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MannKrafted Montana with a High Beam Neck


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I built this rascal a while ago and put it in the hands of my rep to show as an example of rough milling. He carried it for a spell and ran into a rep for one of the OEMs at a family get together. When the other rep saw this one, it had the current specs on the sole and they were exactly what the guy was looking for. My rep would not sell it, on the spot and the other gentleman was a little bummed. In my guy's mind it did not represent what he wanted to have out there, in its current state. The deal was struck to do a little additional stamping on the putter get it black oxide finished, paint filled and on its way.

Here are some shots of it, as it came from the black oxide tanks. No idea why the hosel stayed the Battleship Gray, but it looks pretty darned cool, if you ask me.

It is paint filled, sitting on the bench waiting for final clean up, right now. I will try to get some pictures of it, later today and get them posted up here.

Thanks for letting me share what I do and always being honest when you post your thoughts. They won't all be home runs, so it is not expected.

Have an amazing day and thanks again,

LaMont in AZ













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