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  1. 4 double bogies on the round. Caused by chunked iron followed by fat pitch , water hazard, fat shot in fairway bunker followed by thinned chip, and OB tee shot.
  2. My routine is generally get to the course about an hour early and hit pitches and chips for about 49 minutes and the use the last 20 for putting. If I am doing the pitches/chips on the range I will also add a few full swing wedges. Nothing really complicated just trying to work on slow swings and getting the feel for the day
  3. https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/2001/bulls-eye/platinum-blade/
  4. Had a pretty good day on the course today. Overall I was happy with the round, but it should have been better. Putter was hot and i was chipping/pitching pretty well. Bad shots were pretty costly and I ended up with 4 doubles, but had 3 birdies to help offset. Round was 37-41:78
  5. Yardstick; metal or wood, is a good training aid. I personally used a dime and just put it about 20" in front of a ball and try to hit the dime with different stroke lengths. Great practice at home and on the course. I also putt over a dime as part of my warmup.
  6. I have the same opinion. Seems like you basically practice the same putt, speed on carpet really doesn't seem to transfer to the course so what value does seeing how far the ball would go past the hole provide. If I am at the course, I don't setup for a single putt and can simply lay something on the putting green to see how far past the ball would go. My home putting is strictly about starting the ball on line and i never worry about distance or read. Just my thoughts...
  7. You can also get some information from their website: http://www.golfgalaxy.com/s/putter-fitting
  8. No rules against; think of the old bullseye putters. The rules read: Appendix II, 4d states that: The clubhead must only have one striking face, except that a putter may have two such faces if their characteristics are the same, and they are opposite each other. The issues is that they are probably cost prohibitive for the market size. Double inserts, double milling, or weight adjustability add cost.
  9. Generally a putter fitting at GG will entail having you setup with a putter. They will work to get the putter to sit flat and be the right length for your setup. Not very high tech unless they are an edel fitting location. Ultimately don't expect a lot from a free fitting, but it will be better than nothing.
  10. I love demo days and testing golf clubs. Enjoy your day and try all kinds of clubs and different shaft combinations. Generally they don't have a lot of pressure to purchase clubs so you should be able to spend some time trying things out.
  11. I am not doubting you. Could have been the fitter, could have been that you were using the best putter for your stroke, could be lots of things. That is why we post our experiences and allow people to ask questions and get feedback both positive and negative.
  12. Really isn't magic. Edel fits the putter to your stroke to help you get a consistent setup and return the putter to the correct impact position. You can go to the edel website and find fitters. I used an instructor that taught me about putting and we exchanged video and emails to help fit a putter that would work with my stroke choices. You have two ways to fit putters. Fit a putter to your stroke or fit your stroke to a putter. I believe in the first approach since it is easier to change a putter than it is to rebuild how you putt. Both approaches can be successful but take practice. Can't give up on an approach just because you have a bad couple of rounds otherwise you stand the chance of not improving.
  13. Since it is hot and humid in VA during the summer I use a single rain glove instead of a regular glove. Since the rain glove works better when wet, it just does better when my hands start to sweat.
  14. Do you have a consistent miss? You say you hit your line, how have you measured or validated? IMO the only thing home putting is good for is working on line. i use the dime drill... put a dime about 16 inches in front of your ball and try to roll the ball over the dime with varying stroke lengths. When you 3 putt from 12 feet, how far is the second puttt? For distance control, do you vary stroke length or putter speed?
  15. Probably would pay $50 over trade in value for my current driver. Happy with my distance now. I'd much rather narrow iron dispersion or fix my short game. Carolina Golfer....$70 could be a lot of things but I will go with cost of a lesson to improve your swing which would get you the 10 yards with current equipment.
  16. Had a discussion on this before. Look at the fine print the yardage claim is generally against a driver that is 3-5 years old.
  17. I am in Newport News and would be willing to join you depending on how it fits into my schedule.
  18. Pelz really isn't a feel based approach. He is vey mechanical with the clock distances. There will always be a balance for people with no one 100% in either direction. Some will use the same swing but vary the pace while others will go to specific points and use the same pace. Neither approach is right or wrong it is just how you the individual processes information. All the suggestions in this thread work for someone. Don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for your brain.
  19. The discussion generally centers around mechanical vs feel. How do you define the difference? Ultimately I don't think there is anyone that is exclusively one or the other. You may not think mechanics but you probably do incorporate mechanical thoughts. If you think you are all feel then you should be able to hit a ball x distance without ever looking at the target
  20. Keep trying putters you will get to the point that one stands our. Trust me in that you are not alone in wanting you putts to end up close to the hole. It can be accomplished with some practice. I work on starting the putt online in my living room doing the dime drill or rolling a ball down a yardstick. Distance control is the ladder drill or putting to the fringe on a putting green. Speed control is establishing a baseline putt on a known green and seeing how far that baseline putt rolls when you get to the course to play
  21. I would have also looked at consistent miss and distance control. Making a putt in a store really isn't a test.....some store have a tendency to have everything break to the hole [emoji3]
  22. I used to have full-3/4, half, and quarter swing distances for PW through LW but I got away from it. I would love to be able to practice wedge distances as others have done; just don't have a place to go. Getting course time probably isn't practical and doing this on a range would get cost prohibitive especially if I was spending hours practicing distances; which I know I could. My approach now is when I go into golf shops and they have simulators I grab some used wedges and try to hit specific distances.
  23. Don't disagree but there are lots of putter "fittings". Need to find a good place to get fit or a putting specific instructor
  24. What was the purpose of your test? Being able to make the putt? In my opinion making the putt is irrelevant for testing. Does the club start the ball on intended line if you make any length stroke?
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