The name stuck and they make great clubs from top to bottom.... In my opinion.


DDG: Ok, for fun, what would be your dream bag right now.


SuperDave: That's really easy. Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver, Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 3 wood, Callaway Big Bertha OS 3 hybrid, Callaway Big Bertha OS irons (5 - PW), Callaway MD3 Milled Lucky Clover wedges (same degree as I have now), Odyssey O-Works #1 putter and same balls.

(SuperDave read that like it was wrote on the back of his hand)


DDG: Awesome! You seemed prepared for that question.


SuperDave: Yes, I'm glad it was on the test.


DDG: Alright, let's move on. Can you tell us more about your golf game. How you actually play? Strengths, weaknesses, etc.


SuperDave: Like I have said earlier, I'm a high handicapper. Like the other day, I had a great chip in from about 20 yards out in 2nd cut rough. It broke a nice 3 feet and went right in....and it was for bogey. When it comes to my swing, my tempo is a little off, to fast mostly. I know it, but don't think of it when I'm swinging. My ball flight on my irons is good, but my driver is a little high. Ball spends more time going up than out. However, I've been getting it down some. I use to miss right all the time. Hugh slice off the driver. Like 50% of the time. Now my misses are a pull left. For me I call that an improvement. I do hit fairways 50 to 60% of the time now. I'm happy, for now.


DDG: What about your strengths and weaknesses?


SuperDave: I think my short game is coming in now as my strength. I'm chipping and pitching better and I'm happy with my 2 putt average per hole. My problems are my long to mid irons. I'll hit them ok. Better when I'm laying up, worse when I need to hit the green. Except on par 3's, I do well.


DDG: Ok, let's get into the test itself. What do you use now to keep track of stats and measure distance?


SuperDave: I currently use the SwingXSwing app with Looper edition. It works well keeping stats and handicap. I think distances are fairly accurate. Except one time it told me I drove the ball 286 yards. I know that's not right (Laughter)


DDG: What are you hoping to get out of the data collected.


SuperDave: Well if it's as accurate as the claims are, which I'll get into later, I'm hoping to learn my true distances with each club.


DDG: Well I hope the readers enjoyed this interview. One last question. Any pics of what the generous people of SkyGolf sent you?


SuperDave: Yes, and thank you for having me. Game on!




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                                              My Golf Spy presents:


                                        SkyCaddie Linx GT in Review!


                I would like to again thank MGS and SkyGolf for the opportunity to review and test the Linx GT.



               First, I would like to talk about the features of the watch and the claims the website has made. 

               The watch's primary function is to give you distances to the greens on every hole. This includes the front, middle and back distances. Other functions include distances to hazards and carry distance to said hazard. I could not figure this one out on course. It also has something called IntelliGreen. It's suppose to show you the true shape of the green so you can get critical distances to your angle of approach. It also has a pedometer. Not sure if this can be used during golf mode. Would be nice for those of you who walk.

               Claims the website makes? First, True Ground Cousre maps. They walk every course with professional survey equipment to create the most complete, reliable and precise course maps. But, you have to have a premium membership to get this feature. So, can I assume the watch is not as accurate if I don't have one. Will the watch even work if I have no membership at all.Speaking of accuracy, the website claims the Linx GT is up to 300% more accurate. Soon, from my fellow testers and I, we'll see if that claim is "Accurate".


               The setup for the watch is pretty simple. Most basic things are easy. Like, setting the time, how to turn on bluetooth and put the watch into golf mode. Instruction can show you the rest. However, there was somethings I could never figure out, which I mentioned before. Later, I'll get into setting up the smart tags.


               My score for set up is 7 out of 10 points


               Side Notes: The watch picked up every course I played in Northern and Central Kentucky, Southeast Indiana and Southwest Ohio (Cincinnati). It will also pick up every course in at least a 10 mile radius. This is from my own experience and calculations.


               Now let's get into testing....


               First test I did was just using the watch and comparing it too the SwingxSwing app I had been currently using. I did this by using the 150 and 100 yard markers out on the course. I know those markers may not be 100 % accurate, but should suffice for this test.

              The SXS app was an average of 2.5 yards difference from the yard markers. One measurement was dead on 150 marker, another being +6 yards.

              The Linx GT was an average of 1.33 yards difference with most being -1 yards.

              The difference in yards between the two units was also 2.5 yards. This average was calculated using the yard markers, tee boxes and other approach shots.

              With this data and just the general feeling you get at how far out you are, I would say the Linx GT is more accurate. Would love to test the watch against a Buschnell scope, but don't own one. Hope one of the other testers does.


             Side note: Someone had ask the question, "How is it to wear a glove with the watch?" Well, it didn't bother me. I just had to get use to wearing the watch in general. However, the buttons on the watch to change holes is on the right side. So, as I hinged my wrist the glove would change the hole. This happened several times.



              The second test I performed was with the watch and the SkyCaddie app without using the smart tags.

              First, let's look at the looks of the app. It's pretty basic, easy to navigate and easier on the eyes than satellite images especially in the bright sun.


             The Linx GT will have most hazards which included bunkers, water and trees. I said most because on one hole at one course there was a small pond missing. It was left and just in front of the tee box. The professional survey equipment much of malfunctioned.

             When playing with the app and no smart tags there is an autoswing feature that it utilizes to track shots. It senses the motion of the watch. However, there are a lot of drawbacks to this. On occasion it will have an error and not even track the shot you take. It was the driver for me most of the time. It just wouldn't sync like it's suppose too. If it did sync correctly you have to get onto the app after every shot or hole to manually put in which club you used and your score.


             And this feature only tracks full swing shots. No short chips or putts.

             You know I love playing golf and working on my game, but this seems like a lot of work. I'd almost rather do it old school and use a notebook.

             So, as of right now, I'm not happy with the SkyCaddie app.


             With the last test I used the watch, app and smart tags together. This is what i was most excited about. Even though I have my share of mishits, I really wanted to learn my true distances with my clubs.

            First, you must attach all of the tags to your clubs, driver to putter. Super easy. However, I did have one fly off my 5 iron. Luckily, we were on a tee box and my friend found it. Only got one spare.

           Second, you have to sync all the clubs to the app by using the watch. Yes, you have to have the app open and on a certain page so you can sync all your clubs. (We are getting into a lot of work again)

          Once you're done with that, you are good to go unless one day you decide to replace a club in your bag.

          When I first got on the course everything was going great. Every time I swiped a club, the watch would tell me how far I hit the last one. Some of my drives were impressing me. I won't tell you. I don't want to make you laugh right now.

          However, on the 8th hole is where the problems started. (Could of happened on a previous hole and didn't notice) Anyways, I was in the green side rough, maybe 20 feet from the hole. Two reasons I didn't look down at my watch. One, I'm close enough to see how far I am and two, when you're this close to the green, the watch is usually in green mode and doesn't even show yardages.

          So, I proceeded to hit my chip, walked to my ball and right before I swiped my putter, I caught a glimpse of my watch. It was on hole #9. My chip registered on the next hole. So, not only hole 8 wrong, but 9 as well and I haven't even made it to the tee box yet. I know what you're thinking. My golf changed the hole on me again. Nope. I didn't wear gloves today. Just the hinge of my wrist did it. 

         Now, I can't take my eye off the watch for a second. I don't want to worry about it changing holes all the time.

         Over the next four holes, it did this several times, so more shots are track on the wrong holes. Yes, I was suppose to be watching. So, not my score and everything else is all messed up. I finished playing and synced to the app and it actually worked good. Except you my scores were wrong and I tee off hole #9 with a lob wedge. It's a par 5 by the way.

         If it all would of went smoothly, you can check the website at SkyGolf and see this.


         So, my score for my performance on course is 28 of 50. And I assure you the score is correct.


         Post round editing was a little more taxing. As I mentioned before You got to sync the watch to the app. Does not always work. After you sync them, if you didn't use your smart tags, you must go in and manually put your scores in. And sometimes with the smart tags your score will be wrong and you have to fix it. I never did figure out how to put my penalty strokes in. By this time, I'm pretty upset how things are going. Something doesn't seem right with this test.

         Next, I tried syncing watch watch to a PC. First, had to download some software, another nightmare. It took at least 4 tries. And after hooking my watch up, it never did sync. Ever.

        Now, speaking of just the SkyGolf website is something else. It's kinda cool. Of coarse it be a lot better if everything synced up correctly. But, as I'm exploring, I find you can edit you golf bag. Your real golf bag.


        As you can see they have all the clubs. They had my Bang Golf fairway wood and my Wilson Reflex irons you can only buy from Dicks Sporting Goods. 

       However, if this is the only thing I can get excited about, I'm pretty disappointed.

       My Post Round score is 5 of 15.


       Overall, the looks of the watch are great. Not to big or bulky. It doesn't fit my wrist well, but didn't bother me as I played. The app is easy to see and navigate. As you look at the holes, they are very visible and you can see everything in front of you. Except for other golfers. The smart tags are black and not distracting at the end of your clubs. Unless, you are use to looking at a bright color on the top.

      For looks and appearance, my score is 12 of 15.


       If  I was in the market for some GPS unit, I would probably not buy this "package" deal. Maybe the watch alone if I didn't have to buy a membership every year or 3 just to make sure the yardages are accurate. As of now, I would not recommend this product to anyone. In the long run, It just cost to much.


       My score for Likelihood of Purchase is 5 of 20.


       This brings my final score to 57 of 100.



                                          Personal Notes


        I found this test very odd. As I went through it and was listening to my fellow testers issues. I never felt like I was doing a test and review for MGS and my fellow Spies. This felt like we were beta testing for SkyGolf and helping them work the bugs out. I didn't think this is what we were suppose to be doing. I thought we tested finished products so we could let the consumers know if this was a good product. Am I wrong? I'm sorry if I am. These are just my thoughts and opinions.

Edited by SuperDave
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Ok, so it's been a year since I first tested the Skycaddie Linx GT watch. I currently still use it. I believe it takes pretty accurate measurements and is always within 2 yards of any GPS device my friends use. Has not been compared to a range finder as of now.

My free year subscription did expire, however Skygolf does offer a free subscription that only has to be renewed every 3 years. It's what I currently am using now and works great.

As my review said last year, I had trouble syncing the watch with the apps and it downloading correctly on the computer. So, I still do not use those and probably never will.

If you looking for a watch to just give yardage to front/middle/back of green and to hazards and start and end of fairways, this is a good device.

If you're wanting stats, I personally would rather hand write them then use the watch features.

I hope that any or all of this is helpful in helping you make your decision on what's best for you.

Good luck and low scores. Power to the Player.

Thank you!

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I'm very excited about the opportunity to test the Linx GT system as I generally only use a laser to find my distances, and I've never owned a system like Arccos or Game Golf to track each shot. This system should really give me some insights to my misses that I've not had in the past, and most interestingly to me, give me an opportunity to REALLY know the distances I hit each club in my bag and give me a TRUE average. This could even, in the long-run, show me gaps that need to be filled either by club adjustments, or club replacement. I'm really looking forward to all that the Linx GT can do for my game!


I currently sit at a 6.6 GHIN, which is the lowest of my life. I've been playing golf since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I played my first competitive rounds when I was 13. I'm more addicted to golf now than I ever have been! I think participating in MGS has helped feed that beast!!! If somehow I could find a job to take clients golfing 2-3 days a week, I'd be in heaven!!! But, I digress!


My game is greatly hindered by an almost "yip-like" mental issue with my chipping. I used to be very good at getting up and down, but because I've hit a bunch of bladed chips across greens, I can't get it out of my head that one is coming. When I went through my Edel wedge fitting, we did a 30 minute lesson on my short game and there's no reason to think that I can't get back to chipping well, but it's going to take lessons to get how chipping is supposed to feel back in my brain again so I can begin working on the issue.


My typical ball flight is generally straight, to maybe a 2-3 yard draw with my irons. My driver flight is straight to a slight baby fade. I'm very aggressive from the top as I really yank the handle in the transition, which is more of the reason why my driver/3W/hybrid are X-stiff shafts than swing speed. In my last 2 fittings for driver I averaged 112 swing speed, but with some shoulder issues at the moment, I bet I'm no more than 105 or so. I'm still learning my distances with my new Edel irons and wedges, which is where the Linx GT comes into play, but I generally hit my 6 iron around 180, 7 iron 170, etc on down. The wedges just came Friday, so I really have no idea on these at this point! With Kiawah just 2 weeks away, this is a scary notion!


I just put-up a post of my "WIMB", but it's an Epic SZ 9* with Hzrdus Black 6.5, XR 3 metal 15* with a Diamana D+ 82 X, X2 Hot Pro 19* hybrid with Tour AD-DI 85X, Edel "Driver" sole 3-PW with KBS C-Taper Lite stiff shafts, Edel "Driver" sole wedges 50*/54*/58* again with KBS C-Taper Lite stiff shafts, Edel E-2 torque balance putter, and I play the Vision Pro-Tour V Super Yellow golf balls. How I got on the Edel kick was I had no consistency at all with my previous set. I missed left, I missed right, short, long, etc. I was fitted for the irons, but the swing weight of the clubs were E-2, or just shy of "telephone pole", and it caused elbow issues. So when I started trying to find a lighter weight, inconsistency crept in because I went away from the fitting... Lesson learned. So, I decided to get the putter. I thought, "Why in the world do I have a driver fit to me, but not a club I swing around twice on every hole?!" I still wonder why peeps don't get a putter fitted to them... Buying a putter off the rack is the same as buying irons off the rack, to me. So, when I loved the Edel putter, I figured irons were next. The only issue with going the Edel route is the expense. It's not PXG, but it's up there. I have sold EVERYTHING I have, golf-wise, to be able to gather enough dough to think about it, but I will say, early signs are I made the right choice!!!


As I stated in the first paragraph, having such new equipment, my "hope" is to gain my true distances, how far I REALLY hit the ball, and to see where my misses are, in general. I have used Golfshot to track my scores over the last couple of years and when entering in scores, I select whether I missed right or left, short or long, how many putts, penalty shots, etc, but with the Linx GT, the sensors in the clubs, tied to the SkyCaddie 360 app, I'm going to be able to see ALL of my shots, all of my yardage averages, etc. Over time, I should know exactly what club I need to hit from 168 with a 10mph wind in my face. The only issue I could ever think might arise long-term from a system like this is data overload, or "paralysis by analysis", but, I don't think I'll fall into that trap...


As always, if you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. Early signs are positive, so I'm really looking forward to sharing my findings with you all soon!



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Until this review opportunity, I've not worn a “watch” GPS, I've always just used the GolfShot or Skycaddie phone apps and my laser rangefinders. I generally only use the hole maps on my apps if I'm playing a new course, or if I'm in a situation where I have a blind shot, so my apps are primarily for keeping my scores as a secondary resource in-case I have an issue with my GHIN app and would need to go back to find a score to load for handicap purposes. 99.9% of the time, I just use my laser to shoot trees, bunkers, other landmarks to get a general distance off the tee to what I'm looking at on that hole. I like the “exactness” of it, and not worrying if my finger really touched a spot on a map on my phone app that has the fairway end at 265 FOR REAL. Is the front of that bunker REALLY 195 out? Is it REALLY 235 to carry? I'd rather just shoot a laser if possible. I'm just more comfortable that way. Besides, I don't want an “estimate” of how far the pin is that day, or a general distance to middle, I wan't to know exactly. I'm no Pro, and I know I probably could just play to the center on each hole, but it's not how I'm wired. It's what I've become accustomed to.

I don't wear a watch when I play as it just feels uncomfortable. I have an Apple Watch and I've tried to wear that and use the Ping app, but each time I played with it on I would have to tighten the strap to a point that was very uncomfortable so that I wouldn't activate the button on the side of the watch. Now, if one looked at this the right way, they might think, “Hey! Wear the watch because if you're activating the button then your wrist its breaking down! This would help awareness of this issue!” Yep, they'd be correct. But, then you'd either have Siri talking in your backswing, or you'd have a bunch of pictures of your watch face in your photos! No thanks!

For this review, I was going to have to really put aside any previous opinions about the watches as I really wanted to see if a shot-tracking/score keeping/GPS all-in-one could work for me. As I stated in my Stage 1, I wanted to see if this watch could help me get a better understanding about my average distances with my clubs, especially since I had new irons and wedges and I really needed to get a handle on my distance gaps with each. I'd read so many good things about Game Golf and Arccos and I've always thought it would be cool to be able to go back and look at each hole in a round and see each shot! I was thrilled to be able to get all of these things in ONE package!!!!!


The watch came in the box with the general instructions, and a more involved booklet. I, in my eagerness, and thinking, “This will be easy,” decided to go with the quicker instructions and not read through the instruction booklet. I imagine at this point, right now, you can guess if I had an easy time with set-up or not… You're right. I struggled. I figured I'd turn on the watch, turn on the app, put the sensors in the club, then BINGO! Done! Let's go golfing! It was a little more involved than that. I had to link my watch to the app, then I had to scroll through the options on the watch to set the time and date, then I had to get to the point where I could put the sensors in the end of the club, touch them to the watch, select in the app which iron had just been “tapped” to the watch, and then go play. It definitely took longer than I had anticipated it would, and I had to put the watch down the first time and come back to doing it the next day when I had about 30 minutes. The “tapping” and selecting took much longer that I would've liked as a number of times I would tap the sensor to my watch, reach over and select the club in the app that was to be assigned, and then look back at the watch and it was stuck on “select club in the app”… I had no idea how to exit that quickly, then get back to matching the clubs and sensors. This was an aggravation as the app and watch would stop talking to each other and I'd have to go back through a few steps to finally complete the set-up. I took all of the sensors out of the clubs once just to see if how quickly I could re-assign them as they're not pre-marked as to which club they go into. Well, that was not fun. Same issue with the app and watch not keeping-up with each other. It took me over 33 minutes to get them all assigned… Yikes.

I did end-up reaching-out to SkyCaddie for some help initially as my watch was not picking-up which course I was about to play (took a LONG time for it to find where I was- I actually started playing before it found me), and my first watch wasn't syncing. I had left my watch attached to my computer for an entire day and it never stopped showing “syncing” on the watch face. SkyCaddieshipped me out a new watch immediately and this seemed to take care of the issue. On my first watch… I ended-up with three different watches throughout the course of the review… SkyCaddiewas very attentive and kept up with my rounds and how the watch was doing via various emails. I appreciated the support. 


Set-up score: 7/10

Performance on-course:
Ahh! Where the rubber meets the road! I was about to engage upon an adventure in GOLF KNOWLEDGE that would blow my mind and bring me an understanding of my game that I had NEVER SEEN TO THIS POINT!!!!! YESSSS!!!! “All powerful watch- GO!!! Enlighten me!” Seriously, that's where I was mentally on the first hole I was able to use it! So, I turned it on, turned on my app, found my course on my phone app and hit “Play Golf”, then looked at my watch AND…. “Searching for course”…. Really?! I warmed-up a bit more, delayed teeing off until I couldn't wait anymore, looked down AND…. “Searching for course”. You have GOT to be kidding me! I ended-up turning the watch off, teeing off, then starting all over. It took quite awhile, but when it FINALLY found my course, I was so excited to tap that club to the watch the first time! Man, oh, man! Then… HOOK! Slice! Duff! Blade! 30 mph wind in my face on my drive! “Wait a minute! I can't have a 262 yard drive averaged into my distances!” Then an 8 iron into the wind… “Wait a minute! I don't need to see I'm hitting my 8 iron 152!” Oops! Bladed sand wedge went 126!? Ugh. I quickly learned that my “distances” weren't going to be giving me ranges I had anticipated… I wasn't going to be able to enter into each shot before I “tapped” the sensor to the watch what the playing conditions were for that shot. I was going to see averages of lower AND higher yardages based on these conditions. This immediately took me out of an advantage I thought I'd have going in. Tapping the 7 iron on a chip around the green would show me hitting a 7 iron 15 yards… Same with wedges, etc. Now, one is able to go into the app post-round and remove shots and change/delete shot yardages so that the distances WOULD become accurate, so all was not lost! I did end-up doing this for a number of the rounds after I finished. I was able to email SkyCaddie and get instructions on how to delete shots and delete yardages so that they wouldn't “mess-up” my averages. 

One question in our template asks: “Did you have to think about or remember anything to use the product?” This is a great question. Since I had never used a shot-tracking system before, I did have a VERY hard time remembering to “tap” my club to my watch on each shot. Even after 5-6 rounds, I would still find myself on the green realizing I hadn't recorded a SINGLE shot on the hole to that point! When I was in Kiawah, my playing partner wondered why after I sat in the cart I'd jump right back out, run back to where I hit my last shot, and tap my club to my watch! I ended-up doing this a lot over the course of the review- running back to where I had just hit a shot so I could get the shot distance and location recorded. That's DEFINITELY not how it's supposed to go, but I had a very tough time no matter the fact I had the watch for a good bit of time! I think part of the reason this didn't become second nature was because I was still using my laser for my distances most times. I think if one uses GPS distances normally, and would refer to the WATCH for their distance before each shot, it would be more natural to remember to “tap”.

I ended-up using the watch for an entire round JUST as a GPS for distances for the sole purpose of checking accuracy of distances displayed. I found it to be exceptional on distances to the center and front of greens. I ran my GolfShot app simultaneously to the SkyCaddie app and the distances displayed across all three applications (watch and two apps) were all very consistent. I even lasered some traps and hazards to compare distances displayed on the watch to these hazards and they were always within a yard or two, so accuracy was very good. 
This does bring-up something for me that kind of “irked me", though. As I said, I had contacted SkyCaddie for some help and they reached back out to make sure all was working ok, which was great service. But, I found out quickly they were tracking my usage of the watch. This did not make me happy. After the round in-which I only used the watch for distances, I received and email that said they noticed I had played a round of golf but had not recorded any shots… Although I'm sure it was just them making sure I didn't have a faulty watch and they were being preemptive seeing I could have been having issues, I didn't like the fact that they were checking on my. Seemed a little too “Big Brother-ish”. Again, I'm sure it was not meant to be that way, but that's how I took it. It made me wonder how many times they had checked in on me and my watch usage… Anyway, just thought it was something necessary to mention. At the very end of our trials, we all get an email that we're getting new watches. This was days before we were to post our Stage 2s, so we had to push back the date a couple weeks to get us a chance to try the second watch, or in my case, my THIRD watch. Something about an update was the reasoning… This third watch did not do as well as my second one in capturing shots and recording scores between the watch and app. For instance, I played a full round of 18, shot 87 at my home course. The app showed me only playing 9, the back 9, and didn't record any of my shots. It actually had my “average score” listed as ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN!!!! Hmm. Major issue right there. I had four recorded rounds in the 80's, but yet I had an average score of 127. Seems a little off. I would say that the performance of the third watch, which had the newest update, really took this overall score down for me. It also made me wonder if anyone in the general public who had purchased the watch would also receive a new one… I don't know.

In my very first round with my first watch, on the 5th hole, my watch showed a read-out of 999 yards and remained that way for the rest of the round. I shut-off the watch and re-started it. Still 999. I restarted the round… Still 999. I ended the round and started a new round… 999. For the last 13 holes of my very first round with the watch, it didn't work… Then it didn't sync when I got home.

Course score: 30/40

Performance notes:
I think the device performed “ok”… Not really having anything to compare it to from a shot-tracking point-of-view, I can't say if it's better in that regard vs a Game Golf or Arccos system. I did think it was pretty cool, and the “tapping” was easy and it registered my club on the watch face correctly every time. Did it track all of my shots? No. Did it add some here and there like I've read about other systems? Yes. Was I able to edit these shots out to correct things? Yes. There were a few things I really liked about the watch. First, it was a watch! I could use it every day even without golfing and it had different functions within the watch function itself. Secondly, I liked how it notified me of texts that had come to my phone during the round. Since it links to the phoneapp, it receives information that you've received a text. Pretty cool! Thirdly, I liked the look of the face and how the “tap” point was on the watch itself and not on a belt attachment. Lastly, I did like the GPS function. It was accurate. The NUMBER ONE thing I did NOT like about it was the watch band! Way too thick and I had to wear it so tightly so it wouldn't move around it left an indention in my skin. It's too thick and the rubber is doesn't really “mold” to the wrist per se. It was very uncomfortable. I would love to see an option of a different band! Something sleeker. I would also love some color in the image on the screen, but it's not a necessity. I thought it lacked the final computing inside the device because to have gone through three watches, along with updates and syncs, and it still wasn't capturing all of the shots, missing 9 holes of golf scoring, not syncing with the app, etc, something is missing in the actual programming. To have had so many issues in such a short time, it just seems like something is getting lost in translation. 

Post Round

Post-round editing was available, but it took a bit to get completed. As I mentioned before, since I was getting distances that were messing-up my averages, it was a definite necessity to have to go in and change or delete shots. It wasn't all that labor intensive, it was just a step that I was not happy to have to perform. Since I don't really have anything to compare it to, I can't say whether or not this was more difficult, needed to be done more often, or whatever vs another device. Being the golfer with just the GPS and the laser, any steps after a round to have to get online and go into a profile, pull up all of the holes, and go one-by-one to make any adjustments, I've not had to do before, so this is all new. Heck, I can't even make the assumption that this “comes with the territory” by using shot-tracking systems. 

As far as what I liked about editing was that I was able to edit my rounds, and really, once I knew the steps it was ok. I would not have been happy to continue to see a 7-iron distance average out to be 110 yards because of chips/pitches, so I was grateful for the ability to make adjustments after the round. I think the main adjustment that needs to be made is to better communication between the device and the app so that the need for going online is reduced greatly. There has to be a way that syncing remotely and not having to connect the watch to a computer could take place. This would be a HUGE step forward!
post-68560-150043345351.jpgpost-68560-150043346873.jpgpost-68560-150043348118.jpgpost-68560-150043349618.jpgpost-68560-150043350924.jpgpost-68560-150043352255.jpg post-68560-150043353661.jpg post-68560-150043354988.jpg post-68560-150043356194.jpg post-68560-150043357683.jpg post-68560-150043359001.jpg post-68560-15004336034.jpgpost-68560-150043361791.jpgpost-68560-150043362739.jpg post-68560-150043364032.jpg post-68560-150043365313.jpg post-68560-150043367001.jpg post-68560-150043369101.jpg post-68560-150043370551.jpg post-68560-150043371569.jpg 
Editing score: 11/15


The general shape and style of the watch I really liked! I love watches, so a square look, to me, is MUCH more appealing than round, so vs other options in the market, I would choose this square type EVERY time. The watch looks good! Although the images on the watch are just in gray and not color, I did like the appearance of the clock, the numbers for the GPS yardages, the images used to represent various hazards, etc. Of course, I would have preferred some color, but I really liked the appearance. I did not like the appearance of the band because of the thick “rubbery”, not very pliable, nature, I think they could do better here. More subtle “holes” in the band, a thinner/sleeker band, etc would help the appearance. 

The tags on the clubs didn't bother me, for the most part as I never actually felt them during a swing, so they were not an issue. They DID show wear very quickly. They got “scratched-up” pretty fast. I honestly don't know of a material that wouldn't show wear after going-in-and-out of my bag, but it was something that stood out. Again, with nothing to compare to, the wear of the tags wasn't that big of a deal.

Looks score: 13/15

Likelihood of Purchase
I'd say, if I were in the market for a GPS/tracking system combination, SkyCaddie would be a brand I would go to first as I have had a good experience with their products in the past. So, if I see this advertised, see the product as a solution and answer to what I was looking for going into this review opportunity, I'd say I'd be VERY likely to buy this product! After research, I'd probably give this thing a chance! But, after testing it… Not so likely.

It isn't a horrible product. It needs refinements and at least a couple more generations going forward. There are a number of bugs, I went through three watches, and in the end, this watch doesn't work like it should, nor as advertised. If I had the same issues with the product I had during testing, and I had paid money, I'd be looking for a refund. It does some cool things, it just HAS to be better at it and not require so many syncs, connections to the computer, and additional watches sent out. I like the way it looks, and I honestly felt going in to this thing that I was going to LOVE what this device said it would do: give me a GPS AND let me track my shots. It just didn't live up to the billing. Linx GT IV? I bet that thing ends-up a top-notch device! Episode I? This will likely be a time when the sequel is better than the original. 

LOP Score: 10/20

I pretty much said it all in the previous paragraph. I'd look for Linx GT IV. They should have all of the bugs and issues out by then. I really hate to say a product doesn't meet expectations. I have seen too many times where companies go the wrong way with the feedback and lash out, get upset, say the person didn't give the product enough time, whatever. I really like the idea of a GPS/Shot-tracking combo. I like it all tied to an app. I have always enjoyed my SkyCaddieproducts! I really appreciate SkyCaddie and MGS giving me a chance to review this. I can definitely see too, though, how someone might be a little hesitant to say anything negative, but this product needs improvements. It needs to work out of the box and not have to be updated or returned. I think they have a great idea here. They'll get there, SkyCaddie always does!


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Reserved Stage 3


I guess I need to enter my Stage 3... I think from my Stage 2, most of you would know how I feel about this product: great idea, but it just doesn't measure-up. With having gone through a couple watches, issues with the technology linking consistently with the phone/app, etc, I think there's a long way to go, still, with this product living-up to the Skycaddie name. I've loved my Skycaddie app for in-game distances and score keeping. I loved my very first handheld Skycaddie I had back in the day before GPS apps, but this needs work. Some serious bugs need to get worked-out for this product to really take-off, and not give first time SkyCaddie users a bad taste for the company.


Keep trying, SkyCaddie! I think this has POTENTIAL. I look forward to seeing the second/third editions of this.

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Good day fellow MyGolfSpies!

Thank you for the opportunity to use and review the SkyCaddie LINXGT watch!
Over the past 28 years my love affair with the game of golf has only come second to my family. I don't know if it's possible to be addicted to something like golf, but if it is then I am. If I can be on the course I will be, I think that probably sums up the amount of time I've spent on this game since I picked it up around the age of 12. If I could add up all the money I've spent on this sport I would break my calculator because I don't want to know.
It's such a challenging activity that no one will ever perfect. I think that is why I'm drawn to it, I will never be happy with my performance as it could have always been better and that is why I keep coming back. Maybe it's a sickness, but when I shot my one and still only 69 a few years ago I couldn't help thinking I had left a few strokes out there.
I have recently relocated my family to the valley of the sun in Arizona because of a fabulous job opportunity after spending most of my 40 years in Western Kansas. If you guessed that having year round access to the game I love figured into the equation as well you would be guessing correctly :). Unfortunately, going from the wide open and forgiving courses of Western Kansas to the house lined fairways of the valley has taken my handicap from a 6 to a 10.
My biggest struggle used to be long iron shots, but has quickly become my incosistency off the tee with my driver. I haven't been doing anything differently, but the courses I'm playing now demand a more accurate tee shot. I am working on it and have been slowly improving after taking some lessons over the past couple of months, but it's still not what I would consider a part of my game that isn't hurting me.
I did move to a different driver as part of my swing changes and while it's greatly improved my distance, it didn't help my inaccuracy much at all. I am using a TaylorMade M1 2016 with a fancy shaft that is designed to spin as little as possible. The change saw most of my drives going about 250 with a sizeable slice to a fairly straight to slight fade going about 275. More in line with the distance you should expect with my 107mph swing speed.
So while I work on accuracy off of the tee, my recent lessons have seen a vast improvement in iron play. I'm now playing a small draw which has increased my distance with them as well. While I'm still getting used to moving the ball right to left, it's nice to have gained a full club in distance. I was going to replace my PING i25's this year, but with my recent success I'm scared to change anything with those at this time.
I work in technology and have for the past 22 years. It was a no brainer when electronics started to become a part of golf that I would invest heavily in them. It started with owning a SkyCaddie SG4 and later 2.5 model. I really liked having the yardages that they provided and found them fairly straight forward to use.
Some of my playing partners had lasers and I always thought that the GPS was easier since I didn't have to worry about line of sight or holding still to shoot the target. On a whim a few years ago I decided to try a laser and purchased a Bushnell V3 that was on sale online. I still am not sure why I decided to do it other than the fact that my SkyCaddie membership was coming due again and I thought I would try something different.
While the Bushnell has been a great tool and in certain circumstances I like having the exact distance to the pin, I can't say I'm consistent enough to actually need the distance to the yard it provides. Couple that with the times when it's a challenge to hit the pin (trees in way, hills in way, objects behind the pin locking on), I've often thought about going back to a GPS based rangefinder.
I've been using an app on my smartphone to fill in when the laser isn't practical or it's not possible to use it for a distance. While it works, it takes time to get out my phone and go to the app to get the yardage. While none of the solutions are perfect, I would say that if I could have only one I would probably choose a GPS device.
So needless to say I was very happy to be included in this test and can't wait to see how this product compares to the other devices I've used in the past. 
Initial Impressions
I received my package from SkyCaddie via UPS's gentle hands.
After gathering pictures of the evidence just in case, I proceeded to open the package and find that as a nice perk they had included some extra goodies other than just the LINX watch.
I have used and like Bridgestone balls in the past, so score on that note and who doesn't need all the towels they can get?
After opening the box for the device I found lots of things packed away including the watch, a charging cable, the club tags, a divot tool/shot tag, and a couple of bags to store said items.
Just to note, there was also a USB charging plug included outside of the main box, I'm guessing this is an add on or something you are expected to provide since it was not included in the main box with the watch.
After removing everything from the package I of course tried it on immediately, the first thought as I was putting it on was that it wasn't as big as I thought it would be. I've seen some other GPS watches in the past and always thought that they looked huge. Maybe it's my large wrists, but this didn't look bad at all. I would say it feels about the size of those Casio calculator watches everyone seemed to have in the late 80's early 90's.
After trying it on I took it back off and figured out how to turn it on. Trial and error of course, who needs instructions!!!! I noticed it wasn't fully charged so I went for the cable from the box and was quickly disappointed to find that the charging plug was proprietary.
The cable is a standard micro USB to type A cable with an adapter plugged into the micro side. To be fair, a lot of watches I've seen that require charging are proprietary, I was really hoping that this would just have a micro USB port so that you could charge it with any standard charger.
If you lose the adapter for this you are going to be ordering another one from SkyCaddie.
Lastly, I took the tags out of the plastic and looked them over. They seem sturdy enough and putting them into my grips wasn't really an issue as they didn't feel flimsy or like they were going to break at any time while doing it.
I can't wait to get this thing out on the course and find out how well it tracks my game as in the past It's always been something that I have to take time doing on my smart phone app.
I will return with more in stage 2!!!
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LINX GT Watch Game Tracking Edition – Official MGS Forum Review by mnfats95



Player Biography (Skip if read previous review)


Playing golf throughout my time in high school seems like a hundred years ago. I vividly remember it as my favorite thing to do during that time of my life. I was only good enough to play the last couple of spots on our six-man team, but it was a blast none the less.


I bring up this time period because I want to muse about how much my golf game has changed. When I was playing then the game was new and exciting and I couldn't wait to just be out there doing it. The smell of the fresh cut grass, standing on the first tee with so much hope for the round, and then finally getting under way making my way around the course.


This translated into a job at the course and I would work there off and on for a few years even returning from school in the summer to work the course. I would get up at 4:30 am to get out and mow greens so I could make sure and make an early morning tee time.


During this time golf yardage was measured from 150 yard markers painted on cart paths and small numbers printed on sprinkler heads. I don't know if my normal step is 1 yard, but for golf I pretended it was. While I was not consistent enough during this time to need exact yardage to the pin I would have loved to have had it.


Lasers were around back then, but they were only used in our area to measure sprinklers and other things for course yardage sheets. If people were using them for everyday golf it wasn't around me.


The first time I remember seeing a rangefinder it was a huge black device that just fit in your hand and had three numbers on it. Front, Back, and Middle were the yardages and I was in love. I was convinced that having these numbers available to me would finally get me over that hump and down into the 70's for good.


Since price was my biggest barrier to entry at the time I waited for them to become somewhat reasonably priced and saved some cash for my first GPS rangefinder. After getting it setup and downloading the courses I regularly played onto it I was set and I never looked back. Playing without this information after that first round would always feel like I was playing naked.


Since that time I've had a device to help me figure out how far out I was and while I can't say that it revolutionized my game, there have been very clear moments when it has saved me from playing the wrong club no matter how far I thought the shot looked.


My skill has always fluctuated up and down, from shooting in the mid 80's in high school to mid-high 70's later on. After moving from my home state of Kansas to Arizona two years ago, my game has suffered score wise due to more demanding courses off of the tee. Unfortunately, this means I'm back to a 10 handicap up from the 6 I peaked at several years ago.


I have never been one to swap equipment out hap hazard. I usually play clubs for 3 to 5 years with the exception of drivers. I wouldn't say that I switch drivers too often, but I rarely keep one for longer than 2 years. Putters tend to stay in my bag for much longer as long as I don't lose confidence with them.


Now that I've played down my club swapping, I have replaced my driver, irons, wedges, and putter both within the last year! So, what the hell do I know!!!!


I am currently playing a Taylor Made M1 (original) driver with a Taylor Made Rocketballz stage 2 3 wood. My 3 and 4 hybrids are Titleist 915h's which I've had for about 3 years now. I just moved from PING i-25 irons and Gorge wedges to Callaway Apex CF 16 irons and Mack Daddy III Wedges. My putter is a PING Sigma G Kinloch C (that's a mouthful).


The driver is probably not going to be in the bag for long. I tried an experiment and it has mostly failed. The thing is a beast as far as distance is concerned. I've never hit a driver longer, or further offline. It is solely responsible for my handicap creeping up lately. I went back and looked at my last 10 rounds. I averaged 4 penalty shots per 18 off the tee with that club. I obviously need something more forgiving and will be searching for that next.




For this review, I wanted to accomplish a few things specifically that I would want to know if someone else was reviewing it and I was trying to decide whether or not to purchase the device.


·         Does the device do what it advertises?

·         Is the device easy to use?

·         Does the device help or hurt my game?


These are the main things I wanted to determine. Obviously, there are other things to determine and talk about, but those were my focus.


Product setup


The device arrived with instructions in the box along with a printed off set of streamlined steps to getting everything going. These printed off instructions would not be included with a watch bought at retail, if you go to their website you can find the content from the printed instructions there.


The in the box instructions are more detailed than what I would normally expect from a device like this, but they are definitely a manual and don't read as nicely as the printed off content. The tips and FAQ portion of the website is easier to process in my opinion, but the manual would be easy to keep in your golf bag to refer to if needed.


I charged the watch first, as that is the first thing listed in the instructions. The proprietary charger was a disappointment, but it works fine. You also should be aware that the watch charges very slow off of a lower power USB connection. Newer phones and other devices require higher power USB plugs to do “fast charging” and it would appear that this watch is the same way. Charging it via the lower power plug took over 7 hours and the higher power one only took a couple of hours from 20%.


Setting up the watch was fairly straight forward once you figured out what the buttons do. There are small markings on the watch that are intuitive on button function after you've navigated around the interface a couple of times and there is a nice big picture of the watch and buttons on the first page of the manual.


The only annoying issue I haven't figured out is there is a GPS time sync option where I assume the watch will pull the time from the GPS signal. It never worked for me, I have had to set the time manually anytime I went through the setup process.


You will also need to go to your respective app store and download the Sky Caddie app in order to complete the next part. Installing the app was just like any other app and of course once you get it installed you will need to login to your Sky Caddie account and pair the watch to your phone via Bluetooth.


Once you've installed the app and paired your watch, you have to “tag” your clubs by installing the tags into your grips and then pairing them with the watch, recording which tag is on which club as you go. This worked well for me and also gave me an indication of how long it would take for the watch to read the tags (1 to 2 seconds).


Installing the tags was straight forward as you simply screw them into the hole in your grips. They feel sturdy and while at first, I was worried about breaking them, I had no issues getting them in place.


Once you have that done you are ready to get out on the course and use the equipment.



·         Setup is fairly simple and straight forward

·         Documentation is very robust

·         Comes with an extra tag (15 total)

·         Buttons are fairly intuitive




·         If you are not familiar with pairing via Bluetooth you have to learn something else

·         Couldn't get GPS time sync to work


Setup Score: 9/10


Performance on the Course


There are two modes of tracking available for this device. You can use “Black Box” mode and “Live” Mode.

Black Box mode relies only on the watch and does not require you to use the app while on the course. Live mode allows you to open the app and interact with it during your round.


Black Box


In this mode, you simply play your game and tag your shots as you go. There is no checking on progress or worrying about past shots. You use the watch as a rangefinder and shot tracking device and leave your phone wherever you normally leave it.

You do not have to have a Bluetooth connection to your phone in this mode.

Once you are finished with your round you will either connect the watch to your phone and upload your data via the app, or connect the watch to your computer when you get back home and sync it to the Sky Caddie website that way.

This was the last mode I tested with the setup, but it ended up being the best way to use it in my opinion. I will give my reasons in the overall review.




Live mode requires you to pair the watch with your phone and have the app open on your phone and following the round. It also allows you to adjust score and other stats such as fairway's hit, sand shots, chips, etc…


It also allows you to change information on shots on the fly. If you turn on the “auto shot” option, the watch will try to determine when you hit a ball but don't tag the shot. It will record it in the round for you. In live mode, you can update these shots while you are playing vs waiting till after the round with black box mode.


The interface is pleasing and as long as you have a decent sized phone I don't think editing things on your phone is too much of a hassle. You can also choose not to edit anything and just use it for extra information and over the hole views as needed. You can see by the picture that the picture of the whole is stylized and not real aerial photography as it is with some apps.




The watch hardware is a great device. It has all the power of a normal handheld Sky Caddie packed into a device that fits on your wrist. I have no issues wearing a watch while playing so having it there didn't physically bother me at all.


It's smaller than I expected and the battery life seems to be adequate. I haven't played 36 with it yet, but when I get home it usually has 50 to 60 percent of its battery left leading me to believe that I could.


It gives you yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green along with the normal end of fairway, bunker, water, etc… you've come to expect from a GPS device. The first couple of rounds I used my laser to compare yardages and it was within 2 yards every time. This is close enough for me, I am not consistent enough to need anything better.


Tagging clubs usually worked without issue, the only times it would delay and make it a problem is if I hadn't tagged a shot in a while and went to do one. I think the watch goes into some sort of sleep mode to save battery maybe and only looks for the tags every 4 or 5 seconds instead of 1 or 2. This only happened when we were playing slowly or maybe tagging the tee club on hole 10 after taking a short break between the front and back.


It takes several minutes to find the course you are playing on so start the process early before you get to the first tee.


It's comfortable to wear and I didn't really notice it was there unless I was using it.




The app you use on the course seems to be where this product starts to suffer. It's structured well and not hard to navigate, but it has some very glaring issues. I am using it on a Pixel XL phone for reference.


I have had two occasions during my testing where out of nowhere the app would not recognize the watch even though it was paired with my phone. Restarting the watch and phone would not solve this issue. Reinstalling the app did nothing as well, both times I had to reset the watch completely which wipes the setup in order for it to be seen again. I guess you could argue it might be the watch, but during this process I had two different watches that it happened to.


When using the app on the course I had nothing but issues. At first, I thought they might be just me not understanding what I was supposed to be doing. After re-reading instructions and looking through FAQ's I feel like I was using it correctly for the most part.


The app would simply freeze about every other time I would go to use it, sometimes taking five seconds to recover and other times taking over 20 seconds. It suddenly became something that was interrupting my game vs becoming a part of it.


It was very frustrating at first as I thought maybe I wasn't supposed to be adjusting things during the round. Once I realized if I waited a few seconds or more it would come out of it I was able to do what I wanted to, I just had to wait.


I was offered the choice of joining their app beta program to see if my issues would be less with a newer un-released version of the app, but even though it was better, it wasn't what I would call acceptable. I need the app to open and allow me to interact with it in a matter of a second or two, not 5 to 20.


After trying the beta app I tried to sync my round after playing with it the first time and while it uploaded it, none of the data was available on the site after the upload. They determined that this was a back-end issue only affecting the beta app and corrected it.


After a few other quirks and sending all of us replacement watches with “updated software”, they asked that I move back to the production app so I did. The new watch didn't really do much for me, but somewhere in this process another issue showed up.


I had one round where it actually worked great. I mean I thought that they had gone and taken care of the issues. Unfortunately that was the only “great” experience I would have using both the watch and app. The following rounds were even more spotty than the initial ones when it came to picking shots I forgot to tag, tagging shots I didn't actually take, and being ready to go when I unlocked my phone.


Overall Performance


The last few rounds I played with the device I used the watch in black box mode and didn't use the app. The first couple worked great and I just had to spend a little time cleaning up the round on the website and adjusting the score since it doesn't keep track of putts.


Then I had more issues when uploading the rounds, it would only show the front nine online. I think I even had one that showed the round with no data at all. At this point I didn't feel like trying to figure out why it was happening.


Once I felt like things weren't going to get any better I stopped tracking my shots all together and just used the watch for yardages. At this point I will come back to it so I can complete my stage 3 follow up, but I'm hoping they have some updates between now and then.


I will continue to use the watch for yardages as it's great at that, but shot tracking needs a lot of work. While the setup worked once or twice as I expected, the rest of the time it was tedious and unreliable to the point that it really affected my scores. I was worrying more about the watch and shot tracking than the golf and I'm pretty sure that's not going to equal a lower score.


I like the convenience of having all of this on my wrist, but it also needs work consistently. Without worrying about it I have already seen an improvement in my scores and enjoyment of my rounds.


Course Score: 20/40



Performance Notes



·         Accurate yardages conveniently located on your wrist

·         Size is very reasonable and is comfortable to wear

·         Tracks non-tagged shots reasonably well

·         Has all the stats I would care about seeing tracked

·         Allows you to upload rounds through the app or computer

·         Battery life on the watch should allow 36 holes

·         Using watch for GPS with phone saves phone battery compared to other GPS apps

·         Sky Caddie's course maps are spot on



·         Usage of the device with the app is a total crapshoot

·         Missing information that you know it recorded when scores are uploaded

·         Connection between watch and app has major issues from time to time

·         Becomes a burden during the round when it malfunctions

·         Multiple updates and changes failed to resolve some issues and introduced new ones

·         Watch takes a long time to find the closest course


Hole App.png

Club selection app.png

App scorecard.png


Post Round




Once you've finished your round you can upload the information via the app or the Sky Caddie website via computer. When the data is up there you can go in and edit any aspect of your round.


You can also do this via an extra app you download, but I didn't use this to edit my rounds, just view my prior information.



When the data made it up there it was fairly straight forward to edit your round. You could use a scorecard mode and edit the score and stats of your round directly, or you could use a hole view just like you see in the app to change shot tagging or remove shots you didn't actually take that it might have picked up on accident.


The website is really good. I mean they have everything up there. The statistics and reports available are very robust. They have all the standard things like handicap, fairways hit, greens hit, etc…


They also have club distances and average scores on different holes. All of this information is outstanding and would be amazing insight into your game if they could get the entry part to work right.


The only thing I can really nitpick is that it takes a few seconds for each hole view to load when you are editing your shots and while that's no big deal, going through 18 holes with that delay gets annoying. First world problems!


It's only as good as the data being fed into it, and while the charts and graphs are amazing, if you are only able to get some of the data into the system then they really aren't worth much.


I am going to rate this part high because it really is done very well. It's not the web developer's fault that getting the information into the site is a challenge.



·         Clean website that looks and navigates well

·         Editing is very similar to the app so you don't have to learn again

·         Reports and statistics are very robust

·         Everything is out in front of you, didn't have to hunt for things

·         Time spent editing wasn't unreasonable.



·         Hole view takes a few seconds to render making 18-hole edits take longer

·         Have to load another app to see stats after round is entered


            Editing Score: 15/15










The watch is the best part of this pair as I've already stated. The looks and feel of the watch are great! I do not design watches, but as far as I can tell I wouldn't change anything.


The screen is an LCD in greyscale and it works great outside. No annoying glare from the sun and no struggling to read the display.


I feel like the text on the screen is a good size and anytime I was going through the menus I was able to determine what things were.


It's comfortable to wear and since it's a sport watch it's pretty much all rubber which is what I would prefer so I can simply rinse it off when needed.


It's not going to win you any style contests and while it can also function as an odometer and tell the time I don't think I'll be wearing it for anything other than golf.


It looks good on the wrist though and is about the perfect size when combining functionality and aesthetics. I am only taking away one point because I don't think anyone would make this a daily wear watch.


Looks Score: 14/15


Likelihood of Purchase


Short and sweet, I would not purchase this product in its current state.


The watch half of this equation is damn near perfect. For traditional GPS functionality, it is almost flawless. But there is only a $50 difference between the tracking version with tags and the watch/app only version.


After doing some looking, there are options that are much more reasonable for the GPS only functionality and even though you get the app, the only thing I believe that gives you over other combinations of watch and app is the battery saving on your phone using the watch gets you.


That doesn't even take into account that Sky Caddie has a fee for membership to their courses that really isn't optional.


I will continue to use the watch and follow updates to the app and software, but unless they can get the product to reliably perform on the tracking/app side I don't think this product is worth the cost and hassle.


LOP Score: 5/20


Questions & Answers.


Some questions that were asked and may have been answered but if not here you go.


1.      My question is one that would be a make or break for me, how does it feel on the wrist and more importantly how does it interact with your glove?


I don't notice it at all. I wear a watch almost daily though so your mileage may vary. I also haven't had any issues with my glove or my wrist hitting any buttons as they are pretty stiff to press.


2.      I have had no luck syncing and getting stats or even a scorecard to edit. None of the shots have logged for me through 2 rounds. 

My first round was 18 holes starting on #10. It gave me a 9 hole blank scorecard to edit and no locations of shots. 
Second round was same thing. I'd edit the scorecard, get to #6 and it would wipe out holes 1-5... 
Troubleshooting thoughts?


These are similar issues to what I've seen. No fix that I'm aware of. It came and went for me as to when it would happen or when it would work correctly.


3.      How does it handle punch shots? I'm in the trees sometimes and have punch out so a 4 iron may only go 110 yards. Does this get factored in?


I believe you would need to remove these if you didn't want them factored into your average. I'm not sure if it would be able to tell after a while what your normal distance with a club is and not factor in obvious deviations.


4.      Choke down/half shots/green side bunker shots - these go shorter distances. How do they factor in? Do you just delete them?


You could delete this, but there is a chip check box that comes up automatically on greenside shots for me. I would assume that if this box gets filed it doesn't use it to calculate your full club average, but I have no way of confirming this.


5.      Will it track average distance from the hole? This is an exciting thought for me if it does. I read that the difference between a Web.com and Pga Tour player is that the PGA guys hit it 2 ft closer to the pin on average. 


Since it doesn't know where the hole is no. It does show you where you tagged your first putt on each hole though.


6.      I'm really excited to hear more about these, I've been on the fence about game golf and arccos for awhile now....I don't like the "tagging" part of Game Golf and with Arccos you have to keep your phone on your person with the newest version to register shots and the older version requires your phone to be with you fit accurate GPS.
Does the watch have built in GPS or is it using the GPS of your phone like arccos? 


Tagging can be a burden. I never got to the point it was second nature, but I did get better at it. The Auto shot feature works about 90% of the time for me so it wasn't as bad as it could have been but I had to fill in clubs during or after the round.


7.      Does the app show your path from tee to green visually? If you guys get into some adventurous holes, please share those photos for a good laugh.


It draws straight lines from shot to shot, so it wouldn't show if you had a fade or draw, but it will show where you hit from and where you ended up.




If this product worked as advertised it would be a no brainer. When it operates correctly it gives you things most golfer would love to have. Data about your game can lead to tendencies and allow you to analyze things only the pros can take advantage of today.


I really want this product to work as this type of information would be a huge help to telling me where I'm good and what I should be working on.


There are probably better watches out there, there might even be similar apps, but the combination this duo would give you would be class leading in my opinion.


I have had two other Sky Caddies in the past and I know they make a quality product. You also have to pay for it, but I don't mind that as long as it works. Unfortunately, in this case I can't even pretend that it was acceptable.


As a disclaimer, I want you the reader to know that we were all working with Sky Caddie during these reviews to try and get the best performance out of these as possible. They tried with various things to help including sending us all watches with updated software.


Through all of that even though some of the initial things were remedied, new arguably even worse issues appeared. I personally don't feel like we received anything extra that would sway our opinions about the product. I just wanted to be as open and honest as possible.


I remain hopeful that the software side of the equation will improve and the device will start to work as advertised. I will continue to try it over the next 10 or 15 rounds and report back.


Total Score: 63/100


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First thank you to MGS for the opportunity to review and test the Skycaddie products.




My handicap is currently at a +1.9. This will go anywhere from +1 to +3 during the year. It is almost the lowest I have been in 10 years. I think that has a lot to do with where I am at and we as a family are very comfortable with were we are at.


My strength is usually putting. I like to think I will out putt anyone. I have a good average distance off of the tee, ave around 280 yds right now. (I need to get fit) And I am very good with my wedges. I will take on anyone from 120 yds and in. (up and down).




My weakness would be my mental game, I am not aggressive enough when I should be, almost play to not make bogie, when I should play to make birdies. I tend to get in my own way a lot of the time. I have a hard time taking the really good rounds and making them great.


I have a very low ball flight, which makes it easy to get out of trouble, low hook/draw or low slice/fade I have it. If you need me to hit it over a tree though, I'll go around thanks.


My miss is hard left when it shows up. I have been working on this for a long time and it is a swing flaw. Not much I am going to do about it at 33. I have learned to control it for the most part. Usually shows up in extreme pressure situations, but not all the time. And that's what golf is about, controlling those emotions.


I have a Bushnell NEO Ion gps watch that I have been using for the last year. I am very excited and like the face on the Skycaddie more. Easier to see and read so far. Plus it tracks your shots. Any stats I can get after the round are great.




My swing is hard, but not out of control. I have been told it looks a lot like Louis Oosthuizen, only not as good. I tend to get quick on my transition which leads to the big miss (FORE LEFT!!!)




Swing speed is anywhere from 108 mph to 112 mph. I can get it higher, but no need to do that. I plan on getting fit spring of 2018 for a driver. I have never gone through a good driver fitting.


Every day is different no matter how much you practice. You can go shoot 66 one day and then the next its 74. Same course very close to the same conditions, but 2 very different results. I know it's a game you cannot master. Yes you can get very good, but there will always be ways to improve even on your best day.


I am 33 so I would say I have been playing golf for 30 years.

I like to think I am fun to play with. I enjoy playing with my friends, most are above a 20 hdc. But I can also play competitively and enjoy it. I can play in 2 hours 30 mins with my wife and I can also slow down and play the 5 hour tournament round. In no way should golf take 5 hours, but some people move slower than others.


At 3 my dad was a member at the club in our little town in Pennsylvania. I would go out golfing with him and that's what got me hooked. I can remember the scorecard from my first 9 holes of golf, it was 108. My dad had to have some patience with me that day ha. I did progress from there, at 13 I broke 80 shooting 76 the first time I broke 80. From there I gave up baseball and focused on golf. At 15 I broke 70 for the first time for fun. Broke 70 in a tournament at 16. I played in a lot of events and enjoyed my junior career. After high school I got a scholarship to play golf at St. Bonaventure University (Bob Lanier) in the Atlantic 10. I got hurt both my sophomore and junior years loosing lots of valuable tournament time. My senior year I came around and played very well. I ended the year with a school record scoring average (73.0) still stands to this day and most medalist honors at 5 for a career. The teams I was a part of still hold many of the records to this day as well.

After college I thought I knew it all and I tried to play professionally. Looking back on this I wish I did not do this and would have played a couple more summers as an amateur. I did meet my wife, and that is amazing, but knowing what I know now, I feel I could give it a better run and have a better chance a success. After a few years waiting to get my amateur status back I am not enjoying playing in CDGA events and local events here. I still try to push myself, but with a great family and work golf still takes a back seat. Well its more in the middle seat ha.




•What is in your bag?

My bag is mostly Srixon/Cleveland items

Driver – Titleist 915 D2

3 Wood – Srixon Z45 15*

3 & 4 Irons - Z 565

5 – 8 Irons – Z 765

9 & PW – Z 965

50*, 54*, 60* - Cleveland RTX 2.0


All irons have the NIPPON PRO MODUS 3.0 130 gram X shafts.




•How did you choose them?

I wanted a set that I could blend, I do not like butter knifes as long irons. These were the perfect set to blend.


•What region do you play out of?

Living in central Illinois I would say the Midwest. Very hot summers and windy, so the low ball flight isn't all bad.


•Describe your short game

Short game is good. I use mainly 2 clubs to do my work. 54* and 60*. I can hit almost every shot I want with those 2 clubs. Nothing better than missing a green and chipping in on the guy you're playing.


•How is your wedge play currently?

Wedges currently are good. I wish I could get more spin out of them, but that is something I am working on. It's a one hop and stop all the time so its predictable which is good. I will not be bringing anything off a green anytime soon.


•What are you hoping to get out of the data collected?

I am hoping to see areas of my game that need improvement. I am already surprised at the distance I average with my 3 iron vs my driver. I can tell you lots of people think you hit a 300 yard drive at around 280 just by looking at the scorecard. I am looking forward to getting all the stats together more a season and a plan for next year to improve.





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Player Bio:


I will keep this short as I have posted some of this above. I have been golfing for over 30 years, I'm 33. I am currently a +1.9 index and have played golf at all levels in my time. The game is one that will always challenge me and I look forward to playing this game for another 30+ years.




Now onto the reason you clicked on this thread......


SkyCaddie Linx GT GPS Watch & Shot Tracking:


Product Set Up:


Out of the box I was very excited to see how this watch with the shot tracking aspect would work. I had been using a Bushnell Ion watch and it was very reliable. The Sky Caddie product came with a watch, 15 tags and an app. I was very excited about the app as well, but so far this is the area that needs the most work.


The watch itself is very comfortable. You can wear a glove with it on, although my glove gets folded over. The watch feels slightly heaver than the Bushnell unit I was wearing, I think this is due to all of the additional features like shot tracking. It is not a heavy watch by any standards.




The package came with a very nice break down on how to set everything up. If you didn't know how to pair a Bluetooth device this told you and showed you how to do so. The only area I had an issue in the set up of this unit was with the tags. I had 2 tags that would not pair. I contacted customer service about this issue and they got me 2 new tags, which worked exactly as they should. I felt like I could go out and play right away. I also enjoyed how easy the tags went into each grip. They all ended up very flush with the grip and they are easy to remove and reinstall.




The app was also very easy to set up. I downloaded the app, paired the device and was ready to go. And this is where I ran into other issues (almost all app related).


Set up 9/10


Performance on the Course:


This watch and tracking system have 2 different modes. They have the LIVE mode in which you use the app during your round to help track and keep score. This is the way I have tried to play most rounds as I feel it is very interactive, but it is very lacking. The app has a lot of issues and does not always communicate with the watch in the way I think it should. The app will fall behind if not keep open on every shot and the delay in tracking shots can get behind by an entire hole. If the watch and app were more real time this would help out a lot.




The 2nd mode is the Black Box mode. This mode is a lot easier to use and a lot more round friendly. In this mode you play golf and track each shot. Simple as that. After your round you go home and either connect the watch to your computer and get on the Sky Caddie site or connect the watch to your phone and upload to the app. Again when uploading to the app I have had issues. And I have had some issues when uploading to the site. The course I play is a very old course with a lot of trees and the one issue I get almost every round is on our 10 thru 12 holes as not any shots get recorded and the ones that do are incorrect. See photo.


If these minor issues get straightened out I think this will be a very nice product. It is frustrating though to go through your round and tag every shot only to get home and have to edit each round.


The editing portion of the software is easy to use, but there is a lot of data that you can track. If you want you can get it down to how close your approach shots are and your average made putt distance. All of the stats are very helpful and I fell this is the best thing about the entire package. It will show you where you need to improve.


Course Score: 25/40




Post round Editing:


This is the one place the Sky Caddie Linx GT stands out. The post round editing feature is necessary and very easy to use. I have had no issue other than learning everything that you can track. There is an extensive list of stats that you can track using this watch and app. From fairways and greens to bounce back and wasted birdies. I feel this feature alone can help people take strokes off of their game. There is a lot of detail in the editing feature which is very nice.


Editing Score: 13/15




Subjective: Looks:


Overall the looks of the watch are very good. It provides a very nice screen to see the distances and the larger buttons on the side are very easy to use. The watch is thicker than the Bushnell in the depth of the face and size of the band, but these are not bad things. The watch face needed to be larger to make room for the shot tracking and the thicker band is always nice to have and it does not feel like it will ever fall off.


Looks Score: 13/15


Likelihood of Purchase


For me I have had a lot of issues with the app and some with the watch trying to connect to GPS. I feel that this product may have needed more testing time before it was released to the general public. That being said I do not think I would just go out and purchase this product. There are too many glitches between the software and the actual watch. When I use the Bushnell watch I have no problem finding a GPS signal. Last night with the Sky Caddie I could not get one. I really do like all of the stats that I get from this watch, but it is very hard for me to say I would buy it when it does not perform as advertised.


LOP Score: 1/20







I feel that Sky Caddie has a product here that could be very good with a 2nd generation. This first go at the shot tracking for them has been a challenge and is not one that I think they will run away from. There is a lot going on with the watch and that is not a bad thing. With all of the data available today to golfers this is the way of the future. The watch itself is very nice. Do I wish it would find GPS all of the time, yes, and being a GPS watch first this is the basics. Do I wish it would track every shot. Of course, but that comes after getting the GPS to work every time. I think there will be a better version of this in the coming year, but this one is not going to be the one that changes the market. With all of the companies that already have shot tracking and can do it well I think Sky Caddie has some work to do. I do appreciate the Sky Caddie customer service as they are top notch and understand they have work to do. Also I want to thank MGS for this testing opportunity. I know I will continue to use and play with this watch and hopefully see better versions of the app.


Overall Score: 61/100






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G'day fellow spy's!


I'd like to thank MGS and Skygolf for the opportunity of testing the Linx GT watch. It was a surprise to be chosen and I hope I do the process justice and you, the reader, get some idea of what the product is like.


Handicap/average score?


I currently sit at a 16.4....still. My average scores range between high 80's and mid 90's. Although, if you saw my scores in Florida in March you'd think I was playing off a 36 or so. That's what 5 or so months of snow will do to you. :D


Strengths of your game?


Putting. I'm Rainman with a putter for the most part. Ask Barba, Rev or Foz about my putting. I had some crazy, sidewinder putt that I was told good luck with...dead centre of the cup baby! Don't know why, but I've always been good with the flatstick. Get me on a mini golf course though, and all bets are off. If the rest of my game was like my putting, I'd get giving JMike etc a run for their money! :lol:


Weakness of your game?


I'd say consistency. I just can't hit two shots the same. But that comes with no practice what so ever, so there's no excuses. Maybe one day I can get some time to practice and get better, but, the lottery hasn't called me yet, so here I am.


Typical ball flight?


I'd say it's  mid-flight, which I'm happy about.


Typical miss?


It used to be right and righter, but now it's army golf, left, right. Let's just say it's a work in progress and I think I have something figured out (famous last words) that I'm actually hitting the ball straight where I want it to go. We'll see what the season brings.


Current comparable equipment?


I'm using GolfPad on my phone at the moment and really like it. The distances seem spot on and after a time, it suggests clubs to use based on your average, which is a really neat feature. I also use The Grint for handicapping purposes, although I won't be playing in any tournaments, it's nice to know where I stand.


Swing tempo?


Deliberate?  :huh:  It's about a 3/4 speed but having just slowed down my swing so I can hit the ball more consistently, I'm going to try and lengthen the swing a bit to try and generate a bit more speed...faster not harder!


Driver swing speed?


It used to be 100mph but I really don't know now, nor, to be honest, do I care. I'm more focused on being smoother, so I guess the speed will come back at some stage.


What kind of golfer are you?


Lazy, but fun. No time for practice but I like to play and have fun on the course. Yeah I swear, but that's more a cultural thing for me than anything else. I hope I keep my playing partners entertained??? Anyone?


What's your story?


I've been playing since 2005 when I moved over here. My father in law took me to play, and being the new guy I went so I might have something in common with him. It stuck because I'm still playing and get excited when the snow melts and the temperature warms up so I can get out and play. I really like playing with different people and the better they are, the better I play.


What is in your bag?


Mizuno JPX-EZ Driver 11.5°U Fujikura SIX XLR8 S flex

Mizuno JPX-EX 3 wood 16.5°U Fujikura SIX XLR8 S flex

Mizuno JPE-EZ 5 wood 19°U Fulikura SIX XLR8 S flex
21° Maltby KE4 HDI Hybrid UST Mamiya Recoil 680 F4
23° Maltby KE4 HDI Hybrid UST Mamiya Recoil 680 F4
25° Maltby KE4 HDI Hybrid UST Mamiya Recoil 680 F4
Irons: Maltby 6-9 DBM Forged UST Mamiya Recoil 680 F4
Wedges: SCOR 46°, 50°, 54° Nippon Pro

Putter: Yes! Tracy
Bag: Sun Mountain C-130
Balls: Snell MTB


What region do you play out of?


NE Ohio...I think I've mentioned before that I hate the snow and cold, but if I haven't, I hate the snow and cold. ;)


What are you hoping to get out of the data collected?


I'd like to see more in depth where I need to do the most work. I already have an idea that it's my approaches and short game, but confirmation would be nice. Also, I'd like something that is easy to use and intuitive, rather than having to get me phone out all the time, which can be a pain, but has almost become automatic.


So, that's my stage one...I guess some photo's would be in order.




I guess I'm lucky my box wasn't "gently" handled like MNFats was. Skygolf was nice enough to send a hat, towel, 1/2 a dozen balls and a divot tool for us as well.




Everything out of the box.




The charger contacts on the upper left corner. Surprisingly it works quite well.




Ready to learn the tags.




Speaking of which. The tags had a nice beefy screw on them. They certainly won't be falling out anytime soon.






They sit quite nicely on the grip and aren't a hindrance at all.




The charger is pretty good, but I would have liked to see a mini USB connector instead of their propriety plug. I hope they don't cost a fortune if it breaks!


If you have any questions, ask away, please. I'm really good at answering questions instead of writing something straight off the bat.

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First of all, I'd like to apologise for being late with my Stage 2 review, I got OBE.


My player bio is in my stage 1 but a quick summary is I'm 46, with an inconsistent swing that scores anywhere between 88 and 105. Wish I had the time for practice and playing more but that's life.


I don't like wearing a watch while playing but this was pretty comfortable and not noticeable at all.




The watch came with an owners manual, which I thought was pretty comprehensive. Skygolf also included a booklet with additional instructions and while they may have had a good idea including that, it did muddy the waters a bit.


I thought the set up was fairly easy if you followed the instructions. The tag set up was the longest part of the process and involved having both the watch and app running at the same time. It wasn't difficult but was a longer process than I thought. All in all, not bad.

Set-up score: 8/10

Performance on-course:

Straight out of the gate, the original watch Skygolf sent just plain worked. I remembered to tag every shot and it all synced to the website with no issues. You really do have to remember to tag your shots and even though it's not necessary, I tagged all of my putts as well. Skygolf says that you only need to tag the first one and then you can edit it later. But, being middle aged and at times forgetful, it was easier for me to tag all putts rather than trying to remember after the round how many putts I had on each hole. The various button functions of the watch still have me a bit confused but I'd say after more rounds playing with the watch, they'll become for familiar and far less confusing.




I thought I had issues with it not syncing, but that wasn't the case. The four rounds where I've used the Lynx GT, it has performed as advertised. Skygolf sent a new watch partway through the test because they had a firmware update and thought we could do without the hassle of doing that ourselves. I played 2 rounds with the original watch and 2 rounds with the "new" watch and they both worked the same.




My biggest issue with on course performance is battery life. I'm not 100% sure it would last 36 holes. The last time I played, I turned the watch on at the course, played the round and had about 20% battery life when I left...not good in that regard. Our round was about 4.5 hours, so there's an issue for some that play 2 rounds in a day.

Course score: 35/40

Performance notes:


The watch, for me at least, worked just fine. I do have an occasional issue of the tags starting to back out of the clubs, which I can't understand why they're doing that. In fact, my last round at Bent Tree I had to grab the spare tag and relearn my 6 iron because the tag when AWOL. I assume it's in the bottom of the bag somewhere and I'll have to empty it out to find it. Maybe a dab of not quite superglue will help.




The biggest bug I have with the system, compared to GolfPad, which I've been using for a few years now, is that it doesn't learn your distances and give club recommendations. Now, I know my distances pretty well, but that was a fairly handy thing to have and would be a nice added feature.

As I mentioned above, I don't wear a watch when I play, but the Lynx GT was pretty unobtrusive to me.

Post Round



Honestly, I've only had to edit a few things on my scores, all being club off the tee where I forgot to tag. It was easy to do and really no bother at all. But, I was using the live scoring mode, which helps tremendously.



Editing score: 15/15



I liked the looks for the most part, but I'm a function over form type of person. It really doesn't stand out from the rest of the crowd and for me, that's just fine.


The tags are along the same lines as the watch, nothing wow about them at all.

Looks score: 14/15

Likelihood of Purchase

I'm not sure if I'd spend the money on this product if I were looking for a GPS system, especially with the yearly fee of $50. I get the same performance in a better product with GolfPad that I paid $20 for. Don't get me wrong, it worked for me, but I think there's a lot of room for improvement in the app that you need to have the full Skycaddie experience.

LOP Score: 8/20


I think, at this time, the price point for this product is off by about $100, plus the membership fee. If it was around $250 plus $25 yearly, with a few tweaks of the app, Skygolf would have a solid and very good product. But as it stands right now, I'd look elsewhere for a GPS watch.


What I'd like to do is a head to head with the new Shot Scope V2. Let's see who reigns in the GPS watch stakes.


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Reserved Stage 3, mate...

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MyGolfSpy Product Test & Review

Sky Caddie LinxGT GPS Watch


Hope you are all out on the Links. A rainy week in MN has me a little feisty to get out!

I will start with a little about me as I look forward to sharing my opportunity to test the Sky Caddie LinxGT Watch.  I second and third some of you out there who feel addicted to the game, so am I!  It has been told by my Significant other that I am having an affair, she tells that my affair is Golf! I personally try to remind her there are worse things to be addicted to?


How did I get introduced to the Game? I started playing the game in the suburbs of Minneapolis I would guess around 8 or 9?  My father would watch golf on TV and I don't quite recall but I am sure he showed my younger brother and I a little as to how it worked.  That transcended into around the house whiffle ball tourneys! Yes, like horse you take turns “calling the shot or hole”.  It goes like this – Start by the driveway, can't go over the house, must hit the trunk of the tree back by the garden, simple, hours of FUN, and sometimes with a little snow for added difficulty!  Without iPads and in the days of your parents saying, “go get outside”, we had to have variations to basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and the creativity in the Golf holes and the elements added to the drama! 


In my youth years, I believe I was much better than I am today.  One of my good friends lived on a Par three course where we would play quite a bit, we putted for Nickels for hours, and I must mention I didn't think as much back then!   That same friend went on to the PGA winning a couple times on tour and having a very nice career.  Cool to be that close to him and I pretend I had a shot myself -just lacked focus of course.


In my twenties I played some, then at 29 it kind of quit; kids, family and life took over and I just went in another direction than the course. I was fine with it until I was invited to a scramble around 39 and I looked like I had never swung a club before.  Right shank, power shank, too much softball, who does this? OUCH! The bug was back!!!  I got rid of my 20-year-old Ping knock offs and at 40 I was ready to rediscover the game/challenge!


What kind of Golfer are you? At 46 I am an 11-handicap competitive HAPPY golfer that can't get enough, let me explain.   I love competition, I am in sales, games are great of any kind (billiards, bags) it doesn't matter.  The tougher the task the more I enjoy – bring any and all, it helps with the focus thing! The key point is HAPPY, so many are so frustrated in their round that the day is ruined.  Let's face it I like to win, but win or lose, good shot/bad shot we are walking on perfectly manicured lawns, with beautiful obstacles to maneuver – there aren't many experience's that compare.  


What do I love about the game?  Not to sound redundant but the technicality of the game, the environment, paired with trying to get the best out of yourself can be so rewarding and at times so humbling. I love stepping up on the first tee wondering how much good can I have today?


About My game?  Currently, I am hitting the driver well with a baby draw (250-270 with an occasional 290); my chipping is usually my strength while my mid irons approaching the green tend to be my weakness, unless I am having an out of body experience with the putter. 


What's in your bag?  In My bag I carry a PING G30 Driver, TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0  3-Wood and Hybrids, TaylorMade Bladez Irons, and I alternate between a TaylorMade Spider Blade and Odyssey Works putter.  I own five putters (2-Ball, Cleveland Blade, etc.) and love to tell people the sign of a good putter is someone who has many right!  As one who considered himself an excellent putter some years ago, for the record, I am not looking to put for Nickels right now. 


What do want to learn from the test?  Not sure how this test will go but what I bring to the table is I don't always find technology the easiest to use.   So, in short, I will be looking to see how easy it is to use from a non-technical perspective and what I think it can deliver to improve my game.  Out of the box I love the look and feel of the watch (light weight and seems to be less bulky) than some I have seen.  It has been pretty easy to set up so for starters that is a plus.  I haven't been out to play because it won't stop raining!!! Stay tuned.  I am excited to give it a shot!

Golf Club Attachment 1.jpg

Golf Club Attachment 2.jpg

Golf Club Attachment.jpg

Watch Menue Mode 3.jpg

Watch On.jpg

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Reserved Stage 2

Stage 2 Evaluation


In my earlier Intro, I mentioned I am a 10 handicap, not real technical, have played golf for 40 years with very limited use of any yardage or shot tracking devises and have never used a golf watch.  During the evaluation, I have enjoyed the opportunity to try the watch, evaluate the product and if/how it helps my game. Evaluating this product with no prior watch or yardage tracking technology experience did open my eyes to the potential of these devises.


Now for the review of the SkyCaddie LINX Watch.



Product setup


In true male fashion, I opened the box, glanced at the directions and went after it with very little attention to the detail. I soon realized a little reading wasn't going to hurt and with the directions provided the set up was pretty straight forward.  The watch came charged so it worked right out of the box.  The buttons and menu were a little confusing at first but mostly due to my unfamiliarity.  With a little playing the menu seemed logical and had some nice options/features. 


Next, I installed the tags at the end of my clubs and I haven't had a problem with them coming loose or moving a bit as I have heard of other products like this.  In addition, I have had not experienced any issues tagging shots.  Hold the tag to the watch and in 1-2 seconds and you feel a buzz letting you know it has registered.


I then attempted to pair the watch to the app and again it was quite easy and intuitive.  I did experience a few rounds on the course where the app on the phone sitting right next to the watch had a difference of 4-5 yards to the middle of the green.  I could expect different apps having a difference based on average or GPS location, however it was confusing to me when I expected the two units to sync.  When you have 143 and 148 I found myself wondering which one was right or do I take the average.   I really liked the app to see layup spots on holes and I liked the confidence it gave me from having numbers to the front, middle and back of the green. Having a different yardage between the watch and my phone app hopefully was a glitch in mine or something they can sync better over time.



Charging.  Mine came charged and worked great but when I did need to charge it I felt it took a little longer than I had expected. This is fine if you remember you are playing tomorrow and better plug it in the night before but if it is dead and two hours before you play you think about it -good luck. I estimated you can get one, maybe two rounds if you are lucky?  That is assuming you shut it off immediately after playing. I wanted to use it a few times but couldn't due to this issue. I never calculated but I would guess 6-7 hours to charge. Maybe this is what one should expect on this technology but, I am used to lightning chargers for phones and am a victim to my children's immediate gratification mindset. A faster charge would be helpful.


Getting the equipment ready and to the course was easier than I thought for a non-techy.



Setup Score: 9/10




Performance on the Course




I found the watch to perform well on yardage distance.  I had a couple issues as mentioned earlier in comparison to the app sitting alongside it but for the most part it was very accurate and I liked having the front and back distances of the green on my wrist.  My biggest takeaway from this was how much I love having the numbers to the front and the back of the green.  For forty years I have played yardage from the fairway sticks to the middle.  That was it! Maybe crazy for some to understand, but now I see why it would seem crazy!



Tagging clubs worked without issue.  The technology of the tags was easy and recognized the clubs within 1-2 seconds. The issue I had was remembering to do it and then figuring out how to edit a hole later or if I even remembered a shot at all.  It was a bit cumbersome to do but in fairness to the product I have a handle on my yardages and found I wasn't as interested in average club distance as some might be?  Benefit- maybe but again I know my 9 iron goes 148-151 yards with a normal swing (so 150 works). Now if we can figure in wind we may have something!


I found the watch to be very comfortable and liked the look of it.




I was using the App on a Motorola Moto Z Droid phone.  Again, I had very little issues with the function of the app.  Some had a few other quirks and the company sent all of us replacement watches with “updated software”. My New watch works fine again except for a couple rounds where the yardage didn't match the watch as earlier mentioned.  This was on the new replacement watch we were sent with upgraded firmware so I also feel like a couple others that the firmware still needs a little tweaking. In all we are talking four yards which isn't a big deal except my mind just wants one number to process. The shot tracking capability seems robust. The data you can collect is intriguing and can be fun.  I need to give this area a little more attention to be able to accurately evaluate in stage 3.  I rarely used LIVE mode but it seemed to work when I did. 

I found the Black Box mode to work better for me.  You tag your shots and play golf.  After the round, you can view the data. You track your own putts later in this mode.  In both modes if you are putting from off the green it became confusing to me so I just tracked some average yardages for basic knowledge. I will concentrate some time to this element of the watch and further comment.



Overall Performance



I found the watch to be very helpful for yardage information. I found the front and back green distances, along with yardage on an errand first shot to the other fairway to be the biggest tool of the whole product.  Having the yardage numbers on my wrist maybe enough for me to recommend this type of product to someone and I plan to continue to use it.  In contrast, right now the other features are a bit tedious and cumbersome for my game.  I say right now because not being technical I plan to continue to work with it and see if I can grow to like the additional information.  In stage three I hope to have a different understanding and more interest in the shot tracking capability.


Course Score: 32/40





The editing feature is good. You can go in and edit the round which is helpful for those wanting to get detailed data and statistics.  I wasn't enamored with analyzing my shots so I didn't get into this as much.  It worked well and I will be focusing on this for stage 3.

Editing score: 11/15



I really like the feel and how the watch wears. I don't feel strongly either way about the style but the square face is better for me than a round face. Practical - feel over looks, so for me, they got it right!
Looks score: 14/15


Likelihood of Purchase

As a first timer, I see the value of a watch like this. The SkyCaddie  Linx GT is a good product.  I am expecting some refinement to the technology and that will help improve what is here.  The jury is still out for me on whether the shot tracking ability is a must and if it will be a big impact in the market?  A technically sound accurate yardage watch is something to consider.  As a 10 handicap this can be that for the golfer wanting a little more information approaching the green or wondering what distance you may need just in case you end up in another fairway? Just saying it can happen?   

LOP Score: 15/20


I feel the SkyCaddie LINX GT is a recommendable product to a golfer wanting consistent yardage numbers.  For a higher handicap or professional scrambler who may not be right down the beaten track every time it some yardage help from the side is nice. Just like any tool there is a learning period and human analysis is needed in conjunction with the information you are given.  I need to spend more time evaluating the shot tracking ability.  I can see the intrigue and for some it may be fascinating to dial in the data. I am still not sure whether it could cause Analysis Paralysis and question if it will really improve my game much?


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